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post. this is d. w. news live from berlin a hopeful step toward resolving the conflict in eastern ukraine or that hero's welcome in kiev of for 76 men and women released earlier in the day by separatists in ukraine's east in return key have released all the prisoners it has been holding we'll go there for the latest also coming up a man with a knife turns a hanukkah celebration near new york city into a bloody crime scene new york's governor says it was an act of domestic terror.
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i'm william glucose welcome to the program the ukrainian government and russian backed separatists have completed a prisoner exchange a plane landed at kiva airport sunday evening after the swap took place at a checkpoint in the separatists stronghold of donetsk in eastern ukraine the exchange covers all remaining prisoners being held by both sides since hostilities broke out in 2014 the move stems from an agreement that russia and ukraine reached earlier this month brokered by germany and france. and joining me live at the airport is correspondent david stern he's there standing out in the cold as the ukrainian prisoners have come off the plane tell us david what's going on. well yes the prince. exit in the plane
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we saw some scenes of joy and emotion if you have ever seen some of the reception of views coming from previous war say the vietnam war it was very much like that they came off the plane were 1st greeted by president selenski if they were military they saluted sharply and then turned and were met by their families their friends or loved ones with balloons with flowers with smiles and in some cases with tears now we've got much quieter the groups have dispersed to a certain degree and we're waiting for i believe we're now having a press conference from president selenski himself but obviously this is a time of great emotion here in the in the airport and i think for even though it's very cold as you say for a number of people it's not as cold as it was just say a half an hour ago so of course very positive response from families and loved ones there zooming out ukrainians in general how are they taking in this deal is this
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being seen as a success for president selenski. well that's a very good question and in the remain to be seen in the coming days and weeks obviously exchanges like this are greeted are are welcomed by a large by the you know by the ukrainian public usually there is a great deal of relief. as well as just outpouring the joy that these people are coming back but we also have a certain amount of crypt controversy because some of the people that were delivered to the russian backed separatist cause a bit of an outcry in particular 5 riot police who were said to be involved or accused of being involved in the in the shootings in the killings on the might on it during the revolution 5 years ago so we will wait to see how exactly this will play out and how this will influence the peace process in general david just stand by for now for us for a moment as we take
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a look back at this big day for ukraine. i carefully coordinated in ukraine's rebel controlled region $200.00 people in total were released in the exchange some returning to the ukrainian side said the exchange was a good start but everyone needed to be freed. i'm grateful to the presidents who agreed and freed us. but there are still a lot of guys jailed there and we need to help them just everyone for everyone. the production separatists returning home on the elba saw it equally happy to be free something used strong language to describe to film i kept as. we are happy that we are free no after 4 years for some 5 years for others and liberated from the shackles of ukrainian naziism. it's the 2nd major prisoner exchange this year september sort of
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a swap that brought on rights and fostered hope that the war in eastern ukraine could soon be over that early victory for ukraine snoop. president to me is the lenski. for more than 5 years the craniotomy has been fighting russian backed separatists in the country's east. cost around 14000 lives and turned a key industrial region into a conflict zone. efforts to stop the fighting have so far come to. when selenski was selected a night he promised of restarting the peace process that culminated in a meeting dismount with his french german and russian counterparts in which sunday's exchange was agreed. the deal is again raising hopes for us with preselection to the conflict but major hurdles between russia and ukraine still need to be overcome before peace is possible. and coming back to david stern who is at the airport in kiev david this prisoner exchange put it into the larger context
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for us is this going to be part of the bigger peace process that ukraine and russia are trying to settle. well yes it is definitely is a positive step anything any exchange like this is a confidence building measure for both sides the question is obviously though how this will play into the bigger peace process now president selenski as part of one of his main campaign promises was to bring peace in the east of the country but there are a number of hurdles and they still remain to be addressed in particular ukrainians are demanding that they have control over their border with russia before any elections are taking take place there so they were to be seen how that will be how that will be resolved ok david stern and keith thank you very much for being out for us. now let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. at least 10 people were killed when a missile hit a military parade in a town in southern yemen the sound only for new recruits was being held by a south yemen separatist group a spokesman blamed the rebels for the attack. more than a 1000 demonstrators have gathered in hong kong to mark a turbulent year in the semi autonomous region protests began in june over a proposed extradition law but grew to include demands for more democracy protesters say beijing and the local government are you rooting freedom and democratic norms. a german rescue ship has docked in sicily after rescuing more than 30 migrants in the mediterranean and courteous vessel reached the southern port of poti although on sunday the migrants were picked up off the libyan coast last week. for the 8 day jewish festival of
