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intense does a camp like. trains keamy belong to them people can be. nice nice and keeping. an. island story. is a. must. start january 27th on d w. how vulnerable are global banks and utilities the cyber attack iran has targeted businesses in the past could they enter their crosshairs again as the country retaliate for the killing of a top commander. also on the show shipping companies have to use cleaner fuel but it's not cheap we'll take a look at the be within the industry. this is your business report i'm stephen
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beardsley in berlin it's good to have you with us investors around the world are holding their breath as tensions but mounts between america and iran with iran promising a major retaliation for the killing of its military commander qassam soleimani american businesses could be a target as iran has proved to have formidable cyber attack capabilities. from 2011 to 2013 from 2011 to 2013 the the iranian hackers target j.p. morgan chase bank of america and wells fargo with large denial of service attacks make it difficult for customers to log into their accounts and access their money iran attacked the saudi aramco oil company in 2017 with the shamoun virus which was so devastating that the network had to be rebuilt almost completely from scratch. and in november 29000 microsoft experts suspected that iranian hackers were going after a disturbing new physical target employs that major manufacturers in operators of
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industrial control systems used by power grids manufacturing and oil refineries wherever and iran is also very vulnerable june 29th seen in response to the shooting down of a u.s. drone u.s. launched a successful cyber attack against iranian air defense and command sites now for more on this i'm joined here in studio by spin happy he's project director for cyber security policy at the. here in bonn and berlin spend thank you for joining me what i guess my 1st question would be how serious are iran's capabilities does this extend beyond these sort of direct denial of service attack so we hear so much about what iran has 2 prong capabilities if they're patriotic heck are if they do some low level stuff like defacing sites and nothing too urgent but they have also very good cyber capabilities in the military because of advanced persistent threats a p t's and they are pretty capable i would counsel to the top 20 capable militaries in the world when it comes to cyber attacks. should they attempt or
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execute a cyber attack in this in the run up in the follow up to these tensions that are been going on with you consider an escalation deescalation how are cyber attacks seen in the spectrum of i guess warfare so i guess you can scale cyber attacks pretty well you can do something low level you can disrupt some bangs and disrupt some companies or you can go for example for switching off regional power grid if they have the capabilities and if they have the access to get on it or serious than going after bank out imagine right so it can be a deescalation oh ok we respond only with you know shutting down the bank for one of 2 days with the denial of service attack or it can go to escalatory where we shut down the pole grid of the region is united states so what they can do is pretty scalable and it remains to be seen what access they have and what capabilities have right now these major banks that we just mentioned obviously they were prepared at the time that they were attacked are they any better. prepared now or any major companies prepared for something that iran could pull off in your estimation so i think in the end of the day they're better prepared than they were
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a couple of years ago but that doesn't mean that they can withstand military capable cyber operations forces such as the iranians have some might be able to do that most of them will not be able to do that so the focus right now is looking inward preparing employees again saying there's something on the rise and test your contingency plans to what extent is the u.s. government prepared for an attack on infrastructure for example has it improved its defenses over time so they have improved but i don't think they will be able to withstand new most or some of the what they are in control of them should a warning the department homeland security and their technical capabilities department the 3rd just issued a new technical statement advising what companies can do down to the details so they were prepared say should something be done and how good the industry is prepared who would you say is most vulnerable not necessarily naming names but what kinds of industries what kind of businesses in particular if you look outside of infrastructure maybe including a structure maybe some of these projects are more vulnerable what do you see so i
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think you go for what is not as secure but at the same time as it goes bang it has a huge impact i would definitely go as an attacker would go for the critical infrastructure such as a pole supply water supply all that kind of things the iranians have proved a couple of years ago that they hacked into an american system for example so that's what i would go off and of course they have experience as well being on the other end with a limit games for one of the most famous cyber attacks have they learned through that that they have to be on the offensive i think so that they know that they can be attacking cyber space we have just heard that it just happened again couple of months ago after the military strike so yes they are prepared they're preparing the offensive capabilities but the point is they are much less vulnerable than the united states because they are much less networked and the industry is much less networked than for example united states and the slighty as a whole are much less networked the country as a defense i guess it's been happy with the. thank you very much thank you. global shipping companies are grappling with a new rule to fight pollution they have to cut the sulfur content in their fuel
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their options however aren't that great spend more on cleaner marine fuel upfront or clean it under way an option that's also quite pricey take a look. no stench and no soup particles and yet the cops and the renzo spews out large quantities of sulfur into the air and has done so for years so for pollutes water and irritates the respiratory system at the start of the year it was prohibited most shipping companies now have to run their ships on low sulfur marine diesel it's better for the environment but it's also much more expensive. to get done as long as the shipping company there's no way that we can bear these additional costs we work in a very low margin business and that means that the additional fuel costs will have to be passed on to the customer. even if the costs are spread out over thousands of containers and customers then they're tolerable but the price of diesel fuel fluctuates a way around the problem is to invest upfront in so-called scrubbers the devices
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remove the sulfur from normal heavy fuel oil on board the ship the zakah company and braman makes them. as it does i mean if there are real selling point is the payback time after operating the ship for a year shipowners start saving money i. think. but the scrubbers are gigantic not a problem for new ships but if the scrubbers installed after the ship was made it can get complicated container ship to close a small container ship or a typical feeder ship is very limited in space and that means it could be difficult installing a scrubber on board the jumbo box all the large jumbo boxers have such propulsion power that you have to consider positioning several scrubbers next to each other.
