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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin thousands of people are trapped on a stallion beaches as wildfires close and the blazes of cut off escape routes forcing people to flee to the shoreline and hope of rescue authorities are struggling to keep the firestorms at bay also on the show. carlos don't is dong the former nice song chair. has fled to
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lebanon from japan to face trial in japan for financial misconduct he says he's escaping justice. also coming up what do you wish for in the new year. law as the countdown to new years begins we find out what people around the world are hoping 2020 will bring. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us while thousands of residents and tourists are trapped at this hour by raging fires in a number of coastal towns in australia feeble our shelter. airing right now on the
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waterfront preparing for possible evacuation by sea it is an unprecedented situation across the country now the areas worst affected are australia's 2 most populated states in the southeast new south wales and victoria well the blazes have claimed 2 more victims a father and son attempting to protect their home. at least 4 stranded by the seaside thousands of tourists and locals are being held hostage by raging wildfires in the town of. it's too late to leave so all they can do is wait along the beach for help to come but rescue conditions are dangerous when fars are crowding there on whether you have super hot columns that go up to 131415 kilometers in the air it's not saif then there's obviously the the very common sense issue of not being out of the city so much might sound much so much impact in terms of moving around
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access policy is also something else that we had well in chile for costa misplacing with a whole range rover services to try and ensure that that happens australia has been battling huge bushfires for several months mostly on its east coast places have consumed more than 40000 square kilometers of land the disaster has prompted australia's capital camera to cancel the new year's fireworks show in contrast to sydney which has decided to go ahead with their fireworks spectacle over the harbor bridge and the opera house despite a petition signed by more than a quarter 1000000 people to cancel the event they want the money instead to go to emergency services and bushfire victims let's get more now from melbourne by luke haggerty spokesman for victoria's state center for emergency management look thanks so much for joining us can you tell us what you know about the people who are sheltering right now we understand is about 4000 of them at various locations at
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the seashore. that's right there. is that the wind triangle that moves through that area. cause that already continued just sprint towards the town of melik which is where a port hasn't people have begun sheltering on the foreshore and on scene in this surrounding war and the good news is that now that we change is move through and conditions have been nice some more inside the maybe threshed. has passed but that was a very very challenging trouble so i was for the communities who got it together and protected themselves along with far as from a very significant. look we've seen a number of fatalities now from extreme winds and fires are the fire tornadoes and the dry lightning we've been hearing about a threat to life and property and the volunteer and professional firefighters as well of course where you are. this is
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a very serious challenges with the weather conditions that way of saying cross sad faces trial is. this year we're only into a out 1st month of summer ending to die and already we're seeing more activity than we normally say needing target for us ace and throughout the summer period there is far to all night eyes and in particular the draw any cause us significant concern and that was actually the cause of they so far as. drawing moving through with that larning striking very very for all right for our state areas for our eyes can sometimes burn undetected to deice you know sorts of conditions. when the wind picks out that spirit's eyes far as very quickly and that's what's resulted in these very very large far as if we've had any ace to start ok well the media all just saying that the weather for the next 5 days is expected to include high winds
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high temperatures and how are you preparing for the ongoing threat extending through the week. airfare is not just in the next few days but moving points rattly some a period he's working very closely with the members and giving them a strong understanding of what we believe will happen we think far as far as. the the far as we have many of them are we to largely continue. for a couple of months small largely until we say significant rainfall thankfully we've got a couple of guys inventory in our way conditions out more 5 1st to start to work on tiny they far as but i i just psylocke g.'s our eyes also to get that work done in the next few days before we say the hate and we need. to challenge is going to be ongoing for a number of weeks making sure that we've got half our foreign resources on the ground and now i've played in the great guard to respond you far as continue to
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support a far as we already have burning in continuing to mars a situation and provide the community with it for us as quickly as we can all the best you and all of your team there in the days ahead look for a spokesman for you mergence the control center in victoria thank you very much the former renault nissan c.e.o. carlos going has apparently jumped balun japan where he was waiting trial on financial misconduct charges he's now in lebanon having arrived there on a private aircraft he holds a lebanese passport he said in a statement that he was seeking to avoid injustice and persecution by what he calls quote a rigged japanese justice system this is the house in beirut that carlos golan is said to have fled to but there's no sign of him here just lights and the security guards outside saying he's not at home. many lebanese feel the former neeson c.e.o.
