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it doesn't. it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the i don't do this because we can't stay in and as well i'm not i don't know that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. it's no secret that our planet's resources are dwindling that's why environment show gives you ideas on how you can protest nature welcome to you could. be in nigeria. on one was from for me too nice to have you with us for the next hour i am standard here in kampala uganda here's what is coming up shortly.
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we will show you how our country helped protect recipe seizing africa. we also show you why solar energy doesn't always have to be received. and how amusing was found in congo thanks to. south africa's western cape is home to stunning plants some of them found nowhere else on earth however a recent report so that the pool this is experiencing the 2nd highest rate of plant extinction in the what do you love part 2. and hospitals we met up with some new sauces to get the region more closely. this rubble and is part of the famed both biome a naturally occurring community of flora and fauna in the region around cape town
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in south africa it's home to almost $10000.00 species of plants many of them endemic as part of efforts to preserve this unique ecosystem volunteers come here regularly to photograph and document the plants they watch the organization of rare and endangered wild flowers also known as crew. so the reason why we have this program is that just the sheer numbers are written plans that we have it's not enough for a group of scientists to go and monitor those species so in the country we have over $3000.00 plants and so that's a massive undertaking. this species of erica is critically endangered that means it's on the brink of extinction it's found only in this immediate area measuring less than half a square kilometer. today the crew volunteers a document in ref laura using a popular citizen science app called eye naturalist. the aim is to improve the
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accuracy and efficiency of their data collection we can only do conservation intervention if we know that there is a problem but if nobody is monitoring what is happening to those populations then we won't know and those species might go extinct without us even knowing about the app allows volunteers to take a picture of a plant or an animal and log the time and exact location and upload the data to the eye naturalist platform then biologists and botanists can access the information and create detailed maps of those remaining habitats. the app also allows researchers like ebrahim to monitor the recipe she's more closely because they know where they're located. as a botanist and as someone that works on plants we understand that all of plants of the ecosystem and plants form the basis of the ecosystem and without the blondes the things that that sit on top of. the food chain above the
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plans where when exist we want excess if it wasn't for plants and so i think to create an awareness about the importance of plants it's very important for us. the western cape has already lost 40 species of plants since $1800.00 scientists estimate that many more are in danger the principal reasons are growing up in isolation infrastructure development and the expansion of agriculture. around cape town many green spaces have already been lost an organization called community tree is trying to restore at least some of the natural habitats and their biodiversity. what we doing here as we build the planting the ground and the pioneers that help prepare the soil for the more sensitive. areas in recent years that are no longer here. the story will. last all of it period
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and microorganism so we are bringing back and making space. true brain board to come back. another example this way sis in the cape flats area of the city used to be a rubbish dump over a 4 year period kevin cochrane and a group of community volunteers planted about $50000.00 indigenous plants more than $300.00 trees on the site. was about as good to people and their relationship with space so all species as one and that throws a whole ideology. when it comes to endangered species charismatic animals such as elephants rhinos and lions often succeed in capturing the public's attention but the endangered plants of the south african fine boast on no less
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important. raising a way to bring about change for the better it can be a huge. let's go to rwanda where more than 80 percent of the rural population still live without an existing that means that. a lot of school kids are left in. that's why it's called. a foundation hopes to support thousands of students and teachers. the idea is to bright. light peers are doing your best this week. even after dark the some lights the past for children and come on you district it's all signs to solar powered lamps. like many parts of the region isn't on the national power grid. but now the children have light to do homework in the evening . as
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a result fewer students are dropping out of school for old grade civil so improved in the past they only have kerosene lamps which are unhealthy and dangerous now little sun makes doing household chores safer to you. it was all the brainchild of danish icelandic artist all of us on he joined forces with a german startup to distribute the lamps they've given out to african students for free but sold elsewhere in the well to finance the project the initiative also house sponsors we aim to deliver these lambs for school kids we have to look at these lands for refugees for example in settings of migration and forced migration we had to deliver our mobile phone chargers to community health workers and we aim to empower them to printers and small businesses as much into their bring energy. the little sun project was 1st launched 7 years ago. it's now lighting up the lives
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of schoolchildren in 13 african countries. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send his a tweet. doing your bit. we share your story. and now off to the caucasus geographical region known as you asia i reports head it's a joy to see me there we saw the residents of a small village that sought out using solar energy to heat water which has a knock on effect of protecting local forests georgia lost 1.3 percent of its forest between 909-2010 that's according to the f a o the aim of the initiative is to provide the people with affordable and sustainable energy systems and to reduce c o 2 emissions in the villages. stage at 6 30 in
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the morning and i go to open it is already out of the house with a bucket of hot water fresh from the faucet. which the cows utter has to be cleaned before milking. a little later after serving the family breakfast she makes cheese it requires a lot of patience she can tell that she's ready when the consistency is just right but everything here runs like clockwork with no time for breaks. well respected as a housewife i have a lot of work to do i clean up make the food milk the cows and lots of other things that would be a perfect there's always something to do their office floor or. none are good i've been it size 16 and was
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a nurse for 30 years she lives with her husband son daughter in law and grandchildren. that come out i always need hot water i'm glad we have this system. they received a solar powered water heater from a local energy cooperative. that clothes really had it right on my saved up a bit of money and sold a few things i don't like it was my husband who really wanted this work never it's quite expensive but it is manageable he did. like to play like. lisa is also in charge of the house work on her home plus the farm and the grandchildren. she still heats water the traditional way on a wood burning stove in the living room she needs a lot of hot water and therefore a lot of wood and club we come close we save money so we can afford the wood but
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sadly there are a lot of families who don't care how we doing better than some we can pay for firewood the poor family's current. the men collect the wood from high up in the forests of the carcasses mountains. they're still allowed to fill trees here. gogu to here is 27 he comes here regularly. go to estimates that each and every house in his area consumes about $2.00 to $3.00 truckloads of wood every year people who want to sit in a room which are all shuttle would be able to cut down trees anywhere else we could cause rock slides. and that might endanger people in the village.
