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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2020 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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this is e w news live from her lead us president donald trump threatens iraq with sanctions if u.s. troops are expelled as iran's leaders presided over the funeral of the general assassinated in a us drone strike in baghdad trump said that iraq would also have to pay the cost of an air base there and u.s. troops will require to leave. also coming up the trial of former film producer
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harvey weinstein begins a new york if he says charges of rape and sexual assault after dozens of women including several top hollywood actresses claimed to be sexually assaulted plus the world war one epic 917 takes the best drama and best director award stealing the top prizes from the expected big winner netflix will report from a star studded night. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has vowed to impose severe sanctions on iraq if it expels u.s. troops deployed there are rocks parliament has called for all foreign troops to leave but trump said that baghdad would have to pay for the cost of an air base if that happened meanwhile iran's leaders have presided over the funeral of general. and
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others killed in the u.s. drone strike on friday. weeping over the remains of iran's top military commander. the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei visibly moved as he led funeral prayers for his former close ally. hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to general kasem sulaimani killed in a u.s. drone strike in iraq on friday. i mean if you have a bomb on a couch than a peace his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. speaking at her father's funeral the general's own daughter has promised reprisals positive margin higher 5 mother i know me quite that of all the families of american soldiers in western asia have witnessed america's humiliation in syria iraq iran is lebanon afghanistan yemen and palestine they will spend their days
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waiting for the death of the children. and the anger is spreading across borders in lebanon the iran backed hezbollah militia has threatened to hit american forces in the region. meanwhile the iraqi parliament has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some 5000 u.s. troops are there officially to help defeat so-called islamic state u.s. president donald trump has already warned that it could be hit by tough sanctions if it follows through with his threat. but it's iran's promise of revenge that's focusing minds tear on has already promised that it will no longer abide by the 2015 nuclear deal raising the stakes even further. let's get some perspective now i'm joined here in the studio by our own analysts cornelius out of bar he is with the german council on foreign relations welcome to the program thank you the stakes
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are high iran valen revenge what do you think happens next well that's that's part of the speculation that is going on now iran will not be able to leave this an answer that's much of a fact there is pressure also internally there is pressure from the iraqis to find a response possibly a military response to this and it's after all a high ranking general national i can which has been killed by the americans in this attack so there will be something we have seen a period of mourning so far so people can expect some kind of response from tomorrow on what's iran has in the past been careful to calculate this response so i do you think that might mean it could be probably confined to the region maybe hitting american all u.s. ally targets in the region again probably using proxies so that it kind of maybe be traced directly to iran so there is this this vagueness around previous attacks
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which we have seen this wouldn't lead the u.s. president probably to to some different conclusion than from what he's done so far but iran is able to play or is looking to play a long game and they know that they are there in the region they will stay in the region for ever that's the country in iran how do you see the state of diplomacy right now i mean let's talk about you know what's actually going on in the back rooms the nuclear deal for example is there any chance that this might be saved. it's quite no longer life these days i would have to say the nuclear deal with what iran. yesterday although this is not a direct response to the attacks iran had been saying that they wanted to pull step by step pull out of the nuclear deal so far as the europeans the russians and the chinese cannot live up to their side of the deal so this is not very unexpected to the country i would say that the reaction on the nuclear deal could have been
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harsher if it were a response to the attack on the general celeb money so the iranians are saying we are still open for this we just want the deal to work for the u.n. the u.n. backed nuclear deal on one side and the regional situation on the others the europeans have to take both sides into account now how do you see the situation playing out for iraq because we know that this is where the attack took place we have the parliament now calling for foreign troops to leave u.s. president on trying threatening from from his side if that action is indeed taken what happens for iraq next well it's a most unfortunate situation i mean just just remember that a couple of weeks and months ago people were taking to the streets in iraq protesting against the government and against iranian influence on the government they were being shot for that and now with this out poor and also of indignation on the iraqi side against the violation of sovereignty there is a realignment of sorts with iran because they are suffering they're both suffering it wasn't just the iranian general who got killed but also iraqi militia leaders so
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there is a of rallying around the flag also in iraq and they are the ones who are suffering most of them with they could be the potential staging ground for this confrontation between the u.s. and iran so they are in a very unfortunate situation quinn is at a bar from the german council on foreign relations thank you thank you. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world forces under libyan strong men. say that they have entered and taken control of large parts of sirte the coastal city is located midway between the capital tripoli and they have to help and ghazi if confirmed it would be an important game in his offensive against the u.n. backed government in tripoli islamic militants stormed an army base used by u.s. anti terror forces in kenya's long new county on sunday killing 3 americans this footage from ports to show the fiery aftermath authorities say that 5 attackers
