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this is g w news from berlin donald trump on trial democrats to lay out their case for removing the u.s. president from office in oral arguments impeachment manager adam schiff says that trump abused his office by withholding aid to ukraine and it follows a bitter and partisan debate over the ground rules for the trial that went late into the night to washington for the latest also coming up a call to action the head of the european union commissioner. says that europe
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should be leading the charge in creating a carbon neutral future plus anger boils over greece's crowded migrant camps thousands of protesters demanding the government shut down facilities on 3 greek islands where refugees are facing squalor and desperation plus deadly fly riskier a new strain of the cool new virus claiming more lives in china and fueling fears of a global pandemic and with no vaccine officials are scrambling to contain the outbreak . it's good to have you with us in the united states the impeachment trial of president donald trump has resumed for the day the republican controlled senate is now hearing opening arguments. from house impeachment managers trump was impeached
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last month by the democratic led house on charges of abuse of power and struck in congress he's accused of pressuring cream to investigate former democratic vice president joe biden a political rival and impeding a congressional investigation into this matter trump has denied any wrongdoing. for more now we want to go straight to washington our correspondents all over salad is standing by he's on the story for us tonight good evening to you all over i guess those senators they all need strong coffee this morning they debated late into the night what kept them up so late. friend and that was a big surprise last night the debate and the 1st day of the trial was supposed to last until 6 pm then went on until late at night until 2 am so a total of 13 hours a real marathon here at the senate last night and the reason for that is pretty
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simple there are hardly any rules laid out at the beginning of such a trial and this is only the 3rd impeachment trial in the history of the united states also so not not a lot of experience to load back to and the republicans who are holding the majority in senate were able to shape those rules which they did of course the democrats were very unhappy with them they believe that this is a cover up. to protect the president there we're talking about a and very unfair trial in fact and so they try to alter those rules by proposing a total 11 amendments essentially trying to subpoena additional witnesses but all of these amendments in the end were ejected by the majority of the republican majority and senate less than we we did that the democrats they would like to see the former national security advisor john bolton testify this look like that's going to happen but could there be a witness or 2 that the republicans would like to see. well absolutely and some
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republicans say why not just agree and have our own witnesses invited so join hunter biden for instance would be interesting for the republicans they could make their case there that they were involved in a corruption scandal in ukraine and therefore justify the president trumps phone call with the ukrainian president there is no proof of that however another 2 witness that could be interesting is the whistleblower who made the phone call public in the 1st place and their strategy could be to question his legitimacy but let's not forget that will be a vote on witnesses and on evidence later that will take place after both sides have presented their initial arguments so that a 6 days down the impeachment trial and that is way too late in the eyes of the democrats for all this information to be considered and all of her talk to be about the image that we see here we've got in washington we know it's under way and the u.s.
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president he was last seen in the swiss alps this seems beyond bizarre in particular because trump doesn't like such multilateral as like the world economic forum in davos he didn't go last year but the reason is easy that's the place where he can shine where you can distract from the impeachment trial as well so in his speech he was talking about his great economic data in the united states low unemployment high growth and let's also not forget that this is one of the most important selling points for his case and for his reelection campaign or corresponded over some of the story for us in washington over thank you. now the u.s. president he left the world economic forum in davos today as the impeachment trial began but not before taking a parting shot at the european union now in contrast to trump european commission president under law and she has told the world's business and political elite that time is running out to fight climate change in her keynote speech at the world
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economic forum she urged leaders to take action pointing to her european green deal as a model that they should follow. the world economic forum hosted in europe's highest town is hoping to encourage sustainable climate policy europe aims to become a pioneer says e.u. commission president fund a lion with her european green deal she wants to make the continent the 1st to achieve carbon neutrality. the novelty. and the difference. to our fossil fuel. based model is. that we will fall still growth that is not extracting resources but that gives back to the planet more than it takes away from it just before his departure us president trump surprised the participants with a different topic he called for a new trade agreement with the e.u. threatening to impose trade sanctions on car imports they have trade barriers where
