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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is deja news live from berlin and the u.s. and iran steps back from the brink. the american people. should be extremely grateful and happy no americans were harmed. in last night's attack. by the iranian regime u.s. president donald trump promises more sanctions against iran but says he wants peace not war can the 2 sides find common ground for a diplomatic solution also coming up why did the ukrainian tasm your plane crash
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moments after taking off from tehran still no definite answers to many of the more than $170.00 people who died on board. former nissan boss carlos ghosn headed south in his 1st public appearance since escaping from japan he accuses what he calls indicative individuals of conspiring to smear him leaving him no choice but to flee and a different kind of breaks it britain's prince harry and his wife megan announcing they will step back from boyle duties to spend more time in north america talking about how it was reportedly kept up a look. i'm called aspen thanks for joining us president donald trump says he ran appears to be standing down. in its confrontation with the united states while he himself is not
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threatened any further builds a reaction against iran the president was speaking at the white house after iran launched a military attack with missiles at u.s. troops based in iraq iran had claimed that at least 80 americans have been killed but trump said that no wives were lost in the attacks. a crucial and highly anticipated moment. no americans were harmed in last night's attack by the iranian regime we suffered ok. all of our soldiers are safe and orderly minimal damage was sustained and our military bases are donald trump confirming no troops were injured or killed in iran's missile attack meant there was no need to escalate tensions between the 2 countries. it's all about the iranian state television had earlier claimed missiles fired by iran's forces had killed 80 u.s.
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soldiers at the ion al assad air base in iraq. the attack was an act of revenge for the killing of top military commander general kasim any the move has been widely welcomed across iran. crowds chanting death to america as iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many told them their message has been delivered of. a slave who was delivered last night. but what is important is that the seditious presence of america. in the region should be and it. bearing on. my the country's foreign minister also spoke out above. you've said very
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clearly that if the united states takes any further action respond accordingly and we would respond in a very harsh way but proportionately united stunnel trump and did promise further action but in form of economic sanctions military confrontation it appears has been averted for now let's bring in our washington correspondent now he's been following that story for us abo we heard president trump in that address there definitely a change in tone. for sure saying the u.s. is ready to embrace peace now is this then the end of the immediate conflict that we're seeing between the u.s. and iran. you know if you're right there karl a very different tone to the one that we heard from president trump just a few days ago but of course it is may be too much to say that this is the end of this that we're not going to be seeing any sort of. issue between iran and the
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united states and what is most being discussed here is the fact that of course president trump is very adverse to the idea of entering into a war particularly particularly in an election year let's not forget that it was actually one of his election promises back in 2016 that he would not enter into any and he wore necessarily and also what we need to focus on is now perhaps we could be seeing sort of proxies attacking you know u.s. targets in the middle east who are linked to iran there's other areas as well where there are fears in the united states where iran may cause problems for the united states let's not forget of course the persian gulf. has been a target before used by iran and let's not forget as well cyber attacks so at the moment what's being saying said here in the united states is you know let's express a little bit of caution let's wait let's not just assume that everything is absolutely fine between these long term enemies now rather than calling for more
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conflict calling for new diplomatic efforts what will those efforts look like i mean these are 2 sides that have been going at it another green on march how likely is it that they can find any common ground. well it may come as a surprise to many but in fact the united states underrun actually do have contacts of some sort it all goes through other embassies or other countries that they do have links with one that's been mentioned a lot here in the united states it's switzerland so they communicate that way or through other embassies but the idea that the 2 will sit down and actually discuss it is maybe hard to believe you know president trump did mention that he would like to reach some sort of agreement along with europe with iran to reach a new deal president being once again proved once again that he believes in maximum pressure the idea of maximum pressure is that you know if with these sanctions it'll essentially force iran to sit down after negotiating table and come up with
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a new deal along with the european allies of the united states but you know at the moment let's take it step by step and in order to reach the situation. many things need to happen 1st and foremost. bringing us the latest from washington d.c. thank you very much. right now a check of some of the other stories making headlines at this hour a car bomb has exploded at a checkpoint in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least 3 people the islamist al-shabaab group has claimed responsibility the blast comes 10 days after another attack killed almost 80 people. russian president vladimir putin has met his turkish counterpart want to inaugurate a new gas pipeline the turk stream pipeline opens up a new export route for russian gas to turkey and europe the meeting followed putin's surprise visit to syria. european commission president or sort of phoned
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ally and has visited london for talks on brac said she told prime minister boris johnson is that line for post writes a trade deal by the end of the year was unrealistic the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. at the end of this. well questions are being asked about what caused a ukrainian passenger plane to crash in iran just moments after takeoff all of the more than 170 people on board were killed the ukraine international airlines jet was on its way from iran's capital tehran to kiev ukraine says it's sending a team of experts to iran to help investigate the crash. the morning after wreckage and what's left of the personal items of those who were on board. the ukraine international airlines flight from tehran to kiev was carrying over 170 passengers and ukrainian crew the majority were iranian with many canadians and
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some swedes on board. many were rainy and students were rainy and canadians returning via kiev having spent the winter break with their families. around the world expressions of grief like here at kiev international airport but also an international scramble to find answers. the last inspection took place on the 6th of january there were no comments from the inspectors the aircraft was functional there were also no comments from the crew upon arrival. since the crash coincided with the wren launching missiles at u.s. bases in iraq some experts say the plane may have been shut down canada's prime minister justin trudeau said his country would join any probe our government will continue to work closely with its partners to ensure that this crash is thoroughly investigated canadians have questions. they deserve answers.
