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but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say. this is to give you news live from berlin iran says it will no longer abide by any of the limits in a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the announcement comes after the country's top general was killed in a u.s. drone strike hundreds of thousands of iranians flooded the nation's streets some more revolutionary guard general customs. venezuela's opposition slimes
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what it calls a part of the entry after arrival of foreign wado proclaims himself the president of the national assembly who is caught up when it is the vote after security forces blocked some opposition lawmakers from entering the building. thanks for joining us iran has announced it will no longer abide by any limits of the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the announcement came after a u.s. drone strike killed the country's top general and an iraqi militia leader in baghdad on sunday large crowds in iran mourn the death of kassam soleimani at a funeral procession. grief and outrage as tens of thousands in the iranian city of mashad accompanied the body of general
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kasem soleimani to a shrine a popular hero and close ally of the country's supreme leader. his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. in the parliament cries of death to america in support of his rationale the 7 action of the u.s. president is considered a military act of terrorism. you want to know the dissent then sure will have painful consequences for you bush and the ripple effects are being felt already the parliament in neighboring iraq has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some $5000.00 u.s. troops are stationed there on the streets of baghdad fears that instability will only get worse. and why has he said to be livid at the market is a horrific act miss fear they want us to live in chaos worse than what we live in
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now there will be more killings and the fight will move to iraq. and in lebanon the around backs hezbollah militia threaten to hit american forces in the region a lot of the last kellyanne emily kiya american army bases battleships and every american soldier in our region countries and in our lands i mean the american army killed kasim solo money and the others and it is the americans who will pay the price so be it that they're not we're not well let me say a tall sum and there's been no backing down on the american side in washington u.s. president donald trump threaten to hit tehran hard and fast if iran strikes he tweeted we have targeted 52 iranian sites representing the 52 american hostages taken by iran many years ago. that's a reference to the hospital crisis at the american embassy the fall of the 1979
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iranian revolution a key event in the long running conflict between washington and tehran. the latest developments have inspired protests in several american cities. it's a provocation toward this is fairly dangerous and anybody who wants peace has this been say no at this time but the widespread outrage in iran over solomonic assassination may leave the leadership little room to maneuver putting the country on a collision course with the u.s. . and for more insight on this we're joined in the studio by middle east analyst daniel thanks for being here a lot of tough talk a lot of saber rattling how worried do we really need to be i think we need to we need to be very worried this is a very difficult and a very dramatic situation though the americans say they don't want to enter into a direct to halt war with iran and of course the iranians say they want to take revenge but they don't want war work very easily happen now at the moment if we
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look at the language that we use the rhetoric that's been used nobody no side wants to back down and at the moment i think the iranians have though they they are very tough and they're talking have somehow accumulated a lot of sympathy in the region also because what happened there happened in iraq and it was a violation of iraqi sovereignty and the reunions were not very popular of quite recently in iraq but this act this violation of iraq of iraqi sovereignty by the u.s. has somehow closed the ranks between iranians and iraq and i think in the long term it's giving iraq iran more leverage and more power over iraq and that is something maybe the white house didn't consider before that strike the american secretary of state make pump a you said that the strike is part of an overall strategy of peace and stability in the middle east and as you know better than i strategies are usually put forward white papers and so on do you see any signs of an actual strategy here no i don't i see political goals the military goals which is to try to fill iranian influence
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wherever it is in the region but i don't consider that a strategy though i think this the problem here is that this administration doesn't really care about details doesn't really care about what's going on in the region they have put their money on a few horses they say our interest is defending israel our interest is defending saudi arabia united arab emirates trade but that's it but they don't they they refuse to deal with the complexity of the region and most importantly with the opinions and narratives of the other sides that they're in conflict with notably iran and that is. out of the problem but i think they have they've openly admitted that they couldn't care less about it and that is i think part of the problem and i think the europeans and others have to deal with that if we could just look at what the iraqi parliament did voting to expel the american troops understand that's largely a symbolic gesture the government needs to do and the prime minister's an interim prime minister but surely that has consequences absolutely and i don't think it's a symbolic gesture i think it is a very important gesture and it's a very consequential thing to do remember
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a few years ago the americans were instrumental along side with the iranians by the way to defeat isis it took a long time for them to deliver weapons to the iraqis to the kurds notably but also to the iraqi army it took a long time for them to intervene with the air force and that gave that gave the so-called islamic state a lot of opportunities to hold their ground and now it's going to be much more difficult to engage the if if i research is much more difficult for the alliance to be to be forged with the united states and i think in particular the kurds in the north they have very worried about the situation this is why many of them abstained from the vote today in the parliament i think it's a very very important move but the americans left no choice of the iraqi parliament but who in such a situation in such a violation of iraqi sovereignty would vote differently from what they actually did there was no chance of nato said it was going to suspend its training of iraqi soldiers in the fight against isis is that going to hurt. i think so i think it's
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definitely a wrong move but of course the priority is the safety of the soldiers and not the political stability of iraq but i think it is a move that doesn't make things better in the region ok middle east expert thanks for that thank you. and we turn to venezuela now where a disputed session of the national assembly has been held to elect a new leader replacing one wide though for the past year why no has used that position to declare himself then his way less interim president in place of the incumbent nicolas maduro but on sunday why doe's rival louis parra declared himself the new leader of the national assembly announcement was immediately disputed by some opposition lawmakers who called it a parliamentary cuckoo as a quorum of members had not been reached many had been prevented from participating in the session after police blocked their access to the building. among them.
