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to enter the country because that's what we're all about. the fact that. this is. coming up next our documentary film series doc film looks at the uses people are fighting for old. don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock at our website you know if you've got. the entire news team. video. any time any.
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weather design on his car deserves a place in paradise. lost did a sound job. with my truck still going up there 6000000 kilometers i spent more time caring for him i let my family get up on me than.
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i love her why only want this car here because it's a good car for the people only. on for a poor country boy like me. that. mercedes calls them every day classics cars from the latter part of the last century in germany they're now collector's items but in north africa and latin america many are still in use as work courses helping people earn a wage. this is the mother church every year hundreds of thousands of car fans make the pilgrimage to stuttgart and the control center of mercedes. more than 130 years of automotive history are on display in the mercedes benz
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museum. among the 160 vehicles on display are legends like the 300 s.l. . prototypes that never went into production. and silver arrows that made motor racing history. the museum also boasts regular road going models from yesteryear restored to tip top condition and available for sale assuming you're ready to spend the price of a new car on a 40 year old model the stroke 8 is the germans called the new generation w one 114115 was launched in 1968. the egyptians called it can see it piglet of all things because that's what they
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thought it looked like. tariq law is a taxi driver he drives a mercedes $200.00. cairo on the nile the biggest city in africa on the longest river in the world. tariq is a very special taxi driver his clothes are a stylish as his car. his 59 his mercedes only 25 years younger. he's been driving a cab for almost his entire working life. tariq is not keen on new cars he calls them plastic cars very nice if. you know in addition to have a very fancy you know sometimes i like. it i feel as. if it
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obviously have a back door to stop anybody catch me. is that libya is no copy but we stay in the full by the stroke of what. i like to see which is right. but study i'm more people here. was in don't be able to use a magic inductance agee and leach media you know just like to study classic what i mean and to beautiful i mean is like watch and sometimes visually certainly that i would like the shift such got to be and simulate scenes. is nice. sharm el sheikh and st catharines monastery are half a day's drive from cairo and like the pyramids the popular tourist destinations. but the city itself is a juggernaut it has $20000000.00 inhabitants but hardly any. up way or tramlines
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public transport is minimal if you don't want to go by foot here you need a car or taxi. there are over 50000 cabs in cairo. but drivers like tariq are now a rare breed because the state subsidizes new taxis that have catalytic converters . egypt is fighting pollution a huge problem especially in cairo. the aim is to banish dirty older models. tariq has to keep his 200 running because there's no chance he could register and another old mercedes as a taxi. for him a worrying prospect. even. if most of. the chinese. banks agenda every few months full bloods would
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like to change that. exist and. that is that it just wouldn't change a good. 80 years but from time to time tariq does still have to take his mercedes to the garage. after all it has about half a 1000000 kilometers on the clock. the trunk lid is jammed a minor problem and one that's quickly fixed was horrocks 200 is one of the last in cairo but in the nile delta he says there's a city full of old mercedes models 50 years after the new generation series came out. was. designed. dispensed around the prompter. so i'm afraid to quickly col
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bent and thousands. you had started to fork out your fork. and from looking to smear for the boxes. maybe and you had none let's run through so much of our travel would include. the berms and the grahams and mother. namah that's a dispenser on the fence which. so perfect your. fancy. in
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the mercedes museum there's an entire area dedicated to the stroke gate and its successors they're called every day heroes the bread and butter cars that once guaranteed mercedes sales. along with the mass produced cars there are a few very special models in the exhibition. such as this italian stroke model repurposed as a hearse for some passengers final journey. the successor model was known internally as the w 123. were sadie's produced $2700000.00 units almost half of them were exported from germany to $173.00 countries at 1st customers would have to wait up to 3 years for delivery it was replaced by the w 124 this. portuguese diesel powered taxi has driven
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1900000 kilometers not that you'd know it. the w 124 has long been a collector's favorite. in the southern german town of putting the w 124 club holds its final major figure in late summer a chance for members from the streetcar region to meet their colleagues from various the club has just under a 1000 members throughout germany and those who have just 1124 are in the minority
