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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from bali and the 50th summit of the world economic forum opens in switzerland u.s. president donald trump delivers a keynote speech but his stance puts him at a concert with a new generation of activists who say it's time for big business to embrace the fight against climate change also on the program. chinese state media says a 6th person has died from a new coronavirus international airports and train stations are screening passengers from high on concern grows as health officials now warn the virus can be
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passed from human to human. and from police chief to prison up a chinese court sentences the former president of interpol to towson and a half years for corruption. plus a skier from haiti becomes an improbable star at the youth winter olympics although he did not get any medals mechanism for him to feel like a widow as he captures the hearts of the people we tell you why. hello and welcome. the any gathering of the world economic forum has officially got underway at the swiss out by and ski resort of davos u.s. president dollar trump is giving the opening speech at the summit just as his impeachment trial is due to get underway back home let's take a listen. what he's saying right now in the 21st century. a pro worker
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process is pro-family or judge it demonstrates how a nation should thrive when it's communities it's called police it's government and its people work together for the good of the whole nation as part of this new vision we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in history we doubled the child tax credit benefiting $40000000.00 american families and lifting 650000 single mothers and their one. out of poverty out of poverty quickly. the 1st ever tax credit for employers to provide. for employees early $72000.00 or less. had passed paid family leave for government employees as a model for the currency. that was present don of strom making his keynote opening address at the world economic forum in davos we will return to that story later
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when we be talking to our team who is at the davos about what more of what what he said as well as reactions to his opening keynote but for now let's turn to other. concerns are growing over the rapid spread of a new strain of corona virus in china the virus is 6 that's an infected $300.00 people cases of also surfaced in thailand japan south korea and the philippines as a travel rush ahead of china's lunar new year holiday gather space domestic and overseas airports have begun screening travelers from the affected region. airports and train stations on high alert across china. this after authorities revealed the corona virus can be spread between humans something they had previously ruled out officials there say vigilance is key to stopping the spread. what. i think the outbreak is in its early stages.
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though they've been more than 100 cases this is a small number compared to the population of 100 which is more than 10000000 because we need to be on high alert the outbreak can be totally reversed even measures are taken now and shoddy. t.v. health authorities believe the virus originated at this now closed market in wu han which sold fish and wild animals the outbreak coincides with the lunar new year holiday the busiest travel time in china on the streets concern is growing. could be your body we make our own of course i'm worried i just went to buy mosques i tried buying mosques around my neighborhood before leaving but they were all sold out i'm worried because so many people will be traveling. if the job was. done to go without but honestly on us i have no idea which reports to believe
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i just trust my instincts i'm not that confident that authorities have the situation under control i think the number of infected could be far more ok. but there's also a lot of them. to take as a canadian i don't know because i'm worried and the virus could spread rapidly if cross infection happens during this travel period the epidemic will be terrible. other countries including australia are also implementing enhanced screening measures authorities there say they are monitoring a possible case of the virus. the world health organization will meet on wednesday to decide if the outbreak should be declared an international public health emergency. joining me now is u.w. science correspond derek williams welcome adenike within the space of last few weeks we have 3 people 300 people who are infected with this virus 6 people have
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died how dangerous is this new grown up iris well it's a group the coronavirus is belong to a group of viruses that up until now around 7 different strains have been identified that in fact human beings and they range from things that cause symptoms like the common cold to stars or mers which are actually quite deadly diseases i mean mers kills more than 30 percent of the people who contract it sars kills about 10 percent of the people who contract it so for this disease doesn't appear to be nearly that lethal not that deadly the numbers of people who have died are keeping within a fairly small group and the people and if people don't have compromise. immune systems it appears to not affect them too badly so how deadly is it it is a core can be deadly in its current form how deadly could it become that's another question entirely and it's already spread to 3 other asian countries and 2 other countries australia and the philippines looking at patients with these flu lexan
