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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2020 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin u.s. president trump threatened surrenders cultural sites and warns of sanctions on iraq as blowback over the killing of iran's top commander grows iran's leaders have led prayers at the funeral for general concepts on the money meanwhile hundreds of thousands of iranians have taken to the streets to mourn his death. also coming up
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australia's deadly wildfires rage a change in the weather brings some relief but authorities are warning the danger for more bushfires could increase later this week. and the chaotic days but as well as rival lawmakers of both declare themselves parliamentary president says police more u.s. backed opposition leader one why go from entering the national assembly despite a determined effort. plus the stars come out for the golden globes says hollywood's best and brightest in the red carpet will have the leaders from one of his whole towns with the good stuff. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. president has threatened iranian cultural. and vowed to impose several sanctions on
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iraq if the spell expels us troops that's as blowback spirals over the us drone strike that killed iran's top general as well as an iraqi militia leader in baghdad on friday meanwhile in tehran iran's leader ayatollah khamenei has been leading prayers at the funeral for general custom still in money hundreds of thousands of iranians have taken to the streets through mourn his death and call for revenge against the united states. grief and outrage as tens of thousands in the iranian city of mashad accompanied the body of general cause some sort of money to a shrine a popular hero and close ally of the country's supreme leader. of the his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. in the parliament cries of death to america
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in support of russia the 7th action of the us president is considered a military act of terrorism. but only if you want to know the disadvantage will have painful consequences for you wish and then the ripple effects are being felt already the parliament in neighboring iraq has voted to end the us military presence in the country some $5000.00 u.s. troops are stationed there on the streets of baghdad fears that instability will only get worse. at the market is a horrific miss fear they want us to live in chaos worse than what we live in now there will be more killings and the fight will move to iraq. and in lebanon the iran backed hezbollah militia threaten to hit american forces in the region a lot of the last kellyanne emily kiya american army bases battleships and every
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american soldier in the region countries and in our lands i mean the american army killed kasim solo money and the others and it is the americans who will pay the price so be it that they're not all that well let me say a tall sum and. there's been no backing down on the american side in washington u.s. president donald trump threatened to hit tehran hard if iran strikes tweeting we have targeted 52 iranian sites representing the 52 american hostages taken by iran many years ago a reference to the. hostage crisis at the american embassy the fall of the 1979 iranian revolution a key event in the long running conflict between washington and tehran iran's announcement on sunday that it would no longer abide by the 2050 nuclear deal raises the stakes further but the widespread outrage on the street puts pressure on the government in tehran to show its standing up to the u.s. . let's bring in tyson barker here he's
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a transatlantic analyst with the aspen institute here in berlin good to see you tyson so tell us is it any clearer now whether there is a coherent strategy behind the trunk administration's decision to kill some selling money i think everything that we're dealing with on the table is unclear right now both the decision to kill the money and the reaction to it what we have heard from reporting out of washington is that there were a range of options on the table in reaction to the attack on the u.s. embassy in baghdad and this was the most extreme and that was the one that was chosen to go with to the surprise of many in the national security community and the national security and intelligence apparatus in the u.s. government. now as the u.s. braces for retaliation from tehran and we're hearing that iran is planning some form of telly as we just don't want it don't know what it is president trump is now
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threatening to strike iranian cultural sites which some say would be a war crime how does this reflect on america's image abroad what we're already starting to feel the range of instruments that iran has at its disposal in the region 1st this vote in the iraq he parliament the decision to withdraw from all of the conditions of the j.c.b. away and what's happening there in exactly the nuclear agreement. and what's happening within the anti isis coalition so we're already feeling the scramble that iran has at its disposal to kind of scramble the security situation in the region an acute attack specifically a security attack on a military installation that the u.s. has in the region or in the united states would would change the calculus an attack a counter attack on a cultural institution would be a vial it would be a war crime and many have noted that also in the united states including in
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congress. iraq is also playing an element of his course the killings took place on iraqi soil iraq is now voted to expel all foreign troops including u.s. troops from its country the top administration says that if u.s. troops are expelled then the u.s. would retaliate with sanctions is this a further escalation we're seeing here. i mean clearly and the point is we're seeing a major shift in the relationship with the united states in iraq and the iran iraq relationship where it's tilting it's always been kind of push and pull between iran iraq and the united states in iraq where both are kind of the big players in iraq but we're talking more towards iran being more the let's say that iraq is more of a client state of iran and if the united states basically pushed out including a military presence in iraq that really changes the game for the united states
