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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2020 1:02am-1:31am CET

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he is one of the world's leading human rights defenders and he says china is one of the world's leading human rights offenders kenneth roth wanted to see that and more publicly in hong kong today but he was denied entry at the airport tonight china and the enemy outside silencing the voices beijing says it has every right not to hear i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. chinese government is really trying to deliberately undermine. the rights of this beetle to relevant and geo has supported people who are anti china and disrupt hong kong in different ways. that incites them to take violent and extremist actions the
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claim that somehow we're instigating and rest i think shows that they're desperate . this organization should be sanctioned and as such must rightly pay the price the chinese government is doing everything it can to undermine the course material. also coming up with the family ties that bind and sometimes have to bend britain's royal family and a royal dilemma over prince harry and his wife make it very difficult for you to put the hat on take it all you cannot be home for oil all part of a time and you cannot switch it off. because you our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with china blaming the outside world for the problems inside hong kong human rights executive director. kenneth roth knew the message that he planned to share in hong kong would
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anger beijing neither he nor his message of chinese threats to human rights made it that far authorities at the hong kong airport denied entry to raj yesterday and reportedly offered no reason or today china's foreign ministry cited national sovereignty and blamed human rights watch for inciting violent protests in hong kong kenneth roth joins me in just a moment 1st though his video from the airport in hong kong and beijing's response the focus of the report this year was going to be how the chinese government is really trying to deliberately undermine the international human rights system not simply suppress the rights of people at home but also undermine the ability of anybody else to try to hold china to human rights standards sadly as they arrived here the chinese government decided it didn't want to let me. i also want to point
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out that many facts and much evidence show that the relevant and geo has supported people who are anti china and disrupt hong kong in different ways it incites them to take violent and extremist actions inflames the activities of hong kong separatists and holds a major responsibility for the current chaos in hong kong this organization should be sanctioned and as such must rightly pay the price. and joining me tonight is a human rights watch executive director kenneth roth who is now back in new york city ken welcome to the day i want to discuss this world report 2020 with you in just a moment but i want to bring up the fact that last month china threatened sanctions against human rights watch i know you're coming off of 16 hour flights but did you expect a different reception really when you arrived in hong kong knowing what the
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political situation is right now. i mean i did these sanctions they were good they were imposed after the u.s. congress adopted a resolution in support of the hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators and 5 groups were listed 4 of them were either fully funded by the us government or significantly funded by the us government and then there was human rights watch where we don't take any money from any government and in fact are highly critical so we were a bit of an odd group to include in there they didn't explain anything further they just said sanctions would be imposed now i've been going to hong kong for some time and right the last time i was there was april 28th and i went all across pockets and i held that press conference in the exact same place the foreign correspondents club that we were going to hold a press conference this week and it was a report to human rights watch report and in that case gender discrimination in the job market in china and everything happened without incident i held
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a press conference and that was journalist it was normal and so i was expecting the same thing and i was surprised when i showed up and immediately my name popped up on the computer and they pulled me aside and you know after basically 4 hours i was put on a flight fax new york now initially the only reason given by the officer i met with was that this was for immigration reasons whatever happy it's finally the next day the chinese foreign ministry came forth and you know as you noted there have been chu who excuses offered you know one was the ludicrous claim that human rights watch incited the hong kong protests now 1st all this is insulting to people you know they don't need human rights watch to tell them to defend basically freedoms to defend the goal of law to try to safeguard democracy and i have and nor do i or any my colleagues have the capacity to mobilize hundreds of thousands of hong kong citizens day in and day out over the course of 6 months in defense of those basic
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human rights principles so. it's laughable and you've got to ask you know why would beijing put forth such an implausible cover story and i think you know it's telling that respect because what's really going on is that the chinese government is terrified that the public protests happening in hong kong might spread to the mainland because even though they're all. if i could just interrupt the global times newspaper which is considered that the communist parties melt peas in china today that you chose hong kong to release this report implying that you knew that all of this could happen in other words saying you knew what you were getting into and you got what you deserved. no i mean what you know i mean is there a car story human rights watch does an annual report or so-called won't report every january and it always leads with an essay that i wrote it really i write about an important global trend and we pick
