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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2020 1:02am-1:31am CET

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is that our web site it d w dot com. the world some just became significantly hotter today this time it's not because of the climate crisis the u.s. drone strike that killed a top iranian military commander has left promising severe revenge on the governments around the world holding their breath so how will iran strike back against the world's only remaining military superpower i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day. we don't seek war with iraq but with the same time we're not going to stand by and watch the iranians escalate and continue to put american lives at risk those stories are radical voices in tehran who say that the only safety for the country would be a good neighbor are now. and powered by. the american strike. great
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crying because north the sauna for mr trump and the great nation of iran will take a harsher revenge on the government of the us. i think the mistake the americans made was a strategic one. i mean they staged a textbook out of state terrorism just in the letter thank god we received the news of the death of the iranian criminal qassam soleimani i pray that god will send him to hell. also on the day hyperinflation is crippling venezuela's economy because my daughter's government has just announced another increase in the minimum wage but what can it buy. if i'm through go i can make these groceries last for me for a month and i'm not including a lot of protein in these groceries nor personal hygiene products so for a family it's not very much. to begin the day with international
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leaders warning that the world has become a more dangerous place after u.s. air strikes killed a top iranian general the attack at baghdad airport in iraq killed a senior commander general custer a son in miami the head of iran's elite quds force general some amount he was seen as the architect after iran's military operations in the middle east the strike also killed a album hondius iraqi paramilitary group leader with close ties to iran. u.s. president donald trump said just been speaking about that operation let's take a listen last night at my direction the united states military successfully executed a flawless precision strike that killed a number one terrorist anywhere in the world. solomon e. solomon he was plotting imminent and serious terror attacks on american diplomats
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and military personnel but we caught him in the act and terminated him well iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many has warned the u.s. that it faces harsh retaliation u.n. security council members that china russia and france of all criticized the killing . i rainy and took to the streets their capital on friday in the 10s of thousands. of the was they chanted no compromise no surrender fight the us the news of general salim monies killing sparked fury among the protesters who directed their anger at the west. miami how do you have the same thing they did to us should be done to them and their leader should be killed all of them should be killed. military officials also spoke of revenge for
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the killing of the man who was widely seen as the 2nd most powerful figure in iran . and are you aware that the americans should prepare themselves for a slap in the face the americans must know now that after this crime that they have committed they will face no safety or peace anywhere and. this was all that remained of the vehicle carrying the iranian general and the iraqi militia leader after the american missile struck soul of money had just landed at baghdad's airport hundreds was on hand to welcome him both were killed instantly along with at least 5 others the deaths are a major setback for iran and for iraq which loses an important military ally. now the u.s. says the strike was necessary claiming solomon had been developing plans to attack americans in the region but speaking to cable news in the u.s. secretary of state mark pompei o said washington wants to avoid further conflict with iran because until the body
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was plotting. the president pretty clear we don't seek war with iran but with the same time we're not going to stand by and watch the iranians escalate and continue to put american lives at risk without responding in a way that disrupts defense deters and creates an opportunity to deescalate the situation. the reaction from. iran was swift and resolute supreme leader ayatollah ali how many issued a statement promising quote strong revenge and ordered 3 days of national mourning he also named a successor to solomon ie the generals former deputy as male ghani the conflict was already escalating before the latest airstrike on thursday 750 american soldiers arrived in kuwait now washington is directing u.s. citizens in iraq to leave the country immediately. we'll have a closer look at the implications of. these death in just