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say categorically one way or another that the plane was not shot down. but i cannot it is too early to speculate i would encourage people not to want to speculate u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has said he wants the u.s. to be involved in the probe but the iranians say they won't hand over the black box to boeing initially iranian and ukrainian officials both blamed mechanical problems but the ukrainians later backpedaled declining to offer a cause while the investigation is going on. carlos going has given his 1st public statement following his a scape from authorities in japan he described as treatment by the japanese legal system as a travesty against his human rights and dignity and he revealed bore details about why he became a fugitive tokyo prosecutors have slammed his allegations accusing him of quote one sided and unacceptable criticism of japan's legal system. in beirut
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carlos ghosn faced the cameras for the 1st time since his daring escape from japanese justice today is a very important day for me one that i have looked forward to every single day. for more than 400 days since i was brutally taken from my words as i knew it joining a press conference lasting almost 2 and a half hour his own claim to have been the victim of a conspiracy by those who were against his plans to merge nissan and renault he pointed thing is it's nice and executives tokyo prosecutors and elements within the japanese state i can't talk about what happens in the government of japan i can give you names i know that but i am indeed been on i respectfully but on. and i respect their wish because it has been extended to me by your code it is
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indeed one and in no way i wouldn't do anything or say anything that would make that class quite difficult going described his decision to flee japan inside this musical equipment box is the most difficult choice of his life new footage has emerged apparently showing him being transferred between private jets it is stamboul airport. back in tokyo prosecutors raided the offices of goans lawyer on wednesday junichiro hear a knock at says he was a surprised as anyone by his clients escape from japan. now that he's out of the country carlos ghosn has shown he has no intention of keeping quiet about why he left and who he believes is to blame. well big changes could be coming to the british royal family prince harry and his american born wife have announced that they plan to step back from their duties as senior members of the family friends harry and meghan markle of just returned from a 6 week stay in canada in
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a statement posted on their websites and on instagram they said they would continue to support the queen but wish to become financially independent and balance their time between britain and north america. we spoke earlier to our london correspondent sure want to possibly ask her just how significant this announcement is. it is really a dress to move and unprecedented in modern royal history and i think we have to take a look back at the couples history their marriage and their relationship in a 2018 was met by huge and susie essman also their charitable work that they've been doing through their foundation and all of that changed in 20191 of the highest there of course was the birth of their son they opted for a royal title already for that baby so maybe a sign of what we're seeing happening now but the couple was met with huge scrutiny criticism by a british tabloid media to
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a point where harry stepped up and said that the tabloid magazines were driving a ruthless campaign against the couple and that he was afraid that what happened to his mother to princess diana would happen to his wife meggan formally. the duchess of sussex so that was his fear and he probably trying to take themselves a little bit out of the public eye of course that move though doesn't mean that they are completely out of the public eye but at the moment very much innit. sports now in the ripples senegalese forward monday has been named the african footballer of the year for 2019 but they picked up that award at a ceremony in egypt beating out the competition from his teammates most and manchester city's rio marez when they scored 34 goals for club and country last year he becomes the 2nd man from senegal to win that award following in the footsteps of a former liverpool player. you. are
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that's all for now doc film coming up next with arming don't forget all the latest news and information available around the clock on our website that's d.w. dot com or you can follow us on twitter at deep w. news i'm carl aspen thanks for watching. it's time to take one step further and face the city. in time to search the home no funding for the troops. time to over cope on dreams and connect the world it's time for a d.w.i. . coming up ahead.


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