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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2020 3:02am-3:31am CET

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worried about a war between the u.s. and iran a conflict that could easily blow up the middle east and a lot more tonight the european union is calling an emergency meeting and asking will the iran's nuclear deal survive will iraq fall apart and does the u.s. president does he have a plan that ends in peace golf in berlin this is the day. of the new year to speak out with all the world into the morning who gave what a responsible strong not weak commander in chief 20 faced with the opportunity that's because we are very concerned that iran has announced it no longer feels mounted by the nuclear deal. you scold them especially is leading to more and more countries to take and that is to decisions iran has many military strategic military sites that you may say are also cultural decisions that we then put it
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seek to build consequences and a profound respect miscalculation. also coming up tonight for more charges against disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein as his sex abuse trial begins in new york. i pulled my arm away finally and headed to the door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob going and i could get a 3 picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch the announcer. on to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with worries about war between iran and the u.s. and more questions than answers last week's u.s. drone attack which killed iran's top general is threatening to bring both countries into a military conflict with consequences across the middle east and beyond and yet we still know very little about the intelligence indicating and alleged imminent
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attack by iran today the u.s. briefed nato on that intelligence but nothing new was offered after that meeting this week the european union is calling an emergency meeting today germany's foreign minister heiko maass wrote this on twitter our interest is that iraq's stability and unity do not fall prey to the latest escalation we'll speak of mediately with the iraqi government following parliament's resolution will respect all decisions so europe now worried about the conflict contagion effect iraq falling apart and the nuclear deal with iran dying in the process we'll have more on that in just a moment we have this report now. being over the remains of iran's top military commander. supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei visibly moved as he led funeral prayers for his former close ally. hundreds
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of thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to general kasem sulaimani killed in a u.s. drone strike in iraq on friday. i mean if you have bombed on a couch then at least his assassination is considered a declaration of war by many iranians. speaking at her father's funeral the general's own daughter has promised reprisals positive are the higher that mother had already quite that i have all the families of american soldiers in western asia have witnessed america's humiliation in syria iraq iran is levanon afghanistan yemen and palestine to get people spend their days waiting for the death of the children how do you call hans and the anger is spreading across borders in lebanon the iran backed hezbollah militia has threatened to hit american forces in the region.
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meanwhile the iraqi parliament has voted to end the u.s. military presence in the country some 5000 u.s. troops are there officially to help defeat so-called islamic state u.s. president donald trump has already warned that it could be hit by tough sanctions if it follows through with his threat but it's iran's promise of revenge that's focusing minds tehran has already promised that it will no longer abide by the 2015 nuclear deal raising the stakes even further. when nato has called for deescalation after an emergency meeting earlier today natives had offered no new information about why the u.s. ordered the strike this is what he said instead. we agree iran must never required a nuclear weapon we shared concern about iran samee such tests and we are united in condemning iran suit portfolio of different types of scoops and new
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conflict would be in no one's interest so we are on must refrain from further violence and provocations and that was instilled big speaking earlier today i'm joined now by hussein by 9 he's an iran expert and a professor at indiana university he joins me tonight from indianapolis it's good to have you on the show and i want to find out to start off with what do you make of these reports that are just coming across that the u.s. military has written to the iraqi government saying it's preparing to move al so we're not talking about iran tonight immediately but we're talking about the u.s. leaving iraq i think it's very interesting that. the americans are very aware of the tense situation that has followed the assassination of general still a minor and are clearly taking steps to
