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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2020 11:00am-11:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from iran claims at least 80 americans have been killed in attacks on u.s. targets in iraq iran launched the strikes in retaliation for the targeted killing of a tougher ring in general in baghdad u.s. president trump plans to deliver a speech after the damage is assessed but he tweeted earlier that all is well regarding it's also coming up more than $170.00 people are dead after a ukrainian passenger plane crashes near tehran's air force all passengers and crew
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aboard the plane were killed when it went down shortly after takeoff authorities suspect mechanical problems calls the crowd. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us iran claims it has killed more than 80 americans after firing ballistic missiles at u.s. military targets in iraq the missiles reportedly hit 2 bases the air base in western iraq and another near the city in the north u.s. defense department says it's still assessing the full extent of the damage around revolutionary guard says the attack was in retaliation for the u.s. assassination of general qassam solo many on friday. well for the very latest from iran let's cross over to journalist razor cuts who is in tehran to raise it we've
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heard from iran's president hassan rouhani this morning the country's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has also been speaking what have they said about the attack. well this morning the. retaliation and the revenge was just a slap in the face of the u.s. the mission. last night this morning are not that big. i know that ultimate for events is to keep the u.s. out of the risen. bill be the absolute revenge for generously money assassination the president also said later today that. the u.s. removed the hand of general salim money from his body and in retaliation iran and of course its allies in the region built cars off the us from the
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region that ok iran's leaders clearly want the u.s. out of the region iran's foreign minister mohammad java sorry however tweeted that his country had taken and concluded proportionate measures in self-defense adding we do not seek escalation of war or is it do you think that's really the end of it from iran's signed. at least the military response is the end of that. military attack. from becomes. against the us interests in the region of course that depends on the us response if strong remain so calm. and if there are known casualties as claimed by the us on. the show there will be no more escalation of any military. but i heard. it was close to the
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i.r.g.c. was reporting minutes that the number of casualties has in been increased more than 80 people iran claims have been killed in an over 200 people the us soldiers that have been wounded and the missile strikes last night and it says that all of them have been transferred out of the. air base. using toppers but. the assessment of the casualties. go and see if anyone has been killed or not ok when you say the i.r.g.c. the iran revolutionary guard corps you're referring to there they're saying there's been casualties but we don't have any confirmation from either from the iraqis or the americans that there been any casualties if there are none is that going to satisfy the desire for revenge from those angry crowds we've seen on the streets in
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iran. well of course i don't think iran was changed its account of the attack and the casualties iran will insist that its intelligence experts say that more than 80 people have been killed the u.s. is lying across both. should wait to see how the nation will respond. either sponsored by this attack and strikes or not of course. they nip it in response to the us defense minister said earlier today it was an attack on a us military base. in the station they have had. he would amount of money on it it was of course a u.s.
