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tv   Arts.21  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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discover. subscribe to the documentary to. that until. you get. to build. the. love will close. that.
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gap. wonderful just out of this world it's like we've known each other forever and it's amazing how both those different worlds a coming together and working as one by just 6 just 6 have an incredibly velvety very refined sound fine clangs hats. and. the sun and the. sunset are. johannesburg south africa's largest city the metropolis is full of contrasts. it's a center of crime and wealth. for neighborhoods known as the townships right next door to office towers 4 and a half 1000000 people live here. today . johannesburg is playing host to a special encounter. to
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a capella in some ways from 2 different continents have come together c.l.o. from life 6 germany and just 6 from johannesburg south africa. for a week these 6 women and 6 men will join forces to create a common repertoire. well. hope to. each group brings its own musical tradition with it as well as curiosity about the others this in your strum have a broad musical education just 6 learn by ear without sheet music they rely on their musicality and intuition will see as classical repertoire fit with the african beats of just 6 that's all beautiful because. it's just like how comes on
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top of what they're doing you know with the rhythm. and he joined us make this very basic. cause we don't proofread. what. i'm especially with. the workshop is being led by marcus du to vic from germany an expert on south african vocal music he's here to help bring the groups together we put out as i'm going to couples for something on principle they could also do it alone i think my role is just to organize things a bit. there are 3 or 4 really strong players who are contributing ideas and they're brimming with the order to start i've just given them free reign and lots of space and also. you know. the name c.l.
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is derived from the swedish word for soul this is the ensembles 1st trip to south africa. and i do think. the women from leipsic visit constitution hill one of the country's most important historical sites once a fort it was later used as a prison. today it's the. heat of south africa's constitutional court. the day after they 1st meet the group's give their 1st concert at a music school in so what. each group introduces itself by singing a piece from its own repertoire busy.
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that. right afterwards they performed their 1st joint arrangement him from the middle ages jazzed up with african beats. the who. can you believe that we just did that. the 1st time. i.
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see it i have truly arrived. they're finding the african audience his enthusiasm infectious and some will sing has a long tradition here and is part of everyday life. the next day of rehearsals belongs to separate so to see he's been commissioned by george avila to compose a work that will be rehearsed here for the very 1st time. it's untitled the birth of change. the aircraft. carrier. there. the vocalists will later be supported by a full symphony orchestra oh whoa. word.
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here they're getting acquainted with the new work which was created on a computer and has never been performed before. you can see. 23. at some point things just click into place the jazz musician and composer to poke and the vocalists bring the peace to life. the. i know there. was. was so there really was with this little i suppose for me to just think
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since they'll be so much action. it just needs to be those who are going to have. that right to ask the and my 1st impression was that it reminded me of many things film music pop music but it also had very rhythmic elements which were a little jazzy to them. in jazz he is and i think it's amazing the rhythms that will go on you know the 2 different sections that with the i think we're going to have a good 10 says into the sand is really interesting that these 2 or 3 voices are going to fuse together with the orchestra. and that's something new for us to sing with a full orchestra ones to speak as a new gunson or quaestors ing the piece to pose pieces are usually very exciting and with music so i'm enjoying the flower does this music and the opportunity to sing together have really bonded us. it doesn't feel like we've only known one another for 3 day inside haggis and the stillness received it. in an instant
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instinctively they immediately which which is what i hoped they would do such and we're going to have a good turn i think it's going to look really. nothing true intellectual about it the military's easy and the scene beautifully so i think you can embody this piece pretty well. that afternoon c.l.o. pay a visit to the parted museum is south africa's most popular museum and helps visitors understand the effect of the country's past racial segregation. this car was presented to nelson mandela as a gift after his release from prison. the activist who went on to become south africa's 1st black president is still ever present here as is his fight against the
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apartheid regime with all of its horrors. one of the most impressive exhibits is the replica of the tiny jail cell where mandela was held in isolation for years. music was also part of the resistance against departed singing together gave protesters a voice i haven't asked for just you know it just. put it to show i get the feeling that people here express their political opinions through music. and have it as it is 5 and that people here process a lot of their fear. and they could have emotions light and mass suffering and pain through music zick. it's simply giving voice to what they're feeling at that moment about hearts and yes making something positive out of their pain. this weekend i think that's really one of africa's strengths from africa. i had already
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suspected that singing has a completely different meaning here than it does for us in germany and that it brought people together during the apartheid era and gave them strength and was maybe even used to make political statements political statements akiva the sphinx had music everything and. right now i'm very angry hesitant because i've just seen or been shown how so many personal fates were affected by a party it was my idea that if the apartheid hammond is in the studio but i'm also thinking about germany. and how there are still racists all over the world a man of justice who gives in who are who live in. so. who live there all in cool aiko means freedom to the women from leipsic are getting a lesson in soon one of south africa's official languages. there
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was that the. was. c.l.a and just 6 make good use of the break before their next for herself. she should. stand by the sun when i see. one to take care of. 10 stranded was yet here. and that in the end it was. wrong. and it was. the. cause.
