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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2020 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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we would have died of hunger down. just for. his teeth. this is. more than 50 people die in a stampede at the funeral of the general killed by a us drone attack it happened is huge crowds of mourners gathered for the funeral procession and it comes as the u.s. maintains that killing the general was the right thing to do also coming up to the
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5th anniversary of the attack on the magazine. it was the 1st in a series of terrorist acts in france and a massive security response it's. good to have you with us tonight the death toll in the stampede at the funeral of the assassinated arabian general. has reached 56 that's according to iran's state media more than 200 people have been injured huge crowds gathered today in the general's hometown to pay their last respects the general was killed on friday by a u.s. drone strike. they were here to say good bye to a military command they called their own instead they lost their own lives caught
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up in a stampede as hundreds of thousands of mourners descended on cameron. her yard this is the home town of kasim selema any the general killed by a u.s. military drone last friday. after a 3 day state funeral procession he's jannie has come to an end but for iranians their anger over the killing of the national hero lives on. was shouting death to america iranian lawmaker has have been quick to pass a law declaring those involved in selling my niece death as terrorists. i mean all men all those involved in this crime who are with the pentagon and the u.s. military are counted as terrorists however in washington there was no backing down
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in the event the race make another bad choice that the president will respond in a way that if he did last week which was decisive serious and message to iran about the constraints that we are going to place on that regime so that it doesn't continue to put american lives at risk more u.s. troops already on their way to the middle east but tensions with iran have also thrown the u.s. military presence in iraq into question there was confusion after a leaked letter from the u.s. defense department appear to suggest an imminent withdrawal of american troops from iraq. we are not leaving iraq and a draft unsigned letter does not constitute a policy change and there is no sign a letter to the best of my knowledge i've asked the question so there may be people trying to create confusion we should focus on this much what i said a few times now our policy has not changed the white house says that in life so in mind he was considered a danger to america in death many and now wondering whether he has become an even
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greater threat. well for more now i'm joined by hussein but he's an iran expert and innes is a professor at indiana university joins me tonight from indianapolis professor it's good to see you again let's talk about these these images that we've been seeing all day these huge crowds gathering for the funeral and down the stampede people being killed what kind of person what kind of general what kind of hero are the arrhenius now mourning because outside of iran when people see this a lot of people are shocked. yes i think the crowd sizes have been incredibly impressive and beyond imagination i think even leaders of the regime just a couple of weeks ago it's remarkable that we see this massive ship mood from protests against the regime to now people pouring on the streets and support and in
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mourning of the general and i think that represents only moneys. both legenda someone who was safeguarding iranian national interests and the region but i think more importantly as a gesture of grievance. against the extrajudicial killing of a military personnel by the united states. and they are still talking about what could happen as a result of this killing and about it being completely unpredictable iran has more and that the united states to prepare for a dark day of revenge. can't do we dare venture what that could look like what possible scenarios do you see we can't and i'm not sure that even if they themselves know yet but. i think they are in a period of grief and mourning and the outrage. that is being
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displayed now publicly i think is also in response to the details that are coming out of washington about just what a messy process this is going to kill money was and i think the iranian rank and file would like to demonstrate to the world that they have been wronged once again by the united states against what they see as international law and and it like now act of the russian not just against. a shadow we militia in iraq a but against the official military of the sovereign nation. and that was professor hussein but and iran expert joining us from indiana university in indianapolis earlier this evening and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world for young children have been shot dead by al
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shabaab militants in eastern kenya the attack took place in greece a county near the border with somalia it comes just 2 days after the somali islamist group targeted a military base used by u.s. and kenyan forces in west africa opposition protesters have taken to the streets of the capital of guinea for a 2nd consecutive day they're concerned about rumors that president alpha condé plans to amend the constitution to stay in office for a 3rd term on monday 12 people were injured in clashes between protesters and the president's supporters russian president vladimir putin has arrived in turkey where he will the talks with turkish president richard barrel wide as tensions in the middle east raw which in earlier paid a surprise visit to damascus russia has been propping up the regime of syrian president bashar al assad in the country's civil war. well