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a moment 1st so we'll take a look at the role he played in the region as commander of the elite could force of iran's revolutionary guard. money was iran's top general he was also its most recognizable and popular military commander supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei once called him a living marcher of the revolution. solar money joined iran's revolutionary guard after the iranian revolution in 1979 he saw action in the 8 year iran iraq war. in 1908 he became commander of the kids force that conducts iran's clandestine and foreign military operations the us considered him a terrorist and blamed his kids force for the deaths of hundreds of american soldiers so the money was especially active in iranian operations against rebel groups in syria against the so-called islamic state and supporting shiite militias in iraq over the years so the money survived
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a number of scrapes with death including an airplane crash in 2006 and a bombing in damascus in 2012 he was 62 years old when an american missile killed him in baghdad. so what happens next well to discuss that starting back in his head from the german institute for international security affairs and from deed of his at washington up your our bureau chief alexandra fall naaman welcome both let's start with you alexandra previous u.s. presidents have considered and rejected attacking general salim mahdi theory of the potential scale of escalation so why does this president does this now. so you according to ask officials it was necessary to take a man in now to disrupt an imminent attack that could have put at risk american lives in the region however we don't have enough detail about the nature of this
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imminent threat the officials are saying that soleimani was plotting an attack on u.s. facilities and workers in iraq syria and lebanon and other countries and that this plot was maturing so therefore it was important to take it take him out right now there are a lot of people mostly democrats critics who are questioning this decision and the president's motives and we have to say that he is under a lot of pressure here at home with the impeachment trial and the senate looming with presidential election taking place in november so he can use foreign policy success but of course this is what happened is a risky gamble that could backfire and that's why he has been criticized by the
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democrats who say that he's decision to take out soleimani could leave the you ass on the brink of a major conflict across the middle east. do you buy this imminent attack. no i don't it's not the iranians usually think a lot before they act and that might be the main difference between them and the trumpet ministration the. strategic patience and they will try to find a way to take revenge. but at the same time not risk a major confrontation with the united states until now they thought that they could escalate until the elections they might have realized that there is a serious risk of an american attack if they keep attacking american personnel in iraq i think the 1st step would be to try to force the iraqi government to evict
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american troops from the country so a political step ok so this was so this is this you're thinking that in response rather than more firing there is this iraq iran iraq is going to try and squeeze america america's relationship with iran. iran with iraq the other way around yes indeed yes that will be the 1st step and i think it has already happened today so alexandra from naaman. let's take up that wider point on u.s. policy how does this attack by the united states fit into the wider frame of u.s. policy towards iran. well what has become clear and the last month is that iran has become the centerpiece of the u.s. foreign policy after pulling out of the iranian nuclear agreement which president trump considers the worst deal ever the year as reliance on sanctions trying to
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apply its maximum pressure campaign on iran even when iran was accused of shooting down an american drone even when iran was accused of launching an attack on saudi oil infrastructure but this makes moen pressure come pay and it was questioned by many and it didn't seem to be very successful so now apparently the yass administration decided that it is right and important to launch the air strikes against iranian proxies in iraq and to kill the soul and mind you may be to put iran under more pressure president said today in his brief statement that killing monny was not to start a new war but to make sure that there will be no war to eliminate any prospect of
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a war a good time back of the final word reaction with which but i'm more interested in reaction from u.s. allies who aside from israel seem to be rather than welcoming this attack from the u.s. just asking everyone to just calm down yes that's because major countries in the region have realized that the iranians are 1st able to damage especially the oil infrastructure in saudi arabia the u.a.e. the iranians have shown that recently and they have shown that they are ready. to. the saudis they are ready to tech the iraqis and they expected they expected an american response already twice last year it didn't come about and that is why right now they look for deescalation of the situation thanks to jordan. and
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alexandra farm thank you both for the u.s. drone strike has drawn a variety of responses from across the international community russia criticize the killing saying base step by washington could have grave consequences for regional peace and stability in our view such actions do not contribute to the finding of solutions for the complicated problems that have accumulated in the middle east but here's a tweet from germany's foreign minister heiko mass the us military operation followed a series of dangerous provocations by iran however this action has not made it easy to reduce tensions he went on to say that further escalation which could send the whole region on fire must be prevented but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has backed a general solemn audi's assassination saying that just as israel has the right of self-defense the united states has exactly the same right. mom is responsible for
