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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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it would. probably. this is news coming to you live from berlin dozens die in a stampede at a funeral ceremony for after the assassination of iranian general qassam so they say state media another stampede happened as huge crowds of mourners gathered for the goodrick procession to get the latest from to head out. of the programmed uncertainty of the future of u.s. troops stationed in iraq for. the u.s. government has denied reports it's appropriate to pull its soldiers out. letter
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from a general suggest they really go. last france is marking the 1st anniversary of the attack on the satirical magazine. it was the 1st in a series of terrorist attacks in france and provoked a massive security response we look at how it affected crohn's and how it's been coping with islamic extremism. dozens of people have been killed in a stampede among a huge crowd of mourners at the funeral of the assassinated general a same sort of money that's according to iran's state media reports say 40 people died as hundreds of thousands gathered to pay their last respects to the general who was killed in a targeted drone strike by the united states the general's home city of caravan has
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been the scene of massive processions as people gathered there for his barrier. only i spoke to a journalist. who is in tehran he described the circumstances that led to the stampede and whether the arrangements were inadequate for the large numbers of people who turned out the crowd was so huge that the officials were not planning. that forced into on the burial for a route which was slated to be held today general stanley money and one of his comrades were going to be laid to rest today but the burial has been postponed due to the started. now people are in grief both over the general's death assassination and this is of their. their
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fellow citizens or for the people are killed and of course you see hundreds of thousands of people have turned out on the streets of amman to pay their final respects to general sort of money and $1.00 of his top aides what about medical support result there lots of people have also been injured in the stampede are they getting the kind of help they need. yeah 32 the reports are is just from the health ministry day have all visited hospitals in person or through our village and helicopters and are receiving good treatment but the number of people killed is growing according to what i heard from my contacts in care much i heard the event over 5056 people are now. fishel yes and what people this ng tube of how they look there is like as you said the now mourning not not just for the today generals but they're also mourning for the
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people who've been killed in the stampede. the burial is now postponed and people are getting back home snow but they're shocked really they didn't expect such a grief and tragedy after the death of soleimani himself who was a very popular figure in his hometown caremark. these accounts they instead on a journalist based in the iranian capital thank you very much for that update from the mountains today money skimming histories tensions in the region the assassination of schools an outpouring of anger against the u.s. and iran has vowed to take revenge for the assassination agata not out of the car revered in life. in death. hundreds
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of thousands of mourners witnessed the return of general kasim soleimani his body to his hometown of cam on. after a 3 day state funeral procession across the country this is where his journey ends . soliman he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in neighboring iraq on friday his death has not only provoked an outpouring of grief across the country but also anger. shouting death to america iranian lawmakers have been quick to pass a law condemning those involved in solemn on these deaths as terrorists all those who ordered this crime and who are with the pentagon and u.s. military are counted as terrorists. the u.s.
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is already bracing itself for retaliation paratroopers from the u.s. 82nd airborne division are on their way to the middle east they'll make up part of the $3000.00 additional troops being sent to the region but tensions with iran have also thrown the u.s. military presence in iraq into question there was confusion after a leaked a letter from the u.s. defense department appeared to suggest an imminent withdrawal of american troops from iraq the pentagon says the letter was a draft and a mistake and there was no decision to leave the country. in life soliman he was considered a danger to america in death many now wonder whether he's become an even greater threat. now germany is announces its regrowing pontiff is contingent of soldiers from iraq i'm not. a correspondent
