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the bulk of it is quite so much to sing along for you to still come from super. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive benjamin fulford with d.w. . griffith. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes tributes spall in full south africa's grandfather black business the entrepreneur which had my point of push his way into a white man's world at a time when black south africans were oprah's stand up auditing he's died at the age of $99.00. and al-shabaab strikes and a field in kenya killing 3 americans what is the same age as. the brute strength in the region. the nigerian teenager taking her country's golf
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world by storm. hello i'm christine wonderwall come to africa it's good to have you along south africans have been paying tribute to a man who is revered in the country as the grandfather of black business richard poignant passed away on monday at the age of 99 his business career began in the 1950 s. when he started a milk delivery service in the country's largest townships away till his empire expanded and he later became a retail giant now on social media this picture also tweeted by a south african president sort of a pulse that is doing the rounds when nelson mandela was released from prison in 1991 poignant picked him up from the airport he's the one behind the wheel now in his statement so the africa's president said we've lost a pioneer
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a trailblazer and a man of extraordinary fortitude who paved the way for the racial transformation off the south african economy. we took our cameras to a more insulated one of the biggest shopping complexes in south africa built i'm a poignant and name people they told us what he meant to them he is a performer when we liberate people not just in business but liberated us into thinking and looking forward. and striving is right now not only does he have a mall named after him that just shows the type of. he was a person you know very inspirational very said most. even myself or maybe because today i'm surprised he comes from the one who's coming from you know a president is coming from limpopo we lost our way here. we've invited her to talk
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about richard my point yet mr is also one of south africa's most successful black entrepreneurs and the former mayor of johannesburg law come to the news africa mr. ductile not born yet thrived in business at a time when black south africans were praised how did he do this. well loving. it is story that really fascinated me as i was growing up and took a decision in the age of 22 but obviously before that as i was growing up this isn't so great because i was born and raised in a village and not in a month scarlet witch is that it is not a joy but i've got lots of a 1000000 so which is why i used to he said so which you in this main use teens by i mean as you grew up seeing one day i want today to be like those men and age of 22 i decided to take you to that question is decision to follow in his 1st step has been and i call on who believe in hardware he was a family man when something growing up it wasn't just the mumbling it was
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a reach had met in modern them up when we chatting for me something that resonated with me right where they don't realize is that my life they people want to succeed in business you need of strong family and sustainable family back on and who was that kind of person and i think one of the each. take that they've discovered with him or to know him he's a man who's not afraid of fatemeh wheaties it's a weakness of maturity of the people the white people cannot really go into business because they are afraid to think richard more poignant that individual who has they always wanted to change the world and also believed in that occasion very strongly believed in the patient and a member of. a few years ago he called me at his house to inform me of. a technical college that he wanted to fund and study in south africa to complicity
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right away you have to really get the technicolor experience unfortunately i'm sure he must have died there. because they had a project never to call because of government and not to really come into the city and he wanted to put these all in this and this history of travel what do you think he's a legacy will be in south africa. well i think i can i'm one of his products obviously unbeknown to him at that time i mean he's almost 40 is my senior but he played a role not to produce another successful. in south africa despite the odds that we're facing at the time because he loved most of us conducting is of the seventy's and eighty's determined to really make it against the government which was it was illegal for us as blake says business men and women to start businesses out of.