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the deaths of american citizens and many other innocent people. norty poor as a member of the german parliament from the green party of iranian descent he moved to germany as a child he represents his posse on foreign affairs and he's also on the board the stock's defense committee losing money while shah's asked him about germany's options in the coming days so is there anything that germany or europe can do to prevent the escalation of the conflict we've been not active enough for the last one and a half years. delivering solutions to safety the nuclear deal with iran this is why we lost a lot of credits on the question of the efficiency of european and specially german diplomacy but the risk of failure and escalation is very high and would affect
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as massively so it's now time for. for reactivating any imaginable macam ism of crisis diplomacy i would love to see my foreign minister to travel to the region not only to tehran but also to riyadh to. to to doha for example and also to ankara to at least try to find a way not to find or not to prevent to an overreaction to a potential iranian overreaction where does that leave the relations between germany and europe with tehran a relations between europe and iran are different than the ones of the americans and the iranians your neighbors know that iran is playing a highly aggressive role in the whole middle east we know that iran's human rights record is disastrous but at the end of the day this is in our neighborhood we don't want. we don't want to have nukes in our neighborhood this is why we fought for
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a nuclear deal for for so long. what kind of retaliation do you fear from tehran there are a lot of scenarios a can in. imagine iran and iranian. armed forces and american armed forces are physically very close to each other and see a lot of places like afghanistan in the persian gulf and iraq and lebanon or in syria so it's imaginable that they can hit the americans and their allies very massively so does this why we this is why i think that's a german german armed forces in iraq should be deployed off the country immediately we see that the americans say that they can't deliver security anymore they're so good night or did the germans canst is why we need our boys back now where does that leave the nuclear to you. i am afraid that there is a backlash now in the deal those voices stories are radical voices in tehran who
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say that the only safety guard for that country would be in neighbors are now. empowered by the american strike so days just show. at north korea and say look at north korea look at us they have nukes we do not have them this is the only way how we can protect ourselves and i think this course is going to be. a lot or a lot of the next days and weeks we talk about an escalation of the conflict what does that mean for people on the ground say video. iraq is a country who has suffered so badly for the last 30 years almost and even longer. for of course an escalation in iraq would be bad for the civilians but any escalation would be bad for any civilian no matter where he takes place in afghanistan would be the same the end of today it would mean that a lot of people are harmed a lot of civilians are are suffering even more and
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a lot of people have to leave their homes and then try to to find a safe haven. thank you. not a latin america which looks likely to face another year of rest a wave of protests broke out across the continent last year from chile to colombia venezuela remains in the grip of a political and economic crisis a year ago opposition leader one goh i don't claim the presidency from nicolas maduro who was accused of election fraud in dictatorial rule despite massive anti-government protests are more than 50 countries backing go i don't know where durham has clung on to power hyperinflation is one of venezuela's biggest problems despite 6 increases in the minimum wage workers are still taking home the equivalent of just a few u.s. dollars a day. it's supposed to give venezuelans more purchasing power the latest hike in the minimum wage means workers will receive $150000.00 in cash they also get
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another $150000.00 in food stamps each month sounds like a lot to me but what can you actually buy with it. viz 3 bottles of water and 2 bread rolls cost more than a quarter of the monthly wage what the saudi. 300000 is not enough to buy anything with when you factor in transportation food bills and recreational activities you just don't have enough. and that's about a. good look at that particular piece cost $60000.00 bodies and a bus ticket now costs 2000 everything is way too expensive and the minimum wage is not enough. when i don't know how. i went shopping in caracas to put the new minimum wage to the test myself i bought some groceries 417-0000 believer days that's more than the minimum wage for just a few items but i still have most of the food stamps left so i bought some onions.
