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up next is a documentary on mega yachts the latest must have for the world's rich and powerful i forget you can get all the letters news and information around the clock and i website that's t w dot com i'm anthony held in berlin wishing you wherever your watching have been if. it's all happening don't show it coming. your linked in news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from for a new journey from the news it's easy to our i would say do deputed close match africa join us on facebook and d.-w. africa.
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welcome to a world where the super rich compete in the biggest and most expensive yacht. this is the as i am the 500000000 euro 180 meter long boat is probably the largest privately owned josh and belongs to the mia of abu dhabi if you play in the making goes on the lake. from to buy to miami. to monaco where we got special access to this secret world. to huge sales swell in the wind the deck the size of a tennis court and a 12 member crew. we're off the coast of miami. aboard one of the world's largest selling yachts this
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super us. to catch is 70 meters long and was built for the american multimillionaire built to cut the sea is a bit rough today just how he likes it. as a nation for. this sunday bill invited some friends along for this day trip. crew members in casual sila outfits cater to the guests every need. for lunch a casual selection of sandwiches made from the finest ingredients in fact everything on board is top quality and expensive.
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like. when you finish with that train or whatever where says she. should say things like that do very bad for their. favorite joke. with the rest of the. marriage what it's like to live on a guy like this we're going to bring back the guillotine. you. feel a paid $17000000.00 euros for the sketch. after a few hours the boat returns to its port in miami florida. bill duca has a luxury askant house condominium at the harbor entrance his home covers about 2000 square meters and is spread out over 3 floors. the interior looks like an art
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museum there are works by frank stella manalo valdez and john de buffet. on the top floor this is swimming pool the apartment was valued at around $60000000.00 euros bill is proud he developed such a project. you're at in the best apartment in the best building in miami you have the most spectacular views of miami fisher island in the ocean on that side of miami beach and ocean on this side i don't know that anybody else we've done this i don't know that anybody else could have done this i mean i think it's unique apartment it is in my view the best apartment in miami beach it's the best apartment i think on the east coast. like many ultra wealthy folks bill has an
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entourage an interior designer peter how really bitch drafted the plans for both bills condominium and the sybaris there he only works for bill. 2009 i learned that i had melanoma and that the melanoma had spread to my loved ones. and. you know you certainly begin to think that life is short and a day or 2 after that i called peter and i said that i was going to go forward with this apartment or with the boat. and that the end of that week i said to myself i can't live like that i can't however long i have i can't live without a plan and a a a reason to do something special and so i called him back and i said forget it we're going for with the boat we're all for with the apartment. building because started out as a business lawyer but was found guilty of fraud in 997 he started over and has since made
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a fortune in computer software. enjoy my work very. entertaining enjoy my friend. in every. right here. though doesn't go sailing every day but the crew is always on cool and i own a yearly salary for example the captain earns between 16022000 euros per month there. is a total of nearly $1000.00 square metres of living space on board the sybaris including fitness and wellness room. this is the master bedroom there are also 5 sleeping cabins for guests like the apartment the boat is full of works of art like this fresco inspired by public picasso's masterpiece. that's the one
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that is especially proud of his custom made storage trunks and. what if instead of wood trace we didn't know if. it was like yeah it could be so many alligators it's a dog for $150.00 alligators farmer is. foreign press very stressful right now in florida there's alligators everywhere they eat our dogs. because there are a crocodile you know not crocodiles are endangered but alligators are not and you know this really is this beautiful thing so they're all that oh. another day and bill has invited out because friends to visit him on his yacht. david boies is one of america's most prominent attorneys. out you know it's. good to see david and his wife mary also own
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a yacht but it hardly compares to this one. this. is one of a kind i've never seen anything like it and i've been on 20 premies over the years . every time mary steps on board a yacht she takes part in an unusual ritual climbing the must i just like that it is always going from chair up close i'm sure all the way to the top. but. well she's done it before i think she's crazy i think but i would use this by lawyers their eyes. first a little liquid courage. because. when you do this you feel like a bird. your weight was very high and you see the world in a very different way the way a bird that. it's a long way up there. or spread on the board somewhat. here
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but crewmember is sent up 1st. then it's mary's turn to the $72.00. a said. i. was worried. and she interviewed this over the top i never did you see. a list strenuous way to climb. up to 15 minutes mary is lowered back to the day she's happy. about it. but the body through that. period better. that evening bill hosts a cocktail party of his sumptuously appointed yosh shows the world that he is once again become financially successful and he enjoys sharing his good fortune with his
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in a circle. place about it all these people. are all very nice warriors like to hurt their fans troy. was going to have a good time and they could see something that they were able to see this is an opportunity for them to see a new piece of art and. it makes you happy that it's all going. to come. out. but bill doesn't only have friends in america there are also those in europe. so he's having the super asylum to monaco. monaco is located on the french riviera and has been a playground for the ultra rich since the late 19th century.
