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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2020 5:30pm-5:46pm CET

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my husband went to peru because of the crisis. if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger. down the. story. coming up the virus behind an outbreak. of virus caused the pneumonia like m.s. in the city of 159 patients to the hospital. and should be consigned. suffering through the pain tsunami survivors from indonesia find healing in the ocean that once everyone they knew. and women break free many have decided to take a back seat to the men in their lives anymore. i'm
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very strategy welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us join us is a new type of coronavirus could be behind a mysterious pneumonia like outbreak that has sent 59 people to the hospital the virus belongs to the same family of viruses that caused a deadly saugus outbreak in 2003 preliminary tests conducted in china say this new virus that hasn't been named is behind the outbreak that began in december patients reported pneumonia like symptoms the outbreak in the central city. was linked to a seafood market in that very city. many of the patients worked out or visited the 101 and seafood market the city is around 100 kilometers inland from hong kong but officials there have also put precautionary measures in place. the border entry
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exit control points affan hance health surveillance and inspection medical personnel have been advised to stay alert and transfer and quarantine the suspected cases as early as possible the hong kong food and health bureau will keep in close contact with the world health organization like china has been hit hard by novel pathogens in the past the sars epidemic in 2003 killed over 700 people in the region experts in china say they've already confirmed this is a different disease one that appears to be less virulent so far there have been no fatalities among the reported 59 people who contract at the onus but health officials remain on high alert. we have conducted a risk assessment we have activated the severe response level. and your this in relation to new infectious diseases the immediate effect on public health is
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moderate. in the meantime the number of confirmed patients has remained steady and china's state broadcaster reports 8 patients were released on wednesday after showing no signs of fever for several days. i join us for more is d. w. science correspondent deb make williams does it welcome now health officials are joining us saying that they've identified the virus behind this outbreak but it's one that's related to sawyer's how serious is this well to some extent you could you can see that it might seem serious on the surface because you know the sars virus obviously caused a lot of damage infected back in 2000 to 2003 infected over 8000 people killed upwards of 700 somewhere between 7 and 800 people so it's in this family of what are known as corona virus as they're called that because of the way that they look they they resemble the sun they have this corona around them of of of various sort
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of things that are leaving the envelope of the virus are extended around it now corona virus is blown to a family of viruses that cause everything from common colds to much more severe respiratory disorders for example sars or also related to mers middle eastern respiratory syndrome now the new one this latest one what seems actually positive about it or not as bad as the sars virus is that it's not as far as they can tell so far been transmitted human to human that's one positive aspect of it that's one of the things that causes an epidemic to begin and it looks like it's transmitted possibly animal to human which these people got it at the seafood market and rouhani the 2nd aspect of it that's actually. positive if you can talk about talk in those terms when you're talking about a virus or viral infection is that it doesn't appear to be not quite as virulent as sars was sars of course killing around 10 percent of the people who contract it so
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the risk of spread of the infection appears to be normal but despite. regions the countries in the region and other places have taken precautions against it particularly hong kong for example where they're introduced screening of passengers coming in from the mainland can you tell us more about that well that's actually also another very positive development as compared back to 2002 in 2003 the sars epidemic that that happened that began in china china really tried to bury that particular story when it happened it tried to try to quash it but in the modern world with the mobility that we have nowadays that's absolutely actually the worst thing that you can do what you need really is transparency particularly with with major international organizations with the w.h.o. you need to be coordinating with them and people need to be alert and they need to be aware and it seems like china really learned that lesson and they're releasing information as they have it they also figured out genetically quite quickly what
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this but what this bug is it's not an easy thing to determine with a lot of pathogens and they've shared that information fairly quickly people are on alert but for me it looks like actually things are at the moment certainly under control but overall how does this happen a new disease emerging seemingly out of nowhere well diseases do jump regularly jump what's known as the species barrier is there these are what are called zoonotic diseases that the thing about that you have to understand about about pathogens or about single celled microbes that live within us with their hosts where their universe it's not in the interest of the microbes to kill us you don't you don't destroy your own home and so actually what's what's happening is that within hosts for example a natural host a microbe will only. very actually not not terrifically powerful symptoms the problem is when it jumps to us often our own immune systems will tend to part to overreact and to some extent the crash happens because your own system is
