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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CET

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coming. from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorers. to celebrate alexander from the worlds in 250 they were working on the 4 inch of discovery. expedition in boyd on dino. oh i'm already on sorry guys i was in the middle of a really interesting chapter you know i always try to learn new things now that brings us to today's show which is all about school education and the importance of learning welcome to the 77 percent of the show that gives the voice to africa's youth i'm your host eddie michael jr. so what do we have for you today. takes us to tanzania you did get
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money finds out how well prepared young graduates are for the future careers and what chances they have on the job market. and this is so cool in the notoriously floods of cape town school teacher. uses music and downs so count on violence. in the gambia roughs against political injustice. as you can tell it's definitely part show so let's get to our 1st report in a while one of angola's largest cities most schools and universities are struggling with the lack of resources there aren't enough teachers classrooms or even teaching materials but many young people want to study so what does this mean for the future let's find out what. one of the big. about how awful fits residents are under 15 years old they need universities
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vocational training and schools but the education system isn't that dusty the problems are already primary school. we have $2680.00 pupils that's a lot but we only have 15 classrooms lots of futile they have to. where they also have to deal with the things that dust and noisy traffic. this does not meet education standards. low standards high tuition fees and expensive study materials are all big issues and it's even west in the higher education sector one currently has 10000 university students and that number is on the rise many of them will get a degree but what is that really worth if the equality of university education hasn't improved that means a lot of students have degrees that's really worth anything at all they're just
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pieces of paper that's a big problem. so ed not dos santos has decided to take a destiny in taylor own hands just open his own solemn and studies marketing and business at a private university or see go by then the money that i earn here in my beauty salon i can pay my tuition fees and make a living on the business because. the young woman always dreamt of becoming a successful business woman she wants to expand head business and open more silence but the path to success is still full of challenges. nothing new. mission fees alone set me back $29000.00 kwan's as a month but if i see. if i study materials on top of that we're talking $50000.00 quantas a month or so materials and books are expensive and particularly hard to come by in a province. $50000.00 pounds us that's about $1003.00 euros
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which goes towards test studies every month like more than $7000.00 students and one will attend private universities yes where tensions are high by young people in angola can't rely on the state to provide them with a stable future many of them will need to find out through this deeply flawed system. the government should take advantage of these young minds and invest more in the education sector education should be more accessible and affordable so that young people have a bright future ahead of them. now talking about career i have always wanted to be a broadcast journalist so it's good to be doing it now but for some start on the career of your dreams isn't so easy either come on iraq's young people in tanzania about the our experiences.
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in the year 2016 that then deputy director for employment joseph nona made an admission that left many people shocked he said that 80 percent of the tons and workforce is unemployed and we're curious is it because of the quality of education or just the way the marketplace is set up well we're here at the university of jerusalem to try and get to the bottom of that i'd like to hear from some of the university students who are at the back do you think that what you're being taught in your classrooms is preparing you the saddest thing is that we have this fear from known you're studying in years you know that when you go out there over there to the very direction well so you are now we need to not knowing if this education is going to be if it will help me i don't know what it taught in schools what we see in schools is exactly you friend from what you find you know society so when you go out of there you find deny you are ok i'd like to hear from this gentleman
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of the back who wants to contribute let me go deeper into the root cause of the problem what is supplied by the schools is not what is demanded by the employers their written document be written curriculum has a huge misalignment or mismatch with actually what is outside the classroom what the employers need a person the qualifications of the person is not taught in the classroom ok let's hear from some people we haven't heard from what happens mostly is you don't actually go to practice what you have studied in school so i you my new public relation advertising you go then then you're put as a customer care so when. us 2 months without actually gaining something that you went there for and that is your current so you do it for the 1st and 2nd day and then when you finish you actually come to realize that what you have gained and what you need in your practical training is actually not i think. from this and let
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me speak to some people i haven't spoken to all come back to the country right now is under stress of technology because when the 2nd industrial revolution rages more ok for this country this country we are the 2nd because we are in the electricity formation and mechanical reformation but the whole world is in the 4th which is about the artificial intelligence about robotics you see now we are lacking that consistency with the external world because of our system right now ok so can you give me some practical examples that you've experienced in your learning which you feel already give you a step back the electronics taught you something that you don't see practical you see you are taught in class and is very theoretical but when you go to the external field you don't see nothing like that so that is a show that was a show for me because i learned something like electronics in class but i went to the field and it was nothing like that all right and what does this pressure do because now we're talking about people who've worked so hard to get degrees and
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then they realize maybe they're not so relevant what does that mean for the future sometime you'll find a kid goes to school just because the parents say that oh if you go to that cause you're going to get money and then at the end of it all you're out of school and you find out that this is the only thing that i want to do and education has to be diversified because not only formal education is going to work in the 4th industrial revolution right now it's coming and it's coming very fast so we i mean look at the country are we prepared we have to know that the population always keep on growing but the system of question is still at the t.'s so we have a number of we have a number of students but we have a lot of students but the resources are the same so how do you dispute this was the . apostles' that's come the issue of unemployment so we've just heard something that has been added into the discussion 1st of all we had that the curriculum is mismatched to the skills that are required in the market but now we're hearing that the classrooms are going to get inevitably bigger as the population grows how does
