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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2019 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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because times change we'll keep watching. d.w. made from our. plane. this is d w news live from but then thousands of australians fleets of beaches to skate the wildfires sweeping the country plus our cities all struggling to keep the fire storms out as the flames claimed 2 more lives and hundreds of blazes continue to rage but despite the massive infernos sydney welcomes in the new year with a spectacular fireworks display more than
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a 1000000 people came to watch. also coming up. carlos ghosn is gone before my next sam gosling is japan where he faced trial site natural misconduct he says he is the same thing. i knew kids mckinnon thank you so much for joining us. australians have welcomed in the new year in sydney with a massive firework display marking the beginning of a new decade but despite the fact. that many in other parts of the country are not celebrating of there are growing fears for residents and tourists trapped by raging fires in several coastal towns people have sought shelter on the waterfront and
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preparing for possible evacuation by sea it is an unprecedented situation across the country and the areas was affected are australia's 2 most populous states in the south east new south wales victoria and the talent of moloch. is west 4000 people have fled the fire to the beach now the blazes have claimed 2 more victims a father son trying to protect the home and several of the people all still missing . stranded by the seaside. thousands of tourists and locals are being held hostage by reaching wildfire in the town of mama kuta beach too late to leave so all they can do is wait along the beach for help to come. back in the caravan park because the fire is along the beach now. and i think by. all the great boulders. we are attacked they were
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actually sitting in the car because they're suddenly speak up and they have a look at each just. everywhere for those across the region have made the difficult decision to stay behind but the authorities are clear then now on their own we are aware as the premier you said some people chosen not to take that goss and reminding their homes in there is also why the communities we won't be putting trucks into the hours here is fully briefed enough if all that impacted on that community elsewhere in melbourne temperatures on tuesday peaked at 41 degrees celsius. in some places the places are so intense the thick smoke turned day to night and aerial reconnaissance and water bombing have to be hold it the fires are causing dry lightning storms that themselves are starting fires. when
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fawaz are crowding there on whether you have a super hot columns that go up to 131415 kilometers in the air it's not saif then there is obviously the the very common sense issue of not being out of the city so much might sound much some of the impact in terms of moving around australia has been battling huge bushfires for several months mostly on the eastern coast on tuesday almost $300.00 fires were registered and the places have consumed more than 40000 square kilometers of land. and more on those bushfires of joined now by journalist raja may not in sydney raja sites for joining us thousands of australians stranded on beaches to escape these fires do they have enough food and water are they getting any help that's all. well it's difficult to say the least i think food suppliers you know have to be flown in and a water supply is to you because these people totally cut off for the moment it's
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really been a horrid day in australia fires have raged right from east get slammed up to the south coast of new south wales the fire line is stretched an estimated 500 kilometers it's the day started almost really enough in the mela cooter down in victoria the small country town which is inhabited by a lot of tourists at this time of year in the middle of summer it will work on a bridge this time by sirens sounding an alarm people work to up a black evening 8 o'clock in the morning but sky for those who turn to a d. grid and as the bushfires hated towards town full 1000 people fled to the beach to escape what they feared was going to be. a fiery end but fortunately at the very last minute the wind changes direction and the the the town escaped the plains although a few properties were destroyed in the process but even so those 4000 people were
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cut off by the fires and still can't get out because the roads in and out of the town closed but farmers service people at the tell me stranded. hope that they will be rescued either by army helicopters or one of the navy but it could take some days to to organize to organize for people still missing in victoria there are grave fears for their safety and as the winds picked up the fun luck on to a new cell of the world's consuming does the small properties in its block and again many people fled to the beach in the same way they. are being consumed by the flames now people are looking to nothing short of armageddon as a wall of flames as high as 100 metres swept along the road season for budget said they'd seen nothing like it in their career. that was journalist roger may not speaking to me a little earlier from sydney. now 2 people have died off the angry protesters broke
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into the u.s. embassy in baghdad stuff had to evacuate the building dozens of angry iraqi shiite militia supporters smashed a main door one set fire to the reception area security forces fired tear gas and gunshots were heard thousands have been demonstrating against american airstrikes that targeted an iranian backed militia in iraq on monday. the full rent onus on c.e.o. has jumped bail in japan where he was awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges he is now 11 on off to arriving on a private aircraft hold holds lebanese citizenship and they also tycoon said in a statement that he was seeking to avoid injustice and persecution by what he called a rigged japanese justice system this is the house in beirut where carlos ghosn is believed to have fled but there's no sign of him and the security guards outside so he's not here but it may bruise shown up wanting to welcome him to live with
