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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2020 7:45am-8:00am CET

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the life that make us who we are. and the region are his imagine the kennedy is the mask making mastermind behind the colorful creation of the universe of. 2020 awards season is well underway and after the golden globes gave us a bit of a barometer last week suspense was high on monday for the academy award nominees and the lists were announced in the early hours l.a. time and suffice it to say hollywood seems to be staying true to itself with a handful of films dominating most of the categories the dark psycho thriller the tells an origin story of the villain of the batman comic books. the film also received 10 other oscar nominations including one for best director and best picture. for yes are you afraid because jimmy carter
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the irishman directed by martin scorsese took 10 nominations including best picture best director and best actor the gangster epic tells the story of a mafia hit man who gets wrapped up in the fate of legendary 1970 s. teamster boss jimmy hoffa. quentin tarantino's latest set in the 1960 s. is also oscar beyond with 10 nominations once upon a time in hollywood stars leonardo dicaprio as a washed up actor and as a stunt double brad pitt. they were nominated for best actor and best supporting actor respectively. in the 2nd also with 10 oscar nom is war epic 1917 by sam mendez it's filmed as one continuous shot that follows 2 british infantry men want to take a dangerous mission across the front lines of a battlefield in northern france we will lose. 60 and joining me in the studio to
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talk about this is who else but scott roxboro our film expert welcome scott and of course the joker here is leading the oscar race with 11 nominations this is a comic book sale a very controversial one at that how did it pull this off you know it's really surprising i think just like you couple of years ago the idea that a comic who would even get nominated for an oscar much less lead the pack. but i think what todd phillips the director of joker did is really interesting i mean this is a kind of a comic book movie it sort of is telling a story about a comic book and that's you know playing within this genre which is the most commercially successful genre of the world right now but the same time if you look a bit deeper this is really a dark psychological story about a man of a society sort of on the edge and it's very much. expressive of films from the 1970 s. and so the new hollywood period particularly films from martin scorsese like like kind of comedy or taxi driver exactly and i think what joker did is mention combine
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these 2 genres in a way that shows you can make sort of films are huge audience are very commercially successful but also go very very deep and sort of speak to some of the best of hollywood i think it's good press of that it got so many oscar nominations now of course it's up against some really tough competition does it have a realistic chance i don't know i think it has a chance to make walk if you know it's got a lock on the. best actor oscar that's his to lose otherwise it'll be difficult because it's up it's a lot of big interesting and significant films i mean you've got the winner here and you know those yes once upon a time in hollywood and this is a big film and it's probably the least controversial film ever made so that could play in its favor i think people love the candid love to give you know an oscar he's had such an impact on cinema so that's got a good chance and then there's $917.00 you know big award epic this is the kind of the oscars love it's also completely noncontroversial nobody would object if it wins the top oscar and then there's the irishman. martin scorsese gangster afaik
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robert de niro phenomenal film only controversy here is it was paid for by netflix of course is still big disruptor and of course the film there's no women and no people of color that could also play oh you've touched on a point there why am i not surprised no women nominated in the best director category once again i mean is hollywood just going back to same old same old you know more or less i mean. i wasn't too surprised that i kind of expected this to happen happen last year all male the nominations i was hoping and thinking maybe the great together we would get a nomination for little women which is a great film it's a literary adaptation she does a couple very interesting things with this with this classic story and gives a slight interesting feminine feminist twist so i was hoping that she would come out on top but again there were the 4 minute check the stats the last 20 years only 3 women have been nominated for best director that's does a leading number and it systemic really isn't it because after i had the same issue and as far as diversity goes there's not much going on but i'm going to progress to
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the next question because. international films are getting much more time in the spotlight and parasites from the korean director. yes but this is this is for me that a feel good story of the oscars so far out of this movie i thought was great that that it picked up 6 nominations including for best picture baby it's got a chance to win in that category as well. as one of the best directors working working today in this film parasite one of the cannes film festival last year and it's really sort of hitchcockian thriller it tone and genre look really on a dog that's an amazing movie star so it's sort of a as a social satire about a poor family that sort of infiltrates a rich family to sort of split them but maybe the rich families actually split the poor family very interesting complex movie that's also a huge amount of fun korea for me has been the most exciting place for cinema for maybe the last 10 years and it's really great to see that the oscars are finally acknowledging it and who knows maybe there's a chance at the top prize that would be so excite. now of course to finish off it