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some of the star wars of big business in this country we we could do to them all right i am who i am today is success it was men because of the role that they set me up when you have played in that it without his knowledge right i want to ask you this i mean we're obviously talking about him going down in the books as a trailblazer. to you and the other stalwarts that you are referring to but i want to get your assessment as to do you think it is easy it's a day for black south africans who aspire to what you and missed him a point to have become is it easier or more difficult for them today. no it is unfortunately more difficult is not impossible i'm looking you know a good 27th of april 1904 we now win 2 for one over inspiration behind this and the excitement was there not a lot of the vehicle was going to see an explosion of. unfortunately the government just doing literally disseminated destroyed like business coming out with political
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patronage coming out with the liberals they defeated big business opened our borders to everyone most of the new from coming in from coming from all over the world counterfeit goods being brought into the country unfortunately business has been really destroyed he would want to be in business to a large extent people who are politically connected in the people who operate on the basis of political britain is which is very unfortunate because such business isn't look sustainable all right that is south africa's home and russia talking about the nates rich it poignant thank you mr michel thank you very much appreciate the opportunity. our next story is an kenya where 3 americans were killed in an attack on an airfield in the coastal region off militants from extremist groups stormed the man debate if field in on
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sunday these pictures purport to show the fiery off to mark off the attack on the facility which is used by u.s. and kenyan forces. as against al qaeda and its headquarters in neighboring somalia it's the group's 1st assault on u.s. forces inside kenya. for more on this i'm joined by movie thing will take up from the international crisis group peace they project director for the horn of africa welcome to teach at the africa why did it target the kenyan if field. i think al shabaab had 2 principal the last of course we know that they try to project strength within somalia this would have been sending a message to both the government in somalia and also its supporters that it remains a positive force and it can strike both internally and externally i think the 2nd
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message were principally be to the kenyans and to the americans who have stepped up their campaigns against al shabaab particularly through a series of drone strikes by the american forces in the last year we saw almost a record number of strikes with the insults central somalia and this would have been tended to restraint right now what does this tell us about al shabaab strength in the region. i think bugs fortunes of what wind over the last decade but over the last 2 years they reinvented themselves the shield themselves to be adaptive and resilient and unfortunately as long as these are huge documents governments within their principle stronghold insult central somalia out above would retain the capacity both to responses with which to find operations but also and critically to be able
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to plan operations almost with impunity. and what effect will this have on kenya. i think what's important to remember is that while this attack has drawn a lot of attention and some bug has been rightly i look really nice i can see it in northern kenya for most of the last 6 or 7 years they did multiple ambushes on civilians killed. in dozen buses drooled roadside bombs or security personnel this is not really new it probably doesn't change too much in the kenyan police chart but it will reach significant questions on hollow us about could successfully infiltrate a very important and from unit base such as this we don't dissipate a real change of policy but the kenyan and american of their it is will certainly really examine their security arrangements to understand how it's about quote all
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these. from the international crisis group in nairobi thank you. now you're about to me it's nigeria's mixed bag there she is there's a hero in asean is the number one junior golf in her country with the trophies piling up in her bedroom her dream of becoming a professional golfer is becoming very real she picked up her 1st golf club at the age of 5 a young asean as the number one junior golfer in nigeria it was love at 1st sight. so the voice playing i wanted to take his clothes when my dad said no. one had to play in his new book new clubs she's come a long way she has represented nigeria 11 times across 3 continents and boasts a total of 17 medals she's only 13 these are the g.o.p.'s 10 beats year career
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they will but the teenager admits it's not always easy it's very difficult to come by going to school and practice in football cause that's a lot of warm up to do. but in golf i also have to practice a lot and get ready for tournaments the teenage sensation is already showing signs of keeping up with the best. she was the only teenage girl for to participate at last year's nigerian ladies golf open championship she came 10th out of $177.00 goal for us way to go that is it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with these images off the cape town minstrel carnival which happened over the weekend just celebrated 2020 its bye for now.
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every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their homes. the consequences of the disastrous hour documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises from around the world. focusing we don't get i meant i didn't go to university to kill people. that way i mean a handful of people feared for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of the worse to stay behind it's
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a way it'll my husband went to peru because of the crisis that i wonder if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger when one of them. displaced stores turned her 15 on. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and the awards season began on sunday night in hollywood with the golden globes we'll be taking a look back at that also coming up. sofia fog of it was the 1st trained female jewish come to war in europe and she's my guest in the studio. and in our continuing series 100 german must read a tragic but beautiful book called one good turn by robot devices. the
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same. but we begin with the golden globes and in the ongoing war between streaming services and hollywood it seems hollywood was the big winner this time netflix did have 34 nominations but only walked away with 2 prizes. best movie in the comedy or musical category went to quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood and brad pitt also picked up a best supporting actor that. best actor in a drama unsurprisingly went to joaquin phoenix for his amazing tool to force in the joker. and also no surprise best actress to run a zellweger for her portrayal i am singing in judy. and the big surprise came in the best mood.


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