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that affect quality of delivery we have fewer lecturers and so minister wouldn't i remember some of the letters had to mark more than 2000 papers and some of them they really have to work day and night to ensure this true learning because there is a difference between attending classes and being really learning the only challenge we are facing right now is when these students are graduating and they see them on the street they are looking for job growth 3 years after their graduation all right i also want to pose the question of how this educational system in tanzania compares to global ones i know for example that you went to university right here and then proceeded up to 6 months to new york so how does that work when you're out there the 1st thing you're told how to teach yourself because i remember i had 1st assignment and i had to present in front of the class and. due to the due to one
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topic that we didn't learn i told that i told my my instructor that oh you know we haven't learned this and then like that. you know. when you're in schools you're only taught about 20 percent there is you need to teach yourself because in reality you're not going to have your professor with you. so those are actually like something that hit my head and opened up my eyes and since then i have been learning everything by myself all right let's hear from leandro and then of glad like to hear from you please apart from that i think we need to go back this country i mean i mean i'm a person i employ other people as well apart from having another job their work ethics i see people who come their work ethics we have a problem with work ethics i mean even like 2 days ago a friend of mine was in hospital and a doctor was attending her and she was listening to music you know listening to music while you're supposed to you know we have a very poor work ethic sometimes and do you think that comes from right from
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education being forced to do something you're not really interested in people complaining a lot but then people need to be self-motivated something is wrong somewhere we need to introduce i think is of the skills that i met he was talking about i have to say this and talk of a station is making me a bit sad because we're hearing over and over again people saying don't depend on the degree forget about having a job create the space for yourself ok lilian i'm interested to hear from you i need you to be. take charge of their own employers will be looking at the end of the day you have one position and i have more than $200.00 applications to go through for that one position what starts to differentiate you have you volunteered where you at your student government body did you do so those are the things now are starting to put your k. i'll put this person in this bucket and i'm this person has a different mindset they have teamwork those are the things that starts to differentiate us at the end of the day we can talk about all the challenges that are facing us and our insurmountable but we have to do something about it all right
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while we've had a very intense conversation here interest and the answer has been resolved and from all of these young people the 1st thing that needs to happen to improve the quality of education. it's for the students themselves to figure out why they even want to miss education my name is edith kimani thank you for watching. so learn how to learn stay active and above all do not give up hope those were just some of the ideas our participants raised at our street debate but share your thoughts with us tell us about education in your country would be great to hear from you also check out the long version of the debate on you tube and join the discussion now come with me to south africa the cape flats in cape town have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to violent crime making the headlines the most recent crime statistics from the police service review an overall increase in crime over $21000.00 met that cases were reported in the past year that's an
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average of 58 people a day. so how do you cope if you have to grow up in such an unsafe environment while teacher for around 5000000 from bishop mavis school came up with a unique way to keep their hate and violence at bay. and break down the dominance of all teacher and if you sit down to this interview i speak i know it will have some sort of the way with take in my listings and teach me i keep my peers on the ground i look at what's interesting what fascinates them and then i try to look at country members cover the particular topics and then i go do research on 2 things at all in line with the content and conspire that.
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they do face a lot of challenges in their households we talk about poverty we talk but cancer is i'm and all other social ills within the community but i've seen a different type of child that has been stigmatized for what people seem as and for and i always tell them i'm more than what i'm being seeing. within the society itself. he was very nice and innovative and supports us a lot and helps us when we are going through difficult times the system that has been polled and so the math and science skill the creativity of the children still be there and i certainly ellen is really holding something good satellite daunting and this could all be good to see if you want. to do this he says. to me it's going to be exactly.
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the same. if. you please. i was in the radio one morning and this song came up a song with your 1st opening for a boy in some buoyancy can be seen with confidence at the end of the day so the next for. this can actually be. quite a powerful thing to inspire and relentless and it will take my place and posted it on the facebook video green bottle i think the most thing that i like about my job is the fact that i can influence someone positively i know what these children are going through i'm not immune to their challenges and i feel somehow i could contribution to a positive change with you know country. now
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i don't know about you but i want to be in that class without an atmosphere on the teacher like him out study hard and definitely but also my exams so this is a challenge to all of you teachers out there find a way to engage students to get the best out of them that is very important now moving on to our next report we are visiting another school in lamu kenya. national school here with me is proving that one man's trash is another man's building material. last week. it's cleanup day here in lamo kenya and the children might have met a game out of it. islam ali this is more of a personal conservation mission. we do. have been pretty good friday
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every friday it's nice to get it when they you know money game we're doing here you know. but it goes a long way you know and submitted to them while they are on this which i just found out he told us we can go to the beach after collecting trash. i collected 4 bottles . and. like many african countries kenya is grappling with and. there are no public downstream for people to dump their trash and there's no garbage collection center with the trash piling up people have to take marches into their own hands collection and recycling initiatives like almost help to plug the gap. 8 years ago the extent of pollution really. want to be bored by the sea shore but one time to board.