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a city that it was traits that track so we released it in istanbul to talk about the migration crisis we released in beirut to talk about syria we actually released it in berlin to talk about sort of a fight back in the pushback against the us so this year we're highlighting the chinese government's threat to the international human rights system my preference would have been to do this in beijing but that was impossible so we chose hong kong because we've always been able to do press conference and never had a problem doing it is the last thing i thought it would be part so you know again this is an effort to sort of blame the victim what i think is going on here is you know they're trying to pretend that human rights watch and a few of our colleagues are the reason hong kong people are taking to the streets in defense of democracy it's ridiculous but you know the alternative is too terrifying for beijing it's to accept that chinese people actually care about democracy and that if that can happen in hong kong it could happen in beijing or shanghai or any place else and that's what they're trying to prevent so they are
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using these cover stories that you know somehow these are foreign influences that i behind this you know when you're growing as hunger knocks them off if they're just pawns i mean it's insulting your right to i mean china wants to see that you are even part of the trump political agenda and i have to ask you can you rely on the united states to do to have your back when you know when you are denied access or maybe even under some form of political attack the u.s. is the standard bearer of human rights protections or has been is is it still there for you i mean who did you call yesterday when they said no you can't enter hong kong. i don't call anybody they they made the decision for themselves but no i mean at this point under trump no the u.s. government is not the standard bearer on human rights which is why it's so important that european governments stop the fight as they have been doing i think that the you know the u.s.
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government has become much too inconsistent in its support for human rights so trouble say you know i love the hong kong protesters but i also vom love xi jinping their persecutor you know he promotes and backs the protesters in iran or in venezuela but i don't ignore is him in russia or turkey here in egypt or in hungary you know the various friendly autocrats whom he embraces so you know that kind of inconsistency is not credible and not effective in promoting human rights which is why frankly human rights watch has been turning to the leadership in the german government the french government and democracies around the world with considerable success on the defense of human rights is not an american endeavor it's a global endeavor and what we've been very heartened by is as the world sees trump withdrawing from any pretense of principle unfortunate if you know it's others have been stepping forward and it's made a difference and china for example european governments including germany took the lead in orchestrating a joint statement saying yeah the northwestern region where china's detaining
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1000000 we going on here says muslims they organize that statement at the un human rights council the the biggest joint state that china has ever encountered over its repression and going to do something similar or something let me ask you about the 2020. you see hong kong is threatened by this this authority creep coming from beijing what about taiwan though i mean you just saw the election results in taiwan the rezoning victory for the president there is taiwan the anti hong kong here. well i wouldn't see the anti on how she think you know the people of hong kong would like to have the same freedoms that the people of taiwan have i think though that because beijing has control in hong kong we see a deterioration in clinical freedoms whereas beijing claims sovereignty over taiwan it doesn't have control over taiwan and so we see
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a flourishing democracy there. with her off with human rights watch on the heels of 2 very very long flights we're glad you're back safe and sound and we know you're delivering the report to the united nations we'll be covering that you present your time tonight thank you thanks very much for. all from chance of death to america to chance of death to the dictator the anger goes in all directions in iran tonight police are denying firing live ammunition at protesters during a 3rd day of demonstrations against or across tehran and public anger it is growing after the government admitted that it did accidentally shoot down a ukrainian passenger jet last week it killed all 176 people on board tehran had initially denied any military involvement claiming that the crash had been caused by a mechanical defect protesters now more accusing the government of
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a cover up. tehran the public anger remains close to the surface. to the dictates of a chat across the city and across the country it's a familiar chorus of protest as the government tries desperately to repair the damage from a perceived cover up of the truth that it mistakenly shot down a ukrainian passenger plane but he has to have some of the officials were even accused of lying and covering up whereas honestly that was not the case. you know. even the statement that i issued on thursday night it was seen as a lack of honesty but the truth is we did not lie. after taking 2 days to reveal the catastrophic mistake the latest government statement
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has been greeted by skepticism by ordinary iranians is ongoing our media tried to describe it as a technical problem because of their interests and political and international reasons but later developments changed the game and they had to tell the truth. that even talking about it makes my heart beat faster and makes me sad. i feel ashamed when i think about their families i'm so sad. he. on the outskirts of tehran a painstaking task is underway ukrainian experts pulling parts piece by piece from the tangled breakage of the replay. the forensic process may take a month and includes investigators taking statements from eyewitnesses ukrainian president a lot of me selenski says iran's acknowledgment of its deadly mistake was a step in the right direction at the perpetrators must be held accountable.
