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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2020 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin and the u.s. and iran steps back from the brink. the american people. should be extremely grateful and happy no americans were harmed. in last night's attack by the iranian regime. donald trump promises more sanctions but no further military action and did iran purposely avoid inflicting casualties. also coming up more than 170 people dying as ukrainian
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passenger plane crashes near tehran's airport all passengers and crew aboard the plane were killed when it went down shortly after takeoff it was ukraine international airlines 1st fatal accident in its 28 year history. time sumi so much going to it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump says iran appears to be standing down at its confrontation with the u.s. he was speaking at the white house after iran launched a missile attack on military bases housing u.s. troops in iraq iran had claimed that at least 80 americans had been killed but trump said lives had been spared. a crucial and highly anticipated moment no americans were harmed. in last night's attack by the iranian regime.
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we suffered. all of our soldiers are safe and orderly minimal damage was sustained at military bases donald trump confirming no troops were injured or killed in iran's missile attack meant there was no need to escalate tensions between the 2 countries. it's all about the iranian state television had earlier claimed missiles fired by iran's forces had killed 80 u.s. soldiers at the ion al assad air base in iraq. the attack was an act of revenge for the killing of top military commander general. the move has been widely welcomed across iran. the crowds chanting death to america as iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei tells them their message has been delivered. of. a slave who was delivered
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last night. but what is important is that the seditious presence of america. in the region should be and it is hold. on because they want to even from. the country's foreign minister also spoke out. that said very clearly that if the united states takes any action you don't build respond accordingly and we will respond in a very harsh but proportionately donald trump did promise further action but in form of economic sanctions military confrontation it appears has been averted for now. let's get some analysis on all of this we have our correspondent alexander phenomena standing by for us in washington and here in studio we have tyson barker a transatlantic analyst at the aspen institute good to have you both alexander
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going to start with you there in washington the president saying that iran is standing down is this escalation over at least from washington's perspective well for now i would say yes don't know trunk and made it clear that the u.s. is not going to use force to retire early 8 he stepped back from confrontation and that is of course the good news for a nation that believed to be on the brink of a major conflict however he also made clear what his expectations are he ones tehran to abandon its nuclear weapons program to stop its supporting of terrorism and voids and the father provocations that is what he made very clear that the u.s. will not hasn't states to act in the future if american lives are at risk and alexander have there been reactions there already to the president's statement. yes
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one of his staunchest supporters senator lindsey graham took to twitter almost immediately after the speech calling president trump's remark a home run speech calling them measure it and. republicans were also saying that this was an excellent speech what we're seeing from the democrats is that they seem to be holding back a little bit senator. feinstein said on twitter that she was pleased to see that both the u.s. and iran are looking to invite void father escalation but senate. minority leader chuck schumer was sort of skeptical saying that he remains cautious and concerned and that americans do not want
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a war with iran president trump does not have the oath to start one and he was clearly pointing to the fact that the democrats want president trying to seek the consultation of congress for any father future actions ok that's a perspective there in washington tyson what do you think it does seem like this escalation for now is deescalating at least in the case that iran specifically here avoided inflicting casualties in these missile strikes but seems to be the case i mean 1st of all they wanted to message to their their domestic audience the biswas are wrong this was an explicit retelling retaliation for the killing of slow money they wanted the missiles to come from iran they wanted to take credit for them but the implicit message at least to the world and particularly the united states is that they didn't want to escalate this further so when they talk about proportionality it seems like they were talking about really
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minute. true impact because they don't want to continue with this military escalation and both in the united states and iran as well as globally it seems like everybody's kind of breathing a sigh of relief because nobody wanted to see further escalation aside really for now but where do things go from here between the u.s. and iran we did see the president say that there would be no more powerful sanctions on iran right i actually don't think that this is necessarily over we've seen a kind of escalate toria ladder taking place at least for the past 6 months in various theaters one of which is military so we're starting to deescalate on that front but on the economic front and on the political front i think there's still going to be a lot of conflict between these 2 these 2 states on the political front the iranians continue to emphasize that they are going to push for the withdrawal of american troops from iraq he soil we see messaging coming out from baghdad that says that they're going to continue to to examine that possibility so that could be seen as a move
