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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2020 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin iraqi militias are staging a huge percent for the iranian general and a local militia men killed by a u.s. drone strike tens of thousands are gathering in baghdad for the funeral march as tensions between iran and the u.s. spy tehran has vowed revenge for the death of general qassam solomonic. australia calls up 3000 reservists to help deal with the devastating wildfire forecasters are warning of more high winds and sporting temperatures reaching 45
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degree as the prime minister declares it's an extremely difficult day for the country. i'm michael so glad you could join me tens of thousands of mourners have gathered in the iraqi capital baghdad for a funeral procession for the iranian general and iraqi militia leader killed in an american airstrike a day earlier the procession organized by iran backed iraqi militias is heading for the shiite holy cities of karbala and najaf south of baghdad the death of general. sole nonny has sent shock waves through the region. tehran has vowed revenge of the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq and is sending thousands of extra troops to the region. the iranians took to the streets of their capital on friday in the 10s
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of thousands. was they chanted no compromise no surrender fight the us the news of general salim money's killing sparked fury among the protesters who directed their anger at the west. and why yes i mean how do you have the same thing they did to us should be done to them and their leader should be killed all of them should be killed and. military officials also spoke of revenge for the killing of the man who was widely seen as the 2nd most powerful figure in iran. and you know your way out the americans should prepare themselves for a slap in the face that the americans must know now that after this crime that they have committed they will face no safety or peace anywhere and. this was all that remained of the vehicle carrying the iranian general and the iraqi militia leader
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after the american missile struck sort of money had just landed at baghdad's airport hundreds was on hand to welcome him both were killed instantly along with at least 5 others of the deaths are a major setback for iran and for iraq which loses an important military ally. with . the u.s. says the strike was necessary claiming salim money had been developing plans to attack americans in the region president donald trump said he was not seeking a major conflict with iran was all in may he has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago we took action last like just stop a war we did not. take action to start a war. the reaction from tehran was swift and resolute supreme leader ayatollah ali
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how many issued a statement promising quote strong revenge and ordered 3 days of national mourning he also named a successor to solomon ie the generals former deputy as male danny. the conflict was already escalating before the latest airstrike on thursday 750 american soldiers arrived in kuwait now washington is directing u.s. citizens in iraq to leave the country immediately. joined by rachel rizzo she is a political analyst at the robert bosch foundation here in berlin rachel i'm so glad you could join us both tehran and washington are choosing the other being the aggressor iran is saying that the u.s. president donald trump has crossed the line a little perspective here is the u.s. action unprecedented well it depends on how you look at it trump is known for the sort of shocking last minute actions right remember that he bombed syria shortly after he took office and he killed. the leader of isis just recently i think what's
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different about this is the escalation i mean this is sort of like the iranians taking out the head of the u.s. department of defense or the joint chiefs of staff i mean this is an escalation that i think shocked everyone and so i think the question now is how is iran going to respond and. what happens next i think the trumpet ministration has said that this move was made as a defense of decisive action they've said that they stopped a war because of this people in the u.s. are going to want to see that intelligence and see that information but we've been seeing live pictures of tens of thousands of iraqis attending the funeral processions of these slain officers meanwhile iran is vowing revenge against this u.s. action just how popular has this move been seen in the united states one surprisingly the reaction has been pretty divided between partisan lines you've gotten tweets from republican leaders and congress basically saying this was
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a good move so has u.s. blood on his hands and is responsible for the killing of hundreds of americans through the years and iran has been pushing the u.s. in the region for a long enough and. is about time democrats on the other hand have said look yes that is true solo money was a was a bad guy but this escalation is something that we are not prepared for and i don't think the trump of his administration has really thought through the repercussions of that i think the response from citizens you can expect to be quite the same very divided between democrats and republicans you saw trump's tweet right after right after the strike it was just an american flag so obviously he's going to use this to try to drum up support amongst his base now the united states and iraq of course are supposed to be allies but this is not the 1st time that the americans have launched a strike in iraq what if anything does this say about you know the u.s.
