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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2019 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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this is the deputy news live from berlin a prisoner swap between ukrainian forces and pro russian separatists is underway in eastern ukraine it's supposed to be a comprehensive exchange which should see all remaining prisoners in the 5 year conflicts to return home. and australia's bushfires have placed a strain on $55.00 does including many volunteers who've taken leave from their jobs now the government is to pay them and on that their essence.
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i'm kristie want to welcome to the program. ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists have begun a prison a swap in in eastern ukraine now the swap has been taking place at a checkpoint near the rebel held city all or lives kept in the don yes region it's part of an agreement that russia and ukraine reached the spot where. the carefully coordinated rendezvous in ukraine's rebel controlled region the freed prisoners include ukrainian riot police accused of firing on protesters in 2014 the controversial swap has angered some activists there but others see it as a crucial step to improving ties with moscow. it's the 2nd
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major prisoner exchange this year september saw another swap that brought inmates home and foster hope that the war in eastern ukraine could soon be over an early victory for ukraine's new president volodymyr zelinsky. we have agreed the 1st step to one block but. we have not it is returning our soldiers prisoners. for more than 5 years the ukrainian army has been fighting russian backed separatists in the country's east the war has cost around 14000 lives and turned a key industrial region into a conflict zone efforts to stop the fighting have so far come to little when zelinsky was elected in april he promised to restart the peace process that culminated in a meeting this month with his french german and russian counterparts in which sunday's exchange was agrees. an exchange between
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both sides in this conflict to whom based on swapping everyone. the deal is again raising hopes 1st swift resolution to the conflict but major hurdles between russia and ukraine still need to be overcome before peace is possible. joining us now from moscow is correspondent even. following as today's events of forest gets to see you even do we know yet how many prison is have been exchanged and who they might be. well by the end of the day we expect that the exchange will total between $1200.00 total prisoners so far of the 2 breakaway republics that have handled the exchange only one has gone so far that is lugansk and we expect and it's a bit later today lugansk sent 25 prisoners back to kiev and key have sent 63 to lugansk most of these prisoners were from the league on sky and were central
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government soldiers fighting for kids and the reverse side actually has a bit plenty of people who have nothing to do with the war these were included that's why the ukrainian side is sending so much more and more to the breakaway republic to get their soldiers back some of these as was mentioned at the top of the broadcast are these 5. police officers who fired on your mind on protesters they have nothing to do with the war and they have actually sparked some protests in kiev last night i act of us stood outside of the prison where they were held hoping to block their passage they weren't we expect them to be sent over to join us later today they are waiting at the checkpoint. and how significant is this prisoner exchange looking at if it's to ease tensions between russia and ukraine. it's quite significant in the fact that these prisoner exchanges have gotten the leaders back to the table the 1st prisoner exchange this year and september. was it
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was the 1st time the peace process had gotten going since 2016 so it had been stalled for 3 years and the 2nd one to end of the year is the 2nd largest prisoner swap over these 6 years it was a key part of the normandy summit agreement earlier this month and we expect that peace talks will be able to continue now at some point in 2020 early reports suggest of early april for the actual important parts as was mentioned the ceasefire has not actually been implemented right but the prisoner swap is what is going to get us to that point even what do people in russia make off the peace if it's between russia and ukraine. well moscow from all indications moscow wants peace there is this they're seeing this is a moment especially especially because the landscape has so clearly said he wants to end the war as a time to negotiate the major issue is the fact that moscow feels like it holds all
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the cards and it's not really going to let go of its leverage. kieve keep of course he wants better terms for itself and moscow is going to hold firm and so foreign policy analysts that are speaking in moscow are following on twitter today a lot of them are saying well you know this prisoners swap is all well and good but what i can expect in 2020 is a frozen conflict into the war so this is hopeful for the new year but we'll have to see in the new year what i think what actually happens with the war even. thank you. now straight he is bracing for another week of bushfires as temperatures are expected to soul emergency services have been trying to contain the blazes since september 8th people have died 2 of them firefighters how many of those on the front line all volunteers and now the australian government say's it will pay them for their effects. it's one of australia's worst push last season's
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over. with so many blazes to battle it's often volunteers who answer the call for help. giving their time and paying the costs just like. 1516 hour shifts in a row you're exhausted at the end of that you might have one day break and then they want you to go again. it just takes its toll physically and emotionally on the family they don't see you and maybe it means i use my annual leave a mainstay i you know i use my time in lead time. now there's help for the helpers some volunteers to be compensated for about 20 days worth of income lost while fighting the recent fires. as this is a very prolonged for a solution this is putting additional demands on our firefighters in particular and it means that the turnouts in the call outs have been far more extensive than in