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him the boat he was. everywhere on there was around you know and there was a lot of there was no doing anything you know maybe a good idea what a brick this you can come up on you know i would be you know. but doesn't just collect the bottles he used them to build a nazi was cool. this is the school now. but lamo is a conservative island in some locals were not happy when opened to the school. holds. everything but my. the whiskey and the wine used to getting the book for the community important. and
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with a little time the locals accepted that this is one way uncle but was really do not belong in school. and my child's name is run and he joined the school this year it was his 1st time at school i feel good when i see kids having a chance to study and besides studying they also learn about the environment domicile of them as at almost school these youngsters i'm learning vital lessons not only in the classroom but out in the open and when the ocean needs their help. whatever inspiring project hopefully the politicians in the gambia will also be inspired by. in our next segment it's been about 2 years since the governments there underwent radical overhaul but not much has changed in the small west african country. puts the blame squarely on the politicians the unemployment rate among
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young people is huge from think many of them to seek your fortune elsewhere. why. the fuck do you mean the enough is enough they the only once they take it away because for us. the power made. us we seem to forget with the 77 percent from the national budget. how are we expected to take the budget out of this mr. struggling to get out of this little much. no opportunities to crab and expect us to hold tight limit on the size expensive price when the crap price is going to be high we can't even afford to supply all over the system has filled the salon to shoot because there's no chip in too many promises made after they forgot our home politicians pay for the supply our. real good education
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no good kids. should go to cuba to. participate in the different forms to love to see just if i did to be so misinformed. the system. participate in politics because to feel secure the fix. this is. to simply to. cause to secure. the future. is on our shore regularly from now on. now we're still in west africa and meeting another artist sect the pits there hoss
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a number of his hometown ouagadougou in his paintings lets the sky about what ails the capital the book enough for so as to offer him up and said my name is. i am a bookie today no welcome to booking a facility in its capital. aka sex than is one of the best known to his hometown want to do good for the i've seen in west africa over 2000000 people live here they humble much about you. the preferred mode of transport in the sprawling capital on the real. sex and 1st takes us to studio in part in working class neighborhood on the outskirts of forgot to cool his colorful paintings depict the hustle and bustle of city street vendors and blade. through his outward the self-taught painter wants to express his pride for his hometown and represent the city. in his own way.
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now let's explore the real life asian. business what inspires me reading how money or things left and right there is called to grill the ironwork is everything that makes up the deli upmost to be sealed which was at the back of the market. and that is this is the traditional b.a. we drink it from i love it and i don't know if you saw in my paintings but this place is very much like them there's a really cause the vibe here and there's a lot of joyce. after this quick stop we had to some gone to district one of the few formal spaces where. it's can show off their work 6 and is getting ready for a new exhibit gallery owner and fellow artist christophe saw a dog already big fans of each of his paintings and i like this work of
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christophe's because of its depth depth and above all a strong sense of atmosphere he's really mustered is drawing technique and yes a great use of. sex and meets his friends in the dark for your neighborhood for a cup of tea. way to enjoy a late afternoon in la good to good. meet up here to share ideas talk about football and about art in general everything we need to talk about we discussed. where night falls 6 and doesn't heat the clubs. and these day it bit differently. to say this is my local gym in my neighborhood of pop while i train here on a regular basis to stretch my muscles have to spend in days sittin and painting.
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his cards takes him through a stretching routine and just like that the aches and pains of the daily go on. ok now it's time for us to wrap up the show but thanks a lot for watching out of course you can stay in touch with us via 77 d.w. dot com if you have any feedback or story ideas and you know what this show also wraps up season one of the 77 press said yeah it's been a great ride with you guys but those who are we will be back with brand new episodes in 2020 but i'm so that have a safe and happy new year here's a truck which hopefully will take us peacefully into the new year this is where yeah lot from my country gonna with their song africa see you in 2020. 5 feet. down.
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and. down the. land on. my. feet. my. free.
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has become one of the most controversial issues. never seen anything like this. we have pretty reached a new high tide keep. the place since remain. in school. merely as my friends will end up. feeling this time as the world has ever seen. lame system demonstrated here in the 1st place. because times change we'll keep watching. d. w. made for mine.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin australia is on alert amid fears of even more intense wildfires across the country the government just sending in the army to help the head of another extreme heat wave and strong winds also coming up. a mass exodus from northwest syria after 2 weeks of garment from syrian and russian forces the united nations says 230000 people are fleeing most of them women and children.


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