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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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just starts from 15. this is g.w. news why go from berlin the u.s. and iranian presidents trading threats amid worries of war as iran's supreme leader weeps at the funeral of the general sas are they to do with us drone strike raining president rouhani warns u.s. president donald trump don't mess with iran also coming up tonight the trial of former film producer harvey weinstein begins in new york he faces charges of rape and sexual assault but now he faces similar charges in los angeles and when all
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that's left are memories all stroy is counting the cost of the bushfires and appealing for funds to help save their wildlife but the government is warning the danger is not over yet plus the world war one epic 1917 takes the best drama and best director award stealing the top prizes from the 90 expected big winner netflix the reports on the golden globe. i'm bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome and we begin tonight with a twitter storm between the president of iran and the united states 1st double trump threatened today to hit as many as 52 iranian targets if. iran retaliates for
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the assassination of general customs now president hassan rouhani has tweeted back never threatened the iranian nation in tehran today huge crowds turned out for the funeral of that general and others who were killed in the u.s. drone strike last week. we being over the remains of iran's top military commander. the supreme leader ayatollah ali hamdani visibly moved as he led funeral prayers for his former close ally. hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to general kasem sulaimani killed in a u.s. drone strike in iraq on friday. i mean if you have bombed on a couch then at least his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians.
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speaking at her father's funeral the general's own daughter has promised were prizes positive margin high in fat mother an army kite that i don't want families of american soldiers in western asia have witnessed america's humiliation in syria iraq iran is levanon afghanistan yemen and palestine not to get the people spend their days waiting for the death of children. and the anger is spreading across borders in lebanon the iran backed hezbollah militia has threatened to hit american forces in the region hiya. meanwhile the iraqi parliament has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some 5000 u.s. troops are there officially to help defeat so-called islamic state u.s. president donald trump has already warned fagged that it could be hit by tough sanctions if it follows through with his threat. but it's iran's promise of revenge that's focusing minds terrine has already promised that it will no longer abide by
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the 2015 nuclear deal raising the stakes even further. you know this is a very fluid story to talk about venom towards europe the big table by our middle east analysts do you want to see you happy new year we're just getting reports that the u.s. military has written to the iraqi government saying that it is willing is preparing to move out of the country how significant is that well of course i haven't seen the letter and i can't confirm the evidence but it's sounds reasonable to me that doesn't 1st of all does mean that they would withdraw all their forces but let's always remember the u.s. have officially withdrawn from iraq in 2011 and until today since 2014 since they were like reinvited let's say as an allied fight this is about islamic state and i says that they are there at the pleasure of the iraqi government and the iraqi parliament has asked the iraqi government to end the presence of u.s.
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troops in iraq it is a win for iran this is exactly what iran would want to see happen right that's why my 1st thought when i heard about the death of thousands of their money was like it's a military problem for the iranians but it could end up in a political political wind political gain because who in the iraqi parliament when the iraqi government would now did to take a pro-american stance we saw that many members of parliament abstained didn't participate in this in this vote because for them it's not probably in their interest to have the u.s. leave especially the kurds in the north part of the kurds in the north because they believe that the u.s. could so somehow counterbalance iranian influence and of course they were not that no illusion about the fact that american firepower american air power in particular was instrumental was important to defeat isis so so the rockies can do. can defeat resurging isis with the help of the iranians of course but then they would be if we
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let the left at the mercy of their neighbor in the east are you concerned that if this is the us military presence is no longer there that we will see iraq fall apart. while the us presence hasn't really contributed to keeping iraq together. but this is another story you know what i see here in washington is really like a difficulties between like a combining some reasonable tactical or strategic decisions on military affairs with an overall policy and that doesn't go together it's always been difficult in the united states but we've never seen it that as drastically as it is as we see it now and there are lots of worries and even at the u.n. today the head of the u.n. until he was here is he is calling again for deescalation on both sides the u.s. and iran but he's not the only one to take a listen stop escalation exercise maximum restraint restart dialogue re new international corporation
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let us not forget that a bold human suffering caused by war is always argue that the people pay the highest price it is our common duty to avoid it we agree iran must never require a nuclear weapon we shared concern about iran's missile tests and we are united in condemning iran suit portfolio of different terrorist groups and you conflict would be in no one's interest. so we are on must refrain from further violence and provocations. what do you make by what we just heard from nader nader was briefed today by the united states on the intelligence that he had when he made the decision for the drone strike that was all we heard from nato there's it seems like there's nutrients period see here there's no transparency but nato what you