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some of the world's largest yachts amours here at this marina in monte carlo most of them cost at least $50000000.00 euros. this is s. been going to one of the world's most renowned yacht designers he's no wage and but his office is here in monaco. and that's all that all of you all it's great to have an office that's right here on the harbor about those there are ships as far as you can see this is the good of monaco is home to a lot of yachts and also the shipping industry in general more than 300 companies have their offices here all sorts of shit takes you on yeah they can go thing follow me. there's a lot of this is our design office of different projects here in this all. it's been designed shots that often cost several $100000000.00 euros he employs
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about 20 engineers and designers. his career was launched by this boat the octopus the 1st mega yacht in history the 126 metre long boat was once owned by microsoft co-founder paul allen and the ship has to landing pads for helicopters and 3 mini submarines more recently it's been designed the deal which was built at the lucent shipyard in braman and delivered in 2016. it's considered the world's largest yacht by volume. the deal by is owned by a russian billionaire alan scherr man of. when espen has an idea for a new york design he 1st makes a sketch just like other designers do.
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well we start with the general plan of the boat which i do by hand and then we make a 2 d. image on the computer and then a 3 d. model through the parts come together like a puzzle it takes between 3 and 5 years to complete a project from the 1st meeting with the client to the actual delivery i want to work the feeling that anyone. is spinning is a little like the car lagerfeld if you are saying he manages to give classic design a modern twist. for do you have to hunt for customers. no they find us we don't even have a website but this is really a small world with a lot of word of mouth it's like a pyramid them what is the closer to the top you are the fewer people there are and they all know each other it's all on the on the more on the screen as. in
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a week it's been will travel to the dubai international boat show. not far away in monaco interior designer sabrina monteleone was also getting ready for the same event. i got to my paper home by the plates ready. and the letter samples as well sabrina sells accessories and furniture for luxury yachts a brand is simply called sabrina monte carlo. no 0 point but if you took a boat in flipped over we do everything that falls out to sea. to kill everything that isn't fixed from teaspoons to sofas to curtains. sabrina started out in the fashion industry before switching to luxury decoration of the 20 years ago she's learned all the cupboards. citizens this way here it's the men who choose it's. because with houses usually women pick but boats are male
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domains 80 percent of our clients are men. they're often the only ones who have the money to buy a yacht. and they want complete control over it it's their baby that makes my job a lot easier. as you know it is a. new start dubai situated on the shores of the gulf dubai is the financial center of the middle east when we meet instead he's working as usual. i can't because i have a client meeting in captaincy on thursday 5 o'clock i'd love to but i'm 430 i can't i'm flying to london on thursday nights at 20 something and then i'm flying to the neighbor in the afternoon we could have a late lunch in london perhaps on friday if he's in london on friday but facts about you but by the problem. sorry that was a broker who's trying to set up a meeting for me with
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a client good. but it's always been like i'm here when he's there buys a verse on the martial arts but it's a. lesson will be entered by for just 24 hours but he couldn't miss the big boat show everyone who's anyone in the york industry will attend. for more than a quarter of a century the super rich have come to dubai to check out the york market at least half of the world's largest shops are owned by wealthy arabs. the amir of dubai sheikh mohammed bin rashid al maktoum arise with his usual contingent of advisors and bodyguards. but rather she this is the aft deck. and spin doesn't need to
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rent an exhibition hall he simply welcomes potential clients on board one of his yachts this one is called the silver fast. you know where she comes up when you sit here you can look out over the water. to the boat shows give us a chance to show our know how so we're very happy we could show this boat here today it's not always the case because the bigger the boats are the more private their owners are use to study up to vail for the lives on the sort buffet so people don't really want to show them in a fair. also because it's their home because that's to give us a going to. a bus or by sea the owner of this yacht a german multimillionaire wants to sell it so he asked esben to put it on display here. this superfast is powered by 23600
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horsepower days away. engines and can reach a top speed of 27 knots 50 kilometers an hour the original asking price of this yacht was about 18000000 euros that's been says it was designed for a new generation of your harness so it is the old one for about 10 years now we've been designing boats that are more contemporary and that reflects that ship owners are getting younger these days it seems that a lot of people are getting rich more quickly the average age of yacht owners has dropped significantly and 30 years ago when i got started in this business all the owners were at least 60. today our customers are more like 30 to 40 years old can't count. on. this been continued to meet with potential customers well into the evening.
