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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2020 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this it is t w news live from berlin iran says it will no longer any of the limits in a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the announcement comes after the country's top general was killed in a u.s. drone strike hundreds of thousands of iranians flooded city streets to mourn a revolutionary guard general hossam. venezuela's opposition denounces what it calls a parliamentary coupe after a rival of proclaims himself the president of the national assembly lose power wins
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the vote after security forces block some opposition lawmakers from entering the building. the german paralympian with her heart in south africa sprinter ermengarde bensusan was named germany's pair awfully of the year and $29.00 team she's got her eyes on gold at the tokyo paralympics. spicer thanks for joining us. iran has said that it will no longer abide by any limits of a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the announcement came after a u.s. drone strike killed the country's top general and an iraqi militia leader and baghdad on sunday large crowds in iran mourned the death of kassam soleimani at a funeral procession. grief and outrage as
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tens of thousands in the iranian city of mashad a company in the body of general cause some sort of money to a shrine a popular hero and close ally of the country's supreme leader. or. his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. in the parliament cries of death to america in support of his rational the 7 action that the us president is considered a military active terrorist. group only you watch you know the disadvantage will have painful consequences for you which minimal ripple effects are being felt already the parliament in neighboring iraq has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some 5000 u.s. troops are stationed there on the streets of baghdad fears that instability will only get worse. it is
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a horrific act miss fear they want us to live in chaos worse than what we live in now there will be more killings and the fight will move to iraq. and in lebanon be around back hezbollah militia threaten to hit american forces in the region a lot of the last kellyanne i mean american army bases battleships and every american soldier in our region countries and in our lands i mean the american army killed him solo money and the others and it is the americans who will pay the price or be it that they're not going. well i love you so you know paul simon. there's been no backing down on the american side in washington u.s. president donald trump threatened to hit tehran hard if iran strikes tweeting we have targeted 52 iranian sites representing the 52 american hostages taken by iran many years ago a reference to the hostage crisis at the american embassy the fall of the 1979
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iranian revolution a key event in the long running conflict between washington and tehran the wrongs announcement on sunday that it would no longer abide by the 2050 nuclear deal raises the stakes further but the widespread outrage on the street puts pressure on the government in tehran to show its standing up to the u.s. . and to get a u.s. perspective on the still evolving situation we're joined now by carla bleicher from our washington bureau carla the latest development is that the iran is essentially tearing of the nuclear deal it would seem which trump donald trump himself was keen to scrap as soon as he took office any reaction from the u.s. administration. yes u.s. secretary of state's mike pump ale has said that these this recent steps of action that the u.s. government has taken are more of a course correction against the what he calls peace moment of iran under the obama
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administration and he is saying that people should remember what happened under this treaty namely what he refers to as the hundreds of thousands of deaths of people across the middle east's and has washington said anything about the significant decision of the iraqi parliament voting for u.s. troops to leave the country. well pump ale pointed out that he believes that the iraqi prime minister who has called the parliament to action and was asked for them to institute a timetable for this pull out it's that he according to pump was pressured by iran and continue to say that he believes that the iraqi people one thing united states to continue to stay in the country. just turning back to iran which you mentioned donald trump has been warning he's ready to use his words head around fast and hard
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saying you know be over 50 targets is there any indication what those targets might involve of course details are being kept under wraps but president trump has said that among the $52.00 targets on the u.s. list are also targets importance to rain and culture iran has $24.00 sites on the u.s. school world heritage list but it is important to remember that targeting cultural sides is considered a war crime according to international conventions. and if you could just tell us we've been talking about the you know the government's actions and reactions and so on like to hear a little bit about what the american people in congress are are thinking about things. any any comment from congress serve them but the public that are worth
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under money. yes yes critics of the trumpet ministration are are worried it's of what they are seeing is the president pushing the country to the brink of war with iran and chuck schumer the minority leader so the democratic minority leader in the u.s. senate has said that trump's erratic decision making is risking the safety of americans at home and abroad and another thing that they have been criticizing is the process. of trump not not informing congress of the steps that he has taken. the president has tweeted as his media posts so his tweets work work as a way of informing congress. you know if iran attacks that the u.s. will strike back but as critics have pointed out that does not work that it's not legally sanctioned i don't think that's actually in the constitution ok carl