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were also killed in the 1st assault by the al shabaab group on u.s. forces and kenya. police in uganda have detained singer turned presidential hopeful bobby wine as he arrived for a rally they say that the event was illegal though it had been authorized by the electoral commission wind is hoping to run for president next year he has been facing harassment from authorities. and police in northern italy say that a 7th person has died after being hit by a suspected drunk driver on sunday the victims were all german tourists returning to their hotel after a night out the prosecutor's office says that a test showed the level of alcohol in the driver's blood was 4 times the legal limit. now the trial of the former film producer harvey weinstein has begun in new york weinstein is facing charges of rape and sexual assault by 2 women but dozens of other women including top hollywood stars have made sexual misconduct claims
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against him wine seen since the story 1st emerged back in october 2017 he's denied the charges he says that any sexual encounters were consensual. the disgraced hollywood mogul arriving at the new york supreme court in manhattan the 67 year old continues to use a walking frame as a result of what he says was a car accident. when the 6 scandal around harvey weinstein 1st broke in 2017 he was still a cochairman of the weinstein company alongside his brother bob. to get i produced a number of highly successful movies including pulp fiction shakespeare in love and django unchained. in october 2017 several women many of them actresses came forward to accuse weinstein of sexual harassment allegations spock the global feminist me to movement which soon spread from the film industry to many other
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aspects of society weinstein's continued to bring forward one new count after another he led me to the bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. my heart was racing and i was very scared. i pulled my arm away finally and headed to the door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and that i could get a 3 picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch him out about 80 women have spoken out about harvey weinstein among them actresses angelina jolie ashley judd and when the whole truth according to she was 22 years old when weinstein made sexual advances toward her. following the accusations the academy of motion picture arts and sciences which awards the oscars expelled weinstein he was fired from his own company in october 2017. immediately after the scandal broke
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weinstein's wife to a gina chapman announced she was leaving him. the criminal trial against want stain is based on 2 cases of sexual assault and right dating from 20062013 prosecutors will call on several other excuses to establish a pattern of predatory sexual behavior. and earlier i spoke with our correspondent public foley las who is covering the trial around 80 women have claimed sexually harassed them but the court in new york is is considering 2 of those accusations 2 women are involved in this trial they have made serious allegations against harvey weinstein boots because they took place here in new york among the charges and allegations against harvey weinstein are 2 kinds of predatory sexual assault one kinds of criminal sexual act and 2 kinds of rape now very very serious charges now a harvey weinstein who arrived here at the courthouse earlier with the help of
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a walking frame that was also very controversial because many said it was sort of part of a sort of an act to sort of get a bit more sympathy and he arrived and then left the courthouse as are saying the charges are very serious if those charges are actually turned into you know a guilty verdict for him he could face life in prison and the prosecution are also aiming to and hoping to bring in other women who have made accusations but it did not end up in charges being brought against harvey weinstein brought in is as witnesses to sort of build a stronger case that this predatory behavior by harvey weinstein is something that has been ongoing over the past decade or 2. and that was month but it was alive upsets with several surprise winners taking home the evening's most coveted prizes. the red carpet lit up with smiling celebrities and flashing
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cameras as the stars of hollywood gathered for the golden globes award ceremony it's the 1st major red carpet event of 2020. the big surprise when it was director sam mendez film 917 which won best drama beating favorites marriage story and joker. quentin tarantino's film once upon a time in hollywood won best comedy. own and in t.v. comedy quirky it seriously bad scoop the top prize while the show's triple talent writer producer and actress phoebe waller bridge to come the award for best comedy actress for what you believe is what we want them to make me and also maybe it will ruin my life. tom hanks won a lifetime achievement award for his decades of roles in many well loved films. many recipients use the stage to call attention to current events and political issues like gender equality climate change and the bushfires in australia. that is
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facing you straight to gether hopefully we can be unified and actually make some changes it's great to vote but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on our so we don't have to take projects to palm springs for the words sometimes we're back with these. comedian and host ricky gervais has closed the ceremony asking the audience to donate to australians affected by the fire to australia right. here watching data at the news coming up next in business africa rising tension in the middle east and the increasing threat of war are pushing up oil prices and driving down equity is round low. but coming up my colleague gary hart all 1st on his news. that's up next i'm sara kelly in berlin for the entire team here at the the view news thank you so much for watching have a great day. every
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