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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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thank. you. this is news live from berlin paving the way for donald trump's impeachment trial u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi signs to watch the goals of impeachment against the president after the house of representatives votes to send them to the senate will be only the 3rd such trials in u.s. history. meanwhile at the white house president trump signs phase one of the trade agreement with china aimed at ending an 18 month long dispute but with the major issues still unresolved what's next for the world's 2 top economies. also coming up
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russia's government resigns the surprise move coms as president vladimir putin calls for reforms that could keep him in tal well beyond the end of his time we'll get the details from moscow to see you. play. i'm told me a lot both thanks for joining me. the stage is now set for the impeachment trial of a us president for only the 3rd time in history the u.s. house of representatives voted to submit to articles of impeachment against president donald trump to the senate after house speaker nancy pelosi signed the articles of impeachment they were carried symbolically from the house to the senate at a trial is expected to start next week trump is charged with abuse of office and obstruction of congress and its efforts to investigate that abuse is alleged to have pressured
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ukraine to investigate democratic rival joe biden. i'm now joined by w.'s all of us out in washington i oliva the articles of impeachment have now been delivered to the senate what happens next right so that vote. that took place today was basically the last step to trigger that so-called senate trial and as you mentioned the speaker of the howls nancy pelosi signed those articles of impeachment just a little while ago delivered to the senate they're going to be read out on thursday for the 1st time and that is basically what's happening now is moving the impeachment proceeding out of the democratic controlled house of representatives to the republican controlled senate where republicans are holding a 2 thirds majority in exactly this majority is also needed to eventually improve to eventually remove president trump from office and of course this is
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a very unlikely scenario at this point as it does not seem that many republican senators if any at all will change their opinion on the question of impeachment. trial will then begin next tuesday and republicans are hoping for a swift acquittal of a very fast trial that will take no longer than 2 weeks according to some senior officials and what will this trial look like and what about witnesses. right i mean since we know that the outcome is pretty clear of that trial even though it hasn't even started yet it's obviously a good question to ask if this will be a real trial at all the democrats are therefore trying to shape this shape these proceedings they want to get witnesses approved to get sort of like firsthand information that is potentially damaging for president trump for these witnesses it
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needs several republican senators to prove that some of them have done so so far others have been reluctant so there will be a vote on the questions of witnesses next tuesday and that will also be the moment when basically the shape. of this trial will finally be decided and very brief. elections presidential elections are just 10 months away how divided is america over this impeachment of the voters have been staying very much behind party lines just since the impeachment proceedings began very much to the disappointment by the way of the democrats who have been hoping for a dramatic shift in opinion that has not taken place so far and that is exactly why republicans can also unite behind president trump because there they don't have to fear the anger all of the voters so far and as long as there is no shift in momentum there will be no majority in senate and as long as this is the case
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president trump will be quite safe and secure in his position ok we'll have to leave it there because of a senate in washington. and u.s. president donald trump and china's vice premier have signed phase one of a trade deal it's aimed at settling a conflict that's last had 18 months a patch will loosen some american tariffs on chinese made products and to be u.s. and increase beijing's purchases of american goods. by here's what trump had to say about the deal at the signing in washington. today we take a moment step one that has never been taken before with china toward a future of fair and reciprocal trade as phase one of the historic trade deal between the united states and china. together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering
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a future of economic justice and security for american workers farmers and families i'm not joined by d.w. business. and kate's donald trump called this a historic deal is it full in full but as have stark and i think the fluff that only 18 months can be but this is a really big moment symbolically and i think it's worth mentioning that while it was of course u.s. president donald trump that began this trade war the ideological rifts that it's exposed far predates his presidency so whether we're talking about the way china treats foreign companies in the country or the way it handles its currency these are things that the united states and other countries including germany have long had an issue with and i think in the last 18 months what we've really seen is the reflection of a growing backlash towards globalization for a long time and with china with accused of protectionism and what we're seeing now is the united states actually acting in defense you know the rhetoric coming from travis all the talk talk talk but really what sparked this trade war was fear he
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was looking at china's exponential rise he didn't like this he tends to work in binary if winners and losers he was scared that china was going to take over and i think the fact that the 2 sides have come together to sign anything at all is significant so you mentioned winners and losers in this phase one is there a window well on the surface that looks like the united states is the winner here so as you mentioned beijing is going to buy $200000000000.00 more worth of american products a range of things that farm supplies and energy and money factor products and that's psychologically important for the united states because for a long time it's been extremely upset by china's large trait surplus so in that sense you know china was the winner and loser and implementing this is going to be quite difficult so what you have to do essentially is create a demand for $200000000000.00 worth of more american products and china says it's going to let this be. a market led process but it's difficult to see how that's going to work because you're either going to have to stop buying products from