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as a successful businessman and is a symbol of the country's large diaspora but in tokyo the unexpected turn of events has sparked outrage. can do goodwill can be just the kind of thing people with power and money can get away with. people who don't already know i've seen a few media reports but there are some things that go on did that i don't understand or might be my think he fled because he did something wrong. but whoever escapes wins you know. people with money. going to skate to lebanon is the latest stunning twist in a roller coaster journey that saw him fall from boardroom to detention center. here he spent more than 100 days in spartan conditions far removed from his sometimes extravagant lifestyle. the automotive tycoon stands accused of underreporting
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is salary to the tune of $85000000.00 prosecutors also allege he skimmed off millions of dollars from the company for his personal use. go on has repeatedly denied all accusations in a statement the 65 year old said the japanese justice system was quote rigged and that he escaped injustice japan does not have an extradition treaty with lebanon so it's unclear what steps tokyo might take next. so where could this be headed for more mark johnson businesses here in the studio could want to buy something right go in says he's being persecuted by government officials is not anything to back that up well you know we've been covering the story of course over the past 12 months but so much else have been happening so i had to read up a bit to jog my memory and it's true i mean the gun case certainly has put japan's judicial system in particular the hostage system into the limelight something that
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we didn't really know much about beforehand japan has an incredibly low crime rate and perhaps it's not just because it's a well functioning society perhaps people a simply too scared of being arrested in the 1st place we remember the columns going was arrested in november 28th and he faced a trial in april 2020 as a long time and that has to do with the japanese system focusing on interrogation with the aim of getting a confession and prosecutors seem to be holding the hostage system yet they seem to be able to keep people locked and take as much time as they need i mean give you an example for a minor crime like shoplifting. they can keep a shoplifter. of up to 23 days this something unthinkable here so when go on says that he's not fled to justice but injustice and probably just the length of time he was kept under arrest before. facing trial maybe he has
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a point ok well certainly there are differences as you pointed out between the western japanese judicial systems certainly in terms of pretrial detention monica how did he escape certainly wasn't being that well i didn't know him or her what i did he has some help but this is the question isn't it i mean he was on bail and that didn't include that he was allowed to leave japan his lawyer confirmed that just a short while ago his lawyer also says that he was completely taken by surprise that he still has all 3 passports he was born in brazil carlos ghosn his french and lebanese citizenship so how does he escaped i mean everybody who was asked to comment on it has so far either declined to like a spokesman said we don't talk about this spokeswoman for the lebanese embassy in tokyo said we had no idea what was happening and the french junior economy minister has just come out saying well hold on 1st of all nobody's above the law but as a french citizen he would be entitled to consular support what we know he's left
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japan on a private plane via turkey he's now in beirut and without an extradition treaty as we heard japan can do very little about it right now so where does this go from here interesting interesting because go on says well 1st of all he was a giant in the auto industry he he rescued nissen from the brink of bankruptcy mosque the mind of the aligned with renault and after this major blow. where he's been faced now with 4 charges that's still in place including 4 in which he himself through payments to a dealership in the middle east and where is he now he's now in lebanon out of reach and he says he can now finally commute freely with the media and he's looking forward to doing though starting next week 2020 is going to be well maybe we'll find out more about the case and brian i can see it because he would movie in the making and i certainly see some press conferences now that's really dumb definitely on the vive la monica thanks very much well the countdown to the new year has
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certainly started cities around the world of course preparing for their years you festivities are 20 funny fast approaching we saw our correspondents out asked people what they're hoping for 2020. i hope hong kong will become. hong kong has always been called a cultural it does it because we focus on economic development we young people should show hong kong's cultural uniqueness to the week. for the coming decade i wish for the lebanese people to wake up and become aware that their religious and political affiliations would leave them nowhere and would never be and would never have been because the. photos we would like lattimer putin to stop dallas he's been in power for over 18 years and i'm tired and i want to change for russia. if there's a bit even just strongly. obvious good governance and good economic growth
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and i hope we get out of all about it so. let me leave now i wish for peace and prosperity and that we get along with our neighbors. i just want to allow for younger people i feel like a lot of the older people get more privileges and better everything and the people decide about life is up. by when it's my life i wish that venezuela will become financially stable and that those who have left the country can come home. although i think in the next decade the united states really focus on the people who are really the benefits that we have a citizens here but also a lie or lolling immigrants to enter the country is equal because that's what we're all about. as your minor now our top story you know
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australia thousands of people are trapped on the beaches as wildfires. places cut off escape routes forcing people to flee to the shoreline hopes of rescue. people this fire several. stories i'm brian todd thanks for being. with. me and could be.
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