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there tyson thank you very much tyson barker from the aspen institute here in berlin thank you. well nato ambassadors are holding an urgent meeting in brussels today to discuss the situation in the middle east following the soloman the killing earlier i asked our brussels correspondent teri schultz what position the alliance is taking nato would be very happy if it didn't have to take a position at all it doesn't like to get involved in matters like this but in fact it doesn't have a choice because nato has several 100 people on the ground in iraq in a training mission now this is a non-combat operation they are training and advising the iraqi ministry of defense and national security officials but those individuals were thought to be in danger now and need to came out the day after the silly money killing in said it was taking all necessary security precautions but at that point it was maintaining the training mission a day later it had to call it off and following that the coalition to defeat dice
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that to defeat isis also called off its training mission so it's clear that the situation on the ground there simply can't sustain several 100 personnel from international institutions it's not clear what will happen with that training mission now and nato ambassadors will discuss what to do next whether to pull all of their citizens out of iraq as many governments have advised their people to do. and that was due to his teri schultz in brussels now turning to australia where bushfires are being described as a national catastrophe take a look at these skies turned orange from smoke fires are also having an impact beyond australia this is the scene in auckland new zealand 2000 kilometers away the australian bushfires have been raging for months but the last few days have been among the worst at least 24 people have died and thousands have
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lost their homes the following report contains some disturbing images. it's a warning no one ever wants to hear we cannot guarantee your safety at present if you are an officer i able to defend yourself mentally. or physically or take yourself or your house it's. katie's recommended that he leave. thousands of history of the ins have been forced to decide stay and defend their homes or leave and lose everything in. mind that. if property and i didn't study they are evacuated. sorry. let's go. this is what many will return to over a 1000 homes have been destroyed in recent days. the
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animals of the silent victims burned in their paddocks and on the roadside. experts say over half a 1000000000 animals have been killed. those that have survived a burn down to their skins. now the army reserve has been called up to help the relief efforts this is the largest single. all the defense force reservists working together with their full time defense forces to provide a support which this country has never seen before the prime minister is fighting political fire after being criticized for his handling of the crisis. more scorching days are full cost the only thing that can stop the blazes is rain and no serious showers are expected for weeks. now some of the other stories making
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headlines around the world today in tripoli the 1st funerals have been helpful in saturday's deadly airstrike on a libyan military academy a strike killed at least 30 soldiers and wounded dozens more libya's internationally recognized government has blamed the attack on forces loyal to rebel leader. extremists have stormed a military base in kenya near the border to somalia used by u.s. anti terror forces authorities say one american soldier and 2 contractors were killed in the incident along with 5 attackers it was the 1st assault by the al shabaab group on u.s. forces in kenya. the former movie mogul harvey weinstein goes on trial in new york this week on charges of rape and sexual assault the accusations against weinstein inspired the global me to movement disgrace producer denies the charges trial is set to last around 6 weeks. and it has seen fresh
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political chaos with 2 rival late lawmakers both claiming to be parliamentary speaker following 2 separate votes on sunday opposition lawmakers have reelected leader one to the post but that's after he was blocked from entering the national assembly legislature there the ruling socialists under nicolas maduro elected their own candidate. 10 as well as parliament on sunday amid extraordinary scenes will make luis posada is sworn in as new parliamentary president. one way the most obvious one why don't you as we old did that he needed to be here no one stopped me from coming in. he didn't have enough votes that's why he decided to stay outside the parliament tree palace. he was. in his supporters could clearly. not guess in the man who calls himself into him president
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even tried to climb the railings members of the national guard stop them entering the building. like he didn't feel the constitution has to be respected today every member of parliament must have the right to vote but we're going to stay here until we get inside. he and his supporters outside were completely cut off from what was happening inside that they were sure any vote without them would not be valid ya know it was no way the necessary number of people were in there and they would have never had a majority but a lot of people who parliamentarians were held back by force that prevented the seating even being properly opened. the position of parliamentary president is significant a year ago quite oh declared himself into him president of the country he cited doubts over the reelection of president nicolas maduro the constitution says where there was a power vacuum the parliamentary president should take over why does declared