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symptoms what can you tell us about these cases where most of these cases of all of these cases actually originated with people who apparently contract the disease in so they've flown on to those countries from that epicenter if you will of the current outbreak now in 100 appears that it that it came from an from an a market that sold seafood and also wild animals within the city and how wild animals often serve as reservoirs with these kinds of viruses which can then if they're in close contact with human beings can also leap what's called the species barrier and mutate and viruses like this one that were apparently saying right now how well prepared is china to contain this virus because as we know the. holidays starting and millions of chinese on the move well it probably actually could have happened at a really at a worse time but on the other hand china seems to have understood the message that it needs to be transparent now back in 20022003 with the sars outbreak that was one
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of the biggest problems china tried to cover up the fact that that this epidemic was going on and that just made things worse because in the modern world obviously people are moving their crossing international borders people we have to be transparent and outbreak kinds of situations like this so that we know where things are starting and where we need to put measures in place to make sure that they don't spread further not the south epidemic that you mentioned killed 600 people does this new corona virus have the same kind of potential when you're talking about viruses potential is kind of a tricky word because as viruses can also mutate quite. rapidly so could it become deadly yes but is it deadly now no wait appears not and it never has to become that way really the next day is the coming days and months are going to be critical of these kinds of outbreaks they don't start overnight and they don't end overnight we're going to have to wait and see whether the measures that are now in
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place are able to contain it and we're really we've come a very very long way since the stores epidemic of 2000 to 2003 and the question is have we gone far enough. we'll have to wait and see dead if williams from the science says thank you very much they've been having you with some other stories making news around the wild iran's civil aviation authority is confound that to misidentify to ukrainian airliner that was. on earlier this month 17065 iran initially denied donning the plane before its revolutionary got accepted for the sponsibility. russian authorities say 11 people have died in a fire that destroyed a walk us shack in siberia most of the victims the migrants from was because stan a chinese company a used the hot as a dormitory. china has shipped the coal capsule of its planned orbital space station to
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a launch base for testing the capsule will undergo follow up tests in beijing china aims to complete construction of the space station by 2022. members of mexico's national guard have 5 tear gas of migrants trying to cross into the country from guatemala hundreds of my veins began raging through the border river after authorities closed a border gate on a nearby bridge mexico is cracking down on irregular migration funds and pressure from washington for the country to enforce stuff of policies. the question reached the u.s. is ending here for many. mexico's national guard forcibly repelled hundreds of migrants trying to storm it southern border. officials also detained several 100 who may face deportation some parents and children reported they got separated during the crossing. 2 was most of the migrants are from honduras and say they want
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to escape rampant poverty and crime. and also to give them your i'm scared and i don't want to go back to my country because there's nothing there no work my daughter and i go hungry i think i'm a muslim member of the l.g.b. t. community it's very hard to find a job in the employee yeah but i think the majority of us suffer from violence and discrimination that we just don't have the option of staying in our country you know nothing more socialist in the fight. last year mexico stopped allowing migrants to cross its territory with few restrictions in june officials unprecedented steps to block crossings into the u.s. absolutely the country was responding to threats issued by president donald trump it was 1st he had tweeted in may we will impose increasing tariffs on all goods
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coming into our country from mexico until illegal migrants stop coming through and into our country. mexico's tougher stance appears to be having an effect since may u.s. officials say there's been a steady drop in the number of people arrested or stopped at its southern border. a court in china has sentenced former into poet chief among hong way to 13 and a half is in prison on corruption charges manx 10 yo ass as interpol chief was cut short but he vanished on a visit to china in 2018 beijing later confirmed he'd been detained and said an investigation found mang had spent lavish amounts of state funds lost it said he pleaded guilty to accepting over $2000000.00 in bribes. for more on this i have on the line professor the son from hong kong baptist university welcome professor my mechanic do you know if the crimes china has convicted mang
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off took place while he was into poor president. to place policy what he was going to pull president between 20162017 but he's been accused of crimes and corruption since 20 year tool 5 until 202017 for all along carriage of time during which he occupied in various positions to pull china pressure direct defeats the minister of public security but also later out of china of course carson. and so before he moved to the on in 26 he was probably already practiced seem corruption and so if you take a long period of time. that. you know that he was going to be talkative before he disappeared in 2008. probably not then that's because otherwise he would
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not have gone back to china and that's the question mark and it's been reported surely that he was a to defect to france and so that's why he brought his wife and children to to do you know you know you're actually the president of the it to pull stay. home country wasn't moving to rio where the general secretary of the organization. leads the interpol critics say the. draft campaign is a tool to remove political enemies was immense conviction also politically motivated do you think. probably because suspected of being you've got crews truly on call of the former security to purge into the street and you work with them for a long time so and then the reports that when he was. purged. always