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a way for the united states as iraq starts to tilt towards iran on the economic front as the president mentioned in his speech he's looking to tighten sanctions on iran and that could have impacts on other players including here in europe where secondary sanctions could play a big role in trying to isolate iran and perhaps try to collapse its economy all right we'll have to see what direction that takes and alexander coming back to you and it's been such a turbulent past few days what does this entire escalation meant for trump i mean you said that lindsey graham is that this was a home run essential for the president has this been a foreign policy victory for him as he has been eager to paint it to be. well he is clearly eager to paint it as a victory. and he made it clear in his remarks that he believes that it is because of his leadership that iran appears to be standing del however we have to say that his critics. think that it was him who you know sort of led to this escalation
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yesterday and that he's foreign policy is not consistent and they also criticize that his administration doesn't have a long term plan long term goals for 'd iran or for the whole region the only thing that i think will be seen in a very positive way is that the president's trump has apparently tried to reach our allies in his remarks today and that is what the needs his critics say the u.s. needs its allies of course in the euro but also in the region to craft a long term strategy for the middle east all right of respond alexander phenomena there in washington and workers with us here in studio thank you both for your analysis. well the latest conflict between the u.s. and iran is playing out on iraqi territory iraq has long been under the sway of both powers shiite muslims are in the majority in iraq just as they are in iran but
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the u.s. has a huge military presence there as well and current tensions are changing the dynamic in the region and u.s. influence in iraq could be the collateral damage. when a u.s. drone strike killed tehran's top military mastermind it didn't happen on iranian soil but in iraq the country was a target for general can seem so the money and the run in their master plan for the region to extend power using proxies. like the shiite militia that attacked the u.s. embassy many of these militant groups came to prominence during the fight against so-called islamic state shiite iraqis trained in iran who were central to defeating i-s. and many of them took their orders from sort of money. iraqi lawmakers call out no to america iran's influence pervades iraq's political class too in the 2018 elections $45.00 former shiite militiamen won seats in parliament that election
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also made a deal of the prime minister he was long a member of a shiite party based in iran abdul mahdi resigned after mass antigovernment protests at the end of 2019 he remains acting prime minister but with the government on the verge of collapse protesters have been calling for a new political order one without corruption and sectarianism and without u.s. and iranian interference and merican soldiers ready to deploy to the middle east the position of the us in iraq has been shifting over the past decade in 2011 former u.s. president barack obama pulled u.s. troops out of the country declaring that the war in iraq was over 3 years later they were back to fight i.a.s. this time on the invitation of the iraqi government. but now iraq's shiite majority parliament wants u.s. troops out washington says that's not happening iraqis know that if the americans
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leave so-called islamic state could take advantage of the resulting power vacuum and resurge and that's the situation no one wants. now more than 170 people have died after ukrainian passenger jet crashed in iran it's not yet clear what caused the plane to go down the ukraine international airlines jet was on its way from iran's capital tehran to kiev ukraine's president followed him or selinski has broken off a foreign visit to return to kiev because of the crash and the president says ukraine will be sending a search and rescue team to iraq. a field of burning debris lights up the sky near tehran. the apparent remnants of the ukraine international airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff from the iranian capital you know about it was a pleasure iranian t.v. stations are the 1st to broadcast images of the crash including this mobile phone video which appears to show the plane going down. it's daybreak that reveals the
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extent of the destruction and the human toll. the plane was carrying 167 passengers and 9 crew members from several different countries mainly iran and canada. was that the last year that i could have that much nobody survived all the passengers are dead calm down now that i'm. at the international airport in kiev the arrivals board lists the flight that would never arrive. people here are distraught that this man thinks his son was in fact on the plane but it was a typical yes but. my son is a senior flight attendant. iranian and ukrainian officials have both blamed mechanical problems for the crash but the airline says it's still trying to determine the cause. a statement by ukraine international airlines said the plane was one of the best in its fleet and that the aircraft had passed
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a safety check just 2 days earlier. as iranians mourn another tragedy ukraine's president and others have warned against speculating about a potential link to the current flare up in iran u.s. tensions however current events are very much on people's minds. after well you know they didn't i was watching the news of the reunions hitting us pieces with missiles after 10 minutes i heard a massive explosion and all the hoses started to shake there was fire everywhere at 1st i thought the americans fired missiles and i went into the basement to take shelter said evans is an infant. and a few hours after the crash the ukrainian embassy in iran released a statement saying the crash was not a result of terrorism that statement was later redacted. as investigators search for answers a number of airlines have suspended flights over iranian airspace and on the ground emergency workers are getting on with the grim task of recovering the dead. all
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