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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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place. this is d. w. news live from berlin iran says it suspending all commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers this after the us killed the country's top general in a drone strike on friday hundreds of thousands of iranians have been flooding the city's streets to mourn the general custom soleimani also coming out then as well as opposition condemns what it calls a parliamentary curfew after
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a rifle of one quite good proclaims himself president of the national assembly louise power wins the botox to security forces block someone positioned micah's from entering the building. welcome to the shard iran has said it will no longer abide by any of the limits of a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the announcement came after a u.s. drone strike on friday killed the country's top general as well as an iraqi militia leader in baghdad on sunday large crowds in iran mourned the death of solemn on a yacht a procession. grief and outrage as tens of thousands in the iranian city of mashad accompanied the body of general
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custom saudi money to a shrine a popular hero and close ally of the country's supreme leader. of the his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. in the parliament cries of death to america supposedly rational the 7th action of the u.s. president is considered a military of terrorism. only you want to know that this have been sure will have painful consequences for you which and then the ripple effects are being felt already the parliament in neighboring iraq has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some $5000.00 u.s. troops are stationed there on the streets of baghdad fears that instability will only get worse. it is a horrific atmosphere they want us to live in chaos worse than what we live in now
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there will be more killings and the fight will move to iraq. and in lebanon the around backs hezbollah militia threaten to hit american forces in the region a lot of the last kellyanne emily kiya american army bases battleships and every american soldier in the region countries and in our lands i mean the american army killed kassim solo money and the others and it is the americans who will pay the price that they're not well let me say a false time and. there's been no backing down on the american side in washington u.s. president donald trump threatened to hit tehran hard if iran strikes tweeting we have targeted 52 iranian sites representing the 52 american hostages taken by iran many years ago a reference to the. hostage crisis at the american embassy the fall of the 1979 iranian revolution a key event in the long running conflict between washington and tehran iran's
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announcement on sunday that it would no longer abide by the 2050 nuclear deal raises the stakes further but the widespread outrage on the street puts pressure on the government in tehran to show its standing up to the u.s. but. we're joined now by hussein and iran expert and assistant professor at the hamilton lugo school at indiana university he joins us from indianapolis welcome to day w. iran now says he was going to abide by the nuclear enrichment limits of the 2050 nuclear deal why didn't tehran just come out and say look where officially withdrawing from the deal all together well i think for the iranians it's import it's there will be consequences that are both old to what the general american posture has been toward iran which has as center piece and america's maximum pressure see that is meant to bring iran into
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a new nuclear agreement with much more stringent terms on iran down the previous administration had signed with the iranian government but also this other military components that would be directly addressing the assassination of its miller general i think we're seeing the 1st come on and being rolled out which is iran standing firm and pulling back from the commitments that it had signaled earlier it would withdraw from if the united states or the europeans that got fortified nuclear deal. so you've talked about the 1st component what do you think is going to happen next. that's anyone's guess i think we're in uncharted territory when it comes to iran possible response to an assassination of a military commander iran has never been in this position in the past when it has suffered casualties on the battlefield it has been in the heat of battle so
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tit for tat revenge if you will attacks could happen in a much more sensible fashion it now finds itself in a very peculiar position where it has to demonstrate results and immediately so that it can show its proxies in the region that it cannot be pushed around. and it is signalling through its proxies that it would respond in some sort of mil tary fashion against and american military installations that's a quotation you have from as an us relevant reader of hizbollah i think was meant to deliver that so i think we are likely to see some sort of military attack but also american interests in the region are now i think fair game many of the persian gulf monarchies. no doubt are beefing up their security to be prepared for a possible revenge attack from from. there as well we saw
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a sea of people turning out slowly moneys funeral procession you have tweeted that many people who didn't support him turned out as well what has his killing done exactly to iranian society. it's remarkable i think he has managed to do something in death that he was never able to do when he was alive which is to bring those who really up toward. the islamic regime inside iran who were especially fed up by the actions of his sports brigade and the islamic revolutionary guards corps and spending billions of dollars of iranian treasury money on distant lands and militias from baghdad to desk us through southern lebanon to yemen all of those criticisms have now gone away because his assassination is seen as an act of war that was not only uncalled for but that it further struck and. those who.
