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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2020 12:45am-1:01am CET

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full book jacobo on good terms by robot virus. the same. we begin with the golden globes and in the ongoing war between streaming services and hollywood it seems hollywood was the big winner this time netflix did have 34 nominations but only walked away with 2 prizes. best movie in the comedy or musical category went to quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood and brad pitt also picked up best supporting actor that. best actor in a drama unsurprisingly went to work in phoenix for his amazing tool to force in the joke. and also no surprise best actress to run is alway go for her portrayal i am singing in judy. and the big surprise came in the best movie drama category it wasn't the 2 netflix front
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runners the arash men or marriage story that took the prize but 1917 directed by some mendez the movie is played out in real time as though it's one continuous 2 are shot is more. 1917 is the story of 2 young british world war one soldiers on an almost impossible life or death mission. because. soldiers show field and blake have to get through enemy lines and void booby traps and hand deliver a very clear message to their comrades they even come into direct contact with the enemy. at the height of world war one the germans have pretended to retreat but are really lying in wait for 1600 richest.
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soldiers to fall into their trap. colonel mckenzie has not seen these aerials the enemy's new line around here just. to look at this to colonel mckenzie is a direct order to call off tomorrow morning's attack. if you don't it will be a massacre. and the golden. is to sam and i the film picked up 2 golden globes including best director. finally i'd like to dedicate this to my grandfather alfred hubert mendez who inspired this film he signed up for the 1st world war he was age 17 and i hope is looking down on us and i hope i fervently hope it never ever happens again when the movie picked up the golden globe for best drama director sam mendes took the opportunity to take a swipe at streaming service netflix i really hope this means that people will turn up and see it on
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a big screen for which it was intended. the world war one drama $970.00 knots made by netflix cinemas around the globe later this month. in the jewish religion music plays a very important role in the synagogue indeed the count all leads people in prayer in religious services and in the past always men no longer and the 1st female to train for the role here in europe was sofia fog of it she'll be my guest in just a moment after this. how do you 'd come. here for our coverage lives with her family in paris but she's frequently on the move visiting different synagogues to help lead prayers this time she's headed to the country where she grew up to germany. should be paying a special visit to the jewish community in the city of freiburg.
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talk of its new from a young age that she wanted to be a cantor. ruth. are the. women are not usually allowed to lead song for prayer in orthodox synagogue such as this one. female cantors are accepted in more liberal communities but here she's only allowed to lead prayer at a special service for women normally men and women here pray separately with the women in the back. unit is the community's official counter. who. says the voice of a woman could distract men and prevent them from concentrating on their prayers you . did hear the beauty of the woman's voice and perhaps see her beauty too and they
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wouldn't see god. for now our coverage is one of the very few female characters here in europe something she hopes will change. which joins me live in the studio now welcome. the 1st female trained in europe so how did you go about becoming more actually how did you manage that. in 1st place i had a strong feeling i could contribute and innovates this music style and. my life has led me to. study through the music i was attracted to this music to the art form come to arts and. this is how i came into this
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direction and this career path but how did you get someone to teach well i was trained at a college where it was allowed for the only college in europe where it's possible for women to have a training like this and it opened up it opens the door for can control training actually. when it was possible when i started studying the 1st time and i could do also a part of the training in jerusalem in israel. that was possible how do you feel when someone says like we saw in that report a woman singing would distract men from the press. this is often every action they give this i could say if you were beer it distracts me from prayers should i not listen to your voice you know i mean i often get obviously various reactions and some very strong reactions about the calm before the prayers and
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before the concerts after we talk about completely different topics now is a cliche. for many people but jewish music the way you hear. i think it's sounds to me as though it's always in the meineke is it well it is kind of a cliche and to some extent these very ancient prayers these this music was written at a time where people had time to reflect and there was time for intersection and introspection which modern society that is very fast moving and could benefit from i think. joy and tragic events always went hand in hand and this is very reflective in the music obviously well let me let me do this let me give you an example. i'm sure you know this so let's try something like.
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i'm going into the improvisation right know. who and i'm staying still in the same moment of. oh so very george joyful go you for points so it's not. it is often. i hear it as a musician but it changes a lot it goes from agents of mind it has there is specific no it's that very different interest music. now does it differ as well. singing normal classical music i mean it is a different because you do that as well i know it's a different style of the it's a completely different approach into a different style and text it's very important the music underlines the text
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ok now most always i think classical music in the music is more in the foreground street strew in the text is more important ok now more of this beautiful distinct voice can be heard on your latest cd which in english is called the voice of sacred heritage it's all jewish music on that yeah yeah yeah so i'm just a company by the organ wonderful. and it's not all in the meineke sophia funk of which thank you very much for being with especially thank you for saying is it was studio today thank you very much. now to our series 100 german must reads the best of german language literature available in english today the swiss novelist or robot who struggle with life not only financially but spiritually as well and this is reflected in his novel. his mall for mom and even levitz who
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seems to have ideas of his own for a book mom dad i'm running away from home to see the world i know it's crazy i'm only 32 years old but i think i can manage please don't come looking for me and send. think. fame fortune freedom those are the things young people hope to find when they run away from home at least in most stories but the title character in all about divides us. doesn't seem interested in any of those things the 17 year old leaves his wealthy family to attend a school for servants hoping for a life of humility and submission. undersigned. son of
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honorable parents entered the beni a mental institute as a pupil in order to acquire knowledge of the few things necessary for entering someone service the same has no high hopes of life he wishes to be treated strictly so that he may know what it means to pull himself together. the boys boarding school is an eerie surreal world where the instructors and the odd brother sister team try to teach their peoples respect reality and fantasy blends together with the fast pace of the big city the close quarters of the school and a stream of truly bizarre characters is it all the joke swiss author of a wrote the book in berlin where he himself trains to become a butler but he wasn't prepared for the mostly negative reactions to his book at the time he returned to switzerland where he later and it up spending the last 17 years of his life in
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a mental hospital. and unforgettably tragic life that produced this unforgettable wonderful book. molineaux will be 100 german must reads on our website at d.w. dot com slash culture and many other stories from the world of oss and culture as well and that's it for this edition thanks for watching i'm by. by. the.
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kickoff i'm looking back on reasons for personality. good. morning michaela miss exciting in your. corner of the big surprises. the big disappointment. in plans and goals losers and winners. gone in 30 minutes on dumb. the feel of a small u.s. town in southern spain rossa a u.s. marine base in europe. it was established during the era of dictator franco and became an enclave of freedom. folks remember the good old days and amusing they used to enjoy in near you. know 10. 75. w. . i'll
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go to the girl next you just chant. good bye now stood. with exclusive inside. and a must see concerning part time culture to europe. to be full curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribing and don't miss out on. this you know amelia minutes. that. goes over one of those cynical media. us all with only about a. vision a given. that i'm waiting what i'm told is going to be seated but i. honestly don't
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know what it is it's. this you know i mean you're noticing. a moment to notice. me nobody and unanimous. the show could oh. yes it is it. could not only save but i caught up with number 13 funding. point 0 point we're going to. say. this is news and these are our top stories huge crowds have gathered in tehran to mourn the country's top general qassam sulaimani he was killed by u.s. drone strike in baghdad the successor is ballan to expel american forces from the middle east in response. in an important advance forces loyal to libyan rebel general say they have taken the city of sirte of the coastal city is located midway between the capital tripoli and benghazi.


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