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in the world of course there was always a bit of snobbery involved when it comes to driving cars from a time when the missions were hardly an issue. but. we have 2 crews a convertible it was a dance 6 cylinders 8 cylinders 4 cylinder diesel the whole range. i just enjoy driving and i've always loved cars. believe it for me this is a wolf in sheep's clothing there's nicole's and him people wouldn't look twice if it said 200 diesel on the bag. but then you hit the gas pedal hard more cars because they got smoked. their car doesn't give much away never mind the bald head or the missing name badge the fair numbers a 4.2 leader v 8279 horsepower top speed 250
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kilometers per hour. at 30 year old rocket. but the $124.00 also has its weaknesses says a russian is an issue with our device anyone looking at these cars to avoid one with visible russia because that will be an endless money pit. rust isn't an issue with these cars here nor is jealousy. is your view sometimes suffered from your husband's hollywood. come on not as such he's always been a petrol head. but it's also his job. i also like to drive fast or at least i used to there was hobbies than this escape your mother hope is that this is. because i own 1120 four's they sold one recently it basically packed it in on all
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fronts after half a 1000000 kilometers their phone was ringing off the hook. so they were all people from lebanon and jordan who take apart these cars and take them back home because importing complete vehicles into these countries is no longer possible in fault for incomplete faults in diesel indonesia since these cars are still on the road they're not they need the parts and here in germany there aren't many left so when a car is sold for parts it's demand is he. just using cars. is always on the lookout for spare parts larby was born in morocco and has been living in. card for 40 years he drives a 986 w 124 wagon. you can still get new parts for my car and you can also get parts on e-bay or from a scrap yard but cars not so well that you can't get spare parts anymore. as he
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sure but he sometimes comes up with the goods as easy usually sells whole cars used models in the low cost segments that are easy to repair many of them end up here into rattly through other countries but exporting to larby is native morocco is becoming difficult. they must not be older than 5 years and this car is very old no chance of it entering morocco. many countries have similar import restrictions environmental factors are increasingly important but used car dealers are resourceful. a trader might show up let's say from egypt 20 plus vehicles takes them apart puts them in a shipping container transport them to egypt then puts them together again and sells them as normal cars. or they well the world uses yes. that's one solution what is imported is not a whole used car but 2 halves considered spare parts. is planning
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a trip to casablanca in his native morocco by car 3000 kilometers as the crow flies from stuttgart. one last check before the trip as the neighbors look on. mauritius a trained car mechanic and worked for decades in a mercedes contract the ranch. he knows the 124 inside out here just how old is it now i know my city want to know. about even so the cars flawless that's all you can come with me in morocco there's enough space that's going to. be offered colors as a bit too much of a surprise for paper based neighbor. looks like if you thought of so i'll show you some pictures of morocco. just to look at the whole car park is just w 123 taxis but they're really starting with those who say. well this is because of
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and that's casa blanca downtown this used to be or you see only 123 is everywhere no matter where you looks. a. little bit but should imo morocco just gets more beautiful every time i go there. it's my home after all so i love. casablanca and industrial and commercial metropolis on the atlantic home to 4000000 people and morocco's largest city. and its largest hometown. he grew up in the damp sometimes neighborhood. he comes to visit once a year sometimes he comes alone sometimes with his wife and 2 sons larby
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retired a few weeks ago in the future he plans to come to morocco not just for a few days but for a few months each year. rocko is still my home but my roots are here but germany is my 2nd home to where i earn my living. so both morocco and germany have become my home and i cannot live without either of them. one critic you know how. well so is this.
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that's why every year he drives from one country to the other and back again with this mercedes which looks perfectly at home in morocco whereas in germany it almost seems like a relic from times past. see to spend 6 months or even 4 students are going to. be you know you and me that i'm not see this person survive and that's the best that i've heard that. her visit to feel no use to feed early pockets of if you. want to not need to feel a need to move it and it was originally because for the. elephant in the making a photo of the fossil in the old movie you both heard in the movie just. one. we feel beautiful for my. c.f.o.