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you can trade they have tariffs all over the place they make it impossible they are frankly more difficult to do business with than china following the trade agreement with china trump has his sights firmly set on the e.u. . well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world harvey weinstein has attended the opening statements in his trial before a new york court in this trial the once powerful hollywood producer is facing 2 charges of rape and sexual assault weinstein faces further charges of similar crimes in los angeles he faces up to life in prison if convicted there's no letup in lebanon's ongoing protest movement despite the formation of a new government that ended up power vacuum protesters clashed with police in the capital beirut after nightfall earlier the new prime minister has on the album said that the country must tackle the twin challenges of the protest movement and
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a nosediving economy. brazilian prosecutors have charged 60 people from the mining company vali and its german alter over the collapse of a dam one year ago the disaster which took place in the southern state of mean us. killed $270.00 people and dumped toxic sludge in a local river the charges include homicide and environmental crimes. large crowds of people are protesting on 3 greek islands to demand the immediate removal of thousands of asylum seekers the islands of lesbos sell most in chios staged street demonstrations and a general strike today shutting down public services some camps on those 3 islands hells more than 10 times the number of people that they were built for government plans to build larger facilities there have met been met with protest among local
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officials and residents and he. was at that demonstration for us on the island of lesbos. these people here behind me tell me they want their island back they are mad at the government in athens a government that has vowed to tackle the refugee crisis through their protégé sions and transfers but so far none of these measures have taken effect and people are telling me they feel abandoned so europe is failing the norms of failing and the. civil and other legal and human and social perceives is in this country are being raped totally because we're not facing only humanitarian immigrants from syria or go we're not facing humanitarian immigrants from elsewhere we're faced with a massive aggressive and an article immigration from one of the we're going to be sitting in brussels and playing stumble what the the immigrants want and what we
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want is the same thing they want to leave and we want them to leave that's all we're asking i think that's fair and that's and that's justice and that's the right thing they don't want to stay here ask them they know they want to leave so that we get there thelma and i we're here because we don't want this daily life that has been destroyed by migrants not by refugees i'm talking about the migrants who are committing crimes personally i'm not bothered by refugees or migrants i'm bothered by people who come to our country wanting to cause problems if the number of our lives were you might add this to coma she and i may get into the after school court just a bit of a q q we are here to resist a 2nd hot spot on the island. if we pray for the issue to be so as soon as possible. don't misread a story and that was our correspondent mark's sondra they are talking with residents on the greek island of les books. well tonight a leading member of french president emanuel micron's on marsh party is predicting
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that controversial pension reforms will be passed by parliament in the coming weeks and that's despite the fact that anger over the reforms has led to violent protests coming up in conflict zone tim sebastian sits down with france's former european affairs minister not only knew so the country is not in k. off there is no threat anymore in railways or public transportation and there will be the moves them vicious pension system to form a full day k. through it wish which when paf in the parliament in the next week people have died in demonstrations paris has wreaked of tear gas for weeks on end you've had gigantic disruptions in transport so the worst transport disruption since the 1960 s. are you talking about that obviously i'm told about patterns you don't seem to come often to paris ah i do i have my family in paris is there with protests that's a french tradition. and you can see tim sebastian's entire interview with the talia
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was so right here on the w. in just a few minutes or you can watch it online at d w dot com slash conflict zone dozens of world leaders are gathering in jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death camp and all eyes will be on the world holocaust remembrance center. it's israel's official memorial to the victims but and survivors of the holocaust dialla to the center has the important task of ensuring their stories are not forgot. leading a tour through jerusalem's holocaust memorial yeah but sham is always special for jonathan matthews today the young israeli researcher is guiding a group of israeli schoolchildren with its monumental architecture a powerful exhibition it's a place like no whether to learn about the shoah generally speaking the whole
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concept of telling the story in this museum and perhaps connecting different generations story the holocaust is by focusing on the victim and when they focus on a victim we have not really stark information museum but we also have personal artifacts and video testimony of the survivors the individual stories of the victims are an essential part of the museum making the horrors of the show a ton jubal over 75 years later the increasingly elderly survivors are slowly disappearing 1000 poses a challenge with the museum educational programs its comprehensive archive and a large collection of documents yet the sham aims to keep the victims' memories alive the exhibition also deals with the nazis rise to power to tell a tarion regimes and donte semitism of an issue that is just as relevant today this is a topic that worries me and to semitism and a holocaust denial and this is one of the reasons why i believe that it's important