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previous years going well and beyond and above what is normally expected of those who are engaged in volunteer services. already public servants have been pledged additional leave to join the fight. with a strain these some are just getting started the country needs more helping hands to step up to the challenge. and we spoke to see james morris of the new south wales the rural fire service we asked him about the decision not to cancel sydney's famous neophyte to spray despite outbreaks of further bushfires of the night look at the stage obviously way type precautions working with the current technique i didn't season organizations are closely with them in regards to our total fire ban exemptions and and their requirements and at this stage given the full cost conditions we don't believe that there will be any seas at this stage in regards to the sydney harbor thought i was going ahead we'll obviously continue to work with
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them and if we need to have a heart some level of response from our forefathers from both the artifice and pharmacy new south wales throughout the sydney area will. working to the conditions we are expecting. to move through needs a number of hours to move through from around to 7 pm on need ryall lockley to say those much cooler conditions on we certainly by the time we reach may not. be mentioned we do have a number of new starting from lightning down in the south eastern parts of new south wales just storms moving through which certainly isn't a good thing considering we've got the stop these worsening weather in timing. and that was james morris of the new south wales rural fire service speaking to us it in its 2nd look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a truck bomb attack in somalia has killed at least 78 people the device exploded during morning rush hour at
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a busy checkpoint in the capital mogadishu president mohammed abdul live on module blamed a militant islamic group. at least 10 people were killed when a missile hit a military parade in a town in southern yemen the parade for new recruits was being held by yemen separatist group a spokesperson blamed with the rebels for the attack. and more than $1000.00 demonstrators have gathered in hong kong to mock a turbulent year in the semi autonomous region protests began in june over a proposed extradition law but grew to include dumond's for more democracy protesters say beijing and the local government are eroding freedom and democracy. and there's been a stabbing at a jewish holiday celebration me in new york city authorities say 5 people were hospitalized 2 are in critical condition it's the latest in a string of anti semitic incidents in new york as.
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thousands of families in western kenya are coping with the aftermath of flooding and heavy rains that began on christmas eve many fear the flooding could get worse as they wait for aid to arrive east africa's been bested by abnormally heavy rains linked to the indian ocean be warmer than usual. in the kenyan county of kisumu the water has crept everywhere residents struggle to find safe and dry places away from the muddy waters they are appealing to the government for help so . many children food went with the water in the books for the kids to my belongings outside here and i don't know where i will go to. there's no place to sleep we don't even have tents no water to drink and i have children in college as well as in secondary and primary schools. to dump for it started on christmas night is left homes and businesses sup merged this week's floods are the latest to hit
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kenya earlier heavy rains had already forced thousands of people to evacuate many had started to return to clean up their whole lives but this week's dumb and poor has those hopes residents look at the tide of brown water. and gloom. some sports now and one of germany's biggest success stories of 2019 that will be long. gold at the ball championships in doha but as you're about to see there is a lot more than just at the. playing the piano are just one of. many talents for me for me it's all about testing myself pushing my limits and the 1st. is tuned for success. i'm always working on myself in order to be the best. germany's female athlete of the year 2019 in the finishing touch to
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a spectacular year in which she won gold at the world at that exchange kinships in doha. must have been for her i'd never experienced that before feeling like a chief something truly extraordinary. a personal best of 7 meters 30 and 21000 she reached another level of consistency in passing the 7 metre mark at 7 different events and remaining unbeaten throughout the season. becoming the best took a long time because you have to keep on believing in yourself just as off topic almost at the age of 8 and humble discovered her passion for the long jump she then one gold at the under $23.00 european championships in 2015 and minds by taking trips to asia and uses meditation to relax. it gives you such a deep sense of clarity. after her success at the world championships the like
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coming home or is now favored to win the big gold in tokyo in august and it would be a unique opportunity to surprise myself and even the whole world i think unbelievable . humble is certainly honest on after what has been an incredible 2019. worshipers in brazil have taken a depth in a new year's ceremony to honor a revered seed goddess followers of 2 traditional afro brazilian faiths turned out . on copacabana beach in rio de janeiro the faithful paid tribute to the goddess their manager known as the queen of the sea worshippers say the celebration was limited by a lack of support from the city of ministration they maintain it's the 2nd year inside station that the event's budget has been cast.
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