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a blogger reporting for us from washington d.c. thanks very much. to venezuela now where a disputed session of the national assembly has been held to elect a new leader replacing kwan gado for the past year gordo has used that position declare himself venezuela's interim president in place of the incumbent nicolas maduro but on sunday why those rival luis posada declared himself the new leader of the national assembly the announcement was immediately disputed by some opposition lawmakers who called it a part of the entry couth as a quorum of members had not yet been reached many members of parliament had been privy vented from participating in the session after police blocked their access to the building. among them. and for more on this developing story we're joined by correspondent oscar schleicher in caracas oscar the national assembly it now has a new president it would seem what can you tell us about louis parra
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well what is happening inside carlo now it's all very confusing because the only information available is that state news but we know we now know it was your forces were blocking the at least parliament and there was an excuse a lot in order to work and we started out as the new president of the national symbol although we started out in longs to an opposition party he was accused a few weeks ago of being involved in a corruption scheme late to child and small government from this is since since then he has fallen from grace from the opposition and is being investigated by the national assembly he then became a critic of one way though and as one of the fish or of nicholas of the us government one way the ones i was are calling a director and i set out a new session outside the legislative analyst in order to realize that the new director for the national something. why go just to remind ourselves from claim
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himself in term president on the basis of his leadership of the national assembly so where does today's vote leath him and his movement on this election it would have empowered one by the one reaffirmed as the leader of the with corruption scandals today's actions are clear attack against one where you go if you manages to overcome these obstacles and regain power over the national assembly you could weigh popularity but also it could earn some workers from the regime as we have seen in the past and what effect will all these developments have on the long suffering venezuelan population. well it's it's more of the same conflict of ours we have already seen we never think it can escalate even more but there is always room for a political crisis you're a business where the problem is that while there are more political discussions
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there is less government governance to deal with the food and medicine crisis the economic crisis migration human rights violations blackouts water shortages and many other social problems the direction havoc in venezuela and worsening the humanitarian crisis over its people ok to me as i was like or in caracas thank you . and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. former prime ministers or milan of it has won croatia's presidential runoff election social democrat garnered 53 percent of the vote unseating the incumbent kalinda. the result is a blow for the governing conservatives while croatia holds the e.u.'s rotating presidency a part of entry election is due later this year. somali is the most militant group al-shabaab attacked an army base in kenya on sunday morning according to the u.s. military at least one u.s. soldier 2 contractors and 4 terrorists died in the incident the base located in the
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town of lamu close the somali border is used by both kenyan and u.s. forces. the death toll has risen sharply in the collapse of a hotel under construction in southern cambodia authorities in the city of cap pulled another dozen bodies from the rubble bringing the total to $36.00 they did manage to rescue a puppy as you can see here raising hopes of finding more human survivors. now for sports fans the olympic and paralympic games are already on the horizon in 2021 german athlete to keep an eye on is sprinter ermengarde bensusan she was recently named fleet of the year in germany thanks to her record breaking achievements in 2019 having won 3 silver medals at the last paralympic games in rio she's pushing to go one better this year. racing into 2020 in got bensusan is one of germany's top medal hopes for the tokyo paralympics
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sprinter was originally destined to be a top hurdler before an accident during a warm up routine changed her life. it was the hurdle and i hit it with my leg and then it hit the ground and then i fell forward and one tiny went backwards and there was this looked at my leg and i started to scream bensusan now uses a special boot to help her run in spite of the severe nerve damage she suffered that day and it's helping her reach their full potential the 2019 world championships bensusan won gold in the 10200 meter events successes that vindicate the south african born stars decision to move to her mother's homeland germany i couldn't speak the language at all i only thought here and. even though my mom is hot german or half german it was a very big adaption culture learning the different ways how the german do things i think german really with african heart the jewel challenges of dealing with
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a traumatic injury and a new country have tested bensusan but she says she wouldn't change a thing the fighting all the crying and everything that i made through and all the downfalls and i'm in the down. struggle that overcame that a lot more than any of them think maybe i would have been in god and susan has fought back from the brink to become a 1st class sprinter now 2020 office her the chance to cap her career with paralympic gold. the oldest person in the world has reached a new milestone kain it has celebrated her 117th birthday eating cake with friends and family at her nursing home in japan and that was confirmed as the oldest living person last year she was born and 19 over 3 years the wright brothers flew the 1st ever powered airplane. you're of
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course watching d.w. news from berlin on my spicer thanks for joining us. happiness is for everyone schumann pimas was a very different from primates you know we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature and there david and this is climate change crisis sex how do you notice in 3 books you get smarter for free you know when you books are new to.


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