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was a big day for netflix which got over 20 nominations i believe it's been scratching the doors of the oscars for some time is this the year that streaming service can possibly take the big prize it might might be i mean it's got $24.00 nominations i got 2 huge films going up which are nominee for best picture and marriage story and those 2 look at those 2 films as interesting as they really show the ambition that netflix has is a very different movies i mean the irishman big gangster epic from martin scorsese shows him at his at his peak joe passes for normal in the film marriage story completely different it's. a more intimate stale divorce and it. stars sort of handsome adam driver increase your best performances so these films irishmen and marriage choice so how broad netflix can be but i don't really think that they going to do it this year i think this be another year that they almost get to the oscars maybe with a few of the big prizes but don't take home the top prize a best we will see that on february the 9th for what we quite
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a short season. watching very closely and speaking to you then of course very much for bringing us all that backstory and context. and it's time now for our weekly german books in the english translation an austrian novelist. asks the question what is it that makes a life rich is it travelling to far away countries or is it speaking multiple languages. has none of that to his credits and lives a solitary life in the alps far removed from any cultural and political fast lanes and yet his quiet existence constitutes a whole life what does it sound like when a person's dreams come crashing down around them. and. i'm standing on top of one of berlin's highest hills not so impressive but a whole life by hope is about to take us to the austrian alps where an avalanche is
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going to change and the guy's life forever he heard a sound as if something deep inside the mountain were splitting with the sign that he heard a deep swelling rumble and a moment later the ground beneath his feet began to tremble within seconds the rumbling had increased to a high piercing note stood stock still and heard the mountains start to sing an instant later something seized him and lifted him up. those are just some of the life changing sounds and all but the tylers book the main character on the ice is a simple man who overcomes an abusive childhood to find his own path and strength and even love before losing it again going to war and getting captured. by just 150 pages the books triumph is distilling life down to its most defining moments if you're looking for a short read with a big literary punch look no further. and
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finally it's time to meet dam's of the now that's a mash up of the english word for damsel unmarried woman and the german for a married what's behind that moniker is norwegian artist martin had kennedy who is fittingly renowned for her hand made masks are really more like wearable artworks that blur the categories of fashion arts and costume design and she says that her materials often lead the way. is it tribal art folklore mon's trappings or a combination of all of these. and who is the creative spirit behind the masquerade . my name is morgan health canada i'm in a region artist living in london and i work with masks. it all began in
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2007 when martin held kennedy alias the damsel frau moved to london she sewed her own club outfits and soon added the masks she taught herself how to embroider so and adorn clothes some of the masks only took her a day to make others she worked on for years. and it's kind of the thought system not not i don't draw i don't design. work with the materials. that sort it out for me. she calls the masks on the shelves her gang and they do seem to take on a life of their own even getting individual names as soon as they're completed. this one school rule it was initially to me quite broke so like. the name comes from. my gmail kennedy gets inspiration for her masks right outside
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her door in london's east and london. important. part of the work it is very inspirational it have people from all over the world and i have materials from all over the are over. she often returns from her strolls with something she's picked up somewhere. her studio is like a treasure trove. when she's finished a mask she snaps a photo of herself with it on and posted on instagram under the moniker damsel frau she has over $100000.00 followers. modern health kennedy carefully composes her mask photos she never wears the mask or any other occasion she's happy when others get creative with them and musicians artists and photographers are
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thrilled to do so. oh man who can put many best faces for real world up brings us to the end of this edition but don't forget about our website if you want to catch up on any of those stories and in the meantime all the best from berlin and.
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the thing is everything challenging 1st and i make a muslim. so much different culture between here and there challenging for empathy claim. to some of the suffering there was worth it for me to come to. your story take part share it on info migrants document. the body. clock. play. play.
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play play. this is deja vue news live from her lead calling for the clerics to go angers growing in arat after the government admits a chop down a passenger plane by misstate protesters say the country's religious leaders must reside also coming up experts say the ball kino in the philippines could erupt at any minute or than a number of weeks


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