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from 3 national. and cheese. i bought 18 eggs 440000 body bags and there was just enough left to buy a drink. if i'm frugal i can make these groceries last for me for a month but for a family it's not very much and i'm not including a lot of protein in these groceries nor personal hygiene products and for an overall monthly salary it's not enough to cover public transport or public services like water electricity gas and telephone services so for a family it's not very much. and the signs of climate change are accumulating relentlessly in the himalayas they have changes. rapid and alarming the world's highest mountain ranges starving of snow the rate of glacial ice retreat represents a real climate emergency and that's before you take into account the 1000000000
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people downstream who depend on himalayan snow melt for water. india's pindar a glacier. one of many in the himalayas losing snow mass at an alarming rate. swami demand on a hindu yogi has lived here for most of his life. he's seen firsthand the impact of global warming. not hermeticum swishes be 10 feet of snow here in november but there's not even a foot right now it wants no 4 months maybe at the end of december or in mid january. over the past 40 years between dairy glacier has retreated more than 2 and a half kilometers. and glaciology experts say there's no sign of it slowing down the. glaciers melt in summers and accumulate snow in winters but due to climate
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change or global warming are some a period is extended and the winter season is shrinking. it means the snow fall period is shorter and the melting period is longer. and that's happening to more than $10000.00 glaciers across the himalayas it's also disturbing the mountain ecosystem as the ice recedes you for year in june soon. and. the changes happening in glaciers are putting pressure on the bio diversity in that topography and in that climate. do. you have any new species have started showing up here last year there was a mosquito and a bad bug you creatures are popping up there are leeches and at the riverside snakes have been found 20 to 30 years ago these species were not here. in.
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the himalayan glaciers stretch for 2 and a half 1000 kilometers across asia feeding for major river systems the loss of ice could mean a devastating future for the region. finally we live in an age when this thing to recorded music is largely done digitally but old school turntables have become a hipster favorite for playing vinyl l.p.'s like almost all sound systems of course they need electricity to work in many places in india there is no access to an existing so the turntables for one of the gramophone needs only to be wound up in one body delhi is working to keep the music play. every morning ahmad makes his way through the crowded streets of old delhi to reach his workshop this is where he repairs grana founds a skill his father taught him. they're still produced in india
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but getting the old ones working again is his specialty. you're doing illustration and i'm 1000000000 the they don't need any electricity in places where there isn't any these things still get a lot of use and there are lots of places in india without electricity people bring their gramophone is to me so i can repair them. until it is. mohammad khalid brings in his family's gramophone. this one was made in germany although it's quite old he's very fond of it. but the other unit this is from my wonderful grandfather it brings back lots of memories to hang on to it forever if i could but it needs to be reconfigured i love it sound. many of the wind up gramophone come from germany right he says proud to own a good number of them but his favorite is
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a 940 model from england. man in england electric tsonga with a gramophone sound brings in a piece listening to this music gives me a nice feeling modern playing equipment makes me uncomfortable. the phrase a smug son will take over the business one day. that so the sweden scratchy ground the phones will be audible here for a long time to come. tomorrow that my lad there's. nowhere am. i not so was the day i was ever the conversation continues online 5 years on twitter at state of the news program don't forget to use a hash tag the day of a good day.
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do you speak this line up. this music lyrics are something. you feel. and does this secure bracing. you come to the right place.
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between 2 extremes. living it to explore the data for. someone to fill it straight stairways highest mountain until. she's taking a brand new cable cut that soon spits a summit and descending into the cup not good. experience something very in the wings a magic with genuine inside is. 60 minutes to . 40. 50 years of religions for peace teams from many different things are working together toward a common goal a peaceful resolution of religious conflicts in
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a league now all female members are for legends for peace from the middle east are demanding the larger. oh come on the ground is empowering women giving them the rule. making them agents of change the way. the female peacemakers the stores journey where we sit on top of. the to. drive it the d.w. motor magazine this week we look at an exclusive off road on the new mercedes jean-claude. khushi s.u.v. the citroën c 5 and across. the time their snappy comeback falls new focus has to
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