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thank. you and you're watching the news from berlin coming up next is a documentary at looking at the world's most famous christmas carol silent nice to forget you can get all the banks news and information around the clock that's on our website www dot com i'll be back at the top of the next style would join if you can't. stand for. one with. video or. anytime anywhere.
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her. on december the 24th 1818 the young priest yosef was sent out for open golf austria
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to visit his friend france group. and together they wanted to set his poem which dylan knocked a silent night to music. he needed to him to perform at the christmas mass in his parish that same night. at the time gruber was a teacher organised and sacristan and on store for a small community north of sounds fork. he was expecting his friends were arrived by the early evening bounty knew how long and arduous the journey was in winter.
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the 2 friends both musicians did not take long to find the right melody to accompany moore's contemplated words. it is only a simple composition without any special meaning gruber wrote in his diary and.
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value nothing christmas 1818. on christmas eve 1818 a time marked by bitter poverty and now. the original german version of silent night holy night is less 1st song during christmas mass on an open door of by the 2 friends to the sound of a guitar line because of. this road only it was intended to be a song of peace and hope in the difficult years after the napoleonic wars all are mass water tallaght is famine epidemics and failed harvests had created a mood of despondency to those of more himself or grown up in grinding poverty and had enjoyed much in the years before he penned the poem that would go on to become
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a world famous carol. google is more sure to get there with france he created a song sung today by 2000000000 people across the globe during the christmas season one that has been translated into more than 300 languages and dialects of places to become but it took 117 years and a very long journey via hamburg new york and los angeles before silent night became the most popular christmas carol of all time. the journey takes years to the california desert to palm springs at the time the home of pain crossed the being crossed. by then being crosby was already the most successful singer of his day he live just
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outside palm springs in the small away series of rancho mirage. his company's offices however were located on hollywood sunset boulevard the building still exists today. i grew up in the big brother. and we knew it in english from being crosby and we knew it in spanish because those were the 2 languages that were the most famous i would say in america but every schoolchild around the world will sing the song in their language and that's that's how you know the song is just completely transcended popular culture into into world history. like being crosby came to sing silent night by chance one sunday late in the autumn of 1934 he and his brother mary were busy preparing for an annual christmas radio special when a missionary a new came calling. please accept my
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apology larry this morning for this intrusion oh i have a proposal for mr crosby isn't it on this morning. father it's been a while what can i do for you i have a proposal for you do you have a minute could you perhaps sing silent night a. sacred songs are a little out of my league for a crooner like myself step mr crosby the recording will only be heard at the parish father ran a hand talked bang into recording this. what
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song has meant in the annals of history to so many people was something i had been italy didn't know when i 1st recorded the song i was basing my understanding of the song on other artists i heard sing it it was a cover of another christmas song you know i didn't deep dive into the history of it because i was so concerned about how we would make it new i didn't i wasn't thinking so deeply about the old with it and so to learn about its roots in salzburg to learn about its history through the course of the last many generations sends chills down your spine and so it's an incredible. gift that keeps on giving as a singer to know about. a story that deep and that profound and and inspires whenever i sing in the future so and so it's a lovely lovely story. literally
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my 1st experience outside the u.s. when i was a sophomore in high school we went to vienna that was the very 1st place we went and we literally met in a boys' choir and got to hear them sing and it was so magical i mean you have like teenagers who aren't generally listening to music like that sobbing like because it was so beautiful an energy something about about the boys singing like that before they become men when you hear something that moves you and moves you no matter what the languages and there's just some songs and i feel like silent night is one of those that when you're seeing it doesn't it doesn't even it's so weird it transcends the lyrics it transcends the music. around 1820 life in austria terrell region was as hard as it was across the rest of europe and the alpine winters were particularly harsh mountain dwellers only left the house when necessary and it took them hours to get down into the valley to
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musical reiner siblings lived in the valley and it was this family quartet that helped spread silent night. in the winter of 1822 and prefer. and russians are alexander the 1st were residing if you can castle on one evening the rhine a siblings were hired to entertain the guests. silent night was among the songs they performed. the illustrates cast was so taken by their performance that bizarre invited them to
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visit russia. as a result the siblings began a tour across europe was. carrying. a new. you. know they performed on recommendation in many european cities up to 1839. they even signed for england's king george the 4th in windsor castle. i. am told. that same year the wryness siblings traveled to the united states after what must have been a difficult crossing of the atlantic they arrived in new york just before christmas
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. relieved to have arrived safely the musical family visited trinity church on broadway to give thanks they sang silent night for the 1st time ever in english in the united states.