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and he said he tell me there's any oh you're the sort. that next to me is a high mischa i brought some friends with me if i do if you do a google google it gives us michael michelle braman is the science director at the world renowned lewson shipyard in braman in northern germany. one of 3 mega yachts comes from this yard the company has established a solid reputation for the quality of its parts and for maintaining the privacy of its clients. i don't know how many boats together you know let's not tell everyone more than 20 i'm sure we need to talk. as if this is business so no microphones because you're wearing a mike yes. how come you're taken off the mike. we're talking business is business. as spin and mr. well know that in this world
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discretion is king back. to. the by international but show is an annual event the world's leading shipyards engine manufacturers designers and decorators are represented here and that includes sabrina monte-leone as. she enjoys meeting new clients and old friends. that i see. this everyday are far more one of the more i know you all they can have any on board or any. of the yes we have had to move to get it yet. not see it bring him out rush it is a wealthy saudi businessman and he owns one of the world's largest yachts and the smaller pocket that this gentleman owns the lady mora which is usually docked at monaco but i think it's a german shipyard right now for refitting. the lady moura was launched in
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1900 it's 105 meters long and cost over $200000000.00 euros everybody has to face out rashid has made his fortune in the saudi construction sector he also serves as an advisor to the royal family as would his original. gift so you are boatless no we are missing the boat on the been one eco it's very strange you don't you're sitting up there you know it your fault is a part of half want to cover the part that is just as she sat exam average british that they did it in 2030 in monaco issued a postage stamp that featured the lady maura. this morning sabrina's waiting for another important client. we turn to see he's from kuwait we can't find him he's out there somewhere. i don't know what happened to him because he's been going around in circles but i guess he'll get here eventually. they'll fix it and this
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customer visits me in monaco all the time he heard that i was here so he wants to stop by and see me. gone he's a very good customer. but now he's lost he's been trying to find us for 90 minutes i can't figure it out. there's been a little bit. after an hour the kuwaiti is finally located the kid is here with me you know. great michel found in perfect. order to win. finally my dear lady. but then my mother was ill it's very easy the way that the man flew all the way from kuwait to buy furniture from sabrina she set up a showroom on one of the yachts. and one think you can see that how i take everything and piss on this is what ok so you remember that you have this thing that whole money will send you something like this is this kind of for show
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of it or you make a way to make your yes then you will win seats and then we'll see what we. always if the client comes from one of kuwait's wealthiest families. well sex is with us he turns up every year and buys loads of stuff i ship it to him and then he sends me photos of all the new things he wants to buy. now he wants to order some more he's a very nice man but he's disappeared again. but i think. he would. do whatever is her client ended up placing an order. with more than $200000.00 euros well worth the white. sankey all said that he's a great customer he's always happy when he sends me what's out photos of what he wants. and if the customers happy i'm happy what's the goal of that.