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and for more on this developing story we're joined by correspondent oscar schlanger in caracas oscar the national assembly it now has a new president it would seem what can you tell us about this part of well what is happening inside our own now it's all very confusing because the only information available is that state news but we know we now know it was your forces were blocking the accessed programming and it was an excuse a lot warmer in order to aim at least out of that is the new president of the national symbol although we started out in longs to an opposition party he was accused a few weeks ago of being involved in a corruption scheme late to chop the small government from this is since since then he has fallen from grace from the opposition and is being investigated by the national assembly he then became a critic of one way though as one the fish are of legal rights under the government one way to go and its allies are calling this a state director and i started out
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a new session outside the legislative analyst in order to relax the new director for the national some. why do just to remind ourselves from clean himself in turn president on the basis of his leadership of the national assembly so where does today's vote leath him in his movement well this election would have empowered one by the one reaffirm as the leader of a united opposition we have seen in the past. the regions attacks against the opposition and its leaders empowers them or divides them as we have seen with scratches gentles today's actions are clear and against one way to go if you manages to overcome these obstacles 'd and regain power over the national assembly you could well popularity but also you could earn income workers from the regime as we have seen in the past and what effect will all these developments have on the
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long suffering venezuelan population. well it's it's more of the same conflict of ours we have already seen even that we think it can escalate even more but there is always room for a political presence your beliefs whether the problem is that while there are more political discussions there is less government governance to deal with the flu new medicine crisis the economic crisis migration human rights laminations blackouts water shortages and many other social problems that are reckoned havoc in venice were not and were certainly the humanitarian crisis over its people ok to use our special inker in caracas thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world exit polls suggest that former prime minister or in milan of each has one croatia's presidential election social democrat is projected to have unseated the incumbent kalinda guitar of each from the conservative party earlier
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polls predicted a close race. a militant group al-shabaab has attacked an army base in kenya destroying vehicles and aircraft for terrorists have reportedly been killed in the attack the base located in the town of lamu close to the somali border is used by kenyan and u.s. forces. thousands of people have marched in hong kong near the border to protest traders from mainland china traders duty free products in hong kong and resell them in china locals say this raises prices in hong kong which has seen more than 6 months of protests over chinese influence in the territory. australia's bushfires are being described as a national catastrophe take a look at these guys. pardon me from the smoke and consider this these images actually are not from australia at all but from auckland
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in new zealand 2000 kilometers away the fires have been raging for months now but the last days have been among the worst at least 24 people have now lost their lives and thousands have lost their homes a warning some disturbing images are in this report. it's a warning no one ever wants to hear. if you are. mentally or physically particular. gayeties. thousands of history of the ins have been forced to decide stay and defend their homes or leave and lose everything if it was. mine i studied the thing with property and i didn't study it back
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or i didn't. want the world swarming so slowly. let's go. this is what many will return to over a 1000 homes have been destroyed in recent days. animals of the silent victims burned in their paddocks and on the roadside. experts say over half a 1000000000 animals have been killed those that have survived a burned down to their skins. now the army reserve has been called up to help the relief efforts this is the largest single. of the defense force reservists working together with their full time defense forces to provide a support which this country has never seen before mr prime minister is fighting political fires after being criticised for his handling of the crisis. for more
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scorching days or for cost the only thing that can stop the blazes is rain and no serious showers are expected for weeks. and you are of course watching dude have been used live from berlin coming up next part one of our doc film africa rising i'm max foster thanks for joining us more news at the top of the hour. it's all happening the british coming. surely news from africa the world your link to exception the stories and discussions continue and welcome to the debut suffocating program tonight from funny to me come on news of sleazy town wow with sandy debbie.


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