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he's entitled to live. their lives their lives their. lives are starting to turn to each other. this is the that you need is live from berlin maybe prison is swapped between ukrainian forces and pro russian separatists underway in eastern ukraine it's supposed to be a comprehensive exchange which will see all remaining prisoners of the 5 conflicts return home but just who is being released we're going to be clear once the swap is complete. and will straight is bushfires have placed
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a strain on firefighters including many volunteers who've taken leave from their jobs now the government has to pay them and on of their efforts. christine window welcome to the program ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists have begun a prisoner exchange the swap has been taking place at a checkpoint in the separatist stronghold off done yet it's part of an agreement reached only of this month between leaders a few crain and russia which was brokered by germany and france ukrainian forces and separatists have been fighting in eastern ukraine since 2014 while the conflict as claimed more than 13000 lives. russia and ukraine small prison is last september raising hopes off a widest settlement of fighting continues. despise
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a cease fire agreement. a major prisoner exchange with russia i'm pro russian separatists in september it broke inmates home and fostered hundreds of the war nice to meet crime could soon be ending it was an early victory for ukraine's new president below them is a lenski. but the more believe we have agreed the 1st step to one block dialogue and the way or not it is returning our soldiers our political prisoners. to more than 5 years the ukrainian army has been fighting russian back separatists in the country's aist doors cost around 14000 lives and turned the cane duster region into a conflicts are in. efforts to stop the fighting have come to little when selenski was elected in i pro he promised to restart the peace process that culminated in a meeting this month with his french german and russian counterparts in which today's exchange was a grade. a that and i'm an exchange between both sides
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in this conflict to whom based on swapping everyone from the top is with the 2 major exchanges complete by the end of the year the impetus in the coming 12 months will be on diplomacy completing the exchanges is a way of building trust between russia and ukraine and the separatists. all right joining us now from kiev is our correspondent david stern he's been following events for us today hi david good to see do we have details yet on how many prisoners have been exchanged and who they are. well the exchange is ongoing as we speak they're discussed the sides are discussing but but we do know that it has at least started we've seen of film or footage of prisoners leaving some of the buses and according to ukrainian officials they will receive around 80 people how many are going to be delivered to the moscow back
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separatist is still unknown and ultimately what when this will end and what will happen further now we're anticipating that those who are released back into ukrainian controlled territory will be coming back here to kiev where i am and they will be met at the airport the main airport by the sport later on perhaps in a few hours we're hearing that this is the start of an all for all swap meaning that all remaining prison is off this 5 year conflict that could be going home how significant is this development david in terms of easing tensions between ukraine and russia. well it remains to be seen obviously this is a step positive step for those who are involved in the peace process as was mentioned this was agreed upon in the summit in france earlier this month but the fact that it's actually going forward obviously is something that will strengthen the talks now whether we are seeing an all for all or we'll see an all for all at
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some point that that's not clear yet there are disputes or are there different figures about how many people are actually held. in this conflict we will see who exactly has been returned how many have been returned and then and then what or what steps will be taken from that to build on that because as we heard the fighting is going on continues so we still have some ways to go before we have an all out peace. president since he has a have has a force been sort of a crucial play and getting sesame out today seen this president what do people in ukraine make off he's off he's he's that well there's a there's i guess you could say hope and fear the hope obviously is that mr dyleski will be able to deliver on one of his main campaign profit ramos's and that is to bring a peace to bring an end to the war but obviously the fear is that that he might give away too much and the devil is in the details and there's
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a question of the timing of if there is a peace deal that there are elections as has been discussed which will come 1st will there be elections will be craning be able to reassert control over their own border in the east at the border with russia so this is very much at the top of many people's minds here and this will remain to be seen as they say after the after the 6 change what exactly will be produced from this david do you craniums believe that russia is willing to settle the conflicts in eastern ukraine. well there's a great deal of skepticism obviously after the annexation of crimea after the beginning of this war which involves not only moscow back separatist but moscow what appears to be a moscow forces and also moscow equipment there's a there's obviously not a whole lot of a lot of a lot of trust on the ukrainian side but on the other hand people do want the war
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to end and they're hoping that there can be some sort of a an agreement reached obviously will involve a compromise but compromises can be interpreted from either side is giving too much or is not being not being sufficient so there is a great deal of skepticism a great deal of fear but as i say there is hope on the ukrainian side that's our correspondent david standing here thank you david. not a 2nd look at some of the other stories making news around the world there's been a stabbing attack at a jewish holiday celebration near new york city authorities say 5 people were hospitalized with injuries 2 are in critical condition the attack appears to be the latest in a string of anti semitic attacks in new york this week. in lebanon hundreds of protesters rallied outside the home of the country's new prime minister demonstrators fired flares and demanded the resignation of a son who's backed by the islamist group has been living on his face it was