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mission to end madieu as rain and hold new elections but he's failed to get the military's backing anything the country would to suppost presidents and entire us. recently said that the opposition dominated parliament pushbacks quite oh had only damage the country. you know how much is being abused as a place where conspirators work to damage venezuela financially to create a coup and enable a foreign military invasion that i'm here i may be part of where now why do we so so talking about a coup against parliamentary democracy for you in officially day that the rule of law was wrecked the republic was killed and that if. the question of who is president is just the 1st of many that urgently needs an. in the italian alps a suspected drunk driver has plowed into
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a group of german tourists killing 6 and injuring 11 others the accident occurred in the early hours of sunday in the village of toggled near the last austrian border the victims were all in their early twenty's and all a group skiing holiday. an impromptu shrine with the holiday makers lost their lives locals have been placing candles and messages here the tragic accident has shocked the town the moment damn thing cracked i don't know what to say only i live just across the road here this kind of thing is a no no in the mind shouldn't have. to have to see. it was just after 1 am. the german tourists had stepped out of a bus after a night out and were on their way back to their hotel at that moment a cop plowed into the group at high speed the impact reportedly throwing some victims meters into the air. the 27 year old driver later tests that nearly 4 times the legal limit for alcohol 11 others were injured in the accident some seriously
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they were rushed to nearby hospitals as phailin 9 in default often from these and if you just don't have words after something like this. and that's the mood right now among the people in the villages their hearts go out to the victims yeah it's for the state prosecutors have now taken over the case the driver is facing charges of he killed a homicide in italy a crime that's punishable with up to 18 years in jail. you're watching the news still to come a surprise winner at the golden globes the 1st big film industry red carpet event of the season bring you all the details later in this program. first just sports for you the tennis world is raising money for those affected by australia's bushfires but players are forging ahead with preparations for the
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australian open in 2 weeks and in 2 weeks from now one of the favorites is stuff an aussie c.p. tossed pos of greece who took on germany's up and coming. in brisbane today the greek in blue held the upper hand throughout the match but his victory wasn't enough to help his country advance to the next round of the a.t.p. cup team tournaments as germany one of the deciding doubles. the bonus league title race is shaping up to be the closest in years and for once buy in munich are not the favorites after sacking their coach nico coats in november of the bavarians turn to his assistant hansei flick flick so it's flicks 1st top flight coaching job but that hasn't lowered the various sky high expectations. hence the flick has had to get used to being the center of attention but during his introductory press conference in november he small stole the
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limelight just. oh man in. super. did someone say hi siri. flick hasn't needed siri to help too much with performances on the pitch they buy and haven't won every game under his stewardship so far results have been good enough to keep his superiors happy. he's doing a good job we're very satisfied with the team's performance we're also very satisfied with how he's handling everything. but for a team of by and stature being 3rd in the table at this stage of the season is not especially satisfactory they've only been worse off once in the last decade in the 201011 season and then by and did intend up as champions it flick wants to extend his time as head coach to be on the end of the season only the title for that he's relying on team spirit was but he says the ball is
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a team sports and there are several people involved i'm someone who enjoys having a strong team behind me and being able to involve all my backroom stuff and play is . but not everyone is present sent by ins when to training camp in. nick's injury depleted squad is still missing long time absentee nicholas key defend as well as star striker robert nevin doff ski hardly ideal for a coach who's under the microscope this season. american football's best player may have played his last game 42 year old quarterback tom brady was unable to rally his team to victory in the 1st round of the n.f.l. playoffs brady's new england patriots loss to the tennessee titans it's brady helped the patriots win 6 super bowl championships but he and the french could part way in the off season. well for
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a sports fan as the olympic and paralympic games are already on the horizon and 2021 german athlete to keep an eye on is sprinter ben souza he she was recently named per plate of the year in germany thanks to her record breaking achievements in 2019 having won 3 silver medals at the last paralympic games in rio she is pushing to go one better this year. racing into 2020 m. got bensusan is one of germany's top medal hopes for the tokyo paralympics sprinter was originally destined to be a top hurdler before an accident during a warmup routine changed her life. it was the hurdle and then i hit it with my the lake and then it hit the ground and then i fell forward and one tiny went backwards and there was this look at my leg and i started to scream and susan now uses a special boot to help her run in spite of the severe nerve damage she suffered
