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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2020 2:15am-3:00am CET

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you're watching day w. news live from berlin stay tuned for a dock for documentary film titled livin on a country held hostage for now i'm anthony howard in berlin thanks for joining us. because time to take one step further and face the thoughts of. time to search the unknown and fight for the truth. time to overcome down dreams and connect the world it's time for t.w.
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. coming up ahead. levanon the only country in the modern middle east that was long dominated by christians today muslims are in the majority it's a society that has repeatedly been under threat. and just was on there have always been tensions between the different religious communities and to nominations in various ethnic groups in lebanon. i suppose and financed by iran the shiite hezbollah party of god has had a huge impact on the political fabric of lebannon. as follows critics would say yes that this does the stabilized region hezbollah supporters would say that as well as ministries strength is an asset for love.
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because that keeps israel away. in the civil war in syria the hezbollah militia defended the ascent regime now they're back in levanon in stronger shape than ever. the more they are fighting to defend is the model of bashar assad which this is it's a she. bought just to what extent does has ability turman the course of politics in lebanon. beirut the lebanese capital still bears the scars of a civil war that for more than 15 years crippled the city and the country as a whole see and saddam was among those who fall back then he was just 16 years
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old when he 1st held the weapon in his hands. the civil war erupted in 1975 like virtually the entire country beirut became a battlefield. the war initially saw christian militias fighting against the palestinian liberation organization and p.l.o. which was threatening to take control of beirut. in. the hostilities then escalated into a broader conflict between christians and the arab nationalists finally the israelis invaded and occupied southern lebanon in order to expel the p.l.o. from the country it was at this time that hezbollah was formed. the war crime tens of thousands of lives and left the country devastated.
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bad thing for us was a person who whereby if the they know but they don't speak about it. that's why every 1520 years something someplace will have to go. and they know how to destroy the buildings and they don't know to make a smaller house where they go they don't know or anything about their life except fighting. here in the middle of favorite in the no man's land between muslim and christian districts ziad sahaba and his former comrades in arms a meeting up in a cafe they want to break the silence surrounding events in the civil war there are lessons to be learned they say also including the conflicts with israel the last of which again shocked the country in 2006 ziad screw pulse meetings where all
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participants can talk about their war time experiences. with out your last. one is. bad enough about a friend of mine was driving his car when a shell exploded behind him and. he looked in his mirror and saw a woman collapse he drove back to help her it was then that a 2nd shell exploded and killed him she. just doesn't get the. idea that. a growing number of people are eager to talk of how it feels to be at the mercy of tanks and missiles. they also reflect on their own deeds. but. they were hurried to use their guns to solve our problems is the biggest mistake. and the main factor why
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we. do this is us and no it was a civil war itself. and actually it was us who believe that by violent we can change the situation and what we what we did we destroy our comps are. among the biggest losers of the civil war were catholic christians the maronites in $943.00 france had relinquished its mandate power over levanon and the country became independent for years and decades afterwards the maronites held sway you never non muslims druse orthodox christians and all other religious minorities had to accept the political and economic supremacy of the maronite christians defeated in the civil war had far reaching consequences from various groups as middle east analyst daniel gamma explains even on board of. lebanon was created in order to guarantee
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a christian majority is an absolute exception in the history of the middle east a state was created with the help of the west and also with the help of the league of nations in which christians were in the majority and the word thus able to determine the political developments in the country and before the lebanese civil war the christians had. joyed guaranteed privileges including a majority in parliament after the war and through the agreements that were signed in its wake all this change and not today the christians no longer have those privileges is really unique now. after the civil war the cards will reshuffled the former warring parties agreed to a strict system of proportional representation that at the same time took into account the needs and interests of the muslim population each religious minority was granted posts and privileges that they have defended right through to the present as a result however this multicultural society has been gradually disintegrating into its separate parts. over a 1000000 predominantly muslim refugees from syria