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a royal crisis meeting ends with a declaration of support somewhat britain's queen elizabeth as agreed to grant prince harry and his wife meghan their wish for a more independent life in the statement following talks at her sandringham estate today the queen said that the couple will embark on a transition period dividing their time between britain and canada but the issues arising from their shock announcement that they are stepping back as senior royals will those issues remain unresolved the queen says that final decisions about their future will be made in the coming days it looks like harry and meghan are going to get what they want it britain's longest reigning monarch seems to be giving in. after some challenging days for the royal family the queen has announced she will
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support the couple's wish for a more independent life a life between canada and great britain between financial independence and still supporting the queen. it comes after the sussex this court the world by surprise by announcing a one tough way out of the royal fern but why do they want to go their own way when most royals stick to the play book rumors of a rift within the family has been circulating for some time i right from the beginning kerry and meghan's relationship cost a whirlwind with attention from the media at times reaching a fever pitch the painful reminder for harry who lost his mother princess diana and a car accident as she was pursued by proper razzi he made it clear that he was worried for meghan's safety i think more than once harry spoke out publicly against the media says it was no surprise when the couple chose to give away a few details when the son archie was born last may. and only last autumn kerry and
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meghan made death feelings known again when they revealed publicly that they felt bullied by the press. whether the press played a part in them looking for a different life is unclear but asked the sussex this now partly go their own way for the queen this might be the right moment to reinvent the royal family. or here in europe people and politicians are still talking about the summer of 2015 and that was when germany opened its borders to more than a 1000000 migrants most of them fleeing syria's civil war the migration crisis as it was called well it has never really ended no one knows that as well as german chancellor angela merkel saying that her open door decision 5 years ago was a one time event and were not happen again merkel has appealed to all members of
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the european union to do their fair share an equitable distribution system of new migrants so far no success in fact many borders across europe have closed as asylum walls have tightened anti migrant population parties have gained for the power in countries including here in germany hungary sweden spain and italy as 2020 gets under way possible solutions to europe's migrant challenges are not at the new level to find them you have to look local which to listen to what was said here in berlin today. and germany the whole of europe needs immigration as we in distant off italy see it no longer has anything to do with the issue of a shortage of skilled workers we see it in administration and the hospitals and public transport we need immigration from non european countries and germany has yet to find a solution but. meanwhile we have the solution that there are municipalities not
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only in germany but also in europe which signal that we are ready to accept refugees if only you let us list. oh i'm joined tonight by a man who helped give that news conference today he's they all look up orlando the mayor of the syrian city of and he's a program i gratian advocate merrill and it's good to have you on the show. how did you feel coming out of that press conference today is success in terms of european migration policy is it being made at the city level i think that the the. european speed it is only in this it this today we just to see the states where i don't have to understand how important these mobility outreach our contribution for development is movie scenes in the nation over the weekend. until the
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radio. airplay and web beat this change of the world where the standard move beat the is changing the world human the beat is changing the world and i think that we have to consider that seem a bit to human beings if you ask to me our many magnets how to impart i will reply 80001 of the 1000 i as mail them replied no one will know my going in for them i make no distinction between who was brought in by them who are to some problem doing so is today the safest safest city in italy will explain to me then how how are you making it work when at the same time in italy you know you can you can bring forth politicians like. the former interior minister i mean how do those 2 things 1st of all i would just to say you that for me this of being the law
