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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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2010 to 29. this is the news life for thousands of australians escaped the wildfires sweeping the country by fleeing to beaches to. struggle to keep the flames from hundreds of fires. despite the inferno sydney welcomes in the new year with us spectacular fireworks display in front of more than a 1000000 people. also on the program protesters in iraq attacked the us embassy in
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paris chanting death to america by strikes against that country. welcome to the program. there's certainly a city of sydney has welcomed the new year and a new decade with a massive fireworks display despite this and many other parts of the country are not celebrating there are growing fears for residents and tourists in several coastal towns who are now trapped by raging fires people have sought shelter on the waterfront and are preparing for a possible evacuation by sea it's an unprecedented situation and worst affected have been australia's 2 most populous states a new south wales and victoria. the town of them on a cool over there on the coast that is where 4000 people gathered on the beach to
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escape the flames the blazes voce of claimed 2 more lives a father and son trying to protect their home several others still missing. stranded by the sea side. of tourists and locals being held hostage by raging wildfire in the town. it's too late to leave so they can do is wait along the beach for help to come. along. and they have a look at. those across the region have made the
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difficult decision to stay behind but the authorities. now on their own. and their mining. communities. temperatures on tuesday peaked at 41 degrees. in some places the places are so intense the thick smoke turned 30 tonight and aerial reconnaissance and water bombing have to be hold it the fires are causing dry lightning storms that themselves are starting fires. when fawas are crowding there on whether you have a super hot columns that go up to 131415 kilometers in the air it's not saif then there is obviously the the very common sense issue of not being out of the sea so
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much my son much so much impact in terms of moving around australia has been battling huge bushfires for several months mostly on the eastern coast on tuesday almost $300.00 fires were registered and the places have consumed more than 40000 square kilometers of land. and here an idea of what emergency crews are facing new south wales fire and rescue service after that release this footage of one of their crews being called to the burning forest at 170 kilometers south of sydney. glad to say the crew escaped and. there's also welcomes of the new year this time with a toned down spectacle over victoria harbor so if your thoughts are called off the traditional fireworks from the center of the harbor for security reasons even small
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scale pyrotechnics and a laser show pro-democracy protesters have been rallying around the city for a human change through shopping streets and neighborhoods the latest developments in months protests. chinese president asian ping addressed those demonstrations in his televised new year's address calling for a return to calm and stability in hong kong the address came amid the high tensions are. more than 6 months of sometimes violent pro-democracy demonstrations of sent the economy into recession and tarnish the city's reputation was one of the world's safest. and it will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world former runner nissen boss. is in lebanon after skipping bio in japan where he was awaiting trial for financial misconduct in a statement was to go on claimed he was not fleeing justice but was escaping political persecution his legal team said he was shocked by the floods. musicians
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from paris opera have given an impromptu performance to protest against president macro's pension reform on the steps of the city's famous opera a spokesperson said pension reforms would affect the overall quality of the truth. not libya's interim president is expelled top mexican and spanish diplomats it's the lives they were attempting to help form a belief in officials flee the country live in some sort refuge in the mexican embassy since a change of government. crowds of protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in the iraqi capital baghdad they were good of a recent u.s. astronauts targeting an iranian backed iraqi militia u.s. president donald trump has accused iran of orchestrating the protests washington says all u.s. personnel at the embassy are safe and that additional forces will be sent to guard the compound. the. hezbollah brigade supporters crossed the river
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tigris in the morning and marched toward the u.s. embassy to demonstrate. their protests began after a funeral service for fighters killed in u.s. airstrikes on sunday. the militia officers had previously killed a u.s. citizen. the demonstrators broke through the embassies external security barriers and made it as far as the last security wall of the. embassy building in baghdad among the demonstrators shiite clergy and a radical militia leader. the other look on the unit this is the command center for the destructive operations it was from here that iraq's sovereignty was violated. was the demonstrators managed to force their way into the compound in the afternoon they remained there until security personnel deployed tear gas to disperse them. washington says it's confident it knows who's backing the shiite militia as