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position on iraq through their view on baghdad you know obviously our relationship with iraq has been under a mental stress for a while and at the end of the day this was a violation of iraq's territorial integrity and they're reacting in a way that i think is unsurprising right i think our the future of u.s. troops in iraq is uncertain especially after the u.s. has announced that we're going to send more to the region and so i think that our future with with the country is pretty uncertain right uncertain right now and we'll have to wait and see what happens next political analyst ritual reserve thank you so much for joining us that was helpful thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world protesters have clashed with police in the chilean capital santiago it was the 1st demonstration of the year against the government of sebastian pinera it's $26.00 people have died in violence that began in october over an increase in subway fares. at least 7 people are dead after
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a hotel collapse in cambodia about 18 have been rescued from the rubble a search is continuing for other survivors the hotel came down during construction cambodia's building industry has been booming but it's plagued by safety problems. thousands of teachers have rallied in hong kong in support of colleagues arrested or disciplined in the pro-democracy protests their union accuses the government of targeting teachers for attending rallies and speaking out on social media the education ministry denies this. australia has called up 3000 military reservists as emergency services brace for what's expected to be one of the hottest days since devastating bush fires broke out more than 200 blazes are burning across the heavily populated states of victoria and new south wales.
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or the nightmare scenes like this have driven some people to the sea where they're now being evacuated. many roads are impassable and water is sometimes the only solution the decision is wrenching to survival but at a price a home he may have lost. meanwhile the government is coming under harsh criticism from both the public and some emergency service workers for not providing enough relief for doing so too late or both but now there's no middle ground the weather forecast for the next few days is even worse the call for a major evacuation for parts of the torah and you south wales is. loud and clear. this is why for russia's far that is still out there and the conditions are going to be very difficult to contain that in the minutes 24 to 40 i doubt that's why the evacuation messages are so incredibly important but these prize already sky. has
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been included on many occasions now and president particularly for this time of year in the length of the process them and the absence of the dowsing right ecologists at the university of sydney fear the death toll includes hundreds of millions of animals the places have destroyed more than $1300.00 homes and scorched more than 5 and a half 1000000 hector's an area far greater than the netherlands. a judge in the u.k. has ruled that the guinness and qualifies as a protected philosophical belief under british law paving the way for vegans to sue their employers if they feel they've been the target of discrimination the case involves londoner jordi and the child who claims he was fired from his job at a charity because of his strict adherence to the view can lifestyle which means rejecting all consumption of animal products and charity denied this saying he was fired for gross misconduct the case is still pending but the judges recognition of veganism as a protected belief is
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a 1st in british law. the red carpet is being rolled out in los angeles as the film awards season kicks off this weekend with the golden globes and once again the host of the star studded show is grabbing most of the attention. he thinks the god of the oh really this is me steve. the controversial british comedian ricky gervais's is back for a 5th time handing out awards and insults to hollywood's biggest stars his last few performances at the golden globes have courted controversy and there had been speculation he wouldn't be allowed back but it seems the barbs will be flying again this year. sports now and a focus on 2 female athletes who hit new heights last year megan rapinoe led the united states to the world cup title while american simone biles broke the record
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for the most world championships medals in gymnastics for both biles and repeat no sporting success has become a platform to raise social issues. she was the star of the show at the women's world cup megan rapinoe claimed her 2nd title and during the celebrations all eyes were on her repeat no use the publicity to spread her message. it's our responsibility to make this world a better place rypien who has become an iconic but controversial figure she rejected the possibility of a white house reception jews have views on president donald trump and she is accused of not taking women's football seriously she's a huge prize money discrepancies with men's football at the world cup final fans in the stadium made their support for rypien oakley. is pretty special to. that time transcending. outside. soccer. like something
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bigger and so mine biles is another female athlete who had a stellar 2019 after becoming the most decorated gymnast of all time for the path to glory was filled with pain her mother was a drug addict and files was raised by her grandparents who still accompany her that's every event. file's was also one of more than 250 athletes abused by usa gymnastics talked to laurie nasa she condemned the organization you had one job you literally had one job anybody to protect her. child says much has changed for female athletes but there is still a long way to go she has previously said we live in exciting times for women in sports so many fantastic female. it's a gradually getting the recognition they deserve. but we definitely need to do more to make sure that there is really equality in sports. simone biles and megan rapinoe 2 athletes who refuse to put that beliefs to one side. yes or female
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athletes over so much more than that and in 2020 they'll continue to fight for what they believe in. in the wake of that american air strike the u.s. men's soccer team has pulled out of a training visit to qatar the gulf state has close ties with neighboring iran the team had planned a 20 day winter training camp in doha to get ready for this year's slate of matches but said in a statement that the developing situation in the region has led to a postponement of their plans a reminder then again of the top story we're following for you tens of thousands of people have gathered in the iraqi capital baghdad for a funeral procession for the iranian general and iraqi militia leader killed in an american airstrike today early dawn has vowed revenge.
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coming up next world stories we can report joints of pioneering young woman teaching in truth more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's. thanks for joining us in the season.


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