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on our website d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at u.w. news i'm william blue cross thanks for watching. coach of british ethically. join linked to news from africa to build more or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the use of these events and why i would say d w comes to much coffee cup join us on facebook at g.w. for god. 50 years of religion is for peace people from many different states are working together toward a common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now
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female members are for religions for peace from the middle east more demanding a larger was enough for. the female peacemakers stores where a 5th on dream double. shifts special this time developing and testing autonomous camera drones. the e.u. financed multi drone project is ready for takeoff near the spanish city of seville will these 3 drones accomplish their mission completely unaided. will this 3 year project have a successful outcome. is going to be found out. of each of the drones developed for this project as a precisely defined flight path. the camera movements to. we're programmed in
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advance. the drones are designed to work fully autonomous lee. you can fly the drones precisely and the drones do exactly what you want for example we have a big sporting event in case we have more than one drone we have more to draw on it is really difficult to read the choreography precisely so it is necessary. so we can rebuild the scenario. look back a few weeks when project partners from industry research in the media met at a country estate in northern germany. scientists and specialists from 8 european countries collaborated on the project now for the 1st time the system is to be tested in simulated media production. team members tinker and reprogram up to the last 2nd.
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outside a drone is prepared for a practice flight even if it's supposed to fly autonomously a safety pilot is on hand to take over the controls if it becomes necessary. this new aerial has to be rehearsed the pilots practiced playing the drones with no technical support it's not the same as working with camera drones generally used on media productions. it's not keeping the altitude so you have to cross the track also whole to keep the outskirts and also work against. thanks from like we are and. you have to compensate the position to keep and remain the position. of the surface. so let's do it again.
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inside maurice your mountain wallow readies the 1st test scenario with cyclists as the focus this is tim central component is the dashboard a planning module for camera operators and directors using an input screen they control the flight paths and camera movements of individual drones so they're very wrecked out and the media staff have to. think about all the. issues and problems about coming plays no one when you have to perform a production with the drones but you can concentrate on the editorial staff. the technical details are taken care of by mission control this system checks all components for plausibility and calculates the ideal flight path for the drones it also make sure none of the drones gets another drone in its picture.
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one of the program's features after the planning and control is the ability to simulate the mission on the monitor. it's a short step from simulation to reality to test the multi drones practicality for media production to drones track a group of cyclists with video cameras all completely autonomous like. the cameras follow the bike riders with the aid of g.p.s. tracking. the command headquarters monitors the entire mission. so. surprised because i mean there were so many concerns about the stability of the flight and they're achieving these things. but sadly the image results are disappointing. that footage shot by the 2 drones was too blurry to be of any use
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the camera's autofocus functions didn't work as well as they had in lab tests. the 1st time. so now we are facing. a week. before. place when we are doing the real thing. and the main challenges that we have we will try to solve the. case. 2 days later at a nearby lake and old boathouse serves as command central final preparations are made for the 2nd attempt to focus work this time. the better part of a day was spent working on the autofocus issue for this test rowers have taken over
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for the bikers. this time the drone is controlled manually and the resulting footage is of an entirely different quality. the other drone flies autonomous leave. it to delivers much better images than it did 2 days before all the effort paid off. it's a huge really. good work so maybe it's everything from now on is icing on the top which should mean that we slow down and do less but it's great with the success of. the next day the multi drone team welcomes a group of park who are runners for test scenario number 3. the drone. here ready
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to record but then the rollers on one drone suddenly stop working. the team and here's district safety precautions that may well have saved people from getting hurt. unfortunately that can't be said of one of the $20000.00 plus drones. it really hurt because. well when you spend so much time working overseas. to. work on it just to have it in time so things could work and it suddenly crushes for an unexpected thing for control it feels really bad and of course it hurts about you know things happens. the team immediately starts of mr getting the cause of the crash the most
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urgent question here is might any of the other drones experience the same problem if so then all flights will have to be suspended indefinitely. so i think the research. that that we have in the draw if you come 1st so remote control i'm thinking the more processed for food safety if the controller frames for us we know and we think we need to present these but. we don't know. how. i can see it see it with us. right now. so far a range of drone models have been used. the crash drone was the only one equipped with to submergence he stopped functioning. the team concludes that they can keep the others flying and start getting a so. ready for takeoff. safety is the top priority so the system includes its own
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l.t.e. wireless network and their ironclad rule is that the drones must never fly over large crowds this is tim's artificial intelligence is program to spot crowds on its own marked in this image in red and white. machine learning has trained the algorithm to recognize groups of people through its camera even when not recording . and. use the information from all 'd of the. other in the back. of the crowd. that means that the venue for serve. in the. sea the crowd that is. or did. not get along with. one of the.
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final preparations are underway for the annual. regatta it'll be the 1st test of the system at a sporting event after 2 weeks of trials the team is ready for the real deal. the race starts. and they're off. to. have taken up position on the 15 kilometers to be ready for their 1st real deployment. everybody in position. so they won't pose a hazard to them or the spectators everything is going according. to plan to drones
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are aloft one of them functioning completely autonomous lee even though it's windy and humid then it starts raining and the mission has to be aborted. i've trained that no just let me say thank you very much. if i do you still got some really good out sia which is good out c.s. fear into. returning to seville the drones are coming to the end of their mission. boeing's home grown slowly became. even the return flight and the safe landing are handled autonomously mission accomplished. it was a very very challenging project and we had a number of serious setbacks actually from the very beginning and i think without
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the really hard work especially over the last 34 months i didn't have very very good spirits and in the concerts you know we wouldn't have achieved what we did achieve this is a nice combination will flood robotic starkey fishing. on the sea no matter what i feel i'm feeling in general on one thing that the smarter lays in deposit for good feeling of the future. will. last. know that 77 percent. are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and
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you know what it's time all voices i. think the 77 percent to be told by the ocean. this is where you cut play. next on d w. because. he describes himself as the nominee. how could i be special how could i. lose one of the moons top soccer coach is really just an ordinary guy. you're going to love the german head coach of pepsi liverpool tells it like it is in an exclusive interview. played in 60 minutes on w. m david and this is climate change sex. happiness in 3 books.
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this is the book for you. to get smarter for free you know where you go. oh i'm already on sorry guys i was in the middle of the really interesting chapter you know i always try to learn new things now that brings us to today's show which is all about school education and the importance of learning welcome to the 77 percent of the show that gives the voice to africa's youth i'm your host eddie michael jr. so what do we have for you today.


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