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a card. many lebanese feel the former neeson c.e.o. as a successful businessman and is a symbol of the country's large diaspora but in tokyo the unexpected turn of events has sparked outrage. from like him i think he fled because he did something wrong. but whoever escapes wins you know i and many people with money. go as main lawyer says he heard about his clients flight via media his entire defense team has lost face in japan as they repeatedly said there was no risk to go in would run away. we were not completely by surprise i'm dumbfounded personally i don't yet even know how to make contact with him. to skate to lebanon as the latest stunning twist in
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a roller coaster journey that saw him fall from boardroom to detention center. here he spent more than 100 days in spartan conditions far removed from his sometimes extravagant lifestyle. the automotive tycoon stands accused of underreporting is salary to the tune of $85000000.00 prosecutors also allege he skimmed off millions of dollars from the company for his personal use. go on has repeatedly denied all accusations in a statement the 65 year old said the japanese justice system was quote regained and that he escaped injustice japan does not have an extradition treaty with lebanon so it's unclear what steps tokyo might take next. ok let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today turkey has moved a step closer to deploying troops in libya holland is fos tracking
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a bill to all surprise sending of the military back libya's internationally recognized government it's fighting for its survival against the forces of a powerful who will it khalifa hostile. and of course in slovakia has sentenced a man to 15 years in jail over his role in the murder of and investigative journalist and just confessed to acting as a go between in the killing of young and his fiance and the and 2018 spots of political crisis in the country. the german chancellor angela merkel is calling on the nation to be courageous i'm confident in meeting the challenges of a new decade in her annual new year's eve address due to be released later today that will also stress the need to tackle climate change. it's the end of the year and the end of the decade the world is getting even more complicated but german chancellor angela merkel doesn't paint
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a bleak picture even if she clearly points to a pressing issue the key word climate. the global warming is real it threatens us it is caused by human activity as are the crises that arise out of global warming so we must do all that is humanly possible to combat this challenge to humanity there is still time if that's muki americal says the recently agreed climate protection laws a step in the right direction even if young environmental activists say the law doesn't go far enough but merkel says the government must consider all citizens and that by talking with steve you are guided by the values of freedom solidarity and respect for the dignity of every single person as well as the principles of the social market economy these values will also remain our compass in the next decade and. their host says it's the state's duty to defend these values against anti-semitism hate and violence and this also applies to refugees and migration
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merkel stresses that solutions are needed within the european framework were in their minds off the only within the community of the european union can we assert our values and interests and secure peace freedom and prosperity europe must strengthen its voice in the world therefore will also stand up for this in the coming year during the german e.u. council presidency for example by holding a summit of all member states with china and a meeting with the african states. and so chancellor merkel concludes the. pragmatically with concrete plans for the future employed there is still much work left for her to do. now new year's celebrations have begun in some parts of the world and many cities are preparing for their own festivities we sent our correspondents out tells people around the world what they hope and wish the new year will bring. i hope hong
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kong will become. hong kong has always been called a cultural a desert because we focus on economic development we young people should show hong kong's cultural uniqueness to the world. for the coming decade i wish for the lebanese people to wake up and become aware that their religious and political affiliations would you didn't know where and would never be anyone never been because the. cartels we would like lattimer putin just dump dollars he's been in power for over 18 years and i'm tired of it and i want to change for russia. if there's a bit even just around the. obvious good governance and good economic growth and i hope we get out of. leave no wish for peace and prosperity and that we get along with our neighbors.
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i just want to allow for younger people i feel like a lot of the older people get more privileges and better everything and people deserve the balances up. by when it's really i wish that venezuela will become financially stable and that those who have left the country can come harm. although i think in the next decade the united states really focus on the people who are really the benefits that we have a set. it's here but also lying allowing immigrants to enter the country is equal because that's what we're all about. as you can see less celebrations to welcome in the new year on the new decade already well underway and some of the world in australia as we've already heard the city of sydney once ahead with its spectacular fuels iowa let's just play over the
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bridge. and shortly before that you zealand was among the 1st to ring in the new year with the city of clint staging the biggest fireworks display. news life from the lead up next business and asia and don't forget you can always get the latest news. nico is in germany to learn german coverage because. why not learn with him d w z e learning course because for. 50 years of religions for peace. from many different things are working together toward a common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now
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female members are for religion is for peace from the middle east are more demanding the larger.


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