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a further upset in social balance politically and economically lebanon is in a deep crisis that is further dividing the country. a division of manifested in the road blocks which are found not only throughout beirut but also the entire country some of them date back to the civil war and the syrian occupation which lasted until 2005. the headquarters of the ca tired party resembles a fortress. the party of the maronite christians formerly known as the far lounge is led by sami gemayel a cylon of one of lebanon's most predominant political dynasties his uncle and brother were both assassinated nevertheless gemayel believes in lebanese democracy . we have
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a history of 80 years of democracy the only maybe country in the region where you have ex-president living in peace in their own country you have every 4 years in the election you have. governments are being formed even if it takes time. even if it's difficult to do it every time but we are doing it and it's a democracy process and this is a model. that you are willing to defend. but the political system in lebanon is now under greater threat than ever before the shiite hezbollah the party of god is growing in strength many of its supporters despise the lebanese state. and the last friday of the fasting month of ramadan has been to celebrate our could see or to do some day which goes back to the tonic the arabian leader ayatollah khomeini an event that centers on the dome of the rock in
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jerusalem. has been the calls itself the party of resistance resistance to its own allegedly powerless state and resistance to israel. all i learned that it resistance has proved successful but by hezbollah not the state this resistance movement emerged the moment it became clear that the state was powerless to do anything. for your state allows us in the south of the country to be humiliated by the occupying israelis on a daily basis and the resistance movement consists of all of these people here. so you know how its day is an international day not just for us but for every country and with god's help in the near future we will put an end to israel's existence. has been as grassroots space is made up of many pora shiites who constitute roughly
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one quarter of the population and 11 on the general secretary of hezbollah has said nostra is their idol. for decades he's been the head of the party and the armed militia it's been years since now has appeared in top. jews are the risk of assassination the list of enemies is long israel regards him as a primary terrorist target this evening his supporters only get to see him on a big screen he said to video message from a hiding place in the mountains. we have precision missiles capable of hitting all essential targets in the zionist entity. today on this 40th anniversary of jerusalem day let me state once again and tell the whole world that we have precision missiles in lebanon on hand in sufficient numbers to change the entire region once and for all. not carried out and it
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was the fear i knew was i not rollo we will follow you chant the crowd the op was and. let me tell the world that if the americans continue with their current policy we will build a factory in lebanon for precision missiles. no surveillance video appearances are closely monitored by governments in many other countries because hezbollah does not make empty threats it has a track record of carrying out attacks on the us france and in particular israel hezbollah has been declared a terrorist organization by the us and israel the european union gives that designation only to its military wing. the.
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over the years hezbollah has mounted numerous attacks on northern israel near the border with lebanon abducting soldiers targeting. and killing civilians with missiles and using suicide bombers. to move. israelis abroad have also been the victims of terrorist attacks attributed to hezbollah a bombing in bulgaria in 2012 claimed the lives of 5 israeli tourists and their bus driver. yoram schweitzer works at the institute for national security studies in tel aviv. hizbullah is definitely the most dangerous organization but it's not only organization isabella is a political party it's a social network it's a religious party and it's also an army it's
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a very well equipped army advanced army was sophisticated weaponry was real provided by the iranians and the syrians so we're not talking only about an organization. hezbollah was formed in the 1980 s. in the bekaa plain on the border with syria today it also controls parts of beirut and the south of the country. during the civil war the hezbollah militia force against israel after the occupied the south of the country faced with a guerrilla war of attrition the israeli army eventually pulled out of lebanon in 2000 hezbollah claimed victory. yeah. nicholas blanford is a british journalist at the time he was writing for lebanese detainees papers.