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need to do the u.s. are by far the biggest member of nato without without the u.s. nato would be nothing and i think what i what i see from need to heads of state but also like european governments of course they don't see that probably that openly is they're not ready to risk like disenchantment or let's say. to try to risk to lose the alliance of the support of the americans for what for iran they're not never going to do this i think the most the dominating the dominant position in the europe is now trump is going to be over one day but the americans right there will be with us and this is like this is our ally and we are not going to risk this alliance for iran what about the nuclear deal there's going to be an emergency meeting this week even at this price but the rain is that also made it quite clear that their reaction on the nuclear deal is not necessarily not directly related to the death of to the s s a nation of possibly money but the time they have 0 is they have announced that they would reduce their commitment to the nuclear deal anyhow but they didn't those they didn't say that they leave the nuclear deal though one could say the nuclear
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deal is almost dead but i think this is the most important point the europeans of course what can they do and one important thing is i think here is that we're going to be careful what we what you wish for situation for the americans because for the americans it was a tactical decision not withstanding the political implications to kill so the money because they thought eliminating the head the strategic head of the reagan influence in the region is going to harm a great interest but so their money and the people that died with them in iraq by the way that very little people talk about is actually were the ones that kept these alliances together but they also controlled all these shia militias and all these. proxies of iran and now the situation and this is why deescalation is important and also messages from the iranians because now everyone could feel empowered and entitled to x. and to take to it to avenge the killing of thousands of their money and that's the other guy who was in the car and i think that the problem here is these people held some sort of discipline and give them their ticket ability to yes exactly they were
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strategic heads and now you have you know a lot of a plethora of shia militias that could do whatever they want because they want to avenge the killing of their money so this is i think maybe not serving tactical or strategic interest of the entire things their luck is always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world forces under the libyan strongman khalifa haftar are they that they have taken the city of syria in a rapid advance the coastal city is located midway between the capital tripoli and have to hold being ghazi if confirmed it would be an important gain and how far as offensive against the u.n. back government in tripoli police in uganda have detained a senior turned presidential hopeful bobby wine is the arrived for a rally they say that the of it was illegal although it had been authorized by the electoral commission why is hoping to run for president next year he has been
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facing a respite from the government so the word. a man described by a prosecutor as the most prolific rapist in british legal history has been sentenced to life in prison foreign student reinhard sunanda from indonesia was convicted of a 159 sex offenses not all of his male victims whom he drugged in lowered home have been identified. well the trial of former film producer harvey weinstein has begun in new york weinstein is facing charges of rape and sexual assault by 2 women at the same time he faces new charges in los angeles the l.a. district attorney as charged him with raping one woman and sexually harassing or assaulting rather another back in 2013 weinstein has denied the new york charges he says that any sexual encounters have took place or consensual the disgraced former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein arriving at the new york supreme court the 67 year old continues to use a walking frame as
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a result of the noticed car accident for which the police report details no injuries the film producer will face 5 charges brought by 2 women including one of rape the woman who accuses weinstein on that most serious charge remains anonymous the other is from a production assistant mimi has who alleges the pope fiction produce a forcibly performed all real 6 on both of my clients in this case. have been very brave very courageous because they're willing to testify under oath to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them god 6 women in total to testify if found guilty on all charges one stain could spend the rest of his life in jail and we're going to continue to press on and remind everyone that in this great country you are innocent until proven guilty but more trouble materialized to harvey weinstein when los angeles county district attorney jackie lycee announced yet more charges. good morning i'm here today to announce that my office has charged harvey weinstein with sexually assaulting 2 women in los angeles
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county once the defendant's case is completed in new york we expect him to appear in a courtroom in los angeles county to face these charges the film a movie moguls with justice will have to whiten after proceedings in new york a finished process that could take up to 2 months. and for more on harvey weinstein's trial and joined now by our correspondent public he is outside the new york supreme court where the troll is taking place probably needs you we know that about 80 women a huge harvey weinstein of sexual harassment but this trial is only about 2 cases why use their. brain when you're absolutely right it is you know just whittled down to 2 cases that they did take place here in new york and it's important before going into more detail on those cases that i mentioned of course
