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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CET

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with russia and several arab states backing libya's rival government. watching t.v. news from berlin we'll have more news of the top of the hour business with kate ferguson is up next thanks for joining us. where i come from we have to fly for a for a forest and was born and raised in the media telling the painters should put just one to the shadow and a few newspapers one official information as a journalist i have a world called the streets of many characters and their problems are always the same core to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption work on the floor to stay silent
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when it's called to the sounds of the human seem right to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and i work. lining up for a bargain as day after christmas shoppers around the world are going to time for the sales but just how much are they spending. also coming up we'll look at an extreme case of a rental market gone bought in mumbai old neglected buildings are out of risk of collapse. and leaving a better case twist kingmakers and son fear for their future as u.s. tyrants begin to buy. their new business i'm take ferguson welcome
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christmas is barely over and the sales have already started in london bargain hunters lined up for hours in the rain hoping to get their hands on some cut price march for them shopping online just doesn't seem to have the same of he'll. after the joys and excesses of christmas day comes the dedications hunt for boxing day bargains in britain's department stores. just by chilly temperatures and pouring rain hordes of shoppers lined up for the luge stores were slashing prices by up to 90 percent to get consumers away from their online outlets and back onto the high street. it's still more like nice at the eat go in and have a look and see what you have to find rather than just have in the back online because you don't know what you're going to get exactly it's the best place to be able to say. this culture is crazy you always pick up something. like going to have a lucky dip. i decide selfridges in london's oxford street shoppers waited
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patiently for doors to open at 9 am. so monoliths are forecasting total sales of nearly $5000000000.00 euros in the u.k. boxing day shopping bonanza. and its spending season in the united states to break down the numbers for us let's cross one to financial correspondent sabrina kessler on wall street hi sabrina good to see you what can you tell me about u.s. retail sales during the festive period. get this season was absolutely record breaking at least that's what a credit card company master card is telling us not in terms of say is that the apartment stores they were only 2 percent compared to last year but e-commerce sales this holiday season rose nearly 20 percent and that's why this year is the 1st time ever that people spend so much money online the biggest the weather of course amazon which just announced that they have the best holiday season ever they
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didn't report any specific numbers but the message was clear i think so amazon stocks rose more than 40 percent today overall a massive desire to buy this season but after christmas comes the return season and that will also hit another all time high since holiday returns are projected to be a record 95000000000 dollars this year with nearly half of that coming from. so some huge numbers there sabrina is relieved there were some other records broken on wall street today what can you tell me about those. it's year and really and that often means a new records on wall street and that was exactly what we saw today not only that the ass and p. 500 hit another all time high and is on pace for its best year since 997 today was also the 1st day ever that mass that has hit 9000 so stocks look like they just won't quit and that's also because of
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a press briefing by the chinese commerce ministry who said that china is in close touch with the u.s. on signing the in the show trade pact so although treading water remained then this week a center claus rally is still on with only 3. 33 days left this year so it's really a castle on wall street thanks so much. peruse labor watchdog has found mcdonald's corporations latin america franchisee. guilty of 6 lie elations of local health and safety laws the company will be fined $254000.00 after 2 deaths in the kitchen of one of the company's lets 2 teenage employees were electrocuted by a faulty drinks machine. which owns and operates mcdonald's restaurants throughout latin america has shot all $29.00 of its debts in peru for safety inspections. chinese imports of soybeans more than doubled in november after the announcement of
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an interim trade deal with the united states over all imports of projects rose more than 50 percent china purchases of american soybeans after the united states raised import duties on chinese goods as part of their trade dispute and agreement of a phase one deal could be signed next month. now the mega city of mumbai in india has seen a string of building collapses earlier this year a 4 story building caved in killing more than a dozen people despite the tragedies many citizens continue to live in old buildings at risk of collapse landlords often have no incentive to make repairs are india correspondent sagna fall a car sent us this report. young has lived here for much of her life this building a century old was built just as world war one ended in the one room that yankee shares with the family cracks run through the wall the plaster speeling and bamboo sticks prop up the ceiling the monsoon rains make the structure riskier each year
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young pieces she's repeatedly complained to the landlord with little success. you know there was no way that i live in fear that the building will collapse my children are away at work all day so at least they're safe my husband and i stay at home we could be killed but the way i see it we're old we've lived our lives. leaving the police isn't an option for young whose family owns a modest living tenants like b. just $10.00 a month here ingrained some even less that's due to a colonial era law that limits reigns for old buildings like this one but that also means little money to invest in group is leaving the structures to rot in many parts of mumbai like. a home to old rickety properties data shows that are more than 14000 buildings in the city that are groups of collapse due to
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a lack of maintenance and government apathy. only a the c.e.o. of 4 story building collapsed at the spot killing more than a dozen people and injuring many more disasters of this kind aren't uncommon in the city. one buys chronic housing was also linked to its dense population and scarcity of land the city is surrounded by water on 3 sites and has no space to grow. more than 40 percent of its 18000000 residents live in slums and shantytowns experts say at the heart of the problem of the city's sky high real estate values and a powerful lobby the listed market has sort of in the last 20 years for the situation collapse of a building it would mean that there will be an option off redevelopment funds for the private developer and also because then they have much on most of these
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buildings out in the island city and that. the prices of property are compared to all. the cities for young key home is a much loved but dangerous place option would be to get out and lead a much broader life in a far flung suburb either way it's not much of a choice. russian president vladimir putin says his country has the equipment needed to complete construction of the controversial north stream 2 gas pipeline in the commons reported by russian newspaper commerce stunt came after swiss dutch firm all cs stopped playing pipes in response to fresh u.s. sanctions putin says he expects a delay of several months this could mean the pipeline won't go into operation until 2021. german airline could see more strikes by before the end of the year the union that represents cabin stuff says details of
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the planned walk will be released on friday it's part of a long running dispute over pay and conditions recent months of seeing for all of those subsidiaries on a 2 day strike in november a total of $1500.00 flights were canceled leaving 200000 passengers stranded. earlier this year the united states and its plans to impose a 25 percent tariff on a range of e.u. goods the move was in retaliation to a world trade organization ruling that find that the e.u. had been illegally subsidizing aviation giant airbus among the product affected is scottish with a signal that is if i told many american tourists visiting scotland the whisky tasting is the quintessential experience for scottish distilleries the us is a lucrative market accounting for more than 10 percent of global export volumes for them the tariffs couldn't have come at a worse time. we had agreed in principle to go into
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$23.00 states and $200.00 stores across those states with a large retailer in the u.s. and 12 hours later we woke up to a 25 percent tariff on single malt whiskey so that has part i think huge clouds over our discussions on our plans to launch in the u.s. the scottish whisky association says the impact can be estimated based on what's happened to american bourbon whiskey imports to europe what we're expecting is around a 20 percent drop in the sales of single malts in the u.s. you know we have the example of of u.s. whiskey being shipped to europe which has been under 25 percent tyrus for that are stating months and the american whiskey industry has brewed experienced a 20 percent drop in sales in europe with that level of tire so that says that small distilleries will take the biggest hit because their lower volumes mean they
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already have to charge a premium price for tariffs combined with bret's its effects on access to the european market are expected to be a major setback for distillers threatening some of the 11000 jobs in the industry i doubt that for. me and the business team here in berlin for more you can check out our website out e.w. dot com slash business you can also find us on social media we're on facebook on twitter for me if i take.
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