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to go back to the mines in mines who's back then israel was occupying a strip of south lebanon and hezbollah was engaged in a daily resistance campaign. fighting israel is background there was a general consensus within lebanon to support hezbollah to support hezbollah as resistance like that is including from those that view has followed with some distrust. and there's a long as the organization with links to iran. the resistance of credentials helps hezbollah game popularity across the country. really town in southern lebanon about 100 kilometers from beirut every year tens of thousands of people flock to the open air museum here. is a kind of hezbollah pilgrimage site celebrating the fight against israel it was
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opened in 2010 on the 10th anniversary of israel's withdrawal from lebanon on it boasts an array of hezbollah war trophies including captured tanks and artillery guns. yet hezbollah was originally founded to defend the shiites against they've been dominant muslim rivals the sunni's iran provided help in the form of funding and expertise but then the israelis invaded and occupied the south of the country. youssef ours has worked as a tourist guide ever since the museum opened he says it's his wife offering resistance the museum to begin with just to cherish the memory of the martyrs that they gave their life to for this country or from the invaders.
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nature used to be a refuge and base for hezbollah fighters as it was here that they dug themselves into the mountains and waged 2 guerrilla war which hezbollah turned into a success story. the media and the world are controlled by the zionist all pro zionist so we want to teach the generation what the resist phones all about. this is our war just to give these people our side of the story. has been his version of history is that israel occupied southern lebanon and that hezbollah pushed up the systems into the israelis withdrew in fact hezbollah also mounted repeated attacks on its arch enemy after that time. in 2006 hezbollah fired missiles at northern israel and in a cross border right abducted 2 israeli soldiers.
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israel hit back launching a ground invasion and a series of air rights reaching as far as by route. more than 2000 people were killed most of them lebanese. the war also cemented has been a status as being one of israel's principal enemies. israel is faced with and is challenge by an army that is using those guerrilla tactics that's why i call it an army of story. and it is very well trained very well equipped. with my intentions any jeopardize the stability of
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the region and it may create a war between israel and lebanon on the state of lebanon on which has basically in the last couple of years israel has declared that hezbollah is the greatest threat facing israel so we're not talking about a conflict talking about syria or even iran but are non-state organizations such as there's now are perceived as the greatest threat was from the. united nations troops had been stationed in southern lebanon since $978.00 their mandate to guarantee peace and security in the contested region but it proved an impossible task for a un force that was far too small. in a pitiful state after the civil war and controlled by different religious groups the lebanese army existed in name only when 6 of its peacekeepers were killed in the war of 2006 the united nations changed its policy.
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since 2006 the un forces have had what is known as of robust mandate which allows the use of force if necessary since then there have been only rare armed confrontations at the border both sides are upholding the cease fire agreement to this day however a state of war still exists between israel and lebanon there are no diplomatic relations between the 2 countries. and the most serious crisis since the last war erupted at the end of 28 saying u.n. troops had the job of securing the blue line the demarcation line between the 2 countries the israeli army discovered tunnels leading into israel evidently dark by hezbollah to render them a new. the israelis poured concrete into the tunnels watching events from the
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lebanese side of the blue line a number of young men with hizbollah flags the militia has continued to store weapons in the area despite a bad imposed through a un resolution. lebanon has never recognized the state of israel there is no mutually accepted border between israel and lebanon on the blue line serves as a temporary solution. a number on resolved issue is who the sheba farms belong to. they were an expired israel but lebanon lays claim to them exits to the hezbollah tunnels were discovered nima tula inside israel. tell of it 150 kilometers south of the border with lebanon is israel's biggest city . and it now lies within the range of hezbollah missiles one of the
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factors behind the israel defense forces locating their center of operations deep underground beneath their headquarters. in israel's slender size means that a short reaction time to attacks from outside is deemed vital to its survival its army closely monitors the activities of hezbollah that is analyses show that hezbollah has grown in strength partly through the experience it has gained through the war in neighboring syria. the israelis see hezbollah in a wider strategic context in their eyes the shiite militia is 1st and foremost a proxy for the implementation of a rainy and plans. in the opinion of numerous. service iran is trying to establish a land bridge from its own territory to the mediterranean with the aim of
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projecting an extended zone of influence including hezbollah the regime into iran now has close allies reaching from iraq and syria through to lebanon. we see arabian attempts to create a lamp cord or from iran through about a 1000 kilometers more or less from iran all the way to lebanon through iraq and syria when we look at events in syria we care less about if the dictator or asked by bashar al assad regains control over the country are not what we are interested in is whether the iranians will be able to make this into yet another iranian. outpost military outpost against israel and we have said very clearly that we have no intentions to allow the iranians to do so.