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spain's socialist party leader peddles on jazz will remain prime minister of the country after surviving a confidence vote in parliament by a tiny to vote margin now he will try to assemble a minority coalition government with a left wing bold they will party the vote ends a long political stalemate that included 2 inconclusive elections last year. i can do that though don't bet on sanctions but it just a fine chance of victory socialist paper sanchez one and narrow vote and the spanish prominent was reelected by a 2 got. together with the left wing alliance put down most sanchez can now form spain's 1st coalition government since the end of the franco dictatorship this is only possible because the catalan separatist e.c. party abstained sanchez justifying the cooperation. is that the only option is either this progressive coalition or the continued political bloc a in spain. right wing demonstrators protesting outside parliament they accuse
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sanchez of betraying spanish unity the town is just as aggressive inside parliament the opposition accuses sanchez of lying because he has ruled out an alliance with the day most and cooperation with separatists before the vote if sanchez fulfills the demands of these anti establishment parties it risks threatening spanish wanted in a fight if he doesn't lose their support. spain's new coalition government hopes to push through a decidedly left wing policy increasing the minimum wage and taxes for higher earners but given its lack of a clear majority it's likely to face intense political pressure by rightwing opponents. well it is now 5 years to the day since islamist terrorists would on a rampage against journalists at the french satirical magazine charlie a 12 people died in the attack claimed responsibility it was the 1st in a series of deadly incidents over the next few years committed mostly by french
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born extremists. remembering the horrific events of 5 years ago. family members and callings of the victims marked the occasion with an emotional ceremony in paris among them some of the magazine staff members who were injured in the attack. on january 7th 2015 in front of charlie endos headquarters in paris. terrorists targeted the magazine after it published caricature is of the prophet mohammed it took less than 2 minutes for them to shoot dead 12 people and injure another 11 this was the 1st of a series of deadly attacks that lasted 2 days. in the aftermath of the killing thousands took to the streets to share their grief world leaders gathered
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in paris vowing never to give way to terrorism. the phrase just so we shall be i am shelley became a global sign of solidarity the magazine bankrupt before the attack gain public support around the world. where you know if you look at this line we've been here since as this morning making a political statement. it was a very important to show solidarity for freedom of expression under those for the attack was a major blow to press freedom and france but beyond that the killing of of doe's journalists revealed that the country was ill prepared to respond to terrorist threats for the next 2 years france remained in a state of emergency thousands more military personnel and police officers were deployed to tackle terrorism. but more attacks followed including the november 2015 attack on the bottle clung concert hall where $130.00 people died. the
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following year and nice dozens were killed. when a truck driver rammed into a crowd and. both attacks were claimed by factions of the so-called islamic state. 5 years later france is still on alert for terror attacks when the survivors try to keep the memory of the victims on line. or earlier we spoke with rashard a french journalist living in paris he was working in the same building on the same floor as charlie hebdo on the day of the attack here's how he remembers what happened in paris 5 years ago today. on that. i was one of the 1st on the on the scene. with all the people in the street and then inside the charlie newsroom we discovered or. basically the cancer consists of the attack
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and that was really a nightmare. trying to identify people who were alive and we trying to do our best with some colleagues of popular in my former agency to have the survivors and to do everything we can even if we were not doctors and move waiting for 4 for the doctors or for emergency units to try to talk to some people to identify those risks and to do everything we can to him to have the survivors that there are still sorry there it's here i think in france and all of the world regarding what happened to to charlie and what happened to all the journalists in all the newsroom but. of course it was them right after the attack you were seeing for millions of people joining in the street showing the surge there it's. showing how they wanted to protect press freedom and i think that this puritan what we call the just
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a shoddy. spirit is still there even if we need to to to rethink everyday how much press freedom is extremely important and i do think that in that period we're we have a lot of people don't trust anymore in journalism anymore in news organization we have to remember that people journalist working old for their job work for making sure people get access to information we need to remember that john that is could be extremely dangerous and journalists are working for the public interest because journalists the regime are you watching g.w. news coming up in about swiping intent there are folks that are more with gentle up next but 1st a moment to chill with images from the ice festival in the trying the city of our big see you next.
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actually prisoners just shows the 1st such french shows much. of the. law. comes. up cars. passed. the smart way tickets when your current. global auto and mobility show every week double.


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