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other countries or companies or it creates enormous demand for safe beans from the midwest in america so this looks great but we don't quite know how it's going to play out and one thing but i think it's worth mentioning is who wasn't at the signing state heinies president xi jinping he sent his press his vice premier you who instead some are saying that that's because if this doesn't turn out so well for china he doesn't want to be the face of the deal so don't say he's won there are other issues that haven't been discussed so what do we expect to come after this of these 2 or what else will donald trump aside there's not going to be a phase 3 phase 2 should be if it's really the central issues that we're going to see discussed in phase 2 so it seems like state subsidies so china's massive economic growth over the last few years has really been driven by the fact that the government props up companies that helps them so that has allowed a huge advance in technology and we've seen companies like chua way of course really becoming global leaders a few years ago the company wasn't known side of china and that was the household
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name and with that of course you open up a whole lot of other issues like fiber security of course there's enormous mistrust between the united states and china concerning huawei but on the other hand it's a leader in 5 g. technology a lot of countries and companies want to get in the game while away is offering the cheapest and arguably quality product than this and again it opens up this philosophical question what's the bigger risk being left behind or putting your blind faith in china so phase 2 is going to be a lot trickier than phase one interesting thank you very much for the business case for just some. time for a brief look at some other stories making news. police and protesters have clashed in the lebanese capital beirut for a 2nd night the clashes began after a crowd gathered at a police station to demand the release of protesters taking into custody. in the day. china has rejected a report by human rights watch condemning the treatment of $1000000.00 muslims held
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in so-called political education camps the country's foreign minister ministry says the document is biased and distorts the facts the report also denounces beijing's use of mass surveillance and the silencing of critics. and scientists a warning that more extreme weather events like wildfires them flooding are on the horizon after the hottest decade ever recorded the average global temperature in 2019 was 1 point one degree celsius above pre-industrial levels beyond $1.00 degrees global warming is projected to have extreme consequences including the melting of most arctic sea ice. political drama from moscow as the entire government resigned this came just hours after president vladimir putin delivered his state of the nation address in that statement he proposed a shake up of the country's constitution that would allow him to extend his grip on power even after his term as president ends in 2024 days government resignation
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they have been a shock but it is no crisis. russian prime minister dmitri medvedev decision to step down as a surprise fed you have said the president's proposals to amend the country's constitution would significantly change russia's balance of power he due to flee made the announcement public. because we as the government of the russian federation should provide the president of our country with the opportunity to make all necessary decisions to change the russian political system. in the circumstances i believe it would be right for the incumbent government of the russian federation to resign. but he took the news came just hours after president putin's state of the nation address. in that speech putin suggested changing the constitution to grant parliament more powers in effect weakening the
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powers of the presidency analysts believe putin could use the shake up to create a new job for himself when his current presidential term ends in 4 years time under the russian constitution presidents can only serve to consecutive terms some believe putin may even take on a new role in parliament. although medvedev has become increasingly unpopular with the russian public in recent years putin praised his service. i want to thank you for everything you've done in this phase of our cooperation i want to express my gratitude about the results of your work even though we didn't accomplish everything we wanted to. i hope we will succeed soon some people on the streets of moscow were slightly less forgiving of med video of tenure. in principle the only question is why it took such a long time to be honest such a government should have been expelled many years ago. because we use many values
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the resignation is long overdue it's the right decision and putin is long overdue to control the economy the same way he controls politics. putin has reportedly asked me to move to russia's national security council to work on defense and security affairs but the president appears to be leaving his own future career options open. earlier we spoke to the correspondent emily show in moscow about russian president vladimir putin's future. well in his speech today the state of the union of the nation address it did seem that putin isn't planning on going anywhere soon and in fact that speech and though the reforms that the proposed reforms to the constitution that he mentioned and explained today those kind of give. various attentional options for his future after all
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presidents in russia can only serve 2 consecutive terms 2nd consecutive term is up in 2024 and essentially since this term began people have been discussing what could happen next and today he opened up a potential option of becoming the speaker of a strengthened parliament that's one option he could also become the head of the state council which is an institution that he wants to now put into the constitution as well that's made up of regional governors he could also become the head of the security council which could be strengthened and become some kind of have some kind of an advisory role in the country so he's kind of opened up a lot of potential avenues for himself there. potentially creating a new job for himself in 2024. when reporting there from moscow. the german city of those sold off will host the 2022 invictus games an international sports event which features one dead or traumatised war veterans the event is the brainchild of
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britain's prince harry himself a former soldier who created it and 20202014 athletes from 20 different nations will compete in 9 sporting disciplines this year's invictus games will be held in the netherlands germany will then host the 6th edition 2 years later up next is the documentary documentary until me a lot of. it is time to take one step further and face the. time to search the know and fight for the truth. time to overcome boundaries and contact the world it's time for g.w. . coming up ahead minds.


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