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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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and the 2 are said to be bonding well there are about $5000.00 black rhinos in the wild today. so coming up here is just a moment is our africa update with kit ferguson also bring you the latest on a german airline facing streets in the upcoming days of my life or rock and berlin on behalf of all of us thank you for setting this particular. media interest the famous naturalist and exterior are. going to soon to bring to comics something from the books from 250 in. the morning on the for you to discovery. expedition boy. i'm not often to the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i'm still loving which the research of unsticks deep into german culture looking at the stereotype quirks fit
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in here think you see the country that i not. yet needed to prepare for this drama down to me it's all that. new i'm rachel join me for me the german from the w. . post. africa on the rise investors from all over the world are showing interest in the continent we'll take a look at the highs and lows of doing business in some of the world's most rapidly growing economies. also coming up with the times a cop and crew prepared to stage walk a lifetime fail strike on monday during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year . i'm feeling like i'm feeling it's been a rough year for the auto industries but i'm fascinated one for cards. take
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a look at some of the automotive highlights from 1009. 134 welcome. germany's biggest airline is gearing up for more strikes the all phone union that represents cabin crew has called on staff of low fonzo subsidiary german wings to stage walk ice for 3 days starting on monday it's the latest development in a long running dispute over pay and benefits a 2 day strike in november a strong added thousands of travelers. at 1st it was all about a 2 percent wage increase for cabin crew the union for demanded from lufthansa in addition to more benefits and allowances for flight attendants but the 2 sides can't agree that puts look tons of c cost in sport in an unfavorable light despite his plans for a radical restructuring of lufthansa he's unable to put the company's worries to rest for years the main problem has been the brutal price competition of low cost
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carriers in the 1st 9 months of this year had $3400000.00 customers more than the year before and revenue increased by 3 percent but profits slumped because tickets were cheaper than ever. it's the same picture for budget carriers ryan is profit fell by 40 percent for the 2018 business year and easyjet also had a big loss the airlines are carrying more passengers but ticket prices to fall and and there's an overcapacity in the budget carrier market segment the price war also affected the remuneration of workers leading to strikes at the airlines. $1500.00 flights were canceled last month when look tons of stuff went on strike it's the customer who ends up paying when that happens and while they're happy about the low prices they'd probably be more willing to pay for reliability. now it's a market of $1200000000.00 people with a growing useful population and
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a combined g.d.p. of 3 trillion dollars no surprise then that foreign investors have been showing increasing interest in africa so who is investing what on where let's take a look starting with europe foreign direct investment in africa currently totals 261000000000 yuri's heroes but it's been far from a straight upward lie you can see it here european investors actually pulling money out of africa in 201617 see that clip on a minute there you go there meanwhile chinese investment has been picking up pace rapidly as beijing presses ahead with its massive infrastructure project the belt and road initiative and the figure here speaks for itself this year china has invested 270000000000 euros in sub-saharan africa alone spending has been focused on ports railways and road networks but it's not all full steam ahead political
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instability and conflicts still put some investors off the you and peacekeeping mission in africa for this year on next will cost more than 4600000000 euros. and to find out more on that let's cross over to michael auti from africa michael hi there good to see you the last few years have seen a lot of efforts to spur more private investment in africa how these projects been a success well to some degree a compact with africa for instance has seen some level of success has been a lot of investments in africa as a result of this new program however having said that it's also important to point out that a majority of the investments that have gone into africa have been concentrated in some specific 3 countries egypt moral call and if you appeal and so while there's a lot of foreign direct investment going into africa
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a lot of it is concentrated we do in 3 countries and this is important because they come back to africa includes 12 countries and so if only 3 are the top 3 of the 12 sets in lee it's a problem and they gain it's also important to take a look at what the investments are going into and many of these countries they investment side in the areas of oil coal gas and to some degree you have states as well so there isn't a lot of emphasis on my function which the world bank believes is what we really spared the growth of africa so yes indeedy a lot of programs that are aimed at helping africa to develop but many of them are targets in industries that really do not help the average african and improve your lot ok some debt so definitely some limitations there michael what would you say are the are the sectors that have the biggest potential for growth in africa at the