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a remove their military assets out of harm's way but also signaling that they are prepared to perhaps in a gesture of deescalation acknowledge some. measure or that is seen as a kind of an act of concession in military terms so as to prevent perhaps an outsize. military confrontation or attack against our forces stationed in iraq is this this announcement isn't this a victory for iran iran's wants to see the u.s. out of iraq and that's what it's about to get. yeah i said it is a temporary i think concession that iran can point to and say well we've already scared enough and that they're packing up and going but i think the calculation here is that in the long run iraqi security will rely to
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a great extent on american military help and that once the tensions have calmed down that the united states could once again retreat into those positions and perhaps inject some forces there but for the time being i think the calculation is that as a as a gesture of concession again to deescalate matters at the u.s. military wants to signal that it is willing to acknowledge that iran. perhaps will want to retaliate against its positions and is moving out and and putting the ball back in the iranian support as it were what would be the incentive for iran to decrease its influence in iraq now that it knows that the u.s. military is leaving. none at all at that moment in fact i think they would welcome this by injecting more forces of their own into iraq and perhaps maybe even . strong arming iraqi government to giving up some of those positions the iranian
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military said that they could place their personnel over there i think there they would be bent on taking advantage of this vacuum. and and shaping it in a way that would it danced and further entrenched their interests inside iraq. but i think from the iranians perspective it is important that. there is some sort of the retaliation that it is visceral to its public it would want to not only be seen as having one major political victory such as american military withdrawal outsider out of iraq but he would want to be seen as actually a force to be reckoned with militarily as well something it can to the 2006. war with lebanon in which iran played an instrumental role in helping hezbollah essentially come to
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a draw militarily against the formidable israeli defense forces professor want to get your take on what we were told earlier today and the general who was killed in the strike may have been an enemy of the united states but he was also one of the key figures in keeping channels of communication in that part of the middle east open channels of communication that could have at some point also facilitated peace in in the region if that's the case then it's hard to imagine the top people at the pentagon advising the u.s. president as an option to kill this general. is is that an accurate assessment of how important the loss is with his death. absolutely i mean i think from all the accounts that i've read of how that this is going to take out sollie money came a back out the option to directly target him was put in as an afterthought
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in a menu of option that was presented to the president thinking. of military personnel thinking that it would not at all be picked or or that the president or his advisors in the room would know that this would have tremendous political consequences precisely because that had been the case with the previous 2 administrations. so the monies targeted assassination had come up during the bush administration's. time in office as well as the obama administrations and each time to political consequences were calculated to be too high. for the united states to do so on this time around i think the calculation was that the similar thing would happen but by all press accounts the president chose the most extreme option perhaps not completely reshaping what the consequences would be and and indeed the consequences are already playing out in a fashion as predicted the cross the border you know it seems that the pandora's box has been opened and we're still waiting to find out if president trump has
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a plan that includes peace at the and professor hussein by night and iran expert joining us tonight from indiana university professor thank you we appreciate your insights tonight. thank you very much. well still ahead on the day christmas is over and wait till you see how people in one german village get ready to throw away their christmas tree but how do i prepare no thanks watching your diet and all that that's absolutely not how it's done. the opposite. the criminal trial against former film producer harvey weinstein has opened in new york city weinstein is facing charges of rape and sexual assault based on the accounts of dozens of women including several top hollywood actresses and weinstein has denied the charges he says that any sexual encounters that did take place were consensual the disgraced hollywood mogul arriving at the new york supreme court
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in manhattan the 67 year old continues to use a walking frame as a result of what he says was a car accident. when the 6 scandal around javi weinstein 1st broke in 2017 he was still a cochairman of the weinstein company alongside he's brought the ball. together they produced a number of highly successful movies including pulp fiction shakespeare in love and django unchained. in 2017 several women many of them actresses came forward to accuse weinstein of sexual harassment allegations spock the global feminist me to movement which soon spread from the film industry to many other aspects of society wants to continue to bring forward one new count after another he led me to his bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. my heart was racing and i was very scared. i pulled my arm away finally and headed to