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that there are now new charges of course being brought against harvey weinstein across the country in los angeles not is just being announced today here in the united states but going back to this trial of course here in new york there are some very serious charges which are being brought against harvey weinstein there are 5 charges in total 2 kinds of predatory sexual assault one kind of criminal sexual acts and 2 kinds of right and if convicted of these charges harvey weinstein could actually end up in prison for life and would today we saw him arrive here at the courthouse behind me with the help of a walker and now there has been some criticism against harvey weinstein for that claiming that he sort of acting off. surgery that he had that's what his lawyers have said is the reason for using the framer. also with. it's 2 the charges being brought against him we expect that both accusers will take the stand and also the
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prosecution wants to bring in other women who had allegations or acustom harvey weinstein of sexual acts against them to also be brought in as witnesses despite the fact that those accusations didn't end up in charges being brought against harvey weinstein the reason for that is to sort of build up the prosecution's case to show that this his who has allegedly been engaging in you know pretty serious behavior over the past decade or 2 we know there's been a lot of reporting about be attending this trial especially today we also know that harvey weinstein in these accusations the hash tag need to movement how will the outcome from this trial how will it impact the move. well the me too movement of course they had a very many of the advocates were down here at the courthouse some still remain
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around here now even though it's a lot quieter but earlier this morning there were many down here to to speak to the press to speak to the media which most as well there's a huge media presence here deserves a lot of interest in this not only here nationally in the united states but of course internationally and they were speaking about the gravity of this on how important it is that these charges result in a conviction against harvey weinstein to send out a message to other people women who have been you know the victims who are the victims of these kind of crimes that are being brought against harvey weinstein that he is convicted on they do feel that if they go to the authorities it will result in these predators or these people who carry i.d.'s acts actually seeing so many you know charges being brought against them and actually being convicted of those crimes so they want to stress stuff today here at the courthouse here in manhattan and humble you know the news of these new charges in los angeles against
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weinstein you know that's just coming in right now how much of a shock is is that is where your. what it's come as a little bit of a shock because of course it's well known here in the united states that there were 2 open fronts will say against harvey weinstein one in los angeles and also one in london and its reporters so you know in many respects it comes a bit of a shock that it's taking place today and the opening day of the trial the trial which is expected to take place firstly we need to jury selection then that's going to have we're going to have 8 weeks of. you know a trial and then we'll have to deliberations so yeah a big shock here in the united states it is coming particularly today at the start of this day to be used. in new york public thank you. well in australia the government is pledging help totaling one and a half 1000000000 u.s.
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dollars for communities that have been ravaged by bushfires but prime minister scott morrison warns the fires will continue burning for months to come at least 24 people have died thousands have lost their homes. returning to the rubble a break in the weather is giving some bushfire victims a chance to reflect on what they have lost. everything has just gone we've got nothing memories. maybe for the shovel or something in the shade or something but that's about all that but we do have edibles. so we've just got to be thankful for that. videos are still emerging from the recent days of devastation this one from an air force plane trying to deliver supplies to trapped residents it was forced to turn back. here what was once a skiing resort in the snowy mountains is now
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a child wasteland. similar scenes abound across australia is fire ravaged southeast and while cooler temperatures and some light showers are providing sprinkles of relief both already is worn worse may be said come. we can't be complacent. i'm a last until at least the end of march and given without conditions could even be on that time the fires are still burning the fires are still burning and they'll be burning for months to come off the facing heavy criticism the government now says it will commit billions of dollars to the relief efforts but more helping hands are still needed animal rescue shelters caring for injured wildlife a seeking donations. this rich country is now fighting to save its natural treasures. our next story also touches on climate change and what happens to people when it doesn't rain in the philippines
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a lack of rain mail threatens water supplies for millions of residents in the capital manila a new chinese funded reservoir in the north is supposed to help but critics say it will also displace thousands of indigenous people and destroyed large areas of forced. to malone w.'s janell's and is this exclusive report the countrywide river has always run through the share a modern mountain range in northern philippines but a controversial dam project could change its course forever. up ahead is the plan construction site for the collie walk down and all along the forest while here at a big tunnel will be built and you have to imagine that all around us will be submerged under more than 60 meters of water washing away communities like this one the village of seato cooper ross is closest to the damn site here the indigenous to market people have lived alongside peasant farmers for generations signs opposing