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church. back in casablanca the w 124 like the one larby drives is considered almost a new car here not least due to the price the city scape is dominated by the preceeding 123. its nickname in morocco is the white shark. they're mostly used as call taxi which are generally booked for longer trips. they work according to the principle of shared taxi. driver starts when the car is full. most call taxi are mercedes 240 diesels. that is he did say that this was. modern competitors are catching up vans made by rhinos low priced romanian brands dacha are picking up the pace here. but the passengers swear
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by mercedes and the mercedes taxi driver some wait here for customers in moroccan style relaxing with a glass of coffee or a. good. document humane is 59 years old and has been a taxi driver for almost half his life he drives daily from casablanca to el gato his native village about an hour away he travels 4 to 500 kilometers every day and his taxi seats up to 6 passengers 4 in the back 2 in the front. of the truck mid also drives a diesel the fuel is cheaper than gasoline in america and ahmed's white shark uses around 8 leaders per 100 kilometers that's hardly any worse than a new car. those of. us who do what you're i looked at some new colors but i didn't like them. compared
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to mercedes reliability is downright ridiculous. in the mercedes you can drive even 2 or 3000 kilometers without worrying about whether you'll break down in the desert or somewhere. of that. you'll always get where you're going. all the poor. hard to believe if you take a closer look at auschwitz car it is after all 36 years old. that does not know how many kilometers it's clicked the a dawn letter is broken in outlining. a. plan like. well as we see him on the lookout for spare parts.
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the replacement spit all matter perhaps larby can help his parts warehouse has nearly everything especially for the 240 diesel the most common model here but every year it gets harder to find used parts 10 years from now larby says there won't be any more. he can still get a lot of parts from europe from cars that have been in accidents or were scrapped every 3 to 4 months he receives a delivery by ship the last one came a month ago and has almost been completely sold on. unfortunately this white mudguard which could use comes from the wrong car the successor model. and then there's a problem with ahmed's 123 it's leaking water but it's not a cracked hose it's something much worse the thermostat housing is corroded the surface all eaten away what's needed is
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a new part but that cost several $100.00 drams or he can try the garage across the street. what follows is an introduction to moroccan improvise ation involving advanced aluminum welding the welding wire comes from an old alternator housing and it's all done freehand. after a few minutes the corroded hose connectors are welded. they grind off the excess material. thank you. now they only need to put together a seal and the thermostat housing can be reinstalled. the entire repair takes half an hour and costs around $6.00 euros. omelets mercedes is good to go.
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in morocco a lot of people live with old mercedes and make a living off them but if they are thorough these have their way that won't be the case for much longer by other countries paracho is fighting air pollution the state pays taxi drivers half of the purchase price if they buy a new car. most cannot afford to replace their vehicles and cannot get a bank loan for ahmet a new car is out of the question. i'll be the last one to get rid of. the truth no way am i treating it. that's because the car provides his income and his family's. aftermath can afford an apartment in one of the better neighborhoods of casablanca he lives here with his wife and daughter and his mother in law and her nephew. the son lives in new york where he too works as
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a taxi driver but it's not easy pays the quibble into 2 months earnings just for the job training for his daughter ayesha she wants to become a flight attendant a job where you have to know people are met says nothing happens in morocco without the right connections. life is expensive and difficult for taxi drivers. nothing is provided for you here health care unemployment pensions. these are all things that we have to cover ourselves. oh really. little. morocco is a country in transition agriculture phosphate mining and tourism are the pillars of the economy as is illegal hasheesh farming. morocco is
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a monarchy the king is as popular as he is powerful he holds sway over the economy. even so unemployment is high one quarter of the population cannot read or write. security and stability take precedence over freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate. achmed could have been a government employee for life as a police man but after 2 years he decided it was not his true calling. it. i saw too much inequality but no democracy too many things i didn't like. to