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for me to work yourself as an individual but also i think it demands more active involvement of different governments in the world to deal with this problem i'm going to miss the whole of names many victims never left a trace never had a headstone or a grave it's a memorial for all of the 6000000 murdered jews. young israelis often learn about the holocaust through their own family histories annual memorial services on school from the age of 16 school groups usually go to the sham but a visit like this is never easy. it's my 1st time here and i walked in and it was overwhelming and difficult to see. if you feel their suffering what they went through can you can see and hear many artifacts from that period and it's really tough for you know what. i said which i must. i think it's very important to conserve this because people need to know what
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happened. and to prevent this from happening in the future again here and to show that even in hard times there were people who kept up their hopes and helped others and tried to survive. yad vashem a place to reflect on what's happened over 75 years ago and a commitment to keeping that memory alive for generations to come. and. we're joining me tonight from jerusalem is our correspondent peter. peter it's good to see you want to talk about what we're seeing here this is going to be one of the biggest diplomatic events in israel's history what is already happening today. well jerusalem was already a diplomatic beehive today you could see motorcades with the black ones rushing back and forth through the city and that is because many of the more than 40
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presidents prime ministers and crown prince's have already arrived here in jerusalem and they were here for the diplomatic talks today with the prime minister netanyahu with president rivlin also with the palestinian president abbas among them was. the french president who stated after meeting. that he considers denying israel the right to existence also its anti semites and i think that was an important signal here today and of course also frankly at this time i had the german president has been here today for talks with live and lived in the u.s. for the president you know we just saw the german president in those images there here is part of what he said today. in some ups was money to get finally i want to assure you that we are aware of germany's responsibility. and i have repeatedly said that this responsibility has no point to. this
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kind of list which you know we know along with the powers of world war 2 germany will also be speaking at this commemoration event tomorrow what else can we expect tomorrow. well of course all the world leaders have come here day here to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the german extermination camp . by the by the red army by the soviets and i think they will do both they will try and. the holocaust remember the holocaust keep this remembrance alive and also look into the future and discuss maybe or talk about how to fight and semitism in europe and in north america because when you look at numbers hate crimes against jews have risen in europe and they have risen in north america so i think that will be an important topic there tomorrow as well we know tomorrow the
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polish president will not be a beer reportedly because the russian president will be very or what is this diplomatic row over bell. yeah those 2 countries they seem to be fighting about how to remember the role of their countries during the holocaust and during the 2nd world war they seem to be forces in these countries trying to rewrite history trying to make their countries look better and that's the diplomatic role that they are fighting there because the russian president has accused poland off and to semitism during the holocaust and during the 2nd world war and that has caused the polish president to decide not to speak at an event where he can be speaking off the russian president you know the politics of memory as politically charged in this. particular on the story for us tonight from jerusalem peter thank you. well the death toll in the outbreak of
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a new corona virus in china has jumped to 17 with more than 500 confirmed cases there is growing fear that the virus could spread right now the world health organization is meeting in geneva switzerland to decide whether or not to declare a global public health emergency authorities in china are battling to contain the virus ahead of the lunar new year holiday that is the world's largest annual human migration event. it's possibly the worst time of the year to try to stop the spread of a virus in china. hundreds of millions of people are crisscrossing the country this week to celebrate the lunar new year with family. coming from abroad these passages are traveling to beijing from seattle where the 1st u.s. case was confirmed on tuesday i think what i can do is to wear a mask wash my hands and stay away from the problem. since it's outbreak in the
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city of the deadly virus has jumped a number of international border is prompting large scale screening measures at airports bus and railway stations. containing the virus is an absolute priority as quickly as possible because they are fears that the virus could mutate. the evidence shows that the disease is currently transmitted through the response retract and there is the possibility of a viral mutation. for our food in an attempt to minimize the risk of contagion during the current travel rush a number of airlines and railway companies have announced they will waive cancellation fees for trips to and from with on. the city's mayor has also won't against travel to the epicenter of the outbreak and the people who are already there to stay. some people have canceled their trips due to the current situation but it's unlikely to stop the majority from traveling. for many chinese
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the lunar new year holiday is the only chance they get to see their relatives all year. well joining us now is the posse penton in head of the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm it's good to have you on the show we know that authorities in the origin of this outbreak they've just announced that transportation networks will be suspended airports train stations will be closed is this the right thing to do to contain the virus. well this is this is news to me actually so very interesting to hear that. in a country like china the public health authorities and alterity is have the possibility to to put in place quite drastic measure it to contain important outbreaks like the ones that we are looking at at this stage what we know of the
