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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2020 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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the mediterranean but the project is controversial. also coming up the game's afoot interpol has issued a red notice for the arrest of carla skull but will lebanon take action against the former news on. this is the business i'm on in berlin welcome what a difference a day makes fresh from yesterday's 1st day optimism as markets reopened for a new trading trading here day 2 is looking much bleaker news that a u.s. airstrike killed a top iranian general ratcheting up geopolitical tension in the region have struck fear across trading floors worries over iranian retaliation and further instability and the crude rich middle east have sent oil prices soaring the missile strike that killed iran's most powerful military leader custom soleimani marks a dramatic escalation of tensions between the united states and iran the white house and pentagon confirmed the killing saying the strike at baghdad airport had
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been carried out under a direct order from the president the u.s. airstrike sparked concerns over an escalation of regional tensions that could disrupt crude supplies on news of the assassination brant crude rose just over 4 percent spiking at 69 dollars 50 a barrel that's its highest since mid september when saudi oil facilities were attacked briefly slashing output in the world's top exporter by half asian stocks indices were broadly lower after the airstrike investors turned to safe haven assets such as gold swiss francs and japanese yen as they brace themselves for repercussions. let's bring in our financial correspondent julie bartz in frankfurt or early fears of escalation of conflict escalation in the region clearly have investors who now what action do you think they want to see from iran and the u.s. at this point. well clearly some indication that there's not going to be the kind
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of escalation that people fear and that can get quite out of hand if one side reacts to quickly and too harshly to the other side at the moment i don't know if that's a very realistic expectation or hope but certainly that's what people are having their fingers crossed for because of course there's so much at stake there's talk in the market of quite drastic scenarios a possible stock market crash of the situation worsens a possible war another war in the middle east which would of course dampen the prospects prospects for all concerned let alone the prospect of the people in the middle east scary scenarios they are so do you think this news will have a lasting impact on hopes of rebuilding the global economy after all the have wreaked by these trade wars. well let's assume that the situation stays where it is
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the oil prices have risen a bit but they're not progressing towards $80.00 or beyond and there's no war that ensues no no more fighting no more escalation then of course you can get back to normal and say we have progress on u.s. china trade that's very very important for the worldwide economy. and the phase one deal signing is to be expected on january 15th but of course it hinges on everything else being in place and the markets and the economies the people making decisions and companies not being words worried about other things in the oil price that you know is such a central element to the world economy determining how much people may come much firms make airlines corporations across the world how much money consumers have to spend. thank you really bartz there in frankfurt. greece cyprus and israel have signed a deal for an undersea pipeline designed to move gas from the eastern mediterranean to europe the east medline is intended to provide an alternative gas source for
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energy hungry europe which is largely dependent on supplies from russia the new trilateral pipeline project comes amid tensions with turkey over its own activities in the area. the signing is a defining moment after 10 years of talks between israel cyprus and greece they want to build the longest undersea pipeline in the world the construction they estimate will cost $6000000000.00 this is a story before israel because we're becoming an energy exporter for the 1st time in our history but it's also. i believe a historic day for the. partnership an alliance in the eastern mediterranean the almost 2000 kilometer long pipeline will transfer up to 12000000000 cubic meters a year from israel's offshore gas reserves to cyprus the greek island of crete to the greek mainland and then on to southern europe it's expected to supply 10 percent of the use natural gas needs. the project could also accommodate future gas
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finds in waters off cyprus and greece where exploration is underway but it's under heavy scrutiny from turkey turkey is laying claims to large tracts under greek in cypriot control in 2018 turkey sent exploration ships to waters that are part of cyprus accompanied by warships turkish president rich up to a pair to one said repeatedly no project in the eastern mediterranean can proceed without his consent the u.s. however backs the trilateral project according to the israeli energy minister the building of the pipeline could take up to 7 years that means it's going to be a long time before israeli gas will be flowing to europe. after interpol issued a red notice to arrest former nissan renault executive carlos go on thursday lebanese officials now say is due to be summoned by the country's public prosecutor next week and then almost unbelievable escape go and jumped bail in japan earlier this