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. purge as you know to to put an end to the. negative sense of joy in coming within the security system and the amount of. bribery you see during that period of time is rather small by chinese standards so it's clearly a politically motivated modi really to try and conviction write a professor back august in hong kong thank you very much for that thank you returning now to our top story the annual gathering of the wild economic forum which has officially got underway in davos u.s. president dollar trump is giving the opening keynote speech at the summit also attending the conference a swedish climate campaigner cut out to him but she made her 1st appearance on a pan of this morning with the young climate activists. many see
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a major contrast at this as summit between how older and younger generations view the global economy in a speech the us president said that his administration has done a lot for young people that's that since i took office more than 2000000. have gotten jobs and their wages have grown by nearly 5 percent annually a number that was unthinkable nobody would have ever thought it was possible 3 years ago. and let me now join us senior business editor ben physician who was also at davos bena trial but trying himself as a progressive politician working for a sustainable future for young people how's that likely to go done there. well just as he entered the conference center he was asked by a reporter about climate change and he said he's very much for the environment yet environment didn't come up in his speech until much later he said we should ignore
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the prophets of doom but that the u.s. will join an initiative here in davos to plant a trillion trees. at least some progress there on the environmental front at least he wasn't getting any cheers from the audience mostly laughs joining the statistics that he was given giving during what was more a campaign speech he said america has made an amazing comeback he took over an economy that was ailing in his words which wasn't true at the time the american economy was on a very steady ground he has done a lot for the economy at least for companies with all of his tax breaks slashing regulation that has seen a huge boom on wall street and that money has rolled in for the rich but i wouldn't say it has for the poor even though he says his economy is very inclusive
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and should be seen as a role model the car economic models that are being introduced here and rita a very very different there's a push for the environment to be included for companies to be more responsible for all stakeholders to be included the customers the workers the world and not just the rich and the climate activists good hour tonight we'll also be addressing delegates at davos later and she's already taking part in a ballot discussion with other young activists this morning let's 1st listen to a bit of what she had to say. the climate and environment is is a whole to talk because right now and lots things to young people pushing but of course if you see it from another perspective all pretty much nothing has been done since the global emissions of c o 2 has not. reduced i mean we are all fighting for for the environment and the climate and if you see from that aspect what is concrete have
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been done i mean if you see it for a bigger perspective than. basically nothing it will require much more than this this is just the very beginning. so when the 1st live event of the forum even before the official opening was a discussion with the young activists about the future what signal is that meant to send that. it's meant to seek to send a signal 1st of all to the younger generation many of whom are giving up hope on this planet. also a signal to the big companies to listen up to these young people the forum has given them the stage the opportunity to have their say they say that their generation looks at the big picture and is aware of what's going on. for too long doubles has been seen as a talk shop for the global elite and you do see some great things coming out of this place social entrepreneurs being engaged engaging with the big companies but
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until now we haven't really seen a huge change when it comes to corporate activities and these corporations really focusing. their core values on the environment on society and our well being. hopefully we will see some sort of action after this conference after these young people have gone up to speak after so many companies a pledge that they're going to change their strategies we are hearing promises we are seeing some action here but whether or not it turns out to be a lot of action which is what the world needs which is what it is pointing out a lot of action is what needed is needed. we'll see what happens if the ben you know at london we have young campaign as on the other hand we have done are trying both of them getting style billing on the opening day off the davos summit is the
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economic forum sending mixed messages then do you think. i couldn't quite hear what you said at the end there the world economic forum is. giving the stage to all sides it's always done that it's always invited. presidents and leaders politicians companies c.e.o.'s from all sides in all parts of the world it's an opportunity for everyone to have their say another thing it's another thing whether or not the investors here really listen to what they say i've seen this time and again over the past year is that we have world leaders come here and try to. impress investors but at the end of the day it's money talks and whether or not they're actually going to put that money into action is is the big question amrita with something like the environment mentioned in his talk that they've been tapping resources like never before and shale oil has contributed to the u.s.