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a thomas fellow why has the german government decided to withdraw some of its troops from iraq. we have access to a letter sent by the german ministries of defense and foreign affairs to the german parliament explaining the decision on the key element there is security concerns that german officials have in particular when it comes to those soldiers that are stationed in iraq it's important to stress amrita that this is on a temporary basis it's not on a permanent basis and that we're only talking of a small part of germany's troops in iraq that they're going to be moving to 2 neighboring countries in the region to jordan and kuwait but again important to stress on rita that it is something temporary germany is particularly concerned about the security on the one hand as i just explained on the other hand there are also concerns about the political situation and how that will evolve in the next few days and weeks in particular when it comes to the un t.i.'s coalition german officials have been discussing this
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a lot here in berlin and in fact german foreign minister. had a lot to say on this this is part of what he had to say on this regard. the fact is the troops who are involved in a training mission for example are no longer carrying it on comes to a court the coalition's entire anti i ask combat mission is also currently on hold . so the safety of our soldiers who are there is our highest priority that's. our we're checking them out on a daily basis and have so far taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our soldiers on the ground. so the security as we heard from the foreign minister of germany off the soldiers is most important and as you said almost the german contingent in iraq is small and the draw is temporary but what message does this mean george said at a time of such high tension in the region. it is important to understand the bigger picture here i'm retired if you read carefully that letter by german officials it
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is clear that they have 2 priorities in mind one is the stability of iraq something of german officials particularly worried about and secondly on t.i.s. coalition which as you know is a direct threat as well the i.a.s. to the e.u. and i'm to germany something that german officials are particularly concerned about as well as how they can still continue to combine the islamic states in the region if the situation continues to change in iraq so these 2 elements remain particularly important for germany and for the e.u. as a whole and that's why german officials will also be having various discussions not only with iraqi officials in fact germany sending a high ranking delegation to baghdad for consultations but they're also having discussions with other european leaders as well and let's not forget that i'm going to call herself will be traveling to russia at the weekend to have discussions with that emir put in there also on this issue so a lot of talk a lot of discussions on this the issue that for germany is becoming very important indeed to must guarantee the obvious political correspondent thank you very much
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let's articulate some other stories making news around the world socialist leader president someone just has been confirmed the spanish prime minister after a narrow upon entry vote his victory was secured but a small regional party agreed to abstain some just for now head a minority left wing government spain's 1st coalition since it made the transition to democracy in the 1970 s. . austrian father shouldn't have asked him conses been sworn in as the country's chancellor returning after 7 months out of power following the collapse of his government his center right people spot is not in coalition with the greens. botha rico has been struck by a powerful 6 on 4 magnitude earthquake the largest in a series of premises that have shaken the u.s. territory in the past 24 hours at least one person has been confirmed dead and this been serious damage in some areas. the captain of the refugee rescue ship lifeline
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has been cleared of charges that he failed to properly register his vessel gallus beta help save more than 230 refugees from the mediterranean in june of 2018 he faced 811-0000 euro fine in more tell the claims that the ship was incorrectly registered but now a court there has ruined he doesn't have to pay. in june 2018 more than $230.00 refugees drifted on a rubber boat off the coast of libya before the lifeline found them the captain wanted to save lives but felt that everywhere he looked obstacles were in his path its refused to allow a ship to dock for days. the way people are treated around here makes me want to cry people talk about trump in mexico and his wall but i have the impression that europe is no better. only off to several other e.u. states announced that they would take in some of the migrants didn't open.
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the refugees were finally safe but the lifeline was confiscated and a new order c. began for captain harsh. he was charged with not properly registering the lifeline which sailed under a dutch flag an accusation that highish that was absurd. after a court imposed 810000 euro fine in may 2019. he has finally been vindicated the court and acquitting the captain. battle isn't another ship captain by him was seized by italian authorities last september after he had rescued 100 people from the sea separate proceedings. you're watching the devaney is coming up ahead. schools in every 52 minutes and
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now no region sensation. why he feels he's such a good match for the children. but 1st it's 5 years to the days since islamist terrorists went on a rampage against journalists at the french satirical magazine show. family members and colleagues of the 12 who were killed marked the occasion with a series of ceremonies in paris they included some staff members of the publication who were injured by the gum and the so-called islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack which was the 1st of a series of deadly incidents that shook trance to its core committed mostly by french born extremists. january 7th 2015 in paris in front of those headquarters terrorists targeted a newspaper which hot published kyra catches of the prophet mohammed it took less