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territory so it is indeed an iranian on a u.s. base u.s. made us territory so it is important still even to the. journalist raising caught say in tehran thank you very much for talking with us now for some analysis let's bring in a tussle lynch that she's a middle east expert at the university of essex in england thanks for joining us natasha we now have iran's response to the killing of its top general but that's really not the end of the story is it where do you think this conflict between the u.s. and iran will go from here. well i think we have to look at trump's tweet all is good or all is fine he may be signaling that he doesn't think that iran's response . was over the top or trying to provoke him he may think that there weren't that many casualties so far i mean we don't know he did circumvent the command structure
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by tweeting before the military had a chance to assess how many casualties they are he might have been really worried that the damage could have been much worse but he seems to be indicating that he doesn't think it's going to be that bad you know that's the case he might not respond immediately and there may be a time for a tactical cause here and he may reach out and try to engage with iran that would be the absolute best case scenario worst case scenario would be he overestimate what the response was and decides to engage in some sort of tit for tat situation where there drone strikes in iran response and it keeps carrying on like that being the number of casualties but hopefully the tweet indicates that the u.s. thought that iran had a contained response and therefore this doesn't require the u.s. to respond to it ok the response we've seen from iran is the response from the iranian state they're saying that this was proportionate and they've concluded
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their response but what about iran's proxy groups like hezbollah in lebanon on militias still operating in iraq who revered soul of any the dead iranian general could there still be a response from these proxy groups. course and that's what whether or not they decide to do it on their own or whether or not they do decide to engage in some kind of attack with iran is blasting or at ron's direction that's been what everyone has used for the last several decades they use these proxy militias to attack u.s. interests and u.s. allies and out was went to the sunni was sort of the architect of using these types of militias so there's no way we can tell whether or not they're going to also engage in some kind of attack but it's it's lately dead that they will get involved if this escalates the toaster thank you very much for speaking with us that was
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natasha lynched at their shoes a middle east expert at the university of essex in england. for having me. well let's get some response now some reaction from europe our correspondent teri schultz is standing by for us in brussels terry what has the reaction been from e.u. leaders to the iranian missile struck well terry the e.u. response has largely been unchanged over the last couple of days despite these dramatic developments overnight european commission president ursula vonder line called an urgent cabinet meeting this morning which had already been scheduled and she came out of it with no condemnation of the iranian missile strikes and that's something that will not be well received in washington several european union governments have condemned the airstrikes but not the european commission nor the european council at this point so i think that will be something that will be noticed will be noticed by the trump administration now what live under alliance
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says is that the e.u. has a long tradition of keeping communications open in the region of course they do have direct talks with the iranian regime and that is what she says are going to be the immediate plans of the e.u. . come crisis deeply affect not only the region but all of us and the use of weapons must stop now to give space to a dialogue. we are lucky hold upon to do everything possible to rekindle talks and there cannot be enough of that european union in its own way has a lot to offer. we have established a time tested relations with many actors in the region and beyond to deescalate the situation so that you keeping the channels of communication over open rather that
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circle of underline the e.u. commission president also former defense minister here in germany should she says that the e.u. can maybe do something what can the e.u. do to deescalate the situation. well interestingly as i mentioned underlying and foreign policy chief joseph burrell came out and simply said they're going to keep talking they didn't give any more concrete measures than that the european union has invited iranian foreign ministers of odds a wreath to brussels and has also called an urgent foreign ministers meeting for friday so perhaps zarif will make his way to brussels for that foreign ministers meeting although we haven't had that confirmed yet and so i think that that the e.u. really does feel that as one of the the trusted negotiators with the iranian regime and very much wanting to keep this nearly dead iranian nuclear deal alive they feel that is their role here because of course washington and tehran do not speak and i
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think that that's that's what they feel is going to be this important role but it was very interesting that underline said she had very fruitful discussions in her cabinet meeting this morning but didn't give us any more than that and didn't take any questions from journalists about just what the next steps would be so the e.u. may have a rule here as mediator and with diplomatic efforts back channel diplomatic efforts perhaps now you're there in brussels which is also where the nato headquarters is i know you also cover that beat what consequences do you think these developments that we've just witnessed will have for nato troops in the region because there are nato troops still in iraq. that's right terry there is a non-combat training mission where nato and many european governments were helping the iraqi military professionalize its armed forces working on ministration and there were about 500 people in the nato training mission and now about half of been
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moved out of baghdad as other countries as have also done because of the fear of escalating violence i'm not sure whether that will change today after the iranian missile strikes on u.s. bases but it is key to note that the americans the american forces there in iraq do serve as a protective force also for other coalition members and so that very much will affect what european governments do with regard to the security of their own personnel in iraq on that training mission so we may well hear more announcements today that forces are being moved away from baghdad so nato forces is already being taken out of iraq and maybe they'll be drawn down further of course we don't know yet exactly what the pulled out from that missile attack was whether there have been any consultation or and claiming there has been the u.s. for still waiting for them to give their assessment of the damage and any casualties but as the u.s. is the leading member of nato if the u.s. goes further into this conflict could it end up dragging other nato countries in as
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well. well terry whether it goes further in or further out you're right it will affect all other countries on the ground it's typical as we've seen in afghanistan as well that the u.s. does lead on this if the u.s. pulls out other countries are forced to do so because they need the security the protection of u.s. forces on the ground there so i think as you mentioned we do need to find out whether there were casualties on the ground if it could possibly be true as iran is claiming that there were 80 american casualties that will change significantly the tenor of every one disk everyone's discussions here if there were 80 americans killed i can't see any way that it won't escalate if that's not true perhaps things will calm down again we just don't know that in the e.u. is very much trying to reach out and communicate with the iranian regime to bring the iranian foreign minister here to hear from him and to try to convince the iranians not to continue retaliation again the u.s.
