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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2020 3:30pm-3:45pm CET

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it's a. little my husband went to peru because of the crisis. if he hadn't. died of hunger. this week. this is the the. coming up of viral outbreak in the middle of travel chaos trying to contend with an infectious corona virus as millions criss cross borders to travel for. contingency plans to get an update from the chinese capital plus. your plastic trash is making us sick that's what. brought. the letter through the problem.
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welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us a virus that's killed at least 9 people and infected nearly 500 others could mutate adapt that's the what if authorities officials even as the so-called 29000. virus which originated in the city of has now spread beyond mainland china as borders cases have been reported in the united states taiwan macau thailand south korea japan passengers arriving from china are being screened at airports in the region and worldwide including singapore india on kong and the united states the additional screenings become even more important as millions of people travel abroad and within china on account of the lunar new year holidays north korea is reported to have shut its borders to tourists but for chinese authorities the
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challenge of controlling the spread of an infectious respiratory illness at the busiest travel time of the year is to put it mildly immense. it's possibly the worst time of the year to try to stop the spread of a virus in china. hundreds of millions of people are crisscrossing the country this week to celebrate the lunar new year with family. also coming from abroad these passengers are traveling to beijing from seattle where the 1st u.s. case was confirmed on tuesday i think what i can do to wear a mask wash my hands and stay away from the problem. since it's outbreak in the city of the deadly virus has jumped a number of international borders prompting large scale screening measures at airports bus and railway stations. containing the virus is an absolute priority as
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quickly as possible because they are fears that the virus could mutate. the evidence shows that the disease is currently transmitted through the rasputin retract and there is the possibility of a viral mutation. in an attempt to minimize the risk of contagion during the current travel rush a number of airlines and railway companies have announced they'll wave cancellation fees for trips to and from with. the city's mayor has also won't against travel to the epicenter of the outbreak and urged the people who are already there to stay. some people have canceled their trips due to the current situation but it's unlikely to stop the majority from traveling. for many chinese the lunar new year holiday is the only chance they get to see their relatives all year. running in our correspondent. doing there how all of oddities in china are coping with
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trying to control the spread of this waters in the middle of the joy again to travel rush. well 1st of all the authorities have urged the people not to travel to . the city in central china where the virus outbreak originated from and also to search the people in that city to stay indoors as much as possible what you also see is that train stations to get more help reading and check out also at the same the facilities where improved its hospitals i just actually came from the airports here and you see basically every one of the people wearing a face mask you can get them at a pharmacy so convenience stores one of the bills and. also you have additional health check ups at the airport so i think that only the population is quite concerned also the government of china was criticized in the boston specially about
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the timing of the saw it was a crisis in 2003 when the allegations was that china wasn't. all things different this time rome. i would say yes i mean in the beginning among the population yet the same kind of skepticism against the government used against he's people had the feeling that. the real threat of the virus was downplayed however in the states you see kind of a turning point for example one hockey commission posted on their way out that social media may be comparable to facebook or twitter calling all the local coffee officials to be asked transparent as possible and not to hype up to have any case of the virus and that's quite remarkable in a country like china and on the other hand just 2 or 3 hours later that same post. so of course we have some internal struggle that what is the right way but also president seeking thing he went to the public and he gave
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a speech and saying that the virus outbreak has the most priority and to me that is a clear sign that china wants to learn from the stakes of the possible outbreak. thank you very much. our next story begins with a trovatore go indonesia writing a letter to german chancellor angela merkel in it. pointed out that germany and many other developed countries are using indonesia as a plastic waste dump and she wants to stop greenpeace says germany is the world's number 2 exporter of plastic were used to indonesia over 59000 tonnes of it in 20 we speak to an activist in indonesia in a moment but 1st let's find out more about. trying
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to be patient 12 year old nina wrote a letter of complaint and she's about to find out how it will be received by germany. the german ambassador took a note addressed to chancellor angela merkel it demands the country take back it's plastic waste she says indonesia is the 2nd largest contributor of trash in the world but has also become a dumping ground for many western countries including germany now but i went to the challenge on parent seaport recently with my friends and i witnessed how developed countries have been sending all their waste to indonesia. trash means cash to some in indonesia and the town of bengal in 2 thirds of the residents make a living by mining waste some of it will be up cycled some will be burnt as few demagoging the environment. as. the smoke creates
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toxins schools dioxins. almost everything official living in poisonous water the poultry next door also get affected we can end up in our stomachs. indonesia has his own waste problem but it's being compounded by imported trash when china decided to reject foreign waste 2 years ago huge quantities were routed to indonesia the country's trash imports have tripled since 2017. as nina is trying her best to push back against the trend she organized an exhibition at school as for the letter getting a reply from the chancellor might take some more patients. and joining me from west of our in indonesia is han on order ana she's with waste for trains and indonesian sore from enterprise offering environment family were spotted and service is not
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good to see you just at the outset how you fuck a contributor is imported waste to indonesia as whisper but. they are saw it is very significant because from all the ways that we recycle 40 percent less the waste and system percent of paper that we recycle are it worth it it is because many of our ways it is a mix condition and 81 percent of it it is in the mix condition and if we can do better in figure occasion we believe that we don't need any more import of waste to indonesia. so from what you're saying it would appear the indonesia's own domestic which problem is bigger than the problem of imported waste. yes all there is likely in the us really is already can recycle of
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the met already are that we have. bitten off our ways our makes like that is the car are going to say that 81 percent of our ways are made that's why in the us 3 are very likely necessary cannot. recycle any of the waste that already made he makes. back to be cheap work to import the wait for them and they have to clean. that already makes in the condition but let's just talk a bit about the important ways to serve it worsens join us stop importing whizzed a little over 2 years ago would you say the proportion of foreign wish that comes into indonesia has increased. you know it's true so we do find some research from the indonesians that statistic are going to. say
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that there is an increased number of noways that being imported to. indonesia it is because there is a clean industry in indonesia they have to match the quantity so that. they. produce more recycling material. and it is very cheap to import the waste and other then they have to clean the ways that we have in indonesia because like i said before 81 percent of our waste are in mixed condition so all but if we can maintain or segregate the waste from our house call our our source then the local industry are for the recycling you know 3 will be happy to do not importing the waste from. outside the country. that's a really bad one and or only an effect so much for joining us. ok by. solving
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the problem of order and we're just beginning with the. that's the fun i'll head over to our web site either dot com for was there the other shop online or other stories from the reason we're going up with something readers describing the huge problem that interview shows for using. by.
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the they were. and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you that. are you familiar with this. list smugglers were lions of. what's your story ready ready. i'm with numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying. always understand this new culture
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. are not a visitor. you want to become citizens. into migrants your platform for reliable information. business is facing more pressure than ever to not just make money but to promote social changes well at the world economic forum in davos some are demanding that business elites start thinking about a new phone. and the c.e.o. of google's parent company alphabet says artificial intelligence can be dangerous and must be tightly regulated. this is business as they operate on asian and global business news on. welcome is the purpose of
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a company just to make money and create value for shareholders or is it a guarantee social benefits like workplaces and decent wages and american might answer that question differently than say european but now with climate change looming skepticism over traditional shell the capitalism is coming from all corners and it's getting more and more applause in davos where the international business elite is gathering for their annual powwow the world economic forum. one message coming out of davos is that companies want to take more responsibility for the environment and one is ahead of the pack one of the world's biggest money managers blackrock is working with germany and france on creating environmental funds $500000000.00 for sustainable investment and the trillions of dollars that be .


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