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than 2 minutes for them to shoot their 12 people and injure another 11 it was defense of a series of deadly attacks that lasted for 2 days. in the aftermath of the killing tarzan's of french people took to just trees to share their grief leaders from all over the world gathered in paris bowing to never gave way to terrorism everyone was challis. newspaper itself nearly bankrupt before the attack became an overnight global sensation and was even published now the languages. in france to politically incorrect after an criticized magazine met his unprecedented public support. for you know look at that line we've been here since 815 this morning for us this is a statement a political act. very important to show solidarity for freedom of expression of
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those for sure i think this day will go down in history and that the attack was a major blow to freedom of the press and friends but beyond doubt the slaughter of those journalists reveals that a country was ill prepared to answer terrorist threats. for the next 2 years france would leave in a state of emergency thousands more military personnel and police officers part of the so-called a better sense than to know what deployed and granted special powers to tackle terrorism. but more attacks followed including a november 2015 massacre where 130 people died. the following here in nice dozens were killed when a truck drove into a crowd on bastille day. those attacks were claimed by factions of the islamic state. 5 years france is still on alert for new terror attacks while the survivors of the challis have to shooting continue to share their
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accounts after a massacre. and that report by the daily correspondent emmanuel as she joins me now in the studio with the uses of french what are your memories of that event 5 years ago today. the 1st memory that constantine is absolute shock upon finding out about the attack i found out about it on watching television. that quiet streets you know those fires that we hear the very beginning of the report that has been a real shock and also as a french person i grew up with drawings of. those are some of the agenda may still have been killed in the attacks obviously that came as a total shock and also disbelief i would say because here cumin life has been taken because of the ideas that were conveyed by journalists and the sheer brutality of
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the attack it lasted less than 2 minutes to jihadists killed those 12 people in less than 2 minutes so really the shock of that day remains opposed to today and there was shock across the nation and across europe on the day has to be their legacy to that event 5 years ago has anything been learned from what happened that day well what has been learned out there unfortunately is that france was indeed very ill prepared to answer terrorists as terror is that came from within because most jihadists were born in france actually now we found out that most people who committed such attacks were already under civilians but weren't arrested for lack of means by the french government so really the preparation of the government is what came to of course since then the government deployed to something that operation which we try to talk about in the report it includes more than 10000 soldiers being deployed 5000 more police officers being deployed on side but sadly as you've as we've seen over the past year in france it doesn't prevent
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the attacks and the latest edition of a do is also be political it says new census ships' new dictatorships and it talks about the editor talks about a rising intolerance in france what kind of intolerance is he talking about sharia those editor or says' cartoons nowadays in france i'm media tolerated and that freedom of expression is no longer what it was and. of expression that challis has . has always been a paper which was which showed a lot of irreverence that that's the trademark of the newspaper beat against. beat against catalyses and there's no specific target members of the government are regularly targeted by charley but that is that has become less and less tolerated not only by fan and by fanatics but also by the general public which is nowadays often fed up with that irreverence riot in london thank you very much for those
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insights on that story the 5th anniversary of the attack on shirley abdo in france in other news japanese prosecutors have obtained an arrest warrant for carroll goan the wife of former nissan boss carlos ghosn gone jumped bail last month and fled to lebanon he faces charges of financial misconduct one. hollywood producer harvey weinstein has been charged in los angeles with new cancer of sexual assault against 2 women the charges were filed as a stride on separate counts of rape and sexual assault began in new york he's pleaded not guilty claiming that all his sexual encounters were consensual. firefighters in australia are taking advantage of milder weather to reinforce containment lines against wildfires that have been burning for months in some parts of the country now temperatures are expected to rise again later this week.