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becoming the biggest oil producer in the world it's already a huge polluter and has become an even bigger one now that's brought in a huge amount of money but also a huge amount of criticism from environmentalists right ben fizzled out there was economic forum in davos thank you very much and of course we talking to you throughout the day and for the rest of the summit at dallas thank you very much for now. thousands of pro-gun activists from across the u.s. have staged a valley in the state of virginia urging lawmakers to abandon plans for stricter gun controls democrats from mr tighten gun legislation after they gained control of the state legislature but in november but their proposed package of controls has infuriated gun rights campaign as. pro-gun campaign is gather in richmond every january but this year they are here in far
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greater numbers with new reason to rally for that cause his in virginia are pushing forward with a package of gun control legislation including universal background checks a ban on assault style rifles and a limit of $100.00 gun purchase per month gun rights supporters a furious. all of these rights are god given no one can take them away we have a right to defend ourselves and our families. so we're here to. they can't take our rights away we don't need the government for our rights or are not there our government does not take away our rights. and if the governor of good fortune has. his democratic friends there you go to see a 2nd revolution in america like the 1st revolution where people get shocked. if a possible violence prompted gov ralph northam to ban weapons on the capitol grounds and declare
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a temporary state of emergency. fee is fueled by the memory of shot that spill in 2017 when a white supremacist attending a rally drove his car into an anti-racism protest and killed. kept some gun control activists away from planned kind of protests with all of the threats and all of the terribly violent rhetoric that's going on right now our main goal is not to engage with going to extremists today we're really here to be present in the legislature to make our voices heard to underscore of authority but also to underscore the moral agency that we have as our generation and undo effected by gun violence figures show 2019 was the worst year on record for mass shootings in the united states. the total number of people fatally shot also increased last year according to data from gun violence a nonprofit that tracks shootings. and these activists insist guns aren't the
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problem they say any attempt to tighten control is infringes their constitutional right to bear arms and see virginia as a key rallying point for the fight against what they see as a national liberation of gun rights. and to most sports these feel the u.s. winter olympics conclude this weekend with powerful hosts switzerland top of the medals table the caribbean nation of haiti in comparison has no such winter sports spread agree but the exploits of the only competitor at the games has captured the hearts of the people in the city. my concern florindo may not be the quickest. but he is still a trailblazer haiti's only enter into a youth winter olympics has inspired a nation still struggling after an earthquake a decade ago left over 100000 people dead his 51st place finish in a field of $77.00 in the giant slalom was celebrated like
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a victory the 17 year old normally fixes. i do not consider myself as an outsider but i haven't had enough training. got to do more to be better at this level. it's a big difference the others are training during the week. i'm at school. or at the garage. work as a mechanic. he was left at an orphanage in haiti by his mother when he was 3 he was adopted and now lives in france but he was immensely proud to carry the haitian flag at the opening ceremony. he was a look out during a 2nd race at the games. but florida was happy just to be there. for them when they were there was a great experience and i didn't perform in a satisfactory level. but it taught me
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a lot it all i can use this experience in the future. you know i can be katie is dancing and florida has even been signing autographs. well sports coming up shortly with kickoff on the bundesliga i'm on with that she must see it off and off but. the 1st.
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kick off. the 2nd round starts off in the us. glad basu's through the 1st game and slid into 3rd place the tough competition is why i didn't mind seeing turn the game around and stay at the top. to bottom and see a dazzling win thanks to a new addition. by
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a dumb and runs with teams. kick off next sunday double. the highway into heaven. after decades of negotiations a new path to peace between india and pakistan has been opened. the never knew a company an indian seen on a pilgrimage it was his 1st time in the land of his for. between india and pakistan to seek them that. close up in 60 minutes on d w. planes time to take one step further. than face.
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time or of just such the other no. and the fight for the tribes play hard to overcome boundaries and connect the law. it's time for dublin. and you don't really use coming up ahead. minds. don't worry the dark days are behind us still.


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