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we're. 6 still.
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ask when did i 1st silent night is kind of like. when she 1st briefing. is one of us is that i cannot remember i say that such a crazy thought i just cut any. see. the non. we found a. town i've always been a big christmas obsessed so when it gets to the turn i even like a little bit close to where. i'm just going for it like i need one. and i think i have my house and myself i mean yes there is a money making thing we mustn't deny this i was it is you know so solemn time saying that but somehow. i don't catch phrase much money as you know i i'm having fun with it i think the irish and so does everyone else i know christmas
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marks the birth of jesus christ. if a christmas day follows on december 25th a public holiday is the celebration start the previous evening on christmas eve because. they're not in most countries where the holiday is marked the christmas season already gets underway november with christmas lights and christmas markets in the house america. so often so that's true insult to where the crist can go market is a tradition that stretches back 525 years. the history of europe's christmas market state to the late middle ages when they exist in many parts of the former roman empire. the business common visitors come to look for gifts to enjoy themselves. up to come.
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by next tried insides were christmas time inside sport is simply fantastic to me and asked them what i was here for my 1st mozart weekly product through a new production of the opera lucho cielo it was being staged here and i was there for the rehearsals and business. it's so wonderful so spiritual is it really is something very special. in mexico find that in mexico a lot of music is played at christmas had. families eke there's a lot of rhythm to that music christmas songs called b. and c. cause are important and you celebrate with a lot of joy and happiness and light and christmas spent with family and friends of course it's a wonderful time and when it's. many yesterday interim from my 1st christmas recollection is of not yet a pass and it's a song that just comes when we're all together much or there was no more children
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no more time to be trying to do what you did i went to a german school in of course i learned there that the original is in german and i was going. to soviet countries and so really this is perhaps the most famous christmas song at the recipient's keep your presence in translated everywhere. that you feel like mine itself perhaps my 1st memory of christmas music is this song is still i mean that beginning. on what it is without words it soothes you as much the same of that melody and it lets us. has been very good moves us really like like a lullaby. i was just kind of but it isn't a lullaby is it also has something that lets our soul dance. and then again.
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these have been these movements in the music they build that's become the one. we're going through one down oh no no no. no no. ah it's my finally it opens up like a flower but it's not over yet it's not a heroic song. leads then it goes. then it comes back to earth once more to everyone for us very urgently so it think it starts like a caress that goes on and on and i down 5 times i tend to bruise your chest opens up the music comes out and then it returns moving inwards again with everything that the message kerry said not reached last the big boy to the is hard. it
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comes back to us. in the zenith in that sense silent night is perfect as a title i was a statement on this steely silent night it's fantastic. the . war was the. was. the 1st the. was. coming the world. the.
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oh ok. so this is crucial. in class in smaller cities the atmosphere is very different to that of a christmas capital such as london or new york or the new york that you certainly don't feel that it's a silent time of year sight this year house. about it's wonderful all the same in its am black.
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place . and. it's christmas is a little colder a little docomo in england it's christmas for a little more traditional. that's how they make a good gauge making a lot of effort here on the slopes of christmas feeling and possibly some people around but i. think like i do i think christmas miracle is 1st. place. to.
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place the core of the song is actually it's very consuming you know it's about the people close to surround you. and feel. a connection with them and a holiday spirit and you know holidays are so beautiful because the chance to start again and what it's like to spot a fresh. and. obviously this is don't always like a religious idea but i think it's been adopted by 6. points by its be together and being around people and to people gifts because he wasn't playing.
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she. said tom force.
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some a christmas has to be wiped off. the christmas in paris but it makes sense they celebrate christmas in our very beautiful way with all the lights it's a very it's one of my favorite time of the year. all. the. silent night is. deeply linked with christianity. but to me this song belongs to humanity it belongs to a lot of people to every single person regardless your religion or what you believe .
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unfun internees m. sejanus yes the biggest muslim country in the world so i'm from a muslim family but my father. was an author who is a book writer he wanted his children to have a very open mind and super tolerant and he prefers and that's why he put us in a catholic school so i did all my education with the 9. to
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. do.
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i sing dad this song has nothing to do with a place or time. it has something to do with spirit and with connecting people together because i think that everyone in the world as we see now in this song in silent night there's plenty of versions in all kind of languages all over the world and it connects people and i think that's the purpose of this song and that's what's great about it that it connects people together and it brings everyone together.