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alex jiménez isn't rich and he doesn't own a yacht and yet everyone here knows him. good afternoon are you really self yeah absolutely they have a dollar so you're the yard guy and you see what the boys used is stirring up trouble busy busy show yes i'll tell you but this only got a little i'm doing great and so they great great great girl good essential request if they are good i know if i'm going to go his way things. alex is a social media star and goes by the name they got caught born in brooklyn he's turned his passion for these luxury boats into a profession and now has nearly a 1000000 followers on instagram his photos and videos of jobs are popular with people who fantasize about living the good life brands and yet companies pay him to post content promoting them. so i'm here thanks
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to dave to dubai international show who has brought me in all the way from boston to come and bring exposure to the show i'm selling exposure and selling exposure the majority of the people that follow up probably dreamers right and probably young kids but there is if one percent of $1000000.00 people. were potential clients that's still a huge number there to pay you to see all you are and this is how i or my living this is exactly how i live and it's not about living i mean it's it's great i mean how often you get to travel the world you know visit all these amazing places. state spend time on board yachts and get paid for it. right now alex is meeting with mahmoud attorney marketing and communications manager at an emirate your builder. or where i've got to go on board and do my thing of which more do you
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want people to show on facebook the 102100 i haven't done a month on that. and we are now what's up everybody we are live from the dubai international post show so we are going to take a toll on the majesty 100. 1 of the newest lines they just they just launched it and i am here with mahmoud one of the big guys here he's going to give us a tour and walk us through the book right a song goes to the let's do it all spin you guys around we're going to follow move . through line 15 minute visit on instagram alex charges nearly 3000 euros on social networks you can check viewer numbers straightaway to those of 100 viewer. was also there was good also tried to form a strategy do you want to catch back up you want to go and do
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a whole full photo shoot of this both and then i want to post it on facebook and then i'll catch you with one of our right because it was a. perfect so now i get to do it all over again for facebook so this is the province's there are things that everybody thinks. oh you've got such a great life you know you're out there just hanging out i'm not getting a bow and i have to spend time on a boat race i have to go through and take photos for one social media thing and then i got to go through it take photos for the next social media thing so when you go to work this is work. alex will probably never be as rich as the owners of the yachts that he photographs on he loves his job. so he. is the lifestyle for the one percent not everybody can do this and if you are blessed enough to be able to do it. for your best that's just. after sunset dubai turns into a posh e-zine and once again was on the job.
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growth thank you become alex the gakkai. be arriving today with to get a good deal to go. thank you very much. thank you. card so we are here. coming on board check it out sticks pretty crazy. must be one of the biggest party both here and all of you a. huge. figure out. that. you. ilona the owners russian wife gave alex a tour of the yacht called the lotus it has room for up to 1000 people and features a nightclub cinema and dining room. were on board lotus with the largest fortune all of the virus. placed the device in
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saying 100-1000 people wow. this one big money world and yeah in the middle of a city these guys take party bars to another level. the consumption of alcohol is forbidden in dubai but the lotus has a special fan it. one last sophie and alex is working day came to an end he left the ship before it set off on a mini craze. back to monaco. where we found bill duca as well as his sailing yacht sybaris. there's
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a special event shadowed for today at the local golf club and. you got to know i had a profitable. build transfers too small a boat to get to shore he paid nearly a $1000000.00 for this craft. arrived on the dock he was welcomed by an old acquaintance bernardino santry the yacht club manager we were too nice to see you everything's good and you know that it is already there for so long this is the commodore of the monaco yacht club. and that's a commodore but it's not the sort that there for your secretary same thing i didn't . you don't have to own a boat to join the yacht club but you do need to be sponsored by 2 members and able to afford the annual fees rumored to be approximately 9000 euros.
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the monaco yacht club has only a few female members one of them is pound a tree for oh an attorney from milan because. this is the official presentation ceremony for her new sailing yacht called the rebel reports say the boat cost around 30000000 euros. the rebel is about 32 meters long and was delivered by the manufacturer to the yacht club marina the whole and superstructure and made of lightweight carbon fiber which makes the ship. the competitive price of a cation cruises is the boat's unofficial godfather. thank you. very good friend. who is the proud owner of
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this beauty this is sold cabmen. as my friend told me how to also quite. a nice adventure. anyway. and palate. paula has invited friends from all over the world to the ships in operation and she takes a few of them on a guided tour. so this step with this goes yeah we have i got that is that there is everything is a little world. ok. and not just based on a case for why does this change what they also do they don't. have to would bill invites and some of her guests will come aboard the super us.
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but i. think it. takes away because it makes. you look sorry because i'd love to get to tour but maybe 1st it's to start with the absolutely of the border where you have what. you have to particularly make sure you have. a fever really a. big family. that you be about. this little get together gives them another opportunity to show off his yacht while it will like. they want it like the softness if you like i'm sure that it is our you see it's not that i. believe the guests are impressed as bill knew there would be this is a street artist in new york named the most famous. bill likes to talk
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about the real estate. we're going to meet her apartment in miami and orlando. new york miami with mom house and room for york miami mostly a part of the park with their own resident miami beach i have an apartment in new york as well and i have a house upstate new york and then i have a partner to. talk to about an hour the party breaks up and the guests head back to shore. bill's yacht was delivered in 2016 after just 6 months he began daydreaming about a bigger one and put the super a spot the sale price tag some 19000000 euros. it's not unusual for the super rich to arrive somewhere by helicopter.