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moment. well the traditional sect the extractive industries definitely truck to man there's a lot of room for growth there but also the money faction sectors important areas that i think that many investors are not exploring because africa has a huge youth population has a very young force and so if there is money function jobs then there's a lot of potential in there but unfortunately looks like a lot of attention is not paid to d.c. areas and of course there's also room for a lot of investment when it comes to renewable energy and the water is talking so much at this time about renewable energy and also fighting climate change and so there is that assumption that will be a rollback when it comes to investments in destructive industries particularly coal . and focus more on renewable energy so that definitely is something that international investors probably could explore but that is not happening at the
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moment kate michael thanks so much for your insights thank you for having me. germany's car sector is looking back on an especially challenging year with companies caught between declining sales and the need to invest massive songs in new technology many of the biggest automaker has announced plans to scrap sizes of jobs but that didn't stop them on some individual car enthusiasts from coming up with some pretty bizarre innovations. is this what the world was waiting for. ladies in general that you knew or should tyco. the 1st fully electric porsche starting price $105000.00 euros the porsche take on is the biggest competition the tesla model s. says c.v.s. . yes the tesla in november testone baled their latest number and electric truck with apparently don't break the windows at least that's what it said in the cyber
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brochure yeah it didn't work out quite that way. but well. maybe that was a little too hard or was this for demonstration purposes or was the cyber truck still a work in progress. garnering fewer headlines was the ingenious invention of a ukrainian beekeeper in june he presented the world's 1st homemade electric car that he drives to his beehives every day. not one for the big car shows like the annual geneva motor show here french luxury manufacturers' bugatti presented what is supposedly the most expensive car in the world complete with handmade wheel rims it will set on a buyers back 16000000 euros what makes this race race is one of water this is for sure. not the completely opposite end of the spectrum is v.w. 1st purely electric car the id 3 which is aimed at the mosque marcus.
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the idea 3 is opening the next chapter. fulfilling vision to become actually 0 emission brands by 2050. this yr 0 emission goal had already been achieved in january by a russian schoolteacher. exactly one horsepower for 0 emissions. the horse drawn car stands for a global trend making new out of old. falso in london was this morris minor built in 1953 which used to run on petrol but is now always plugged in at night it hails from a startup that makes its money by retrofitting old cars. why sprout them when there isn't actually anything wrong with them except for the power train. the only thing classic cars can do yet is fly other inventors are working on this maybe 2020 will be the year the flying car goes into mass production.
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and earlier this year the united states and ice plans to impose a 25 percent tariff on a range of e.u. goods the move came in response to a world trade organization ruling that find that the e.u. had been illegally subsidizing aviation giant airbus among the products affected is scottish whisky so. i know many american tourists visiting scotland the whisky tasting is the quintessential experience for scottish distilleries the u.s. is a lucrative market accounting for more than 10 percent of global export volumes for them the tariffs couldn't have come at a worse time. we had agreed in principle to go into $23.00 states and $200.00 stores across those states with a large retailer in in the u.s. and then 12 hours later we woke up to a 25 percent tariff on single malt whisky so that has part
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i hear huge clouds over our discussions on our plans to launch in the u.s. the scottish whisky association says the impact can be estimated based on what's happened to american bourbon whiskey imports to europe what we're expecting is around a 20 percent drop in the sales of single malts in the u.s. you know we have the example of of us whiskey being shipped to europe which has been under 25 percent tariff so that all stating months and the american whiskey industry has brewed experienced a 20 percent drop in sales in europe with that level of tires that says that small distilleries will take the. biggest hit because their lower volumes mean they already have to charge a premium price to terrorists combined with bricks its effects on access to the european market are expected to be a major setback for distillers threatening some of the 11000 jobs in the industry.
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and that's it from me and the business team here in berlin for more news on fakers do check out our website that's the delta news dot com slash business you can also find us on social media we're on facebook and twitter do feel free to drop us a line there for me though it's good bye and take.
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a lot of attention. but don't overlook these little flowers there and danger to. do something to protect. we presume free success stories from south africa. identifying rare glimpse of replanting them creating an urban oasis in africa. 60 minutes.
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on not over out and they will not succeed in dividing us about i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made from minds. best a state of being news africa with a special edition of our show we look back at ordinary people who do extraordinary things coming up on the program the best of local heroes from our crossed the continent. right here. on the map. moving with the sun this is a bit of a toss from that taking a different approach to naming. on that we get in the car with africa's moto grabby champion in uganda the call has some. guts the women.


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