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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2019 7:15am-7:31am CET

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people kept talking jones has more on that in our business. and don't forget you can always get more of these and other stories that a website did up dot com for now though for me brian thomas of the entire news team thanks for being. such. as to who cares if. you leave yourself. there you know max you tube channel subscribe don't miss out. 50 years of religions for peace statements from many different states for working together toward a common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflict. now all
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female members are for religions for peace from the middle east are demanding the larger. oh common ground is empowering women giving them the rule. making them an agent of change to display. a bit of the female peacemakers stores journey where we fish mom to. take to. the cows gone is gone before much and off next on a rental apparently fled to japan where he was under house arrest facing trial for financial misconduct he says he fled to quote escaped injustice also coming up the european union c o 2 emissions target for scott make this to. invest more in electric vehicles we
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talked to the director of a new think tank to find out if 2020 could be the decisive year the electric utility. and the clock is ticking we're looking back at the past 12 months in space and. i'm going to jones and this is a business live from berlin good to have you with us now here is one of the most talked about business personalities in 2019 and he's just made it back into the headlines before the year is out for men this renault chairman collins go on as left japan where he was under house arrest he apparently jumped bail on a private plane go and said he was not fleeing justice but instead seeking to avoid injustice and persecution go on who is over lebanese origin was arrested in japan about a year ago on charges of financial misconduct and he is expected to face trial in april he's denied charges of hiding income and to breach of trust japan does not
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have an extradition treaty with lebanon it's unclear what steps japan might take next. and we'll certainly keep an eye on that story now despite still the hype and talk about climate change electric vehicles are still few and far between in europe shanghai and beijing needs a top 25 cities in terms of electric mobility and account for about 5 percent of the global equal billets you market and no you won't find a german city among the top $25.00 and that's a problem for germany's car industry germany's famous comic has a trailing u s competitive tesla which delivered around $245000.00 electric cars this year that's more than any other car neko and 2nd and 3rd place to chinese comic is b.y.d. and to be a i.c. b.m.w. comes in 4th and folks just about makes the. to the top 10 i'll be behind renault
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and sure ny so how can european comic us hope to catch up early i spoke to a police car novara director of clean vehicles and immobility of the european federation for transport and environment in brussels and i started by asking her how the car industry could reach the current c o 2 targets set by the e.u. this year 2 targets set for common factor is actually great news for european consumers who will have hundreds of affordable and better performing models to choose from from next year we estimate that for the industry to meet the standards they will have to sell at least 5 percent electric vehicles next year so it's over a 1000000 of cars and 10 percent in 2021 we are at their own 3 percent already today so it's very much feasible and it's good news for for climate and for drivers so it's in the interest of car makers to give consumers an incentive to actually
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buy electric vehicles but given the fact that batteries for electric cars aren't exactly environmentally friendly either why is your a pushing battery cell production for electro mobility. batteries are the industrial approach unity in europe batteries is the best way to get us to decarbonize our transport longer term just it's true that just as any other sector whether it's oil or gas or anything we use extract in materials for batteries has an impact but it's really important to put it in perspective in an average battery for an electric car we use about 10 kilograms of cobalt that cobalt can be recovered at the end of batteries life so around 9 kilograms of it can be recovered and recycled and used the game when we look at petrol or diesel cars we actually use in thousands of litters of oil we're burn in that and we have to extract more
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so we do need smart regulations in europe and we are working to secure that better materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced and that they're recycled but in the perspective batteries is actually the good kilometer acknowledge it to get us where we need to go but there's some other technologies out there i mean what about the mobility concept that japan is focusing on which is hydrogen fuel cells that also be an option for europe. hydrogen is also considered to be a 0 emission technology like batteries so they're treated equally in europe importantly when it comes to cars batteries are just more efficient it's more coast effective to use them in light passenger vehicles however there is a big role for hydrogen in other transport sectors for example in shipping there's lots of promising advances recently too to use fuel cell ships for example or in the v.a.