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political crisis of decades protest against corruption and mismanagement have gripped the country since a. and a truck bomb attack in somalia has killed at least $78.00 people the device exploded during morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint in the capital mogadishu the country's president mohammed of delight blamed the militant islamist group for the attack. australia is bracing for another week of bush fires that temperatures are expected to seoul firefighters have been trying to contain the fires since september 8th people have died 2 of them firefighters many of those on the front line all volunteers and now the australian government says it will pay them for their if it's. it's one of australia's worst bushfire seasons over. there with so many blazes to battle it's often volunteers who answer the call for
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help. giving their time and paying the costs just like. 1516 hour shifts in a row you're exhausted at the end of that you might have one day break and then they want you to go again. it just takes a toll physically. emotionally on the family they don't see you and me it means i use my annual leave maine said i you know i use my time in lead time. now there's help for the helpers some volunteers to be compensated for about 20 days worth of income lost while fighting the recent fires. as this is i very prolonged for us this is putting additional demands on our firefighters in particular and it means that the turnouts in the call outs have been far more extensive than in previous years going well and beyond and above what is normally expected of those who are engaged in volunteer service so i already public servants
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have been pledged additional leave to join the fight with a straight is some are just getting started the country needs more helping hands to step up to the challenge. james maurice of the new south wales rural fire service we also know about the bush bias and the decision not to cancel sydney's famous ni a fireworks display despite outbreaks off for the bush of the night. oh good afternoon look at this stage obviously way type precautions working with the pyrotechnics i agencies and organizations are closely with them in regards to our total fire ban exemptions and and their requirements and at this stage given the full cost of conditions we don't believe that there will be any she's at this stage in regards to the sydney harbor. going ahead. he continued to work with them and if we need to have a heart and level of response from our forefathers from both the r.f.s.
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and foreigner a few new south wales throughout the sydney area will do is to say working to the conditions we are expecting that southerly change to move through needs a number of hours to move through from around 5 to 7 pm on needs a so we are lucky to say there is much cooler conditions and we certainly by the time we reach me not on trees dine on the stages you mentioned we do have a number of new forest out in from wanting a down in the south eastern parts of new south wales if you just storms moving through which certainly isn't a good thing to. these worsening weather in timing. now india has been engulfed in mass demonstrations since a controversial new citizenship nor came into effect earlier this month the legislation makes it easier for religious minorities from neighboring countries to get indian citizenship but it excludes wasn't supposed to say the alterations india's secular constitution and this discriminatory one neighborhood in the
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capital daily is defying an official crackdown on protests with a marathon sit in at a key highway. you cannot play the role it's been to recruit since my view i'm content tonight or tomorrow. despite the poor in front causing more deadly she's come here to show fear of disagreement with india's new citizenship law. this is the 1st time my d.m. has taken part in any kind of protest because she usually has her hands full looking after her 2 young daughters but she says she's come to fight for their future as rightful indians and i made a terrible years when i didn't have any i don't know what my daughters are up to i don't know anything about what's happening in my own house my country needs me right now all these women sitting here and their voice and they are mine and that means that the hour was to magnetically i wasn't ready i was. very clear the women of new delhi shahin mog neighborhood have spearheaded the straw test. dawns to make
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sure that someone is always a certain throughout the day the advantage isn't all speeches and chance that the barrier to say protesters are keeping the crowds entertained with music movies even readings of the constitution of this see it's important for all of them to understand why they have assembled here. to progress the new law that makes religion a death of the doesn't ship in section of india for the 1st time. and that's didn't stop bitching in my crowdfunding resources to provide medicine and food for protesters. even standing guard i meant that sedation a stand against border does not grant killing them taught that across the country that i'm going to allegations like what he's really talented and i think i'm the real the force and the police has come here and has left also respond to this the paint her with these protesters are defiant. and i believe again that we don't fear
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the police or the slurs against us this is why we have come out onto the streets of . our passion for our country is keeping us here we're ready to do anything we're willing to suffer which just want our independence get on his lead but the mood is upbeat good business sign of backpedaling from the government. these protesters are confident of victory. d.c. this too much at stake for anything that's true. now worship is in brazil have taken a dip in a new year's ceremony to honor a revered sea goddess followers off to traditional after a brazilian fetes turned out on top of the cabana beach in rio de janeiro the faithful paid tribute to the goddess then as the queen off the scene where ship is said this yes a depression was misled by a lack of support in the city of ministration. it watching the news from
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berlin coming up next the week before skill set and drive to improve schooling in pakistan don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock that's what our website dot com i'll be back at the mixed hour told me if you can't. afford. take it personally. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true sense. because more than football.


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