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in recent years the israelis have launched hundreds of attacks on suspected to rein in targets in syria supplies destined for hezbollah have also been bombed in a war that has yet to be declared. it's a shura or day of remembrance in by rouge on this one of the most sacred sites on the shiite calendar the veterans of the hezbollah militia are honored. this man is said to have survived an unsuccessful attack on the israelis he says he would fight again. even in his state he claims it has below are planning an attack on television as revenge for israel and bomb struck dumb by rage he would not hesitate to follow the call. that many of these men forged in syria. together with the brainy and forces they have helped to
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keep syrian dictator bashar al assad and his regime in power it's estimated that in the process hezbollah lost more than 1500 combatants. as far as power center is located in south beirut the die here as the suburbs annoying has a mainly shiite population here the self-styled party of god has established what it calls a marshall cemetery. this is the last resting place of men who lost their lives in the wars against israel or in syria they include the son of hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah many relatives pay regular visits to the cemetery which lies close to downtown beirut. having
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a fallen soldier a so-called model in the family is seen as a distinction. that manda had done and yes i have family here 2 brothers and an uncle 3 martyrs he there are in every mother even if she doesn't have any marjorie's must give her children encouragement and educate them to this and that is why as you know because we are fighting for our land and our honor and god willing we will set ourselves free because we refuse to live without dignity it is a matter of either dignity or marja. yet but on this. has been a encourages the veneration of those the coals masses from an early age members of the mahdi scouts organization are prepared for war when they are just 8 years old they wear headbands bearing the words actual service oh hussein who sang the bin
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ali is the 2nd most important mom revered by shiites the mahdi scouts are intended to fight against the enemies of the hezbollah in his name this song mourns the passing of his son who is considered a marsh up he's a role model for the mahdi scouts. thought it was the guy that i have now because. of the war and the families of those who have died in combat for hezbollah a given financial and material support has been also run schools and hospitals and has become an important social institution in lebanon but how is the organization financed with iranians voice been the main bankroller of hezbollah but hezbollah years ago diversified its portfolio and they have all kinds of revenue streams coming directly into the organization so a lot of it is charitable donations from wealthy shia businessmen who support hezbollah respect has fallen. the same applies on
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a smaller scale too has fallen sport base but they also have a whole array of business networks around the world some of them. are just not but they will provide farmers you know coming through to hezbollah has called for. hezbollah continues to grow in power and influence and is shifting the denominational power structure in favor of the shiites if the sunni's who are largely better off economically feel losing political influence even though it's traditionally a sunni who holds the most important office in the country that of prime minister. saad hariri who resigned in october 29th tain had hoped to curb the power of hezbollah like his father rafik hariri seen with him here on the parser he had tried to unite the lebanese under sunni leadership to this end he was prepared to
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make concessions to hezbollah. the billionaire building contractor with lebanese saudi and french citizenship wanted to uphold the legacy of his father. himself a former prime minister and assassinated in 2015. most of that in the very was a beacon of hope so not only for lebanon and its national agenda he was also a figure with whom the sunni's identified the man who brought the cosmopolitan sunni elites back to the country. one man who also had given greater emphasis to the sunni identity of lebanon and for the. saudi arabia self-appointed protector of the sudanese takes a critical view of attempts at reproach meant with the shiites feel the saudis urge side hariri to exert more pressure on hezbollah if not only because of its closeness to iran the saudis likewise. had their own strategic interests.