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is against the you want it it is against how it died in the constitution. i was professor a new resident of course who shall also i have read to some article of course addition i can tell you this though is against a whistle shall. in speaking about my competence as mayo i do not aspire so low because i'm sure that if somebody will call me in front of a court i will get to proof that this role is against constitutional what i'm speaking about submarine you know as decided that people were legally in me after a one day become suddenly illegal illegal i. did illegal . guns and salvini sperm into legal residence i get deep the graphical residence i give just an address so one of the
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100 to one of the persons i gave a graphical residence said to a journalist i said thanks for the mail run though i don't know him say it but they said thanks because he gave to me and i got to the residence now i can pay taxes now for i can sign a contract but not being a budget to walk in black we get a call to bushel to deep security if you will let every budget will have a name if a man in a minute as you're talking about giving people you know human dignity and respect i would have to listen to the experience of another migration mayor aren't froch is the name resigned his job after 8 years because of getting threats like these take a listen. another 2 nights in a row i received notes in my mailbox one contained an explicit racist and sexual slur come on now one might think maybe it was meant for someone else. but it
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wasn't funny it was horrible but the 2nd one was worse we're going to guess you together with the on t.v. . so this is a former mayor who said that you know he was having to face death threats have threats been made against your life yes you had issue with a lot but if i think is the mafia i deserve a lot more what would you say what would you say about this yeah i have to say that president bush cut through the changes when ministers sort of didn't say that i would send a hired me as minister for 10 years 2nd child every 2000 men so when you go you say that would send the army to stop orlando 1000 of them out of the young people the day after organized if i should hope to support me because the agd just the speaker of the of the cultural change over the people you know we live a 5 and somebody that can be considered of the rats is. the do those people do they
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protect you do you feel safe yes i of course i have to say that i feel safe i feel safe because i know that the the the people in palermo shammai be sure what do you say the fact that the cities across europe are having to try to solve this problem with these alliances instead of the european union do you feel like the european union member states have they let you down are they betraying your member states of your to know they have not understood that the world has changed they do deep pretend to be solve or at least sorry the founder story. think that this united states of america tries to be of service to is wrong but i can understand the way the challenge can you imagine to be someone who just i disagree
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even begin to understand why there hashes can magine to be. e to be sovereign is to disagree but to can understand why czech republic or sovereign east coast italy southern is ridiculous germany. southern is equal we need the european who know because only dimension of hill people can just protect european limitlessness before we run out of time where are you getting the money to deal with the influx of migrants i mean because if you have a lot of people coming in what is expensive isn't considered a planet with there's not this difference that's not the finance. and they get the money sathya like the plague with us they have a jump in pay the tax they're not jump they're just protected by the system that is and has for everybody because giving d. a leg up your residence everybody's but let me turn out to let the people in
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palermo in please. i don't let the people in other groups cause a huge even with. i led a move in population doesn't grow because that we have so few children well may i wish we could talk longer unfortunately we're out of time but your positive attitude is infectious and i hope it helps to solve this situation. orlando. thank you it's good to thank you for having fun i will say fish bottom of the day we will thank you very much well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at port golf t.v. don't think you can use the hash tag and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day you'll see that it.
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will. kick off. big time review hard to. this time he interviewed the record holder and their self-proclaimed challenger. fire munich and dortmund. their team has lived up to their expectations what are they doing wrong what's left for these 2 giants of the bundesliga. kickoff
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in the 2nd part of a mid-season review we take a closer look at the bundesliga biggest giants find munich and. both clubs have already encountered.


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