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the down a bound. well. i don't agree with the. especially if it's going to destroy the sources of our income. i come across coconut tree. build the down at the expense of all families livelihood. it may well serve others. but what about sauce only by the bottom of. the dam is meant to secure water supply in manila the capital 40 kilometers away. the greater the metro by then that is the serious mother we cannot. meet the growing the most without so really what. philippine authorities argue displacing thousands is worth securing water for more than $12000000.00 people and worth the controversial loan from china of more than
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$200000000.00 critics say less damaging and cheaper alternatives like smaller dams were ignored as was due process. you may get something out of but that some were insisting on the law according to the indigenous peoples rights act. the president to tear to should have gotten our free and informed consent. before he borrowed money or entered any kind of agreement with china. or. china the government has vowed to use extraordinary powers to force the project through many fear the loss of a way of life in accordance with the rhythms of nature and protective of the environment. that i'm old what about my grandchildren and their children where are they supposed to live what if they relocate us to manila how would we
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survive we were not used to life there. here in the share a modern mountains of the stage is set for an ever recurring impasse between the desire for preservation against others insist it's progress. you're watching the w. news from berlin here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world police in india say dozens of people were injured when masked people attacked students and teachers at a well known university in the capital delhi the violence has sparked outrage critics are calling for action to be taken against the perpetrators the u.s. territory of puerto rico has been struck by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit off the island southern coast and caused several homes to collapse it was the largest of several quakes to shake the island in the past week no casualties have been reported. are it now for a look at the 1st big hollywood event of the year the golden globe awards they're
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often seen as an indicator of what to expect at the oscars which are next month but it was a night of upsets with several surprise winners taking home the evening's most coveted prize. the red carpet lit up with smiling celebrities and flashing cameras as the stars of hollywood gathered for the golden globes awards ceremony it's the 1st major red carpet event of 2020. the big surprise winner was director sam mendes down $917.00 which won best drama beating favorites marriage story and joker. quentin tarantino's film once upon a time in hollywood won best comedy. own and in a t.v. comedy quirky hit series glee bag skipped the top prize while the show's triple talent writer producer and actress phoebe waller bridge to come the award for best comedy actress awful already believe is the one that didn't make me at all to many
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people ruined my life. tom hanks won a lifetime of cheap. and word for his decades of roles in many well loved films. many recipients use the stage to call attention to current events and political issues like gender equality climate change and the bushfires in australia. that is facing the strain to gether hopefully we can begin unified and actually make some changes it's great to vote but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves we don't have to take private jets to palm springs for the world sometimes we're back lee's. comedian and host ricky gervais has closed the ceremony asking the audience to donate to australians affected by the fire to australia right time our sports news now before hill's ski jumping turn a bit has ended on the slopes of the bishops whole thing austria david coats of poland went into the final day of the overall as the overall leader even though he
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had won on any of the 1st 3 hills and he dominated the final proceedings to come away with the tournaments. on the man's large hill in bishop's home karl geiger of germany jumping 2nd to last took the lead in the day's events with a jump of 136 meters that was after going $140.00 on his 1st effort i then the man who started the day with the 4 hills lead david cook backi soared 140.5 meters after a jump of 143 earlier in the day and that sealed the 4 hills title for the 29 year old pole. ski took home the coveted golden eagle for the very 1st time he was flanked on the podium by 4 hills runner up just lin vick of norway and guy guy who finished 2nd on the day and 3rd overall.
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and here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you iran. the prayers today at the funeral of general. and others who were killed by a u.s. drone strike. iranian president hassan rouhani has warned u.s. president to never threaten his country. back to take you through the day.
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opinions clear positions from international perspective some. every week. we get to the point on our current topic. that. something will come it is right. to the point. of. the 1st a full week of 2020 has begun and the world is worried about a war between the u.s. and iran a conflict that could easily blow up the middle east and a lot more tonight the european union is calling an emergency meeting asking will the iran's nuclear deal survive will iraq fall apart and does the u.s. president does he have a plan that ends in peace i'm bored.


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