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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 12:00am-12:15am CET

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w. . the bad. this is g.w. news live from budget remembering the holocaust the world pauses to pay tribute to the victims. allied leaders can memorise the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the al schmitz nazi death camp the german president warns the evils of the nazi era all
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still with us in the form of anti-semitism coming up china widens its travel restrictions to several cities in a bid to prevent the corona virus from spreading as its health officials report the 1st in deaths from the disease outside the outbreaks at the center the chinese city of homs. plus a matter of survival that is now chancellor angela merkel describes efforts to stop climate change not one tells the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos that it is time to take young climate activists seriously. i have been home free glad you could join me well they came from around the globe presidents prime ministers princes the world's head of state and politicians assembled in jerusalem today scratch solidarity with israel to commemorate 6000000
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jews killed in the holocaust and to promise to fight and to so much as and in today's world. who. knew the holocaust survivor sings the kaddish the mourners prayer. the ceremony was dedicated to jews and other victims of the holocaust leaders spoke of the need to fight today's anti semitism. that current politics were clear and present. i'm concerned. that we have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most you submitted on the planet. i call on all governments to join the vital effort of confronting iran.
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the u.s. vice president agreed we must also stand strong. against the leading state purveyor of anti semitism. against the one government in the world that denies the holocaust as a matter of state policy and threatens to wipe israel off the map. the world must stand strong against the islamic republic of iran. russian president vladimir putin delivered an offer to world governments to talk about peace. we suggest a meeting of the heads of state and government of p. 5 russia china the us france and britain. it could take place in any country anywhere in the world where counterparts find it convenient. russia is willing to engage in a serious conversation because. you don't get your. gemini's president spoke of
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responsibility all right just a different age. the words are not the same. the perpetrators are not the same. but it is the same even. this responsibility or words of both been into the very fabric of the federal republic of germany from day one. but it tests us here and now this germany will only live up to itself if it lives up to its historical responsibility. the solemn poses the talk of inclusion and peace these promises would also not be forgotten said council chairman we appreciate it very much. you promise to fight they semitism and breaches
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this is a promise this is an obligation this is the duty of mankind that all this we will never forget what you have said to you today leaders do it the world is in you arms in your hands you know once we wait long sentence one signature you can decide the pollutants of people so decided to love and friendship and peace forever thank you. his was a clear appeal that these promises be kept. and i say get it now so the other stories making news around the world well after the holocaust commemoration ceremony in jerusalem u.s. vice president mike pence announced he's inviting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his political rival benny gantz to washington president trump says his new israeli palestinian peace plan will be released before their meeting on tuesday. the international court of justice has ordered me and ma to take urgent
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measures to protect 100 muslims from genocide it follows a bloody military crackdown in a 2017 forced hundreds of thousands of the hinges to flee the country the i.c.j. decision is pending a full court case which could take years. the syrian defense force claims troops loyal to president bashar al assad have continued their offensive on rebel held areas despite a cease fire agreement and observer group has released video of government helicopters dropping a barrel bomb on a village earlier this week. at least 7 people have been killed in a fierce winter storm that has batted space for several days has caused major flooding and extreme temperatures the eastern province of catalonia anybody erik islands have been hit. well the world health organization says that
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a new strain of the corona virus that has emerged in china is not yet a global health a much n.c. the disease has claimed 18 life so far including one hundreds of kilometers away from the virus epicenter chinese authorities have locked down several cities in a bid to contain the disease 1st and foremost is the city of rouhani much hopeless at the heart of the outbreak. a city of 11000000 people with almost no one on the streets transportation is severely restricted trains planes buses cars almost nothing leaves or enters the city hospital wards have had to deal with hundreds of cases and thousands more beds have had to be reserved for patients health workers are on the front line of the fight against the virus knows it would of course we're worried and so our relatives. but were nurses and will do our job as long as we wear the uniform despite the rising number of cases the world health
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organization has not declared a global health emergency and the question was whether these event constitutes a public of emergency of international concern. the noise to the d.g. which is provided by the emergency committee is that no more of the time on thursday china announced that transport links to the cities of hong kong and old joe would also be cut by the fear of contagion has produced dramatic scenes like here at food you airport where a man suspected of carrying the virus was contained to a quarantine container. the outbreak comes as millions of people are on the move to visit friends and family for the lunar new year one of the biggest annual migrations in the world the government has canceled many festivities in an effort to contain the corona virus. when in washington u.s. senators and el midway through the 3rd day of the impeachment trial of u.s.