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though it's winter in south africa it feels like summer. half. the singers have come to this university campus outside johannesburg to rehearse the new composition together with the orchestra. germany's national youth orchestra is taking advantage of its summer tour through south africa to rehearse birth of change with see for the 1st time. i. want to my kids. to. the composer once his
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music to entertain people 1st and foremost but with this piece he also hopes to create a tribute to society's unsung heroes the cleaning ladies the janitors and the bakers . birth of changes to have its world premiere at the beethoven fest in september in the german city of bonn 6. the vocalists are struggling to make themselves heard over the powerful sound of the orchestra. after the rehearsal they're invited to a broadway the south african name for a barbecue. it's a color a tradition that brings people and cultures together. if. various.
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c.l.r. and just 6 have a lot to talk about music their everyday lives and sees composition. and what happened in that so of all is described by music as a new school it's definitely new school it's new haven for something different. look with the same instruments with the same kinds of musicians but it's just the perspective that there is teens i mean i'm a very young guy i'm 28 years old now and i believe that if anything since i have the kids of composing i should be reflecting on the times of today and it's our duty as composers i too to to really put say a covenant and feel of what we experience as young people. almost a week of intensive rehearsals is capped off with
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a concert at the university of pretoria. in this arrangement in traditional norwegian wedding march gets an african twist. your. the. ruling. elite. her her her 2. 'd eye. thank you.
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c.l.r. now feeling completely at home with the african beats. a and . really. on. a. thing. this irish ballad about the tragic death of a young girl is complemented and interwoven with african rhythm.
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the. only really. does need. to. be. met.
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4 weeks later the singers have come to bonn germany's former capital for the annual beethoven fest. it celebrates the city's famous son the composer and pianist live it from beethoven. how'd you like to live near i mean it's so peaceful it's nice i like it so much. that. i guess the 1st thing they do after getting up to sing. i've never seen them warm up or prepare they just ready to go. we find that really inspiring it gives us the confidence to really go for it it's. like a state of man also that i like to think of it as. the roses among the thorns because we. and we haven't already serious but hearing the sweet voice and talk so
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beautiful. and teeth their voice is a so deep and velvety but they can sing high tune. they're very colorful and have an incredible versatility bands in a good suspect they're able to sing classical material but also jazz and soul jessica she saw. how that comes together really nice and the very flexible. to some jazz and all those things so it really mixes very well with what we do and it's been quite a fun process. there were so many great moments when we tried out new things we worked on material we didn't cover in south africa. words.
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no murder. i. stated. old truths. doesn't fit does it does not i think they complement each other extremely well there's this powerful african rhythms and these powerful african voices system and when we have this crystal clear highly precise sound of c.l.o. horn taking this mix is really fascinating when because it brings together different worlds united in sound obvious and even perceived leviton for trade with the finances.
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only a few hours are left until the big concert time for a final rehearsal. the singers have spent 5 days practicing the material including birth of change the work commissioned by d.w. . the conductor is brandon phillips a south african who are moving forward oh. please please. please cease i. feel. that. i. feel. i. am excited i think the scale of bit of the goods. and does
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a really need to learn to deal with these issues and string it had be able to lead . to big moment has arrived at the concert with the premiere of a simple it's a twenty's composition. i i i. i i. i i. i. i. i. i i i i. i i. i i i. i i
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i. i. except. the musicians get a rousing reception. their concert was a huge success. and the composer couldn't be happier.
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the old played for us so that they would put their 5 foot if it could have been so it's a sheet of. let's just be like so it's the end of the week that's exactly what we did with. the studio. yeah. we were all nervous and wanted to unleash our artistic energy when we were tense before the big day but now we're happy because everything worked out so well. this is a bit of a 2nd so you kept a lot of different things going on orchestra just see us yeah you know it was a good we hope the audience enjoyed it it did get to be big and dozens of other you know we had a son of this movie it was so moving. and no this was a really profound experience. and after all the hard work this last week and in
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south africa we can just let loose and have fun in. that.
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ah. the march sporting event it's got a sunday. b.m.w. 8 series also comes as the but how about a test or i observe it's got an a a ferrari but was considerably. to feel. good you know it hold the record the back. drop. being
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done. i'm scared that the volume or not hard and in the end is a me. you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances. what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another village turn other guests you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for a while information. but
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it is easy to trace to get across the city. because. these natures developments of course so that complicate the battlefield. there's some republicans peter lewis threaten to close the strait of hormuz. but we can't trust just corrupt government. policy nuts and your financial. cost latin america millions are fleeing from violence. the expectations are definitely there. so for a family that's not very much because the world never stands still a mistake to. double it comes.
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to me. this is deja vu news live from berlin a possible step toward resolving the conflict in eastern ukraine. there was a hero's welcome in the capital kiev for 76 men and women released by separatists in the country's east in return ukrainian government released all the prisoners it had been holding will go to kids for the latest also coming up. a man with a knife turns a hanikra celebration near new york city into a bloody crime scene york's governor says it was an act of domestic terror.


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