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sontag. was. and demand. all. gone. beyond.
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well the 1st time i heard the song was that i was maybe 3 years old and it was in arabic says arab so that's the 1st version i've ever learned to sing and i wanted to a lot of people in the world don't know that it exists in arabic because they don't know that they are you know christian arabs and i was like. ok let me sing it in arabic and show you that we have our own version. and i love this version i think it adds some. authentic. spirit to the song and here's another you know by a view to silent night. i was.
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i was. was was was. was. found. the i. was am was feeling it many legends and stories surround the christmas truce along the western front of world war one in 1914 in one half probably the most accurate account was recorded by british
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commanding officer field marshal douglas haig in his diary and. the other british every british soldier received a small package as a gift from the king me on the on the island it also included a princess mary box. which contained chocolate cigarettes tobacco and a greeting card from the princess. of the gate and said on the other side the german soldiers received a communally funded gift box from their hometowns as well as parcels from their families with warm clothes food with alcohol cigarettes and letters together at the place in contrast to the later years of the war there was still no significant scarcity of foodstuffs and luxury goods in germany in 1914 or. so the amount that the country's military command also sent tens of thousands of
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miniature christmas trees to the german front to be lit up at christmas and the last of it was. douglas haig's account of wartime events is listed in the unesco's world memory register of documentary heritage out. there on this. friday before the december 19th 14. i've noted down to some american dining of the king prince of wales to. their. kings seem very cheery and inclined to think that all our troops are by nature brave and is ignorant of all the effort which commanders must make to keep
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up the mirage of their men in war and all of the training which is necessary in peace in order to enable a company for instance to go forward as an organized unit in the face of all moves certain death. told him of the crowds of fugitives who came back down the 1000000 road during the battle. having thrown everything they cornered into doing that rifles and packs in order to escape the look. they soon turn on their faces such as i have never before seen. on any human being.
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on christmas eve 914 and almost ghostly calm descended on the british trenches the men were chilled to the bone by the bitter cold and the horrors of war. the. cause a bit of the the in the german trenches men began singing and now the wind carried their voices across enemy lines echoing eerily in the ears of british troops hunkered down in their own trenches initially they thought it was a trap until one of the british soldiers recognized the children and began singing the carol in english. law with. all. all.
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virgins. oh only. slowly been a little e e e. sleeping in the game. according to field marshall hates diary entries december 25th 1914 was a surprisingly warm winter's day. the sun was shining even a hint of spring seemed to be in the ass when a german sergeant made a spontaneous and brave decision.
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alarms the british prepared for combat. but one noncommissioned officer recognised the german sergeant's intentions and quickly decided to reciprocate the peaceful gesture of chapter 7 show to.
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me of the 1st person. that. you are. one of the last but it was i still on the 1st day stuff it was. like. this is how silent night not only brought about a miraculous christmas truce in 1914 it also became a song that symbolizes world peace the 1st was the cease fire took place was an authorized. it came about solely because on both sides people shanta christian idea of christmas is a celebration of maple enough. was .
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was. designed from nick is it not that the. abiding memory. of that war should be that moment of peace on humanity. in 115 when i was commander in chief. there were calls for us to repeat that almost is. when we. i. would not allow. to see. does no good for
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fighting with iraq. to see your element as human. of course. no good at all. years old and dunk we should be thankful that humankind has the right to live on this wonderful planet of the planet but we call her her house it. is owed to we should look inward high and contemplate the gift but queens to us by more and through back with their song silent night and every international. izard we should join together in celebrating the true spirit of christmas and lovingly this community and peace and.
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in the end when we hear the 1st notes of the song or sing them our sounds even. then we can get a sense of what you said more from war and france gruber must of felt back then them eyes on christmas by the year 1918. man to land orleans man. andreas meet. leave him up. in.
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'd german voices. south african current. in the beethoven 1st 29 teams campus project. 2 worlds are united time music. and thought. i heard him say.
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to. me colby primitive. they could. have defeated me. but. i live all over. their lives that is lived in. the lancet study.
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this is. a prison as between ukrainian forces and pro russian safer says it is underway in eastern ukraine it's supposed to be a comprehensive exchange which will see all remaining prison is a conflict for 10 hotels but just who is being released. once the swap is complete . and australia have placed a strain on 55 years including many volunteers who've taken leave from their jobs now the government is to pay their.


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