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the forest might seem lush but deforestation is rife across georgia the number of trees being cut has to be limited to ensure long term sustainability currently over 12 times that number is being felt. the workers use to mechanics is helping to solve the problem they're cutting solar panels. the machine dates back to world war 2 but it still works there part of the energy cooperative the systems they produce here should help to reduce wood burning and therefore carbon dioxide emissions. the cooperative as provided solar powered water heaters to more than 100 homes in the village. none a good job and it's is back from the markets and the grandchildren are awake her
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son and daughter in law are at work so she has to look after the children no time for a break at this it's horrible it's more like i'm 60 years old and i think my life is almost over i do anything to give my children and grandchildren a better future i hope they have a better life. and hot water straight from the tap is a good place to start. moving over to god now to check in on the young entrepreneur who builds how this cheaply and sustainably she uses in mud and all the locally produced materials this idea is becoming more and more popular across west africa one major advantage even when it's hot outside the temperature inside the houses stay constant no need for expensive conditioning but that's all they've got going for that let's go see this. technique is called rammed earth
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construction has been formed into a wall. this new house is being built close to gunness capital and using an old method common in africa now it's becoming popular in cities. clomid a year and joy and a sin founded a company in 2016 they realize there's a demand for houses that are both affordable and eco friendly. in a country even a continent where a lot of things are very sustainable we thought of ways that we can renewable natural resources to build with most homes in ghana you know cement and materials that are imported so we just for let's look to see what we can actually get in to building. it's a mixture of sand gravel and clay this just a little bit of cement added the idea is there you know. our grandparents our
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forefathers were already living in models before this came up even the china wall was built with dot when you go to mali. the mali empire most of the buildings you see they are all build with. this is how the team builds a wall. they use different mud mixtures layered one over another that gives the house an interesting aesthetic there's a good exercise too you know. but all the walls are really solid enough. just like a sedimentary rock we are mimicking the 3rd dimensional rock by deformed thousands of years. piling on top of each other over thousands of years but we are often in the process so. when false i shine the word green after some time is because it's like a manmade storm. the company has built 4 houses so far it started out with
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a little prototype building experimenting with different materials and techniques including using bricks made of around. this cafeteria in north and gone i was more ambitious in scale. this residential project is the biggest so far materials are cheap it's cost about $150000.00 u.s. dollars that's about one 3rd less than the price was invention building and there are more advantages you get very very good in indoor air quality. the walls are $10000000.00 solidity of the regulator room temperature termites cannot eat it up as proof due to the monolithic structure of the wall hasn't got any water joints in them so when there's an egg recall there's the ground shakes you don't get them collapsing and the fact that they can stand up better to earthquakes isn't the only these buildings help save electricity in the building fools cool you don't need the
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scenes even if you did you know those rules of the i mean it's just going to be minimal health to. sustain them by them and. reduce our carbon prints. the company's business is booming but a sin and have business partner given back to society is well ok 2 think we are good to go we actually train the local people house construction so when we leave they also have a skill that they can use to bid at the end and also. if we need to get some more workers in last minute then we can always call people from the villages to come and help us out of construction work here. with construction cost in 30 percent less than conventional building techniques and creating a host of new jobs too high that is helping to lay the foundations for
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a brighter future. saving energy would run earth construction is one way of fighting climate change but even though and major buildings need paul carman here is a great war material for producing renewable energy in the form of bio gas and just 10 cows can make it feasible what you think it certainly sounds interesting and in our next report will find out how it works congressman king on having by a justice installed weeping over john an organization it's more complicated and simplifying the for the benefits. it takes to build the unit but soon it will be ready for the 1st load of cum done 2 weeks after that these dairy farmers will have their own supply of buy again. rewarded with the buyer digest was a major investment for the phone. i wanted because.
