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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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extreme weather on what's already the world's driest continent conservation groups is determined to stop this unique species from dying out. in the business is up next with a chris cobra and a look at the world economic forum that kicks off in the swiss calpine village of davos stay tuned for that the rest. of today don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. sleep. carefully. there's the issue to be.
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discovered. subscribe to documentary. crisis management at high altitude the world economic forum kicks off in this 1st village of davos with climate change and inequality topping the agenda also on the program the most expensive real estate market in the world demand going soft of report from hong kong has the latest and with prince harry and his wife meghan looking for a life outside the limelight serious questions arise for a souvenir vendors in windsor and. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program are you
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still sticking to your new year's resolutions well as time of year would have it the world's elite are gathering to discuss what they can do to fulfill. ambitious goals to make the world a better place to do them a bit of business on the side of course the stage is set for the world economic forum in davos at the 50th anniversary of the meeting sustainability and climate change are taking center stage. australia is burning the middle east is in crisis the global economy is flagging everywhere you look there are problems serious catastrophes meanwhile in davos everything seems calm but the snowy alpine landscape is only a backdrop as the world's elite prepares to descend on the little town in the swiss alps security is being cranked up at great expense for the heads of state and captains of industry. inside the congress center the focus in the coming days will be on the big problems the same challenges climate change is top of the agenda
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participants of identified climate crisis as the biggest danger for the future we need to take action now the organizers of the world economic forum and the climate activists agree on this at least traditionally deals with all of the big issues of the day some say davos is the best platform because so many key people are gathered here. critics however say it's all for show just meaningless speeches with that impact the founders of the world economic forum promised this is no talking shop this is a workshop they promised concrete results for this 50th anniversary meeting in the alps here we go again. and the international monetary fund has cut global growth estimates for $220.00 the leader of the i.m.f. isn't davos for the world economic forum to discuss the i.m.f. reports that compared to the reporting of tobar estimated global growth for this
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year is down 110th of a percent to 3.3 percent growth one of the major reasons for the dip in projected growth includes a slowdown in. it is the world's most expensive real estate market but prices in hong kong are now under pressure after months of protests there. experts warn against too much optimism. hong kong's real estate market is the most expensive in the world after months of democracy protests real estate prices in hong kong are falling this tiny shop of less than 2 square meters in a crowded corner of one shy is a powerful symbol of change former investment banker turned property fund manager edwin li explains. this is this shop that very much to pay so based on my best lot of shared memory the shop lost the most money in the store was once a currency exchange kiosk but the tourism downturn means it's now
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a real estate office bought for just over a 1000000 euros it sold for less than half now because the biggest hit always the repo market and people simply not willing to buy shops anymore so that leno was in a hurry to sell the shop and was willing to set it up because. it's not just the little shops like the one in one shy the downturn could even hit prime real estate like homes near hong kong's high speed rail terminus this links the territory to china and real estate here is much sought after by mainland chinese demand is softening because they are now staying away. property consultant vincent chung says there's no cause for panic because no one is in a rush to sell. for more clever cohen joins me who just brought back that report from hong kong clifford what are your impressions of the real estate market among ordinary people in hong kong well i
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think people are looking at this and i think that they it's almost time for a correction i mean the prices are very very high and every one of you seen that people do back the protests largely i'm part of the reasons is the dissatisfaction on congress because property prices have been so high so my level i think among ordinary people i think there is people are not too worried about the fact that prices are falling it also means that rents are more affordable and also for businesses in the city center of makes it more affordable for for rents but now we're looking at a question about how far that could fall and looking at office rents was a survey today saying that they could fall by 40 percent in the next 2 years so while people are feeling ok about it i think they're also maybe they just don't want of things to fall too far you mentioned the pro-democracy protests there how big is the role that these protests have played when it comes to the economy i think the people while there is a broad backing for the protests they also do creation certainty and markets and investors and everyone in the economy doesn't really like uncertainty so i think
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that's that's been the big factor as we know and real estate's we've seen this incredible market in hong kong which has grown for 15 years now and it's just become such a huge market but the protests have certainly created a cloud of uncertainty and i think that this is something that people are slightly concerned about and going forward they'll be hoping the resolution is reached so that the market can recover quickly as it always has done before prices in hong kong is red hot real estate market suddenly declining clifford coonan from d.w. business thank you. sources say in france that paris and washington have pushed the pause button on the battle brewing over a french plan to slap a 3 percent levy on revenue from digital services earned in france talks with the us will continue throughout the year in search of a compromise the european union is growing increasingly uneasy about its dependence on u.s. companies for digital digital services the topic of
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a conference this week in munich. how can europe better position itself in the age of digitalisation at digital life design in munich business in media representatives and politicians are looking for answers we are not changing ourselves we had directly to become a cult digital colony of the us of china if google decides tomorrow to switch off its services for europe then what mike you see still on the screen he clearly fears they'll be nothing that's why e.u. commissioner to tone has announced a single e.u. digital strategy it's true that man vision is that your brand. we view with for your parent company and priority. for us to create value in europe. and not just that the e.u. commission's digital strategy should lead to common standards for 5 g.
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technology companies that promote europe's internet sovereignty will benefit the most stricter security measures will also be introduced for the collection and processing of data and more funds will be invested in artificial intelligence internet experts are skeptical about how the e.u. can finance the measures. biddles of evil training offensives and economic offensives all cost a lot of money but there isn't any budget for them with european countries will really have to combine forces. according to the atmosphere at the meeting those goals can be achieved by working together. to the united kingdom now where prince harry and his wife meghan decision to pursue a life outside of the limelight sparked a heated discussion and dropping the royal title not only has consequences for the famous couple. next report shows home to
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a princely residence and some very british gift shops the town of windsor some 30 kilometers west of london has long been synonymous with royalty. but recent events of cost over the viability of $1.00 of its most popular brands harry and meghan case in point this bobblehead figurine of harry in military garb was 99999 yours for 2 pounds last. minute reason we do surprises us because they're not a part of for a family anymore often the spirit of surprise and are going to do this and that is we just want to sold all the stock record you're going to want to keep it in the show or in the car so it's far easier to clear the stock. from cut price royal wedding themed biscuit tins. to baby archie focused specialty mugs. gift shops around town are selling off their hari and mac in march. it's
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a trend the couple may not lament as they embark on a quest for financial independence and a life that no longer involves plying their boiled. still's there that wraps up our program if you want war go ahead and check out a website dot com slash business or check out our media feeds on twitter. roland thanks for watching and have yourself it successful.
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the body. the body.
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the boy. the body. and exclusive interview with the man come on. the stands prime minister speaks with editor in chief of the message board what's khan's perspective on the kashmir crisis. what does he hope results from the these negotiations going to ghana stan. why has he remained silent about the plight of the week or so in china and what our interview with iran coming up. next.
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after decades of negotiation a new path to peace between india and pakistan has been. a company and i'm sitting on a hill. joel it was his 1st time in the met office for. between india and pakistan to see the next. close up in 60 minutes. what secrets might be swapped. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. play and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w balls heritage 360 getting up now. the truly rich meter just. shows.
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the smart way when you're going. to. blow a mobility show every week w. . cut. hello today via in islamabad the capital of pakistan to talk to prime minister in run con since decades pakistan and india are stuck in a tense standoff of about the region and cush me or pakistan also neighbors iran is now in a violent conflict with the united states and becoming the epicenter of an increasingly volatile middle east tensions facing threats from the.


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