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because. the saudis were always eager to have a foot in the door to wield power and. and they've achieved this in diverse ways your investments your property and government bonds that they purchased the schools the public. the saudis big problem was that hariri placed so much faith and had not managed to suppress the interests of other powers to the benefit of saudi arabia. curry was able and unwilling to take power away from hezbollah while on a state visit to the saudi capital riyadh november 2017 you surprisingly announced his resignation with a statement that completely contradicted his previous political line. out of the. snow going down because i cannot accept disappointing the lebanese people. over the last few years and decades hezbollah with its arsenal has
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repeatedly presented us with a fait accompli. because. that is sad enough. it claims that these weapons are for offering resistor. but in fact they are being used against our brothers in syria yemen and even against levon us. to this day it's unclear whether hariri was forced to step down it was only when french president emmanuel mccraw intervened that he was allowed to leave saudi arabia once back in lebanon hariri would send it his resignation political machinations that boost his position a few months later the group registered and in fact electoral victory in a government headed by hariri they were represented with 2 cabinet posts for the 1st time. the earth today is the only your position
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in the middle. refused to be part of the deed the managed to get. to control the country. and today we are fighting alongside with a lot of independent personalities and some groups from the civil society in order to form a larger position to the to the way lebanon is being governed today. has been our representatives really grant interviews to western media. as a recourse that means talking to their allies like you seen yup i am a shiite and longstanding member of parliament. he sees hezbollah as indispensable . as well at the moment is the seen by many people as
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the party that helped defeat isis that helped liberate the lebanese. and that with all the threats continuously for the israelis that the wall above lebanon a little better could be a at least the better thing. in the mid 990 s. bahn held a ministerial post he currently heads the parliamentary committee on foreign policy he puts up resistance whenever the united states or international organizations like the world bank seen here meeting you have here trying to exert pressure on the lebanese government because of hezbollah. washington has once again demanded that the government to prod has a lot of power. something you have been finds completely unrealistic. to day as well as represented in parliament with. colleagues from spall and the
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same building there resulted and in government and they have a. presentational i mean the represent the chunk of people in the country so as liberal news i mean all the lebanese. factions have stated i mean. raising this issue in a negative way or asking us to put pressure here over will lead to confrontation to a conflict within the country which is the this is position for lebanon to go into law. when it's facing so much challenges that will destroy the country completely. hezbollah is also far too strong militarily to be driven out of lebanon the militia said to number $25000.00 soldiers the party of god originally founded to represent the interests of the shiites in lebanon is now an established power factor throughout the middle east.
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as well as fighting syria as well as fighting in iraq as well as fighting in yemen as well as by thinking behind it is involved in all the the countries in the region and is dragging lebannon to problems lebannon didn't choose. might have suffered serious losses with many of its fighters being killed in syria but it is now in a position to engage and take maneuvers. the war in syria has enabled it to develop far beyond the military capacity it had in the wars against israel and hezbollah is now a powerful army and not just a militia of the army national army leads. the israeli army is already preparing for a new war with hezbollah. this is footage of a maneuver conducted in the north of the country has been reportedly has more than
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120000 missiles at its disposal all of them potentially pointed at israel. i think it's safe to say that lebanon will probably be turned into a car park in the next war but israel will be. it's like they haven't been heard since $948.00 the missiles and weaponry at the disposal of hezbollah now will bring the entire country of israel to. a standstill. there will be no civilian traffic you know civilian maritime traffic people will all be in the bunkers will be no one going to schools universities work for the duration of the conflict so this is a very sobering picture for any prime minister in israel as it is indeed for for hezbollah we know what hizbullah is planning we know that they have precise weaponry that can hit with carried out a lot of explosive they are going to devastate our cities and to kill people in high numbers there retaliation must be and i'm telling it from the even point of