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because it isn't needed most german shipping companies would rather wait before they buy more than 90 percent of them use the more expensive marine diesel. this is best unless it's better to lower large amounts of the sulfur content on land rather than on each individual ship and shift. in a deal so for free fuel would be liquid natural gas but few ports have the infrastructure to support it the fuel would have to be delivered from far away by truck. and now to some of the other global business stories making news. has launched another set of satellites from its falcon 9 rocket on their men to provide global internet service this time one satellite will have a dark coating to appease astronomers who say reflections from the orbiters are hampering their observations. boeing's grounded 737 max model may have problems that extend beyond software the new york times says that there are concerns that on
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board wiring could cause a short circuit the potential design flaw may also affect other models including those now in service. in paris trade unions and business groups are set to meet with ministers for new talks on present mccraw pension reforms transport workers across the country have been on strike for the past month angry at proposals to create a uniform pension system. back to germany where a slump in global demand saw auto production in the country fall 9 percent last year that's the lowest output since 1997 the industry association says it built just 4700000 cars in germany in 2019 export markets are continuing to dry up and demand has been hit also by the us china trade war sales rose by 5 percent though the industry is also rattled by uncertainty about emissions restrictions and technological change. and for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney as a chelsea
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a lot of different factors there is there one overarching thing that's driving the slowdown in production or is this a mixture of everything. i think german carmakers can really blame the international environment this is really being driven by by a variety you mentioned a few of the factors one of of course is the slowdown associated with the trade war between china and the us china been a really important i don't market for a german car makers in recent recent years the economic slowdown there is certainly having an impact that has also had a very large negative impact on automakers here and there's also a lot of concern about the new an emission standards here in germany so the sort of the global slowdown is coming at a really bad time as these carmakers have to invest a lot and to new technologies. josie what does the slumping car industry in germany mean for the economy here well that car current history is obviously hugely
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important to the german economy accounts for about 20 percent of germany's overall exports and employs about 8 $100000.00 people and a lot of crime occurs have said that they are going to be cutting jobs. continental the parts maker have already announced about $50000.00 job cuts for the next couple of years and if you also consider how close germany already is to stagnation with growth expectations only at about one percent for 2020 any further slowdown is definitely going to have you know negative impacts for the german economy or a chance to delay any human eye on things in frankfurt for us thank you and while we're talking about the car industry who move on to another aspect of it i guess south korean car maker 100 and u.s. ride sharing services have announce they're teaming up to develop electric cell flying cars but the announcement was made at the consumer electronics show in las vegas the company's presented a mock up of
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a flying taxi the vehicles of this con are being billed as the answer to urban congestion but technological and regulatory barriers mean they're unlikely to be market ready for several years to come. so don't get too excited yet and that's it for me and the business team here in berlin for more on these and other business stories do check out our website at www dot com slash business you can also find us on facebook and twitter will leave you with a quick look at global markets i'm seeing there's a sense watching. every
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2 seconds her son is forced to flee their home. the consequences come into sastra so our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises far from. forgetting we don't need them nothing i didn't go to university to kill people. for their lives and their future
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so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of her stay behind and say. it'll my husband went to peru because. the crisis is that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger running down. displaced stores for turning every 15 on. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and the award season began on sunday night in hollywood with the golden globes will be taking a look back at that also coming up. sophia fog of it was the 1st train female jewish come to war in europe and she's my guest
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in the studio. and in our continuing series 100 german must read a tragic book beautiful book called one good turn by robots advise. the same. bots we begin with the golden globes and in the ongoing war between streaming services and hollywood it seems hollywood was the big winner this time netflix did have 34 nominations but only walked away with 2 prizes. best movie in the comedy or musical category went to quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood and brad pitt also picked up best supporting actor that. best actor in a drama unsurprisingly went to joaquin phoenix for his amazing tool to force in the joker. and also no surprise by.


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