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that day and it's helping her reach their full potential at the 2019 world championships bensusan won gold in the 10200 meter events successes that vindicate the south african born stars decision to move to her mother's homeland germany i couldn't speak the language at all i only thought here and. even though my mom is hot german or half german it was a very big adaption learning the culture learning the different ways how the german do things i think. german really. african heart the jewel challenges of dealing with a traumatic injury and a new country have tested bensusan but she says she wouldn't change a thing the fighting all the crying and everything that i made through and all the downfall in the down. struggle that overcame that's winning a lot more than any and then pick made a would have been in god and susan has fought back from the brink to become
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a 1st class sprinter now 2020 office have the chance to kept her career with paralympic gold. on the 1st big red carpet event of the season with the golden globes awards ceremony in los angeles weeks prize winner was the director sermons as film 917 which one best drama which apparently knows film wants. on a time in hollywood won best comedy and leading lady renee child star you know who phoenix won for best actress and act or in film drama. for 3 earlier we spoke to entertainment correspondent k.j. matthews in los angeles she gave us her take on the ceremony everyone loves the golden globes you are correct it is the 1st major award show of the season it's really the only awards show where you can let your hair down there passing out alcohol of this year they would ve going a lot of people are cutting it beyond that saying no bring back the meat but it's
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really the 1st time that you see hollywood honor both the excellence of television and excellence on the big screen so it's a big brouhaha on the war lot of winners out there tonight but you know the theme of the night interestingly was very very political this is supposed to be the awards show where people let their hair down they have fun it's not as stuffy as the oscars which happened in february and even though there were a lot of funny moments a lot of people use their acceptance speech to get pretty political the motion picture category you had bill it's a phoenix waiting for joker and he took time with his acceptance speech to poke fun at hollywood and said you know he's been listening to a lot of the winners and i say remember to vote in november when we go to the election ballot box and basically what he's saying is that yes we do need to vote but we also need to change our own behavior in hollywood and then he took a jab at them and said like flying from los angeles to palm springs for
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a film festival and if you live here in california you know that plane ride is really just 45 minutes and he said we might not need to use a private plane to do that so he basically was saying i hear you i know we need to change but we need to start with ourselves and that was entertainment correspondent k.j. matthews speaking to us earlier. now how much would you pay for a nice piece of tuna a japanese sushi tycoon has handed over the equivalent of $1600000.00 euros for a complete tuna fish at a traditional new year auction at tokyo's to use to fish market it's the 2nd highest price the tuna has ever fetched and this is the fish in question a 276 kilogram blue fin caught in waters all over the japan was successful bigger was the owner of a renowned sushi restaurant chain and he also of all the fish that set the 1st
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record a year ago. this is t w news and these are our top stories iran has announced it will no longer abide by any of the limits in a 2050 nuclear deal with world powers the nation is mourning its top general qassam soleimani killed in a u.s. drone strike on friday. venezuela's opposition is denouncing what it calls a parliamentary who after a rival to proclaim himself president of the national assembly. won the boat after his security forces blocked opposition lawmakers from entering the building. cooler temperatures and calmer winds in australia are bringing some relief as fires rage in the country southeast but officials are warning conditions could worsen later this week the blazes have killed 24 people and prompted mass evacuations.
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to fill $917.00 was the surprise winner of best drama the golden globe awards in los angeles quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood was named best comedy stars renee zellweger and you walk in phoenix also won for best actress and actor in for film dramas. this is t w news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at the w news or bizarre website that's dot com. coming up next tomorrow today science.
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fiction going to. be. plastic waste is it harmful to humans. more and more micro particles in the ocean are entering our food chain. to the full not only is it hurting the environment but is it also bad for our. german scientists warn
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the alarmist to move. to morrow to do it next d.w. . you know that 77 percent blockage are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. you know what it's time all voices. on the 77 percent talk about the issue. from politics to flash from housing boom boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . and gemini with w.
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at any time any place in the news media never have i don't like the kind of crap songs to sing along to see it has to come from soup. for. interactive exercises. everything is online mel file an interactive learn german for free with d w. welcome tomorrow today the science show one d w coming up are micro plastics harmful to our health scientists are studying fish to find out more. clicks shares and likes what makes social
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media so addictive. doctors with headsets how augmented reality is changing medicine.


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