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south korean carmaker one die and us ride sharing service are teaming up to develop develop electric cell flying cars the announcement was made at the consumer electronics show in las vegas the vehicles are being built as a solution for urban congestion but major technological and regulatory barriers remain. we now have to mexico where a staggering 40000 people are listed as missing many are victims of violence among rival drug gangs relatives of the missing often face lengthy waits for any information about their loved ones with an identified bodies piling up in morgues some mexican cities are now receiving support from foreign forensic pathologists. eloise abundance is cooking chicken tomatoes and onions. it's her son ramiro spirit
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meal and he should be here today to enjoy it. it's my son's birthday but i'm not celebrating. it would be nice if we could spend it together but it's not for me not to know where he is on his birthday. for me or disappeared without a trace more than a year ago one day he just didn't come home from work the photos bring a smile to elisa's face but no one knows why ramiro is missing. for my son is a kind person very gentle. i don't know what's happened to him is he still alive. being kidnapped i just don't know i'm desperate to find out. her son ramiro has 2 small children and his sister fabiola is helping to raise them their grandmother couldn't cope alone. they haven't told the 4 year old her father
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is missing. but. we're all very unhappy the poor kids. we tell them their father is coming back soon. some 40000 mexicans are thought to be missing criminal gangs are generally to blame for the disappearances they eliminate anyone who crosses them. the police regularly uncover mass graves containing the remains of bodies often burned and unrecognizable. identifying them is a painstaking process relatives are simply left without answers louisa fabulous' and many other families have come to the medical examiner's building in guadalajara in search of answers. many of the dead here have yet to be identified.
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they lost my d.n.a. sample i asked about his and they say they haven't gotten it to german forensic pathologists have flown in to assist. the family members of those missing stand outside. the examiners will help their mexican colleagues identify hundreds of victims of violence the work will take at least 6 months. this all of us with which the scale of it is indescribable. each of these body bags means there's a family who cannot grieve because they don't know their loved ones ahead of them who are going to it's depressing but it's part of our job as medical examiners for them as i don't know whether it's more just. more bodies are brought in every day there's not enough staff nor the equipment to deal with them. even for experienced pathologists the search for answers is
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a daunting task. some certainty is what louisa is looking for in her darkest moments she could even accept being told that her son is dead but of course she's hoping that one day ramiro will come home. not for forte and no region sensation ending hyland has revealed why he turned down bigger clubs to sign for door one the striker isn't the hottest prospects in 4 or staying for the 1st time about his transfer holland said he felt he was a good match with a german club. erling holand is the team's freshest face dortmund hope he's the man to lift them up the been this league table. based or of competition from manchester united and you venture still around the prolific striker and hall and was impressed with how wooed him they just went direct and said we need
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to but. we were like you're playing. and i like how. they spoke to me and that's what triggered you just felt that. was a good match the 19 year old norwegian cost 20000000 euros from austrian side are the salt spoke he's been one of the most talked about players this season and for good reason scoring 28 goals in $22.00 games so far as a rate of one every 52 minutes as far as his new teammates are concerned could be the missing piece of the puzzle. it's been a while since we've had a striker like him into office it's always positive that someone who's not just big but also fast and technically strong so he brings something different for sure. i. don't wonder well known for developing talented young players hallen fits into that
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category it's now for him to live up to the hype. you have to wait and see you're watching indeed of the news coming up next on the job news asia the student who became a sexual predator the case of the rapists described as the most prolific in british legal history. a setback for taiwan's leader as the campaign spokeswoman resigns as days ahead of the presidential election. and showing kindness to these gentle giants and n.g.o.s in thailand is doing away with the dark side of elephant to terrorism. for that and more coming up on the deadly news asia that's it for me on the touchy love but i want to begin with some stunning 3 chips they are from the ice festival in the chinese city of harbin each year millions of tourists visit harbin in the north most province to see the ice sculptures on display the festival runs for
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a month enjoy. the
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coughs i'm looking back on her past some of the best singer. the fun is like as a friend this exciting inherent. part or the freak surprises. the big disappointment. in plans and goals losers and the winner. take all in 60 minutes on the. can i am.
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sick closest place to hell you just walked in here. nice news and you think. i want dollar story. because i'm bored you must. give up starts january 27th on d w. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room similar it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair is that. the german language hit me a lot this gives me a little but uniquely to entrap let's say you want to know their story the muslims the fighting and reliable information for migrants. in the height of climate
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change. africa's mix of. what's in store for. months to come for the future to. construct in major cities to go to insight could counter. this is d.w. was a shop coming off the most prolific rapist in british legal history this indonesian student told the streets of my just off of more than a decade and police believe the victim all the. 100 men in that time we look at how . does supporting. amount to treason with elections around the corner. have to resign for a while. and.


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