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hanukkah is meant to be a time of light and warmth but for one jewish community near new york city became one of terror and confusion a man with a knife burst into a rabbi home on saturday night and started slashing those gathered there now community members are in and investigators are left to wonder why and what's next. to my stopping it's a rabbi's home in a town outside new york city sent shock waves through the local jewish community and fall beyond the incident is the latest in a wave of anti semitic attacks in the u.s. tensions over such hate crimes are on the rise a month into the rabbi's house during celebrations for the jewish festival of hanukkah and stopped 5 people with a machete 2 of the victims is said to have been critically wounded one person was stopped several times. i saw walking in by the door. i ask who's coming
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in in middle of the night. well i was saying that he pulled out the think and he stuck to. the left. and i throw in table security should get out of here and the guy was a carrier arrest guy. he was leaving here bleeding in his hand. i ran to the other room because it tried to save my life i saw him running down this way so renault actually. came along with me and they still steranko what time is not only no down time and they still stare. the attacker fled the scene but was caught in new york city by the police within hours if a knife things. new york governor andrew cuomo said in a statement he was horrified by the despicable and cowardly act. this is violence spurred by hate it is mass violence and i consider this
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an act of domestic terrorism let's call it what it is these people are domestic terrorists and the law should reflect that and they should be punished as if it was an act of terrorism. to suspect a 37 year old man has been charged with 5 counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary he has pleaded not guilty. and for more let's go to do you have a correspondent carla bleicher who's in washington with more on the story carla what have been the reactions and what are authorities doing to deal with this alleged crime. well there is no official word on a motive yet officials are believing that this crime has an anti-semitic background and new york governor andrew cuomo has called it an act of domestic terrorism as we
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have just heard and described as intolerance meets ignorance. u.s. president donald trump went on twitter to say quote we must all come together to fight confront and unready cade's the evil scourge of anti-semitism but in the jewish community of voices are getting louder that politicians are not doing enough to protect them they are calling for more police protection at their houses of worship and they're calling for more political action so something like the horrible stabbing has never happened again no andrew cuomo in his remarks he said this is the 13th anti-semitic incident in the new york area in just the last 3 weeks and these are places with large jewish populations often seem to be safe for for jewish communities but what's behind the rise in these attacks. well this most recent attack. so it can be believed that perhaps
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the attacker the attackers specifically picked this day to to inflict harm on a jewish holy day and that perhaps there was there was more attention on the jewish community during a special time like this but with all these all these recent attacks critics have been saying for quite some time the rhetoric that's president donald trump uses does doesn't courage to hate and fear of anything or anyone that's different and that is also something that's governor of cool mall referred to when he was saying that these are intolerant times in the united states and quote we see anger we see hatred exploding. w.'s car the like her reporting from washington thank you very much. and we're getting reports of another attack at
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a place of worship in the u.s. at least 2 people have been killed at a church near fort worth texas we'll keep you informed of this story as it develops . australia is bracing for another week of bushfires as temperatures are expected to soar firefighters have been trying to contain the fire since september 8th people have died 2 of them firefighters themselves many of those on the front line are volunteers and now the government says it will pay them for their efforts. it's one of australia's worst seasons ever. with so many blazes to battle it's often volunteers who answer the call for help. giving their time and paying the costs like. 56. you're exhausted at the end of that you might have one day break and then they want you to go again. it just takes a toll physically. emotionally on the family they don't see you means i
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use my annual leave. each time. now there is help for the helpers some volunteers to be called been sated for about 20 days worth of income lost while fighting the recent fires. as very prolonged for us this is putting additional demands on our firefighters in particular and it means that the turnouts in the call outs have been far more extensive than in previous years going well and beyond and above what is normally expected of those who are engaged in volunteer service and. already public servants have been pledged additional leave to join the fight. with a straight is some of just getting started the country needs more helping hands to step up to the challenge. and watching the news from berlin coming up
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