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president donald trump tweeted earlier. iran is orchestrating an attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq they will be held fully responsible. it was only after several hours that iraqi security forces arrived to protect the embassy grounds. straight's washington that where we join knotted up his bureau chief alexandra welcome our xandra how seriously is washington taking this attack. very seriously i would say secretary of defense has announced that the pentagon is sending additional marines to protect you as personnel in iraq and there are reports that 2 apache helicopters were sent to fly over the embassy in a clear show of force so this is a very serious situation after all hundreds of members of the militias tried to storm the embassy and breach the outer wall even though they didn't manage to get
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into the embassy buildings secretary of pompei or spoke to the iraqi president and to the iraqi prime minister on the phone today and according to the state department he made clear that it will protect and defend its people the u.s. has invested millions in military aid in iraq since they told us saddam hussein so how will the u.s. attack iraq the attack on the u.s. embassy i will those 2 things affect the relationship. well i think it's fair to say that. has conducted on sunday targeting pro iranian the militias in iraq has resulted in the serious political crisis may be the most serious crisis in years for the united states in iraq they were actually government condemn the airstrikes and iraq's national security council threatened to reconsider its
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relationship with the u.s. led coalition so this is a very serious political crisis and now these attack on the you ass embassy in a heavy heavy protected green zone so we have to assume that the protesters may have had at least tacit permission from the iraqi security forces so this is a serious situation now presidents trump is addressing. people in iraq saying that those who want freedom and who don't want to be dominated and controlled by iran this is your time so this can be clearly criticize in iraq will be probably criticized in iraq as an attempt to interfere in iraq's domestic affairs you alluded to donald trump blaming iran for mastermind be atop the embassy the relationship between the u.s. and iran is already quite structures how does this affect about.
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well we have to say that so far the you. showed some restraint and relied mostly on saying sions even after iran was accused of shutting down and american drone even after iran was accused of being an attack on saudi energy infrastructure but now the situation is really different and dangerous and if there is any new incidents new provocation the ass may be forced to respond and the situation could escalate. to follow in washington. well disposed of but as they go sides are currently enjoying some rest adjourning they say since a winter break so far have much until i back up in one of the best teams in the league rising hopes that the foals could win their 1st top flight title since 1977
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so let's take a look back at the hospice and filled with promise. he's a big reason for the team's performance market woes in the coaches' formula for success pressure the opponents switch quickly from defense to often and shoot more on net indeed the full have been quite a surprise. this is a teacher who are enjoying a high position in the standings it's important that we also understand what's happening internally is something special for us but it didn't come by accident we worked hard for it in the 1st half of the season that's why we're all so proud of it clotted bok looks very stable and can bounce back and also helps the newly signed players brail mbulelo and marcus adapted well to the team. but in this 1400 we've always made sure that we get along with each other off the pitch as well as in the locker room every player who gets a chance shows a good qualities he has and that he can demonstrate as qualities in
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a gaming the most important thing is that was successful together. strong team spirit and successful soccer that's what makes glovebox standout and awakens memories of the 1970 s. when the team won the league 5 times and twice the u. a fuck up the forerunner of today's europa league one of its former stars tells us more profuse here we are in for mention gladbach is a club which certainly has a lot of history. but at the moment we're working on getting the club stable footing so that's enter dition and future prospects definitely go hand in hand right here he said. so far things are working out in fact blood is ready to write some more history as it enters the final half of the bundesliga season. germany's chancellor angela merkel has a ward of the threat posed by climate change traditional new year's address of the past decade has seen 9 of the 10 hottest years on record in germany experts say
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temperatures could rise even further in coming years for the chance of a call for urgent action to tackle the problem. global warming is real it threatens us it is caused by human activity as are the crises that arise out of global warming so we must do all that is humanly possible to combat this challenge to humanity there is still time know this does move. and you can watch the chancellor's address in full later today here on d w. bush. but. i think the new decade well underway in some parts of the world and australia as we've already heard the city of sydney went ahead with its annual fireworks display over the harbor bridge.
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for that new zealand was one of the 1st to ring in the new year with the city of oakland staging the biggest fireworks display. that sort of thing to come across the day here on the dublin right now stephen hadley business news i'll be back at the top. of the. up to. call the printers have. defeated me.


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