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force that's why i turned to the profession but it's fascinated me since i was a boy driving a taxi. simple as that. so doing his dream job for 25 years now always in the same car because it is simple enough for me this old mercedes is my faithful companion the one who is if i really admire you i would like to stay with her till the end of it there's. the good to be a mosque one of the iconic landmarks of morocco. the red city morale. close pearl of the south more than a 1000 years old and one of the 4 royal cities mark ash. the city is surrounded by a wall 9000 kilometers long it once offered protection against bandits who threaten
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to take merchants goods for their lives it was a perilous time which explains the name of the city. those are tickets made up of 2 arabic words more kush you go fast but you the area around america was very dangerous and the caravans had to pass through it quickly you go to the old city ramparts and the towers provided security for the caravans not one of the couple as did the ins catering the caravan stopped because they all had big gates and more kush go fast but to the name america shushan that is what i couldn't stop. copying lexy are knows the city like the back of his hand not least the souk the bazaar and mark cash with its 10000 traders hakim is a tourist guide he speaks english german and french the 2nd official language in morocco the biggest contingent of tourists here come from france followed by spain
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and germany practically everything on offer here is aimed at visitors from abroad but hawking says 99 percent of the products in the sukkah are produced in morocco and many right here in the us are. traditional handicrafts instead of cheap copies from abroad this benefits local producers and ensures traditional techniques of work. when chef arnold lost. talking in the tourist guide is 45 years old that happens to have
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a doctorate in science he studied in dusseldorf but instead of researching he shows tourists his city. this is an impulse you want that's what it's always been a passion of mine and i like to show my country to people because i have seen that many people from europe like germany do not have the right image of our about the diminished beginning here do but these are the sort of. that's why he also offers tours of parts of the old town where tourists rarely venture the mark hash of the moroccans just around the corner from the shiny facades of the modern tower blocks . hakim's main message is that morocco is a liberal country including in religious matters he calls it islam lite. fundamentalist islam he says is not very popular here. all this bakery
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does is take the customers mix they don't themselves the baker just pushes it into the oven. mara cash is hot even in october temperatures reach 35 degrees celsius so almost no one has their own oven. i. but prosperous tourists sometimes encounter the poverty here. a friend of hakeem new haleigh sells paper tissues she is 14 years old although school is compulsory in morocco she has never attended because she has to help support her family. her dream job. to the doctor. mara cash a city of contrasts in manifold ways. this is all that i'm
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just but it's what's special about this city is that the modern and the ancient lived side by side what it is that you can see traditional wife and modern life together that are living through them and you might find a really old door from the 14th or 15th century and next to it is an i phone 7 or 8 . zeven or the i phone. it's a similar scenario with taxis new alongside the old. one horsepower versus $150.00 you also have mercedes models of all ages alongside their modern rivals. and as everywhere rule number one is 1st come 1st served usually. just give the most idea there are always disputes here but after that everything's fine again
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emissions. because people intervene and they help the others to reconcile the next day is a new page. in mara cash taxes have to wait outside the old town due to the narrow streets and alleyways and the city's most famous square jemma elf not a us the world heritage site is in any case off limits. it's where you'll find the jugglers snake charmers musicians artists fortune tellers the sellers of miracle cures and street traders. one meaning of. is assembly of the dead as it was once the venue of executions. in april 20th levon the square saw a new tragic loss of life when a terrorist attack killed 17 people today the tourists are back enjoying the squares flare especially after sundown.