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were very insistent on and much more. stringent split system in iran are going to have to leave it there hassan bonna assistant professor at the hamilton legal school at indiana university thank you very much for your analysis. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in tripoli the 1st funerals have been held following saturday's deadly is dr going to libyan military academy the strike killed at least 30 soldiers and wounded dozens more libya's internationally recognized government has blamed the attack on forces loyal to rebel leader. somali islam is the militant group al-shabaab attacked an army base in kenya on sunday morning according to the u.s. military at least one u.s. soldier 2 contractors and 4 terrorists died in the incident. in the town of lamu
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close to the somali border is used by both kenyan and u.s. forces. cooler temperatures and calmer winds in australia bringing some relief as fire is raging the country's southeast bought officials are warning conditions could worsen life of these waves the blazes have killed 24 people and prompted mass evacuations. in venezuela they've been dramatic scenes in the parliament has prevented the bodies president from getting in and then elected somebody else to replace him why he declared himself interim president in place of incumbent nicolas maduro a year ago saying an election was flawed in that his position meant that he should take charge since then the country's being divided on sunday rivals sit in the assembly that he was the new leader that was a move denounced by samas a palm tree crew many opposition lawmakers who. said that they'd also being blocked
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from getting an inversion a nice and that he said there were not enough people inside to make a valid. some are on this but joined by correspondent in venezuela's capital caracas. one has said for a long time now that he is venezuela's interim president because he leads the national assembly this is a claim recognized by dozens of countries but now he doesn't lead the congress anymore so where does this leave him and his movement. well actually i reassembled and an abandoned newspaper here knows where to conduct the election of the parliament and he was ricky has been reelected as president of the national assembly so we are all trying now into a new conflict between the institutions of man as well now we have also 2 presidents of national assembly which the top these more is going to claim. the
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spot as the president of the national assembly and the opposition which is the majority of the parliamentarians are going to claim one way don't have the reelected president because that's the way it was voted in this ad hoc assembly that has just been conducted here in venezuela so now we have 2 presidents of the national assembly and that will result in conflict between the supreme court the national assembly and the national assembly constituent assembly that was created by that's up to small to counterpart within parliament so it's it's very complex and conflictive right now with the politics and ministerial 30 if there are 2 national assembly late is what's the next step i mean clearly this is not a tenable situation. well definitely what we did with 2.
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presidents of the nation an interesting $1.00 and $1.00 that is acting president which is not going to smooth out and that has just deepened the conflict. on politicians here in venice well it definitely is complex but the constitution sustains. in the parliamentarian sustain their one way though it is the legitimate president and they denounce only one who isn't sober of the presidency and that will continue on throughout this year we will see more prosecutions from the states from local as well as government against opposition leaders we have opposition proletarians that are in prison we have permanent areas there are exile and we have some there are hidden because a they are threatened you go to jail so we will see you want more of that persecution as this conflict escalates our correspondent also crushed lanka in caracas thank you also. in the italian alps
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a suspected drunk driver has plowed into a group of german tourists killing 6 and injuring 11 others the accident occurred in the early hours of sunday in the village of the tiger in need the austrian border the victims were all in their early twenty's and on a group skiing holiday. an impromptu shrine with the holiday makers lost their lives locals have been placing candles and messages here the tragic accident has shocked the town in the meantime finished craft i don't know what to say only i live just across the road here this kind of thing is a no no in the market shouldn't happen that finished the scene. it was just after 1 am the german tourists had stepped out of a bus after a night out and were on their way back to the hotel at that moment a cop plowed into the group at high speed the impact reportedly throwing some victims meters into the air. the 27 year old driver later tests that nearly 4 times
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the legal limit for alcohol 11 others were injured in the accident some seriously they were rushed to nearby hospitals as failing one in default often from these and he just don't have words after something like this. and that's the mood right now among the people in the villages. their hearts go out to the victims yeah it's for the state prosecutors have now taken over the case the driver is facing charges of the he killed a homicide in italy a crime that's punishable with up to 18 years in jail. well how much would you pay for a nice fresh piece of china a japanese sushi tycoon just handed over the equivalent of $1600000.00 euros for a complete china fish at the traditional new year auction at tokyo's 2 yasser fish market it's the 2nd highest price that china has ever faced and this is the fish in
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question a true 176 kilogram bluefin coalition waters off northern japan this is this is 6 this full video was the owner of a renowned sushi restaurant china and he also bought the fish that set the 1st record a year ago. up next documentary on the truth about lying you're watching to deal with the news from i'm sorry about. it is time to take one step further and face the it's. time to search the no fun for the troops. time to overcome downed trees and contact the world it's time for g.w.
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