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president donald trump democrats are presenting their arguments for convicting champ and removing him from office democrat impeachment manages told the senate that trump's abuse of power was unprecedented and dangerous presenting videos and slides as evidence they accuse him of misusing his office to gain a political advantage over his rivals trunk's legal team will next have 24 hours to present their case trump himself has not attended the trial so far. was talk about all of this in more detail let's go straight to washington where the correspondent for the n.a.s. is standing by public what have we learned so far on day 3. i held that well 1st and foremost managers on thursdays of they focus very much on the 1st article of the peach mint and that's for abuse of power we heard from one of the senior democrats jerry nadler he said the alleged actions threaten the entire
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system so once again we're seeing how there's a heavy focus on trump affecting or or threatening the constitution here in the united states the managers have been stressing the allegations against president trump. are based on the fact that he withheld military aid and a white house meeting in order to put pressure on the ukrainian president voted to meet selenski with the aim of investigating the former vice president joe biden and the aim of that was to discredit him head of the 2028 action the monitors have also been using you mention that a lot of video clips are also even being tweets as part of their case and they've been playing even old clips of those who support the president at the moan at the moment but who have also changed their opinions will say on the impeachment over the years especially since the bill clinton impeachment back in 1999 now we know
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that the biggest dispute between the 2 parties so far has been the witnesses and the signs of movement there. well you said it there i mean there has been a dispute the democrats have been stressing that they really want to call witnesses they also want new evidence included in the trial but of course republicans are not going for it at the moment they haven't budged but there is a lot of emphasis on especially 3 republicans who have said that they would be willing to have witnesses and also further evidence included just to give you a few names there senator susan collins she's from maine there's lisa murkowski from alaska and a name which might be quite familiar to some that's mitt romney from utah he's been a big critic of president trump but saying that they've been fairly tight lipped for the moment helena but we'll wait and see how this all pans out the republicans will see the white house defense will take over on saturday and we'll see how it
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pans out and see whether there is any movement within the republicans also it's interesting to note as well the president is in florida at the moment very far away from washington he's down there for the republican national committee's winter meeting but he hasn't been quiet because he's been tweeting quite a lot all right well watch this space you never know correspondent. washington thanks for that. well listen to the young that was the message today at the isolating the world economic forum and german chancellor angela merkel told the world's business elites you see young activists demanding action when it comes to climate change she warned of a rift between young people who see an uncertain future and an older generation that denies the dangerous of global warming. dodgy doors were not going to stop until americans from delivering today's warning to davos this is the 12th time the
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german chancellor has spoken at the forum but never have the stakes been higher merkel appealed to the world to arjun li make good on the power of climate accords . the question of achieving the goals of the paris agreement could be a question of survival for the whole planet which is why we need to act or instead serve is an on stricter. it's also why environmental themes have played bigger than ever this year with activism royalty meeting actually to the future king welcomed greta to unburden the us president is not a fan the german chancellor try to mediate thank you. but that's up to doing good side time is of the essence when the older ones have to be careful.
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i am 65 years old all the impatience of our young people is something we are to tap as a potential investor we are to understand that they obviously look at a far different horizon well beyond 2052nd also. the talk of intergenerational divisions jarred somewhat with the calm outside. perhaps why merkel seized her last with a call to arms for the business elite to work together to avoid apply make disaster . they called us for a cohesive and sustainable world doesn't. stakeholders for a sustainable world i would argue where all this talk politics sions or this you are this all of your we try to take this seriously there are a whole host of opportunities open to us but we cannot get it inward looking and going it alone that would be the completely wrong lesson to take all these years after the 2nd world war in the deciding that they. know what matters is whether the class was paying attention. right or surrender the top story that we're following
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for you world leaders who pay tribute to survivors of the holocaust and those who died at the fashion memorial injurious that it is the story of commemorations marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz the death count in a speech german president time to time i am underlined his country's historical responsibility so fight anti-semitism. for world news coming up at the top of the out thanks for the company see that. people are perched reality wait a 2nd we want to hold a shout out facts instead of vague ideas should deliver us. from the realities of cryptocurrency.


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