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will not be pleased with these very even keeled statements out of the european union that all sides need to deescalate that there should be no more normal no more conflicts no more weapons used on either side so in fact we may see an escalation of rhetoric between the u.s. and europe as much as we'll see in the middle east on the ground terry thanks very much teri schultz in brussels. well here in berlin and we're joined now by our political correspondent simon young who's been tracking the response in berlin simon how has the german government reacted to iran's airstrikes in iraq. what areas both condemnation of the iranian air strikes and also calls for calm and deescalation the german defense minister and a great crime karrenbauer said that she can danes these attacks in the strongest
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terms and wants to use every diplomatic means to bring some calm to the situation and that sentiment was echoed by foreign minister heiko mars he says that he is in contact with all sides to try and deescalate the situation some politicians here have been voicing the concern that there could be. ramping up of the conflict that could spread somehow. around the region and in particular there are calls for the e.u. to do all it can to use it seen fluence to prevent that from happening now germany doesn't have that many troops in iraq just over 130 i believe some of them have already been withdrawn can we expect the rest of them to come out now too. well the defense minister was asked about that today and she said that they're they're considering that possibility planning meetings are being held within the defense
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ministry and the military standoff to decide whether of the remaining. just over 100 training personnel who are stationed in ever in the kurdish north should be moved and that of course is one of the locations where one of these rocket attacks hate but the defense minister said that the decision taken to move 30 training personnel from central iraq from near baghdad yesterday was the right one in view of these developments overnight and we just heard from terry there in brussels that the european union is talking about cults cultivating some of the diplomatic channels with the region to iran i suspect what is germany doing specifically on the diplomatic level in the situation well as i say jim he says it wants to use all diplomatic means to bring calm to the situation and it's
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talking about being in permanent contact with all the other partners in the international military coalition in the region and it is also called specifically for a meeting of the lead countries. of the international coalition to decide what measures they can take also of course through nato and the european union to you know get the talking going and stop the fighting just briefly simon relations between berlin and washington have not really been that warm since the trump presidency began what is this conflict between the u.s. and iran mean for those relations. well i think it brings a certain further source of tension but the german defense minister today when
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asked about this in fact on relations with washington said that you know germany stand shoulder to shoulder with all its allies and she also talked about again the possibility of raising concerns in the international organizations in particular nato so if there are concerns about what washington has been doing germany may may be doing that through those forums so i mean thank you so much that was dave political correspondent simon young now moving on to the other big story we're covering today more than 170 people have died after a ukrainian passenger jet crashed in iran authorities are pointing to suspected mechanical problems ukraine international airlines plane was on its way from iran's capital tehran to kiev ukraine's president a lot of landscape broke off for a visit to return to kiev because of the crush.