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this group of visitors is being flown to the yacht because it's tied up in a rather out of the white location just off the west coast of greenland near the city of italy set. below 0 thank you and there are 9 guests on board today. an experienced crew is here to look after them. the yours is owned by a man for track dutch boat builder who also owns a charter cruise company the ship is called the legit and is just under 78 meters long the legend is actually a converted icebreaker and yun supervise most of its. refitting work in self over a period of 2 and a half years the advantage of such an expedition yacht is that it allows access to hard to reach locations which a growing number of the ultra wealthy a seeking out the former icebreaker now looks like a 5 star hotel complete with
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a fireplace. the legend has 13 cabins timeless styling and beautiful furnishings create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere on board the yacht also features impressive leisure and entertainment facilities. wants people to feel comfortable on board his yacht with a private guests or passengers who've signed up for a charter cruise. he. will. simply fill the few hope that people come on board and i put the shoes out and they're going to sit with their feet on the couch with mr albert and that's the whole idea for and i think that's a perfect holiday and it's a perfect time on about. built in odds of over the past 25 years yan has owned several luxury yachts and boats get bigger but that's all for us the boats are about 4 times bigger 5 times bigger even one on the 2140 meter so the
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whole scale is completely different. down in the ship's hold this is a special piece of equipment. a mini submarine the guests can use to explore the ocean depths one of the gifts sons is receiving instructions for turning on to see. yes. yes yes. yes the young man in the cockpit is taking a certification test flew in the instructor from the netherlands to make sure he'll be saif. his before leaving if and then just 2 but i think sitting inside a call for the ball is 2000000 years. it takes 6 people to lift the mini sub out of the hold and lower it into the water on.
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this stop it is powered by 6 thrusters and can dive to a maximum depth of 300 meters. in jr you eat meat. diving can begin. but there's not much to see the water is pretty murky. here in our fight. visibility is. really really poor. here you see. the student pilot continues his test.
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movement for. tickets for the show. to open or not. if one of their. asteroids. and he's passed the test he's now certified to pilot a mini sub. back on the surface his parents surprised him with champagne to celebrate. on the last day of the trip yan has organized a special dinner on the day the service manager marilyn is scrambling to get everything ready. napkins water above water.
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ok a lighter. meanwhile the chef is prepared to deal with any spontaneous requests that yeah might have everything has to be perfect and it's a real challenge for marilyn she's up to the job she's from south africa and speaks 4 languages. can we have a bread knife i'm going to venture to. canon's clemens marlin. fred last 10 minutes transpired that the staff members talk to each other via radio but there's just one frequency and that can cause chaos to do things we. call 1st we all talk on the same channel right now people are just babbling away jet ski ship captain so you really have to keep it short. and the kids will go a little more up was the real fitz. anything else or more as for
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this caucus now i get to do that so that the guests are already why she's in the lounge. but there's no sign of the host. to view the rules we had planned to start dinner around 6 but the boss decided to go diving. so we're just waiting around on standby. the party won't start until yon gets here he's the host and all his friends are here so they should all celebrate together if the fit is also. after 30 minutes marilyn finds out that young is on his way back to the yacht. to do solo commute as an indication is the key when you hear will be there in 2 minutes everyone knows what to do. next year because the staff have to talk to each
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other so that we'll have towels ready for the pass and we can start the barbecue on time. it's important for everyone to work as a team so. the you're welcome back girl who had snow. here to welcome however with that 'd i want to. go to the right. time to stop serving dinner and there was a lot of different foods to choose from it was the perfect way for ya to wrap up his trip to the arctic. back to. the food. without the guests are enjoy meeting outside in the called and having a barbecue and for a degree weather that is absolute luxury. never. has
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since the legend that you can still. around 500000 euros a week. into the top is not for the faint hearted. a fantastic voice alone just isn't enough any more. wages and hard work. after singers could sing an aria.
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well this is the world's oldest belfast. supposed to do it. thank you for joining us john. if you know the article. welcomes the shout. because there's so much to discover which will remain curious going to. meet for minds.
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this is the interview news live from berlin the world rings in a new year and a new decade for lent a welcoming the 2020s with all the fireworks display down the brandenburg gate celebrations also taking place from new york city to auckland we'll bring you some of the images from around the globe also on the show. no end in sight to australia's bushfires sweeping through coastal towns after this hour at least another 3 lots of the lost hundreds of homes have been destroyed the storm.


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