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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2020 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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discovery. documentary. coming up generation no future a young people but democracy despite facing a future. coming up. that. death and destruction heavy rains pummeled the capital.
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in. magic. welcome to news asia and a happy new. year was in hong kong this is what the 1st of january looked like organizers of this pro-democracy march claimed more than a 1000000 people were on the streets police claim it was around 60000 but soon most of this crowd dispersed as police fired tear gas to control some violent protesters a few banks and businesses were vandalized and the d. ended with nearly $400.00 protesters arrested it's a pattern that's played out since june when large scale protests broke out in the chinese city by november last year police had arrested nearly 4005. to protesters
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many of them young people each honest bringing with it the danger that it can impact their future negatively but still they protest correspondent. one such young person. the new year in hong kong has begun just like the old yes indeed hundreds of thousands of people marching but if you. listen choice has been active in pro-democracy music when since the i was i know i. see that now young it's changed my life she was a lot of the protest movement has let me move forward and become a positive i had seen i am like i am that if i missed this i wouldn't have another chance to experience all of it. kind of that's why it's so important that i'm here . day one that time in my presidency joy you put out a lot less interest a lot by protesting she was already arrested once 3 months ago and still awaits
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trial prospects with him further she's detained to get. a protest movement includes all walks of society but the young not the most committed competitive school exams a race for the best universities and a tough job market in one of the most expensive cities in the world on farms you face a lot of pressure. l.s.a. 16 she has struggled for years with anxiety and depression that she blames mainly on pressure in school because she. has so ruined the movement procol ends my life child like. so it made me feel my life is meaningful but that. since her arrest her anxiety has returned. although she says she hasn't been violent being at the site of use their real names . who did she do that was every time she goes out i worry
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a lot i'm anxious and i guess parents are like that but then i also can't lock her up. at the beginning that much stays peaceful but suddenly the mood shifts. tear gas in one child please move slowly i 20 protesters leave this scene by the front line us confront the police unless it is a nifty level she wants to support the frontline protest as she knows what's at stake. because of finesse that before if i gauge the frontline i need to be very very careful. nevertheless she decides to take a look but to get out as soon as it gets 10. police round up the record number of people 400 all together but unless it is not on the.
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india too has written is in protests for nearly a month now that have been demonstrations against a new citizenship law introduced by the government the citizenship amendment act provides a route to indian citizenship for persecuted by not of days from of august on pakistan and bung others but persecuted muslim minorities have been kept out of the purview of the act critics are calling this discriminatory and this has prompted protests across the country that also fear as the new law along with the possible citizenship reduced or disenfranchise india's muslims india correspondent nischelle just wild caught up with political analyst out of the jet of in delhi to get a sense of how important these protests are. india has seen weeks of protests against an amended citizenship law and they are sustaining in a way that we have never seen before i have with me political analyst i've read
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what is the significance of the radius taught us have just gone on well for the 1st time in 5 and a half years of the modi government we have seen people out on the streets protesting challenging policy decision taken by the government today on the citizen citizenship issue they are out on the streets and they certainly could not have sustained these protests if they did not have support from a fairly substantial section of the hindu majority population so i think the modi government is facing its 1st big challenge from the people of india let's see how they handle it but despite these unprecedented drop tests the government is not backing down leaders keep reiterating this will happen where is this conflict headed. where i mean very to very dangerous you know all bots actually because the government to showing no signs of backing down they talked about a national register of citizens which they have now amended to
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a national population register saying that the 2 things are different that one is citizens the other is just a head count but you know i mean what most people believe is that the population register is a back door to you know the start of a process that will lead to the national register of citizens which is the thing that's causing the big worry. whether the protests last are not i don't know because the government has 4 and a half years to goal but what b.s. seeing is a rebel a virtual revolt by state governments which are refusing to implement both the red just a facade as in ship and you know the population register which is a dangerous thing because this is leading to a constitutional crisis a serious confrontation between the states and the central government given the fact that the b.g.p. to date is its footprint all over the country shrinking acknowledged control is just 40 percent of india the rest of india is in the hands of opposition parties
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it's going to be very difficult for the government to implement its contentious decisions so i don't know i'd some point maybe the government would have to back off that the elections coming up this elections coming up next year where the b j p s likely to lose more territory in india states i don't see how they can implement their you know this decision at all. it up a correspondent michelle dress while conducting that interview and you can visit our you tube it for more background and updates on the protests in india. heavy rainfall on new year's eve has caused massive flooding in indonesia's capital jakarta at least 21 people died off of the city received its heaviest rainfall in more than 2 decades authorities moved some 31000 people to temporary shelters out of the way of reaching floodwaters. trapped on
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a tiny island in the floods this man was lucky. a desperate rescue effort saved in. nearby floodwaters were overwhelming washing away everything in their path. tens of people have been killed and tens of thousands more evacuated indonesia's president tried to offer reassurance. if the disaster agency needs to coordinate with provincial governments and search and rescue teams to give people who are affected by the floods a sense of safety and well yes. but he also cautioned people to limit their expectations. but in terms of our ability to respond to flooding the central government is still quite when you have the money and they are still many projects left to complete. the. for hard hit residents in
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the capital jakarta life and death choices and long delays i see them when they want to reach the 2nd floor we decided to evacuate. we asked for help to be evacuated at 8 am but we could only move out at 2 pm. everyone's working to clean and salvage what they can more rain is expected on the weekend. on next report is about finding love on the downfall though in this case the couple can't use their legs their winter advances from taiwan and once they teamed up with their moves on each other. they're a perfect match on the dance floor as well as in life. i v one then vince and quot discovered their talent for wheelchair dancing on their own but it was finding each other that added the extra spark to them moves. away i mean. my view is quite humorous. i like a woman who has
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a sense of humor. we enjoyed talking to each other too slowly as we got to know each other better. i started like a girl on. a. so that. and that chemistry has made them one of the most successful couples in wheelchair dance they're currently ranked number 2 in the world. but to perfect their dizzying moves also takes hours of training their trainers are able bodied volunteers who also perform with wheelchair users and what's called the combi category. vincent and i.v. are part of taiwan's last generation of polio survivors dancing as
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a way to keep up their physical fitness and to help fight the effects of the illness. for espalier patients physical deterioration can happen quite quickly. waited out to exercise we're hoping to slow down the speed of deterioration. we're hoping we'll be able to dance for a long time and to hold on to our good rankings and shit letters or how it sent it down. to a couple recently tied the knot. let's hope that married life sees them up together as easily as they do on the dance floor. staying in rhythm traumatic even all the pictures of pro-democracy protests in hong kong on the 1st day of the new no thank you for watching on c.n.n.
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curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe to and don't miss out. the female. interpol suns 11 on and arrest warrant for a fugitive carlos ghosn the former nissan see all faces trial for financial misconduct in tokyo but escaped to beirut on monday. the trading floor opens for the 1st time in 2020 asian markets soared on china easing monetary policy and optimism over u.s. china trade but some geopolitical worries remain. retailers kicked off 2020 with a ban on single use plastic bags. this is b.w.
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business i'm joined now the milan in berlin welcome carlos cohen spectacular escape from japan where he was under house arrest facing trial for financial misconduct remain shrouded in mystery one escape theory says the former nissan c.e.o. hid in a musical instrument case that was taken on board a private plane headed for turkey where he boarded another private jet for a flight to lebanon meanwhile prosecutors raided golan stoeckel residence to find out more about his disappearance and interpol has now set lebanon on a warrant for arrest. it's still not clear if japanese authorities in their search of gold's residence found anything to explain how he slipped through the net the lebanese capital of beirut though camera crews have laid siege to the home.


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