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at 5 o'clock in the morning mohammad wipes the last grains of dust from his 124 the most common taxi model in market. he then sets off south for seti fatma in the atlas mountains. i. mohammed's diesel powered car has more than a 1000000 kilometers on the clock it's only a little younger than its driver leaving the valley is an insider's tip among tourists and a popular destination for the locals less than an hour from our cash. there's
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a great appreciation for water in areas north africa the restaurants and bars along the way offer a special feature getting your feet wet i but life in the mountains is tough with farming very limited many people here look for work in mark hash others get left behind especially unmarried women. this is painstaking manual work 1st the nuts are peeled then the hard shell is cracked and finally the omon shaped kernels are ground up. this is how argon is created the oil so beloved of the global cosmetics and food industry and its production provides many women with a small income. a number of cooperatives have been founded in the. they employ widows divorced women and single mothers the argonauts only grow in the south of
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morocco in the uk idea region but the oil is extracted here from 30 kilograms of nuts the women can produce one liter of oil. for this upset the 1st reason to do it by hand is that it preserves tradition. in morocco you do everything with your hands. the 2nd reason is to maintain the quality because when you do it with machines that oil will not be good for very long. along. it's sold locally either as cooking oil in which case the nuts are 1st roasted to remove bitterness or as a cosmetic oil moroccans swear by it because it makes the skin so soft. and mohamed brings the customers here in his taxi. said he thought man lives in the valley at the foot of the high atlas it's 1500 residents are berbers who
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lived in the atlas before the region's arab ization in the middle ages. for mohamed this is literally the end of the road the inhabitants cannot afford a taxi any way they walk or take mini buses then to models made by mercedes. if you want to go further up into the mountains as a tourist you have to look for a driver with an s.u.v. in this case it's a land rover looking back down on saturday fatma in the 1st town river valley. the atlas is the highest mountain range in north africa it's an inhospitable area the highest peaks are in excess of 4000 meters the 1st snow already falls in october. there are only a few villages in these parts that people keep sheep and goats. on some of the
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steep slopes they've created terraces for farming whoever can leave here does so to look for a job in the city. perhaps as a taxi driver. we're now back in egypt driving along the nile delta. tariq the taxi driver from cairo is on the way to that small city full of old mercedes coos. laden with his for a good job. because it says something you believe. in god knows how you. go to work for their
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districts their lifestyle it was a. the market square in fact coos is also the main stop for the show. taxis are over 50 years old in addition to the stroke 8 the w 110 known as the fin tail is omnipresent. but it was 1st built in 961 the rare long wheelbase mercedes models are especially popular with 3 rows of seats for 7 passengers. thank you for in this case 11. despite appearances everything is organized precisely here and runs according to a strict set of rules. it's the coordinator to ensure that. thanks. to the system here is that every car going to take 6
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passengers the fare is 5 pounds $25.00 euro cents. it's simple never gets there 1st as a register 1st that's between. has had a fin tail for 27 years twice a day he drives to 80 kilometers away the taxi is his only source of income but he's not doing badly randy has 2 houses 2 wives and 5 children 2 of whom are currently at college. in this city everyone loves the mercedes cars because most eighty's is a german product and a tough car. to him. he's a great strong on a lot of. the cars developers were convinced of this almost 60 years ago. this he. hated bush learned.
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oh i don't. think that the next day in a meeting. of recent. dumped i had finished in allen ultimo billions in distress i'd like to get this on the prestige that i'm dead so i love it when they get sick don't think you know me to. and rather mitzi it's got kind of. i. fers who gets right foul on a group. post made the boast of the post apply to this link. and be here 1st i'm leaving the topic 5 and wish that fish when they get forensics don't you know me to . heads has album been managing good family can see to it see only in china so
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i'm going to. tariq the taxi driver from cairo has problems with his engine it could be due to the poor quality fuel in egypt there's a tight network of repair workshops in fact who's that of course they specialize in their saving. repairs are made in tiny workshops mechanics make spare parts with self made templates original spare parts are too expensive so you have to improvise . somehow they always manage to keep the veterans alive aku swell probably remain a mercedes city for a good few years yet and secure the livelihood of countless taxi drivers and mechanics but eventually the almost indestructible stroke apes and fin tails will have to be retired. perhaps they will then be but placed by the successor models of
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123124. but someday it will all come to an end the new cars have too many electronic parts for the inventive repair artists here some of these workforces might then make the return journey to germany as sought after collector's items oh. girl into the tub in opera is not for the faint hearted. a fantastic voice alone just isn't enough any more. wages and hard work worsfold are person years could sing an aria about. the toughest was to
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a oh wow i. created to do so would story the. historical translation called lucius was worldwide crisis and people cut the stories in or out of the flames and were marched to the. chase 70 noting the flames that created today's movie. using germany to learn german polish pinnacle. why not learn with him. course.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin thousands of people are trapped on australian beaches as wildfires close and the blazes of cut off roads forcing people to flee to the shoreline and hope of rescue authorities are struggling to keep the firestorms at bay also on the show. carlos.


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