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it would have cost. and that i thought i mean. the mail got it into the pool. and you know how could you afford it. i thought to cause a problem here and i wanted to get that money. went to germany n.g.o.s fair and its local partner sustainable energy strategies helped set up these buy a gas unit and 800 others across campbell county near the kenyan capital nairobi. but if you've got an armored convoy the biogas units allow us to use countdown to generate clean buyer gas on current nothing is granted so no smoke astrology used which means no c o 2 emissions so each by a gas plant means photons less c o 2 each year. the biggest problem for people here is finding the money to pay for one of the smallest model costs 300 euros for every
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day the market is huge in this county but the problem is all people are known to work record through or. they don't have the money. who pronounce it. even though we get a family from. campbell county is home to hundreds of small hold homes they grow maize and vegetables and produce cattle feet. below this of a 1000000 just enough to feed the families farming the land so adding a buy a gas unit is a big deal. feeling someone who was able to afford more she saved some of the money she makes will has 600 egg laying hens and her cows and money to secure a micro not. the bio digester is fed with manure mixed with water
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and underground pipe takes the gas produced to his kitchen. area. i wanted the plant after i had seen one at my neighbors the community to get we get it cooking is so easy now i used to house i got if i wouldn't go buy charcoal and it was very expensive. now going any now i have no problem if i come home late and can have subsequently intended. who can i do here. that they knew i could be. a byproduct of the by a gas unit is a nutritious fomenting agent that can be used as organic fertilizer but this year the rainy season is very late many wells have dried up and farmers here a worried that crops will grill. buying water is their only solution. driving
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a mechanical after i think of already going to we are suffering because of the drought we have to buy water and it is very expensive it's hard for us we need water that symbols and our money moves with the money she saves using buying gas phyllis can afford that and. yes time the loan for the plants will be paid off she doesn't regrets the investment in slightest the biogas system has transformed her life for the better. for moral kenya we head to the capitol of the democratic republic of congo where we meet a bond that not only produces cool b. but also some very old original instruments pulling was making our equal heroes of the week. ahead a. unique costumes and an original sound the band full of music playing and they can show us a jobs 1st of all dizzy. the name says it all full music means music from
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garbage in the local lingo to language. and. everything about this group is impressive especially the fact that they play instruments made from west everyone's dancing it was amazing the. things. everything made out of west the idea came from a group found on the skull crammed he finds his inspiration at dumping sites. there's just. this button produces a nice sound and me far so lucky no this will make a good instrument for our music. a lack of proper waste management and recycling facilities has caused kinshasa to be littered with discarded plastic and other waste commit a music i came here to look for things that i can use to make musical instruments but i also want to draw attention to their problem of west management in kinshasa
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the city is really dirty. recycle things is interesting turning a waste into instruments or using it to create questions some people just throw stuff away but i look for ways to reuse trash because we're still not good for our wellbeing with. so rather than buying instruments band members create their own from discarded objects. using scrap metal plastic bottles to in-store water pipes to make their instruments the group has gained a following who allow their signature rhythms and enforced promote recycling in a city that produces as much as 9000 tons of west every day. 3 it is my wish to see this music done radical all over the world and or so theresa awareness about the importance of west management especially in africa. exactly
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what is used for music is what we'd like to find a good representative who can help us spread this message through our music. the most recent like i said people for me and other sim time we also want to teach young people to practice recycling in the small. town of the solution to the democratic republic of congo's vast garbage problems but they're hypnotic music and upbeat songs are helping them to get their message across to an ever growing fun base. that's. very cool indeed especially because it's all done using roofs like cord or west materials i hope will we hear more from the band in the future and i hope you enjoyed this with still now it's time for me to say goodbye from uganda stay sustainable protect your environment and see. now it's time to go all the best as always check us out on our
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website on our social media platforms and thanks for watching by a byte from my jail.
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this is easy transit get across the city. these natives developments of course further complicate the battlefield. then some republicans threaten to close the strait of hormuz. trustees' corrupt. policy knowledge senior senators and. all of us latin america millions are fleeing from pilotless. the expectations are definitely there. so for families it's not very much because they never stand still listening to.
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double. up to. colbie promises. never defeated me. from my perch or their backyard or for a demo church or for a job or. a movie over. there because of the issues it is. starting to.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin a hopeful step toward resolving the conflict in eastern ukraine russian separatists and the ukrainian government have exchanged all the prisoners they were holding we'll go live to kiev where people are waiting to welcome back their free speech. also coming up a man with a knife transonic a celebration near new york city into a bloody crime scene new york's governor says it was an act of domestic terror. and all straggly is bushfires have taken their toll on firefighters including the many .


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