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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2020 12:00am-12:16am CET

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needed to get his grandma day out to eat because it's all that. time right so join me for me to get on post. this is deja news live from berlin tensions at boiling point in iran. protesters chanted anti-government slogans following the admission by the iranian government that it accidentally shot down a ukrainian jetliner on wednesday killing 176 people. and the german chancellor angela merkel meets russian president vladimir putin in moscow 2
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leaders had several significant points of dispute worked on finding common ground on the middle east and brokering talks on libya. taiwan reelect is president and delivers a blow to beijing e.u. want no bounds to preserve taiwan's autonomy in the face of growing efforts by china to bring the island under its control. make spicer thanks for joining us american president donald trump says he's closely following protests which took place in iran after the government announced that its forces had accidentally shot down a ukrainian passenger jet trying to manage access for human rights groups to monitor the demonstrations iran's semi official news agency fars has also acknowledged that protesters have been chanting anti-government slogans. down with
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the liars who many must step down the words of angry students gathered in front of the polytechnic university in tehran when they heard the news that it was the iranian military who shot down the ukrainian airliner tempus boiled after days of denial. she is here terrorism it is a peaceful protest we want to show that we disagree with what is happening in the past few days. because of the things that support the. people are tired of this we can't handle this anymore. in the morning to hit the a force of the brave aleutian re god admitted in a live press conference what could no longer be kept secret. he's troops would taint on wednesday because of the war like atmosphere. and anti-aircraft officer thought the object displayed to him was an american cruise missile unfortunately he
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made a hasty decision and a tragic accident followed its mobile phone videos on the internet showed the launch of the anti aircraft missile runs late is admitted the mistake supreme leader cumani apologized to relatives of the victims and president rouhani and foreign minister said eve announced punishment of those responsible and compensations for the families affected but as candles laid for the victims in tehran many of the mourners may feel apologies will not be enough. and iran expert tropper talked to us earlier on the situation in tehran here's what she had to say about the protests felt by many iranians turned into anger quite quickly both abroad and within the country itself we're seeing a lot of responses on social media where people out blaming the revolutionary guards for the tragedy they're asking why they did not declare a no fly zone while they knew that the confrontation with the united states would get worse they're asking what took them so long to acknowledge their. fault and
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also demanding consequences some even calling for the resignation of the supreme leader of course and that's something security forces within the islamic republic usually cannot tolerate so. also hearing reports of internet connection getting worse in some parts of the country so that could indicate that the islamic republic is trying to shut down social media again just like it did during the last wave of protests to silence its critics the problem apparently was that it took a long time until everybody within the islamic republic knew what had actually happened because you have to see that it was not in iran's military. shot down that plane but the revolutionary guards that's a powerful organization designed to protect the public political system and they said when they noticed that they had made a mistake they decided not to go public but had an investigation 1st and from what we hear the country's president and even the supreme leader only learned about all
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of that data and that it was then and then within decided to go public with it. i was to raise the tropper talking to us earlier 57 canadians died in the plane crash making them the 2nd largest group of victims by nationality after iran's admission that it shot down the plane canada's prime minister justin trudeau addressed reporters about a story that has shocked the country. with iran has admitted to this very serious shooting down a civilian aircraft is horrific iran must take full responsibility. canada will not rest until we get the accountability justice and closure that the families deserve. and joining us for more is c.b.c. reporter evan dyer in ottawa evan trudeau said he was furious and outraged and talked about the need for accountability and justice but what does that mean
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exactly. well actually he was pressed on that several times and i must mention by the way it isn't 63 canadian victims rather than 57 by the canadian count there were some confusions over dual citizenship since all of the canada considers 63 of its citizens to have died in this crash he was asked about that and he gave quite a few variations on the answer of we'll see what justice looks like in the coming weeks we're going to have discussions with other allies and so on he didn't really get into the details on justice and accountability but transparency we understand means inspections and that's what the canadian side is working on right now there are 3 canadian officials who we believe landed in tehran about 2 hours ago canada has no diplomatic presence of course in tehran so they travel to great certainty where they were given 3 visas 3 officials went ahead but the understanding is that there but i know consular officials they're there to deal with consular matters such as repatriation of remains to canada kind of course really wants to get its
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air crash inspectors from the church protection safety board to look at the actual evidence of the crash although the main question of course already been answered the plane was brought down by a missile and other questions about who gave the order and so on maybe out of the reach of air crash. how is the canadian public as a whole reacting to all this. wild there's a lot of outrage there's a lot of sadness too i must say that these were you know this was a plane which had entire families and had some very talented people with promising futures there were a huge loss of people for example you know bert and many of them were researchers from the university of alberta which seems to taken a particularly hard hit just some you know some very promising people or on that plane as well as people who were just on their way home making a difficult journey because it's hard to reach your own from can a difficult story to see families and i guess you know one of the differences actually with this crash from the air india crash which was the biggest terrorist