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ssion where we can use hydrogen to produce clean fuels for the future so that fly in elsewhere becomes cleaner. julie pani scannell by head of mobility and transport and environment in brussels thank you so much for your time thank you and now to some of the other global business stories making news. a production milestone for u.s. electric vehicle make a tesla its 1st model 3 cars built at a chinese plant in shanghai have rolled off the production line less than a year after starting work on factory the electric car maker says it will increase production in china the world's biggest car market. the outgoing bank of england governor mark carney has said he wants climate action of the world of finance to match that in other fields and indeed he compared the climate crisis to financial crisis that it requires a strong and cross party action counties due to become united nations special envoy for climate change next year. german strength less beer in 2019 revenue for the
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last 12 months has slipped to 2 and a half percent to just over $85000000.00 picked in the tos and while the market for non alcoholic brew is growing it can make up for lost revenue with regular brewers breweries are optimistic for 2020 though partially thanks to the football euro cup which usually comes with a higher consumption. it's been a busy year of the business news says the u.s. china trade war has kept us all out and we've seen the reputational one of the biggest u.s. companies boeing take a tumble is a look at the top stories in business news this year. will they or won't they the u.s. and china have been at it throughout the year and in may trump announced that washington would raise previous tariffs where having a little squabble with china because they've been treated very unfairly for many many decades are actually a long china retaliated with its own threat and in the summer
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a truce was announced in the g 20 summit in all soka but the u.s. reneged on that tensions eased earlier this month u.s. president trump tweeted that a very large phase one deal had been reached with china with beijing agreeing to buy a range of american goods as a result washington suspended penalty tariffs set for december 15th something beijing confirmed that 2 countries now say they are preparing to sign an agreement next month. one of the sticking points between washington and beijing has been china's dominance in the tech sector and that is something the white house wants to end one of the targets of its come pain has been chinese tech giant huawei the white house says beijing could use while waste technology for intelligence gathering and industrial espionage washington has been calling for its allies to block the company from participating in building 5 g. networks no surprise the debate on while way has also been heated here in germany and we've been covering it. can the state of china force you to give
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information which you would be able to collect for example in germany now while we were once well way has never received any such requests during our operations over the past years and even if we received such requests in the future we would not agree to them it says without any lawful requests so we won't do anything which will i won't mention for which enjoy themselves. god was sure it was a topic under $29000.00 was the year of the protests across the world also across germany's border the yellow vests movement took to the streets in neighboring france to protest against the government's planned economic reforms they believe they are hurting workers the french government says they are needed to overhaul the economy to make it more competitive. in the middle east the lebanese government's economic reform attempts were met with countrywide protests people took to the streets to demonstrate against plan changes to the tax regime stagnating economy
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and corruption and that led to the resignation of the country's prime minister. changed didn't get as bad for those government but ecuadorians managed to push their lawmakers to the brink with protests that crippled the country's transportation networks in the end the government had to withdraw plans to remove a fuel subsidy after dramatic protests. and elsewhere in latin america people were taken to the streets in argentina and chile to protest against economic reforms and a higher cost of living. i cost of living was also a major issue for zimbabweans the protests were triggered by a 130 percent fuel price hike and that on the country's declining standard of living prompted people to take to the streets throughout the year was. the u.s. plane make a boeing also dominated headlines this year it started last march with
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a fatal plane crash in ethiopia the 2nd for its 737 max at 1st the company tried to deny responsibility but air transportation authorities were soon ordering the grounding of a 77 mass its best selling aircraft within weeks of the incident since then the plane maker has been mired in a crisis in december boeing said it was holding production of the 737 max and c.e.o. dennis mullen burge was ousted new seal david calhoun will now face the task of engineering a turnaround and rescuing started reputation. it's been a busy year for the markets across the world but it appears the u.s. markets have managed to ride out the uncertainty in the stock market is at a record high in the u.s. and that's something the u.s. president has been raving about and taking credit for he says the highs a jew to his reforms hard to say but what is clear is that the global economy has been slowing with the i.m.f. and the world bank mainly blaming the u.s.
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china trade dispute but despite that there's been records in markets in both sides of the pond and that was a spot of good news this year. busy and no debt and germany imported a record number of file works last year this year's new year's celebrations kick off with a ban rather than a ban on imports of rockets and bang as rose 48 percent last year with most of the festive file works coming from china this year the government has introduced a fireworks ban in the center of the city citing a large amount of pollutants created plastic waste of fine dust. and that's a business update at this hour here in d w for me and the team thanks for watching and see you next time.
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easier. to do female rather. small and the women in the indian state of my rush try to becoming lawn tennis all day long. we're taking a sustainable approach to land use for the environment i'm stephanie.
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next on d w. happiness is for everyone schuman penises are very different from primates you know we have a totally ridiculous i mean size view nature and there david this is climate change brags that sex is how to dance and read books you get smarter for free you don't read books. hello welcome to eco india this week let's look at why the practice of farming to me and off the future needs a serious 3 pick i'm fine with that rankle coming to you from a greenie mumbai.


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