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given belsky. and you're watching news from pitt and coming up next an 11 year old on sophists use he's trained that that it all starts martin ski fiesta that's on reports that then the latest news and information are on the clock that's on our website to be a tough call thanks for joining. the free journey begins with the 1st step and every language from with the 1st word published in the. eco is in germany to learn german and why not come with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to sell the d w z e learning course nikos fake german meetings see. the 1st.
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to go to the euro max chance. the final story. with exclusive. must see concerning hard times cold turkey you're a. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers the food so subscribe it and don't miss out on. the trail. think. that's his 1st. few final touches and they're ready and him young sim you know for all the dancing in the most beautiful of christmas ballets. 5 on the big opera stage in vladivostok eastern russia.
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being a ballet dancer is nice but tough. 0 it's even tougher for someone who comes from the provinces and is just starting out. be able to tense up lift her back turn your legs outward. they want us that not everyone can take it like you. at what you had but you have to wait. a lot more who we were now what you need behind your back stomach pulling your tail 2 shoulders down. on the curriculum it's just called dance and classical dance in reality it's really ringback hard work every morning for hours. for the next 8 years this will be
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simian some you know it's routine at the far eastern branch of the moscow state academy of choreography also known as the bolshoi ballet school. it has a language all its own good it is the 1st time i heard pulling your title i thought what title is that the cool and how do you put it in its. turn your name 5 is out went. no no there was no ordinance to turn the find 90 degrees out in the hip socket it's classical ballet his 1st position. but i did just as since it is tough to see a boy i know at least understand what my teacher wants of me. not long ago she preys on me when i did something bright and thought what exactly. russia has a global reputation as the home of classical ballet and here we have for more than
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a century future stars of the ballet stage have trained the same way but the competition is fierce to get by students have to have strong muscles and nerves of steel when you've worn. some young is stubborn that's a good trait to have in ballet plus he's got strong muscles and he can jump very well but still question. that's important for the men's technique. he's also very good looking the new national. stage career in ballet is short for most aspiring dancers it's over before it is even begun by their late thirty's the dancers retire so not only do they have to be extremely good they have to be extremely dedicated and i hear that he owned his class are dedicated that also applies to dispell much the other boy in the class.
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or in short supply at the academy. the 1st time i stood there with my family and saw all these girls i said to him hello what's your name a minute nervous to. but we'll get through this when they get. a lot of us talk is russia's principal port city on the pacific during its many years as a soviet naval base it was off limits to foreigners the city is still known far less as a center of arts than of commerce and trade. so it was a small sensation when early in 2019 the bolshoi academy opened a branch here so far away from moscow but within reach of young people of the far east same your own comes from to be john almost a 1000 kilometers away. today his mother is visiting. if she gets the will
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is the new mystery it was as if we'd never been apart come here give me a hug of course we miss him. but we're also so proud of him. did you miss me to. know that sim yon doesn't live with his parents he only makes it home 3 times a year during school vacations here in the future ballet dancer has other things to think about. god. god. he gets a break from cramming math and english but ballet practice continues. he's got to stay in shape even without the bar ready. i have
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to stretch at least an hour every day. yeah i sit on the floor and stand on my tiptoes. yes. you're watching the private push for him have be that everything seems to be so easy for him. he says then i sit on my heels i'm told i'm forward that stretches my feet. still play opinion myers we know ballet dancing is a very serious and difficult profession he told me. to do ordinary floors lead up to him and that's immune will have to work his whole life to maintain the level he achieves got when the putting it heath where everything is from going. over the water of new ideas of a crystal garden what's important is not to skip a single day. once i didn't stretch my feet for a few days and afterward i heard so much. what it can mean to of
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what it's his opportunity to get to know another world and maybe even to become famous. slob a buck a car. simians mother works as a cause magician right now she has to work as a seamstress on his ballet shoes his father is a businessman they can afford his training because they only have to pay a part of the cost for their son stay at the school. or on. the education itself at the state ballet school is tuitions free. this is simeon simeon of so last visit to be john before the big premiere in blood of our stock.
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will be. the 1st time you can he survive a separation of a 1000 kilometers. of course i still miss him. because i don't show it but every time he leaves i realize just how much i miss him. yuliya won't see her son for 2 months then he'll be performing on stage as a soloist. many youngsters dream of becoming ballet dancers of taking the spotlight for an enthusiastic audience and having millions of fans. for most it remains a dream. simeone
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had already been dancing for 3 years invariably john but folk not ballet one day a ballet academy staff member spotted him on stage and invited him to vladivostok. a. lot of postdocs upper house was looking for a boy to dance a child solo in the popular nutcracker ballet. simulant was just right for the part . of the. distance and i was a bit scared. yeah that giant stage isn't the real ballet dancers. was for. don i was afraid i'd embarrass myself in front of them. i wanted to do
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everything right from the started they dilute it's put on in the hood so. the next cracker ballet with a score by czerkawski tells about the christmas eve when a broken wooden nutcracker is transformed into a prince during the night some young plays the boy who broke the nutcracker and set the drama in motion. for. the stop center on wait not like that you have to listen to the music. i was afraid the adult onset so you can do everything you would see me dance unlawful do you think that's what i was most afraid of. i thought how can i stand on the same stage as them. that's terrible really terrible . but the day of the big premiere inevitably arrives.
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all 1356 seats in blood of all stocks opera house are sold out in the audience is simeon's friend my feet from the ballet class. and of course his family from b. or b. john have come. to
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me through that letter then you will hate dennis he did it he's accomplished his mission even though he was so nervous but i think he hit the mark. of. the 11 year old boy has earned his roses the 1st bouquet in simulants career in ballet. fans this is my chance. to school they said it would be the chance of a lifetime and i thought really. nothing wrong with that are you pretty. ico africa. the bigger animals are trying to do
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do this because we can't stay in venezuela. that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. it's no secret that our planet's resources are dwindling that's why environment show gives you ideas on how you can protest nature welcome to you coffee carmel tie me in a new good night j. .


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