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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2020 4:00am-4:16am CET

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died of hunger i'm not going to now claim just for a short term hurry 15 going to the big. plane . this is d w news live from bergland chaotic messages from washington amid fears of war with iraq the u.s. says it's not spoiling troops from neighboring iraq after leaked letters suggested otherwise meanwhile iran prepares to bury the general assassinated in a u.s. drone strike also on the program. tiny. time
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and that told her wrap it in all workplaces times off i'm training for my 1st. time up an m.p. apology without consequences. and climbed up on the probate the culture of silence that is unable the buger like wind to. harvey weinstein's accusers finally get their day in court the former film locals trial begins a new york it is the 1st me 2 case to be put before a criminal trial plus we'll meet the nigerian teenager taking her country by storm . holes at a time. the boy. i'm called aspen welcome to the program. iran is preparing to bury general qassam
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soleimani the man who is the sas nation at the hands of the u.s. has up ended the middle east and is fueling fears of war early on tuesday soleimani his body arrived back in his hometown his burial later today capped 3 days of mourning iran's supreme leader has traded threats with the u.s. presidents in the wake of the killing as washington prepares for tehran to strike back. and as tensions across the region grow some muddled the messaging from the u.s. the pentagon says it won't pull its troops from neighboring iraq after a top general signaled it could do just that after soleimani was killed. paratroopers from the u.s. 82nd airborne division packing their bags for the middle east. they're part of the $3000.00 additional american troops being sent to the region reinforcements as the u.s. braces for iran's promised retaliation. in iran the
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u.s. killing of money the country's top military commander has triggered a massive outpouring of public grief and anger. on the streets of tehran the general's death has united regime critics and hardliners on the need for revenge. and given his blood has given us life and strength. then and we demand revenge and must be military revenge against the americans alone we will avenge the general in exactly the same degree. dad had those of us who found out that had. us president donald trump has warned that revenge will be met with its own harsh response he's drawn condemnation for threatening to target iran's cultural sites a war crime under international law. the pentagon is now contradicting the president defense secretary as saying the military would quote follow the laws of
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armed conflict in washington the pressure is mounting for the trumpet ministration to justify the assassination. we can and we should learn more about the intelligence thinking that led to this operation and the plan to defend american personnel and proof in the wake of president trump have promised to keep the united states out of endless wars in the middle east the president's actions however have seemingly increased the risk that we could be dragged into exactly search a war. the tensions with iran have also through the u.s. military presence in iraq into question after the iraqi parliament voted to expel american troops. well let's go to washington now our d.c. correspondent carla bleicher standing by there carla we're getting conflicting signals about whether the u.s. military is willing to withdraw from iraq after the country's parliament voted
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unanimously in favor of that what are you hearing now well there's a letter that appears safe and send by the u.s. military to the iraqi military saying that u.s. troops would be moved out of fact before moving on and that the u.s. respects iraq's sovereign decision to to order u.s. troops out but right after that letter was released pretty much secretary of defense mark. there have been no plans to pull out of iraq and the joint chiefs of staff chairman said that the letter was only a traffic was a mistake and should never have been sense now carl as we saw president trump tweeting earlier in all caps in the last that iran will never have a nuclear weapon of course he pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal so how does he plan to achieve that goal. well it's hard to see how president trump should still have any control over this
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after pulling out of the nuclear jail the u.s. started this campaign of maximum pressure and imposed a lot of sanctions on iran but those don't really appear to be working and iran has said that it will now and rich uranium with no restrictions how is all of this new is i mean it just seems to be evolving so quickly how is it being received in the united states. there are 2 sides. of the government and of course all the trump supporters are celebrating what they are calling the end of the appeasement under the obama administration they're saying that the previous administration has been way too soft on iran for way too long but on the other hand you have a lot of people here horrified by what they see as president trump pushing their country to the brink of war with iran i carla bleicher our d.c.