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confronted with something it's never had to deal with before and goes into overdrive derek williams thanks very much for coming in and explaining that to us. it was just a matter of minutes that the waves destroyed and changed lives forever. indonesia 15 years ago on the 26th of december a powerful earthquake struck in the indian ocean just before. we've lived up to 30 meters water corded as the tsunami swept through indonesia within more than 220000 people across what killed as the tsunami unleashed its destructive force but as the years have passed some survivors have done to the ocean as a way to heal and find meaning after moving so much some people run from their fears. serfs on his knees waves bring fun and thrills but
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15 years ago a tsunami inflicted the cruelest pain killing almost half his family now traumatized for derry suffering is about surviving. and. we no longer feel like this wave was the one that destroyed us we just don't think like that anymore in fact the waves are now our friends so if you're wondering how could we surf a wave the ones killed us well we've never thought of it like that now it's up to us we treat the waves like our buddies who hang around with us every day. no we are was more devastated than the coastal community here in la. cars homes and ledges washed away graveyards snow filled with those who perished some victims have never been found. i keep
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praying for the best for my family members. the reality is that they have passed away. they're now in heaven. charring memories are everywhere like the upon one a 2600 ton vessel that was flung ashore now open to visitors a permanent exhibit turn coping mechanism. in the early years after the tsunami it was hard i cried almost every day. i was great for the people around me made a strong my friends who were there with me during those days they made me mentally stronger yeah. lump it too has been rebuilding and regenerating the my. mosque they're welcoming worshippers again but some of the damage is left untouched. don't forget the tsunami read the sign in the
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mosque not that anyone here ever will. i imagine having to negotiate traffic such as this in many cities and small towns in india this is a daily reality the thought of tackling it comported many people of driving or writing but for women in small towns it's doubly hard domestic duties on the way to for society leave many dependent on men for their commute but the simple scooter is slowly changing things for women and giving them the freedom to move about. the 1st key is to freedom on wheels here in the city of northern india these learners are getting ready to roll. while some are making progress after a week of classes for others there's still a long way to go. their funding is not easy to balance a scooter and
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a busy domestic life. so we get up very early in the morning and make breakfast for the kids take them to school then we cook and do housework after all that we come here to learn how to ride a scooter. women are going to colleges and offices and the scooter has become very important now. in many parts of india women are still dependent on men for their mobility but that's no changing as women experience the main streets for themselves. or snow as they were there to how they got some people cooperate with us on the road they say you go ahead we can wait it doesn't matter. but not everyone is cooperate some say i'll move 1st you stay behind. indian men having to reassess old attitudes to women drivers. that women are riding scooters so much
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necessary nowadays. they often break unexpectedly drive into heavy traffic and don't know what to do. the pressures of modern life are taking india's patriarchal society for a huge turn and despite all the potholes and detours along the way it appears indian women are winning the right to my billet. the thanks george. engine that's a for today we leave you with pictures of a catholic procession through the streets of manila in honor of a relic known as the black mesurier and many believe the wooden statue of jesus christ grants medical's to those who touch of what a god by the man is the demonic backdrop of a. cut
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. i'm skilled at the volume or that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with clients of the what's your story ready. i mean what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new
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culture. you are not of in a turn other guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. to thank. you. one day after he told his story to reporters former carves active call's talked to prosecutors in beirut meanwhile both japanese authorities and former colleagues react angrily to go accusations. of europe would keep business with iran going to preserve a critical nuclear deal and said u.s. sanctions so why is european investment out of the country that.
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is business. is not global business news as welcome lebanese prosecutors have banned from leaving the country after interrogating the chief over the financial misconduct charges he's facing in japan during his hearing go on was also asked to provide the address of which he's residing. in his french passport yes french brazilian and lebanese citizenship goals lawyers say he is very comfortable with lebanon's judicial system and that's a big contrast to what the former kabul said about japan on wednesday using his 1st public appearance since fleeing the country. again and accusations directly at the japanese government it's in turn. the claims by the defendant. justice system the unilateral and unconvincing. as they were. in and then.


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