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the door he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and i could get a 3 picture deal and that he would green light my script but i had to watch him after me about 80 women have spoken out about harvey weinstein among them actresses angelina jolie ashley judd and when. according to she was 22 years old when weinstein made sexual advances toward her. following the accusations the academy of motion picture arts and sciences which awards the oscars expelled weinstein he was fired from his own company in october 2017. immediately after the scandal broke weinstein's watching a chapman announced she was leaving him. the criminal trial against want steyn is biased on 2 cases of sexual assault and wright dating from 20062013 prosecutors will call on several other excuses to establish
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a pattern of predatory sexual behavior. and for more on harvey weinstein's trial i'm joined tonight by did you correspondent he is outside the new york supreme court where the trial was taking place good evening to you pablo we know that there are new charges tonight against weinstein in los angeles i want to talk about those in just a 2nd but 1st this trial 80 women have accused harvey weinstein of sexual harassment but this trial in new york is only about 2 cases why is that. that's right brant very large number of women have accused harvey weinstein of some very serious crimes this trial of course is whittled down to 2 women one of the identities of those women remains on known on the charges that are brought against harvey weinstein are very serious indeed by these 2 women here in new york the accusations took place here in new york among them are rape and predatory sexual assault charges which can result in
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a life imprisonment and underneath me by the way is to so why just in case you're wondering what that scientists have a both those charges are very serious indeed and like i said could result in harvey weinstein being sent to prison for the rest of his life now also part of the prosecution's case here in new york is to bring in some of those women who have made accusations some serious accusations against harvey weinstein as witnesses those accusations have not resulted in charges but what they want to show is start this is you know part of a long running and long standing sort of set of behaviors by harvey weinstein which dates back many many years harvey weinstein's defense has said that you know he did not he's not guilty and any sexual. relations that he had were consensual and we know that today new charges were filed in los angeles against weinstein taken this we believe the evidence will show that the defendant used his power and
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influence to gain access to his victims and then committed violent crimes against them once the defendant's case is completed in new york we expect him to appear in a courtroom in los angeles county to face these charges. we continue to investigate allegations involving 3 other women to determine if additional criminal charges will be filed so the charges charges against. the united states. what about the hash tag. harvey weinstein he is attached to that how will the outcome of the trial in new york do you think impact that. well obviously you know this is a huge trial here we had many activists and advocates down here at the courthouse in manhattan to voice their anger and and just basically highlight once again the
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importance of this trial because it's not just based on harvey weinstein the impact of this meat to movement has not just been the entertainment industry we've seen many sort of big figures in the world of business and politics also new using their jobs are ending up you know losing their their positions of power. as a result of these of this movement here in the united states and of course it's not just in the united states it's across the globe where we're seeing the me too movement also they want to they want to once again highlight the fact that it's very important that the chargers result in a conviction for harvey weinstein because if of course if there is a conviction against him it would prove to them that the criminal justice system here in the united states and those actually listen to those people who make serious accusations of sexual misconduct against him or of people who make accusations of sex crimes do result in
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a conviction here in the united states you know. in new york city public thank you . well 2 years ago the golden globe awards were overshadowed by the allegations against harvey weinstein you may remember last night ceremony was different but it was heavy on politics and climate change we're going to have more on that in just a moment 1st here's a look at last night's women. the red carpet lit up with smiling celebrities and flashing cameras as the stars of hollywood gathered for the golden globes awards ceremony it's the 1st major red carpet event of 2020. 2 big surprise when it was director sam mendez down 917 which won best drama beating favorites marriage story and joker. quentin tarantino's film once upon a time in hollywood won best comedy. own and in t.v.
