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30 year old swede just signed a deal with the italian alfred until the end of the season with the option to extend for another year in for him a vision played a key role in milan's 2011 series on title he scored 56 goals for them in 85 appearances the club is currently stuck in 11th place. air up to date on daily news i'll be back again and the top of the hour with another news update i mean evan steen from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching. i'm secure in the fire more than target and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances. what's your story
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ready. i'm with numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. another visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. tech global following is what ohmage shirazi calls this music band the exiled orchestra of based in germany with groups all over the world. more funk in a minute hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture also coming
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up today. interior design with a vintage touch one of the special qualities of the dream or a studio label in milan. a look back at the career of one of the great lyric tennis peter schreier died on christmas day. as he fled his native taran when he was just 14 years old during the iraq war he ended up in germany and with like minded musicians founded a band which sounds like something between the classic funk of james brown and the modern electronics of punk then there's a smidgen of what you could be turned into galactic created by his very own instrument which he calls freak. coming from.
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we've got an expression and persia what comes from the heart goes to the heart that's the reaction i get from people our music isn't just entertainment it's from the heart and it reaches people's hearts to. know. music high tech global fund. the message peace and love. and i came to germany in the mid 1980 s. during the iran iraq war. it was a time when a lot of families were trying to get their kids out of the country. because war is only cool when you see it in the movies it's not funny. then i decided
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if someday there's nothing left of it makes life worth living there's still enough music you can listen to to stay alive that's what i thought when i was 14. i made sure i made it through these difficult units and went on to study electronic composition. i've always wanted to play an instrument really well that's why i built an instrument where i would set a player in the world. what looks like a space a guitar is a kind of mixing console the control sounds and visual effects electronically this is true plus this is. here you've got different ways just play with chord and mix sounds. like then i can overlay that with effects. on the indian movement and when i'm playing on
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stage and i think i've had a really good groove that i can push this. and record. 3 this is the smallest piece you on the planet the biggest. thanks and a trophy head synonymous collective with musicians from all over the well stage in costume design dances video just and photography. and then i was at some point i realized that hardly anyone who has come here from another corner of the world did so terribly. you think people emigrate just because they enjoy it. most of them are actually in exile and that's how we came up with our name. orchestra. from iran is that enough exile for you. from germany brian from the u.s.
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they all have different mother tongues but the main language that connects them is music. their new album the one is out. the architect and. the graphic design a bridge. back in 2003 and founded the interior design label the studio meanwhile the love vintage combined with textile design between. the world we met up with them in the studio and. a number of most sought after designers together they're known as the demo to studio. their trademark is interiors combining
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elements from different. designs are much like colorful and luxurious journey through time. we always want our interiors to take on a kind of pattern from the furniture and elements we choose. we mix together as many things as we can so the apartment doesn't look new but gives the impression that the owners live there for some time in. the. present. but it's. more of the market so that. they display their ideas in an expansive apartment in the artists. they collect. with the. passion and use them to create their particular trendy historical look.
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clients from all over europe contract the 2 designers to decorate their private residences. their style is in demand for public spaces as well for example says mark in paris. the arts club in london. and the friendly store in monaco. even as a little boy a 1000000 no style she would browse through design catalogues his parents were both cabinet makers he finds inspiration for his ideas at every turn. all our work is possible with lots of pieces that we've put together one off to deal. with dave. in recent years the 2 designers have been acclaimed almost like stars at milan's furniture fairs. their latest installation of
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interiors is titled interstellar space was the inspiration for a vision that's both futuristic and spiritedly decadent. thanks everything is very. special so we have started the planet this. combined all that with surrealistic armchairs created by chilean artist roberto mata in the 1970 s. but now recovered in bronze. they're vintage object collection had nothing related to the interstellar scene so a 1000000 no such recreated new pieces of furniture for it. no. it wasn't because there aren't any contemporary designers we like. but the
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shape colors and materials of our own design help us to create a particular atmosphere here you know noir. in 2008 and did more to the studio also began producing textiles sometimes the designers couldn't find the right prints for their interiors so they simply designed the fabrics themselves as with this strong belief garden chair. for this pattern we drew inspiration from the building facades we see in the lawn and on our trips. here you see it on a kind of rafia fabric for outside use the same. part of their collection is dedicated to a. current favorite artist fellow melanie's gabriella christie who turned out design in the 1980 s. .
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i think you can pay sees things wherever you want. them. they come across as luxurious without being vulgar should process it with god it did more to a studio is having the quest to lamson furniture faithfully reproduced in manufactured that you interior designers these them as ideal for their fairy tale worlds. finally one of the world's leading lyric tennis peter schreier passed away this week aged 84 shy was one of the artists in communist east germany who were allowed to travel and perform in the west he chose to remain living in east germany not because he supported the regime but rather not to be parted from his beloved hometown of dresden he was also a renowned conductor but it was the purity of his tenor voice that was his greatest
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assets. i saw was. singing box christmas oratory oh the german tenor conquered stages across europe. i always made sure not to sing with any mannerisms i wanted my singing to sound natural i thought that's what the audience would be the most receptive to as. it. was born in 1935 in nazi germany at the age of 8 he joined dresden famed boys' choir the quite score he studied singing and conducting in what became communist east germany and was one of the few artists allowed to perform in the west. at his farewell concert in 2000 he sang one of his favorite roles tamino
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and mozart's magic flute. oh. but she didn't retire yet he continued his career as a conductor from vienna to new york and yet he always felt a strong connection to home been the sort of desire i shut it many times but i really am a fan of where i am from and i'm provincial he would hurt my soul if i couldn't be interested in the militia instantly. died in dresden and it was 84 years old. british rock who died on wednesday we've also lost one of the great composers of broadway musicals jerry herman who's died at age 88 in his beloved to florida he wrote a casual fall in may but his most famous work was hello dolly i leave you with a classic scene from the movie which starred opera streisand and there was struck by. the hour in your.
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let's all try to stay. in shape next to the. literature invites us to see people in particular. and i like to see how some of the kids find strong and growing up. trying to. work. together you books on you to. welcome to in good shape coming up. fending off costs and colds how to strengthen your immune system. meniere's disease what treatments provide relief for this inner ear disorder. and.


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