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virus itself and of the epidemiology so far as well as what the chinese authorities have announced is that this virus is spreading human to human we don't know how effectively to spread spreading human to human. and any measures that can decrease the contacts between ill individuals and the population in general are likely to have some kind of impact on to the transmission of this virus however these are dressing measures a woman is a city of 11000000 people so the size of a medium sized european member states. and so far the understanding is that we have . in the range of hundreds of cases detected diagnosed in the city so so restricting the movement and travel of such a large part of the population is indeed quite quite drastic we know that the world health organization is holding a conference at this moment and it could even come out with
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a global health emergency declaration what would me. so the head of the world health organization currently dr ted ross he has the ability to call for a public health emergency of international concern he will do that only after consulting an emergency committee so in geneva right now either physically or via phones they have convened a large number of leading experts in outbreak management in respiratory viruses. and in health in transport type of issues to discuss what that appropriate measures at this time are should such a declaration be made this gives the rights and the powers to w.h.o. . to recommend what is called temporary measures for the country in question in this situation for china but then also for other countries that are concerned about
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this situation to have stronger public health measures in place to contain that particular virus it also gives a certain momentum for the global public health community to to gather their forces and support w.h.o. and china in this situation in containing this outbreak you have to be watching to see what the decision is causing tension and joining us is a night from stockholm thank you we appreciate your time tonight thank you. one of germany's top referees has criticized soccer's video assistant referee technology known as the a r for not adapting to meet the needs of the game the technology was supposed to make the game more fair and accurate but it has caused more controversy than expected. making split 2nd decisions is what makes this one of the toughest jobs in football but the fast paced sport also makes it difficult for referees to always make the right cause the introduction of the
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a are of video assistant referee was supposed to help eliminate human mistakes but has it cause more confusion than clarity yet. when you look at how many wrong calls we've already prevented then it's fine but there are always things we can continue to improve and in yalit and listen i critique say they are still way too much human interpretation and that the costs are inconsistent and that they didn't take the punch out of goal celebrations. one of germany's elite referees mom would prefer who was in charge of the doj month versus out spoke match on the weekend is pushing for an n.f.l. like system where the coaches have 2 challengers per game and river hurries can explain their decisions to fans in the media. this is the news and these are our top stories in the united states the impeachment trial of president has resumed with the republican controlled senate hearing opening arguments from house of
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representatives impeachment managers trump was impeached last month by the democratically brun house on charges of abuse of power and obstructing congress denies any wrongdoing. european commission president. has delivered a special address at the board economic forum in davos as she laid out the e.u.'s environmental priorities and touched on concerns over falling economic growth. large crowds of people held protests on the greek islands of lesbos as almost a ceo's to demand the immediate removal of thousands of asylum seekers some camps has more than 10 times the number of people that they were built for. chinese officials say the number of deaths in an outbreak of a new coronavirus continues to increase cases have now been confirmed in 5 countries with more than 500 in china alone this is g.w. news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter at the news or you can visit
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our website at www dot com. you're watching the w. news up next conflict zone with tim sebastian i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day up to see that. the food.
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the feel. good the conflicts come from the caliph france's presently menu likes to be seen as one of the driving forces for reform in the news my guest this week here in brussels this is former europe minister not so much though one of his most vocal
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cheerleaders in the european parliament is the moscow revolution comes to. why has it run out of steam this conflict. on dealing. with land do our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for you should. say nothing is just that the children who have already been the lawyer and those that will follow are part of a new concept. they could be the future of collaboration it would be. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from minds. not nothing to the general well i guess
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sometimes i am but most ended up in which it happened to german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the question but if you think the future of the country guide on the time. needed to predict it is drama. to me it's all about a new time rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. post. their reform thing that is not working some people decide not to see it why not of the palin mentioned the 1st book all the final poses impales are you talking about baghdad or paris it's my duty to be on the sun to france's president emanuel macrolides to be seen as one of the driving forces for reform believe you but his efforts to change his own country around is a serious trouble my guess this week.


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