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comedy quirky hit seriously bad skip the top prize while the show's triple talent writer producer and actress phoebe waller bridge to come the award for best comedy actress for what you believe is only one. thing to make me an author maybe it will ruin my life. tom hanks won a lifetime achievement award for his decades of roles and many well loved films. many recipients use the stage to call attention to current events and political issues like gender equality climate change and the bushfires in australia. that is facing the straight to get there hopefully we can be unified and actually make some changes it's great to vote sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves we don't have to take private jets to palm springs for the words sometimes we're back with these. comedian and host ricky gervais has closed the ceremony asking the audience to donate to australians affected by the fire to
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australia right now i'm joined here at the big table tonight by the film critic in . director ruediger zouk sly and rick it's good to have you on the show last night's big when it was 1917 a film about the 1st world war is it possible to say that hollywood is trying to send us a message considering what the geopolitics of today look like. that might quite well be i'm not sure all of the films of many of the films nominated are historical pictures that are set in the past as well the turnkey new film as well jokers that in the seventy's and quite remarkable this year is the kind of british in a way because we have some analysts winning the 2 most of the big award and we have as well in the series we have a live home and we have many british star us and minor sections winning you know we just had earlier in the show coverage about harvey weinstein and this was
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a man who was very powerful in hollywood he's also partly responsible for the hashtag me to movement do you see see when you look at the golden globes choices and the oscars coming up do you see the impact that his disgrace his head on the film industry. i concede in the speeches but the speeches were more about climate change this year australia because we have some. not really funny jokes. related to weinstein but in a way they need to in the film movement is over i think because when we look at the films most of them are done by male directors still yeah most of them are quite male stars look at joke or look at. the war from my men as i think there's only one female character in the must be it's about 1st world war the trenches the only film which is kind of famine this is karen tino surprisingly the tarantino film
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which is really about while ins against them tell our viewers you directed several films one was from color guard to hitler and hitler's hollywood these were about cinema in the 1920 s. . what is the role of cinema would you say in the 2020. i think cinema is in a way coming back to politics. because we see i think the single film is maybe less important because we see many films in streaming and you tube about a film in the cinema is the film we want to discuss we want to think about it when the movie's over and in general. a good film and those films like 917 or joke are like that must be controversial and they must give us something to talk about to think about when we have left the that's true and there's lots to talk about in 2020 that's for sure. some we appreciate you talking is through the
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golden globes and i thank you thank you. all for christmas fans around the world the festive season is officially over a penny or 3 kings day marks the end of the 12 days of christmas and for anyone with a christmas tree lighting up their living room it's the day that you're supposed to throw it out here in germany most people leave them out on the streets to be picked up but one town has come up with a better idea take a look. time to hurl out that unwanted christmas tree the town of god in tal in southwest germany has taken the end of holiday clear out to the next level the world championship in tandem of tossing snow in his 14th year. this is. what it's become a really big tradition. for the 5th year because of the event here at some point our state government decided to declare it an official local custom.
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this is how vide intel used to deal with its unneeded needle trees when the season to be jolly was over they landed straight on the bonfire. today the flames remain but they signaled the start of a unique sporting spectacle that is the christmas tree long toss. the christmas tree hard toss. and the highly technical christmas tree spinning toss. how do i prepare no thanks watching your diet and all that that's absolutely not how it's done the opposite the 3 stooges ours might be here now going to be mulled wine and roman hot chocolate that's the secret weapon. it's not easy to make it to the top of the 5th inning game. here in volume tal tomorrow's stars already laying the
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groundwork. this year spoils went to christmas tree tossings most decorated champion sean shredded a one top the number 6 a funny gift to finish off the fist of season. and that ladies and gentlemen happens when you don't have an artificial jury well the day is always done the conversation it continues online to find us on twitter you the news you can follow me and print off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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ok cough i'm looking back on the reasons 1st past. the borders like i haven't been this exciting in years. gone with a big surprise and. a great disappointment. in plans and goals losers and the winners. to come next on d w. fridays for just minus 30 celsius
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on the german poll the research station the scientists want to send them. there on the frontline of climate change research and take a look at their findings. disappearing ice climate change to man talk to. close off the sixty's d.w. . with him how to be because i'm ugly as well lions if i had known that the boat would be 1000 small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents on my dangerous bought of the game but i gave a slave would. love one son that one little bit and to give them i had serious
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problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there what i'm going to. do want to know their story in full migrants furrowing to get reliable information for margaret's. kickoff looks back at a pretty memorable 1st half of the season.


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