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a sea of spot fires like that the night sky in a field. the apparent remnants of the ukraine international airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff from the iranian capital iranian t.v. stations are the 1st to broadcast images of the accident including this video which appears to show the plane going down. but it's daybreak that reveals the extent of the destruction. plane debris smolders a jet engine lies abandoned and the personal belongings of the victims lie scattered across the field where the plane went down. to say they heard an explosion when it did. start to shift it was about 6 o'clock when we heard an explosion i was on the way to work but returned and was here shortly after when i
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arrived the plane and passion bodies had been shattered into many pieces the only thing that the pilot could do we steer the plane towards a soccer field and away from a residential area. the opening from the collar they have got in the plane carried more than 170 passengers and crew from a number of different countries none of them survived. iranian state television and the ukrainian embassy in iran both claim mechanical issues for the crash the latter adding that the incident was not caused by terrorism the airline itself says it's still trying to determine the cause. as investigators search for answers rescuers are handling the grim task of recovering the dead. more on the plane crash i'm joined now by aviation expert geoffrey thomas her he joins us from perth australia geoffrey what
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more do we know about this crash. look we now understand there was a significant engine failure. and it might have been on an uncontained engine failure where the fan blades of the engine exit the engine itself and possibly punch of the fuselage it was a large. from this a craft try to impact on the ground and the examination of the wreckage shows one engine is pretty well intact for the other engine shows significant destruction and exhibits. signs of a massive fire we know that there's 176 people on board that some count puts some counts put that 179147 of those were iranian folks going to see if. so at this stage it appears to be
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a major mechanical problem and that's been confirmed by the iranian investigators on the ground but why the pilots couldn't. contain this fire we dug not there was no communication from the copied whatsoever after sign off. of any problems all tracking devices ceased before at about 1000 feet and then the plane plummeted down to to the ground what can you tell us stephanie about the safety record of the plane of this particular model the $737.00 and the airline that was operating. you this is the 737 next generational rangy this is the ite 100 model is 3 models is the 708-0900 there in size the item 100 has an excellent safety record is over $7000.00 of them flying around the world at the moment they do about 4 or 5 flights
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a day so it's a very sick. if you can contribute to the world say a line system. and a very reliable aircraft the ukrainians national airlines has was formed in 9092 it has 30 idea of profit its fleet it flies to a better idea just a nice sions and this is its 1st fatality so he takes all the boxes and has done with them i just say you wouldn't say so it's a very good sale on the respected so this is really quite a strange and very tragic occurrence and this this accident happened to jeffrey just as iran was launching ballistic missiles against targets in neighboring iraq could that have played a factor in this crash look i don't believe so. the evidence no evidence is to that to suggest that could be the case it's still it's very early
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days at this stage but initial initial suggestions on no it did not have easy access this appears to be a technical problem a technical fight. and you know this airplane was carrying mostly iranian nationals . sure it was not a target either intentionally or unintentionally it appears to be a mechanical issue jeffrey thank you very much for your insights that was a.b.s. aviation expert geoffrey thomas there let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world now an earthquake has rattled iran's only nuclear plant the 4.9 magnitude tremor struck early wednesday close to the city of bora john could be felt some 55 kilometers away at the bush air nuclear site. what a rico's governor has declared a state of emergency after a powerful earthquake killed at least one person and cause widespread damage there
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the 6.4 magnitude tremor was the latest in a series of quakes to hit the u.s. territory in recent weeks satellite images show the smoke from massive bushfires in australia has now reached argentina more than 11000 kilometers away the fires have killed at least 26 people scientists estimate a 1000000000 animals have been killed or injured cooler weather is bringing some relief but another heat wave is due later this week. and just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news and claims it has killed more than 80 americans after firing ballistic missiles at u.s. military targets in iraq the strikes are in retaliation for the u.s. sussan nation of iran's top general us president tweeted earlier that all is well as damage was being assessed and more than 170 people are dead after
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a ukrainian airliner crashed near tehran's airport iranian state t.v. says all passengers and crew aboard the plane were killed when it went down shortly after takeoff. this is t w news from berlin our special coverage continues after a short break and you get all the latest on our website at g.w. dot com.
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problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but once i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified and reliable information for my parents. could be a part of the. welcome back you're watching special coverage from g.w. news live from berlin hum terry martin thanks for joining us iran claims it has killed more than 80 americans after firing ballistic missiles at u.s. military targets in iraq the missiles reportedly hit 2 bases the sod airbase in western iraq and another near the city of erbil in the north the u.s. defense department.


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