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correspondent following that story for us thank you very much and as fears of war in the middle east mounts global leaders have been scrambling to cool down the tensions. exist sars restraints restraint on the. exercise maximum restraint. world leaders had one message for the ukrainian government as the country mourns the death of jordan so money. nature is especially worried the military alliance fears for the future of the anti terror mission in iraq 2 days ago the government in baghdad put the project on its nato secretary general resurging tehran not to fan the flames a new conflict would be in no one's interest. so we're all must refrain from further violence provocations. the european union fees for the future of the iran
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nuclear deal. in lots of recent events tehran says it no longer feels bound to the agreement. the european union's new chief is asking them to stick to the deal. on with flushed into iran must understand that it is in its own interests to come back to the new pm agreement and it is in all our interests is that iraq maintains a levelheaded position is on the high tone cut u.n. secretary general and her new terrorist voiced his deep concern. more and more countries he says are making decisions with unforeseeable consequences pushing the world towards the brink of war. restart dialogue re new international corporation let us not forget the terrible human suffering caused by war. there's always organize people by the highest price. for
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terrorists as the world is in turmoil and restraint is what it needs most right now . and here's a check now of some of those stories making news around the world a bomb blast in nigeria has killed at least 9 people and left dozens seriously injured explosion took place in a market on the border with neighboring cameroon among the reported victims are children who have been selling vegetables in jihad astrue boko whole rom operates on both sides of the border. millions of orthodox christians have been observing christmas eve they use the julian calendar meaning that this is christmas week for orthodox christians around the world the date also marks the holiday of appear fanie which is celebrated in some western christian churches as 3 kings day. well the trial of former film producer harvey weinstein has started in new york weinstein is facing charges of rape and sexual assault brought by 2 women at the
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same time he faces new charges in los angeles the district attorney vera has charged him with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another on consecutive nights in 2013 weinstein has denied the new york charges he says any sexual encounters or consensual. the disgraced former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein arriving at the new york supreme court the 67 year old continues to use a walking frame as a result of the noticed car accident for which the police report details no injuries the film producer will face 5 charges brought by 2 women including one of rape the woman who accuses weinstein on that most serious charge remains anonymous the other is former production assistant mini who alleges the pope fiction produce a forcibly performed all rule 6 on. both of my clients in this case. have been very brave very courageous because they're willing to testify under oath to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them god 6 women in total
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should yield to testify he found guilty on all charges one stain could spend the rest of his life in jail and we're going to continue to press on and remind everyone that in this great country you are innocent until proven guilty hours later on the other side of the country the los angeles county district attorney announced yet more criminal charges relating to a different matter good morning i'm here today to announce that my office has charged harvey weinstein with sexually assaulting 2 women in los angeles county once the defendant's case is completed in new york we expect him to appear in a courtroom in los angeles county to face these charges the 67 year old sick and die with justice will come after proceedings in new york a finished a process that could take up to 2 months. our correspondent pablo us is following the trial from new york and he sent us this assessment after day one harvey weinstein was once the king of hollywood the much lauded producers kingdom began to
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crumble though back in 2017 when it was revealed in the u.s. media that there were dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct against him out of a group that me to movement and that brings us up to 2020 and the trial which began in new york on my. in the trial there are 2 women who are accusing harvey weinstein of 5 charges in total among them a rape and predatory sexual assault and he could be sent to prison for life if he is actually found guilty of these charges prosecutors also want to show that there is a pattern of behavior in harvey weinstein over the past couple of decades and for the reason the prosecution are bringing in other women who have accused him of sexual assault what's also been quite dramatic on this 1st day of the trial is that across the country in los angeles to new charges were brought against harvey weinstein one
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for rape and also another for sexually assaulting a woman back in 2013 so a very dramatic day here in the united states a conviction for harvey weinstein in those new charges in los angeles could result in a 28 year prison sentence but of course this trial is going to be taking place over the next few months so everyone here in the united states is waiting for some very dramatic revelations indeed are just forte's now and you were about to meet nigeria's next big golfer 13 year old is the number one junior golf are in her country and with the trophies piling up in her bedroom her dream of becoming a professional golfer is getting very real. she picked up her 1st golf club at the age of 5 yen asean is the number one junior golfer in nigeria it was love at 1st sight. of the royal playing i wanted to take his clothes when my dad said no
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so. i wanted to play and i said yes and you bought me clubs she's come a long way she has represented nigeria 11 times across 3 continents and boasts a total of 17 medals she's only 13 but these are the chips you have one of your life beats here because here they go but the teenager admits it's not always easy it's very difficult to come by going to school and practicing for a cause that's a little formal to do and surveys for tests but in golf i also have to practice a lot and they're ready for tournaments the teenage sensation is already showing signs of keeping up with the best. she was the only teenage golfer to participate at last year's nigerian ladies golf open championship she came 10th of $177.00 goal for us when she still has room for growth and i think as i said the right
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age of 15 there may she will be right you know what you were to go by still she wants to do what no nigerian has done before capture the country's 1st gold medal in golf at the 2022 youth and then picks. you're watching the news from berlin coming up next business news with a gentle doom allowed on call nasa and i'll be back with more news shortly stay tuned for that. actually this meters just shows the 1st split shows. the smart way to get where you're going.
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