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week and fled to lebanon to avoid trial there on charges of financial misconduct the question now is whether golan will face any sort of a. evil proceedings at 11 on and whether that would satisfy japan. everyone wants a picture of the man that might be here at his house in beirut but also gone has been a no show so far journalists from around the world are hearing clued in some reporters from japan the country here scaped and there are wild theories about how he might have done it on thursday the japanese police searched his empty house in tokyo for clues japanese news agency kyoto even speculated that go on was smuggled out of he's heavily guarded house inside a musical instrument case gone was well respected in the auto industry japanese prosecutors accuse him of stealing some 5000000 euros from the auto maker if convicted he would have faced a long jail sentence but last spring he was allowed out on bail gordon was banned
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from leaving the country it's believed that helpers brought him to the concise airport where a private jet was waiting for him gone says he planned his exfiltration all by himself however some experts say professionals must have been involved. in a general profile of people who know how to organize exfiltration like this one are often former civil servants or servants of the state who know how to do its filtration. go on was flown from japan to turkey since he landed there police have arrested 7 suspected collaborators 4 of them pilots and other private jets transported him from istanbul to beirut it all reads like a secret agent thriller all the more reason why reporters want to see go on reappear. for more i'm joined by basil i mean he had of aidid only studio
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and a fruit doesn't walk us through what happens next it's going to some into the public prosecutor's office what will happen when they go on trial and i bet on. what we know and to dismiss. it but he's also to this will not mr dawson to talk you know what we know from some kind of sources in lebanon guarding the public prosecutor going to into the gate mr dawson next week and according to our sources this won't happen on a b fold 'd the press the release of this confidence by a source on off on a on this now we don't have specific time with this press conference might have according to our sources the public or state prosecutor might sgt. not to have such confidence so on to this moment and what we know that the probe
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went to progress as soon as the. digital told authorities received the. notice from the interpol now prosecutors are also looking into allegations that go in funneled funds from the sun to a dealership in the middle east could that have been $211.00 on. we have too many. rumors to flog off news in lebanon some local newspapers t.v. channels look at the beach on those i mean they all mention some of these some of these saudis but yet nothing from state department all from the judge in lebanon as i said the parliamentary probe went into progress 2 days ago but still there's nothing confirmed yet. but what are the people of lebanon making of the going case large scale protests have been ongoing against corruption and the
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excesses of the wealthy what do they think of gone because they. didn't have it won't come in lebanon the lebanese public is divided between some agreed and welcomed him they think that he's a man who can they can cross and he might take some some post in lebanon might help to help the economy situation which is ailing my failing economy right now. others believe that no he's they don't they didn't was come because they thought the. maybe gets corrupted on some of the legal issues related to him specially some to do some regional countries and i don't lebanon so they think that he's not welcome to has he must go into the. saudis
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to see whether he's convicted or ruction or all these nations are not. so i mean he and beirut there for us thank you for your reporting. ryanair says it's preparing for further delays to the delivery of its boeing $737.00 airliners as one of the world's largest airlines ryanair has ordered $135.00 of the jets the airline was meant to receive almost 60 by the summer ryan ryan air c.e.o. michael o'leary told the german business magazine he added that it's possible ryanair will only get the 1st shots in october the boeing 737 box has been grounded worldwide since march following to a fatal crashes which claimed 346 lives. that's it for me and the business team here in berlin thank you very much for watching.
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starts to turn her 15 years on. this is the. wus live from iran promises holds for a tally ation after u.s. airstrikes that killed a top iranian general the pentagon says the drone strike on the baghdad airport was to prevent future radian attacks the assassination of come on that cost some sort of money dramatically escalates middle east tensions also coming up australia's
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prime minister faces mounting criticism over the deadly bushfires angry residents who've lost their homes say scott morris said should have done.


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