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incident came to history that killed about 300 people most of whom were indian and canadian dual citizens at the time the prime minister back in 1900 sent condolences to india almost overlooking the fact that most of people on that plane were canadians that this is a very well integrated community today irani in community very much part of the national fabric and is there a perception that people died because of the standoff between the united states and iran and if so between washington and tehran which side do you think canadians might blame or. mort iran i don't think there's any doubt about that but i think i mean there will be people of course we take the opposite position but i don't think they'd be the majority what i do think though is that some blame is at least for what we've seen from the direction of the prime minister he's been asked on a couple of occasions whether he blamed the united states he didn't take the bait but he certainly didn't say no of course not we blame the ones who pulled the trigger
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on the missile given answers more along the lines of those are questions we're going to be looking at and those are questions canadians going to ask themselves as well so certainly there's a sense that canada should have been ward before these initial it's actually assassination or general sold it money because canada has troops in iraq both just part of nato mission iraq in baghdad and at the base in irbil which was hit by ballistic missiles fired from iran and canada had no warning of the attack that was going to leave that rebel ok well thank you for that c.b.c. reporter evan di reporting from ottawa thanks very much and german chancellor angela merkel has welcomed iran's admission that it was responsible for the downing of the plane her comments came following a meeting with russian president vladimir putin in moscow on saturday a crash was just one of the many urgent items on their agenda. under the americal on her way to a quick meeting with vladimir putin the list of international crises is long iran
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syria ukraine libya germany wants to mediate proposing a peace conference in berlin to end the civil war in libya get all neat and so it's about non interference about sovereignty and that's why the party's current mean gaged in a military confrontation in libya represented by mist to survive and nice to have to should naturally be tightly involved and i truly think since the tiny. different groups have been fighting for power in libya since 2011 russia supports general khalifa haftar against the un recognized government in tripoli but putin says he will encourage the german initiative. this conflict not only undermine stability in the region it also has negative effects on europe. i mean illegal migration smuggling illegal commerce in the proliferation of weapons and drugs the north stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany is another problem washington wants
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to stop the project with sanctions against companies who work on it berlin and moscow intend to complete it by 2021 anyway. we can finish the pipeline ourselves without foreign partners. germany and russia have major disagreements over the conflict in ukraine and european sanctions against russia but merkel said it's better to talk to each other than about each other. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world labor unions have marched through paris and other french cities to protest pension reforms plan 5 president emanuel called the demonstrations came after talks between the government and unions failed to break a deadlock a strike against the reform has disrupted public transport since early december. judges and lawyers from across poland gathered in the capital warsaw to protest against traditional reforms proposed by the conservative government they say the reforms restrict the judiciary's independence judges and lawyers from many other
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european countries join the march the e.u. and the un have also criticized the reforms. northern ireland's main parties have formed a power sharing government after a 3 year standoff the deal between the unionists and nationalists shin fein was brokered by britain and ireland 3 years ago should quit the power sharing arrangement because it felt it was not being treated as an equal. taiwan's pro independence president one has been reelected by a landslide margin 57 percent of the vote showing strong support for her tough stance against china which does not recognize taiwanese independence and insists the island is still part of china. savoring her victory. message of defiance against beijing on her a lopsided win and her acceptance speech she warned china the taiwan would not be
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influenced by threats. the people of taiwan reject a one country 2 systems model we respect democracy and our sovereign rights. i hope this election result sends china a clear message. her supporters were ecstatic. i'm very happy with the result today because we have made it known to china that top one is not to be bullied. yet they will tell you all. ever since i was small i was taught by my father that taiwan is a country for 21 years so at this moment i feel very moved to see so many taiwanese agreeing that taiwan has its own sovereignty democracy and freedom.
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sighs main opponent national party candidate han q you campaigned on resetting ties with china to boost taiwan's economy but that message failed to resonate with many voters. sighs government faces several challenges going forward beijing is likely to increase its efforts to isolate taiwan hoping to bring it back under chinese control. a 17 year old in turn volunteering on a nasa program has impressed his bosses by discovering a planet the high school student from new york who was on his 3rd day at work. made the discovery the newly discovered planet depicted here in this animation is over 1300 light years away and orbits 2 stars the teenage intern noticed a blip in data which indicated something was blocking the light from the stars is the 1st new planet that has been spotted through nasa as tests satellite student whose name is wolf su kyi here is a star wars fan who hopes to make
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a career in astronomy. and you are of course watching video of you news live from berlin coming up sports life how to shine karate is set to make its debut at the 2020 olympics and forget get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com thanks for watching us if you took. my 1st boss i was the sewing machine. icon for all women are almost by this. even something as simple as learning how to write them by side poses and. since i was a little guy that i wanted. and it took me as they've been. finding.


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