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view must be to stop either in any cause. so far the principle of the terror and has worked on both sides. no one wants a new conflict memories of this event as a legitimate defend against israel. laurie high tide it's a popular blogger and activist she criticizes hezbollah's policy of sending its militia into conflicts elsewhere in the middle east she believes it increases the chances of war breaking out. you half as well is the lebanese hezbollah which defense lebannon. this is reality if and this is in. the same time there is as well our words is the regional players and this is where the division comes. the fact that hezbollah has become a state within
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a state is perhaps only part of a wider problem faced by lebannon that of politics being defined by religion. laurie hi tyin organizers meetings for women who want to bridge the gods between the 2 nominations. here christians and muslims are sitting at the same table only in this way she says can the country progress in the office or apart from one or 2 politicians the lebanese people have no voice in parliament with a microphone in front of them of course everyone speaks in the name of the lebanese people but in reality no one represents us as politicians are only concerned with defending the entrance of their particular religious denomination. harass a lot of one's. thought it has to be possible for people to live in this country with their own convictions and there are prospects for changing things but this can
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only happen if we challenge the political and sectarian regime we need a secular state which also respects the interests of civil society. lebanon has experienced much violence and enjoyed many conflicts this could almost prove to be a strength but there also needs to be a radical break with the past. tripoli the 2nd biggest city in levanon is proof that the religious divisions and conflicts do not necessarily have to persist. up until a few years ago crossing syria straight meant taking your life into your own hands because fighting between rival muslim factions was a daily occurrence the people shooting at each other were neighbors.
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sunni's and alan watts who used to belong to the same she a branch of islam especially sad used to be adversaries. from among the little. now they're working together to repair their neighborhood and its power lines. these young men are under 30 years old. many of them were still minus when they took up arms of a reconciliation project called march has brought them together. honestly i thought he was a terrorist. says some mia an alawite about the man next to him may last a devout sunni used to have nothing but contempt for the other whites. and. i say that a lot has commanded me to attack anyone who attacks me even if he is my brother.
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because the qur'an says that if anyone sins against you so you must sin against their lot. but that doesn't apply to him. he's ok like all the other white guys from this district they're really fine lads really good hearted and polite to them and they will there's talk about the much reconciliation project was launched by leah baroudi from beirut she's. vince that the religious conflicts are no facade. i honestly believe that the sectarian divides in our minds are here out of fear and simply out of fear because we are afraid that the other is going out to get us or out eliminate us. and my ideas this is the solution is we need to talk to each other we need to spend time with each other and get to know each other so that the sphere that comes from you know many police and from the past from what you've been
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through you know get get this goes because we know each other the problem is that we do not know each other and are afraid of each other. skepticism is understandable what works in tripoli might not have the same positive effect in the rest of the country hezbollah has fought hard to secure a position in which it is a decisive political economic and military factor. and as long as religious goals persist with between christians sunni's or shiites they will continue to determine the political and economic structure of lebanon and the country will struggle to emerge from the ongoing crisis of fundamentalism become stronger and stronger.
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after the european dream. if many feel. unity and freedom without bullets as. it's on the continent discontent is on the rhine it's. an your at the fence away it's at the next level of kooks. made in germany 30 minutes w. . enter the conflict zone come fronting the powerful. ethiopia has come a long way in a short time as a new peace deal with eritrea and
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a new prime minister apparently determined to bring accountability for the human rights abuses of the hostages and all my guest this week here in brussels is his previous haile mariam to cement the conflict so. 90 minutes on g.w. . i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair. benjamin language head me a lot this keeps me and they help us to maybe to entrust the lives of say you want to their story my friends are fighting and reliable information for margaret. the. plane.
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going to. play. this is the news live from perth in iraq and protesters leave the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad withdrawal comes after 2 days of clashes with american secured. foursomes washington since in hundreds of extra troops also on the program the new year begins with a strenuous bushfires claiming more lives despite rescues and evacuations some of the victims were people who studied to try and save their. time violent smiles hong kong's 1st pro-democracy bradley of 2028 huge crowds turn out to press their.


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