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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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it's gotten and explore some of the best of various has to offer. in the 60 minutes on d w. t take it personally you went with a little wonderful lunch to make the game so special. truth. becomes more than such. and such sometimes it has a really illegal feeling to it hunters don't want to hear the. movie but are those
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2 photographers looking for it you know the only forest we will let you know later on in the show and with that very well welcome to a new dish of your own bags let's see what else we have lined up for you today. our fathers' can actually turn it into milk or something and. what will it be in the northern states and you can go to a. fancy some old anya steak no this is not a bad joke top chefs are always looking for new things to serve to their guests and now some have started using meat that has been treated using a particular kind of edible mobiles in switzerland 2 men have come up with an aging process that is so innovative that they decided to patent it let's find out more
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about their idea and why knoll the meat is not as disgusting as a. this brawl meat is covered in a whitish greyish mold for food inspectors this size would set off all alarm bells but for fifty's it's mouth watering. after removing the mold enrico's of lottery is left with an exquisite piece of meat a hidden gem and. this look. he has this very distinctive 90 flavor that you won't usually find in meat and this really makes a very special and when he fry it the whole room is filled with this aroma and that's fantastic. homemade food that looks quiet and appetizing to begin with. many small farms provide the animals his meat is then extraordinary refined market is sour and look us insulin from switzerland invented this exclusive
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moldy meat product. the pyramid pits come on the mold lets you modify more or less every muscle and the quality improves quality for. all shall not make sure your specially selected meat and it's very important to us that it's nicely marble. the animals are raised according to the highest quality standards which marco and look has regularly check on to get the film the childhood friends later shared a flash mob to study tourism and pastrami management look at this biotechnology this is it all started with this crazy idea. the basic idea came to us as we noticed that a fillet actually doesn't have much taste but it's very tender. and entre coat is full of flavor but not as tender. we came up with this idea that we can use a multi find both fillet and enter cut. lake zurich
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switzerland the mold funky are cultivated here the original material is stored in dry ice at a temp. minus $190.00 degree celsius it's completely nontoxic still it has to be continuously controlled in a land base fungus and there's fungus although. there are good ones and bad ones the good ones have been used for centuries to make soya sauce from a church of in that case it's all when it comes to bad ones there are 2 categories that spoils food for example the classic mold coating on jam isn't usually toxic. but it doesn't look nice and it makes the product look an appetizing gifty go with it and then there's pathogenic fungi which cause diseases or produce certain toxins . it took a long time until modern lucas finally found a butcher's shop where they could start testing 10 years ago. the pits one
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which given you the fungus wasn't toxic and soon we invited our friends and actually used them as human guinea pigs the vice they always received 2 steaks one had been treated the other was normal. they didn't know which steak was which the recognition rate was over 95 percent both it's true there's something about this treatment and as a scientist it gave me the necessary security to get started on this project that this is. the fragrance in the cooling chamber containing the molding nice is reminiscent of a forest full of fresh mushrooms depending on the particular cut the meat ages with the help of natural edible it takes about one to 2 months. to mold fungus grows on the meat homogenously it takes a certain dampness for it to grow the whole box and come. to this age the mold is simply cut off and the mrs exposed it across here at market and look as has painted
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them well the aging process. snack frozen and vacuum sealed the delicacy of dryness at the pot kinch restaurant in can no. other christian love the us not the chefs who want to try something new and are always looking for new ideas and new products marked cognomen something new turns out that was on a something that's very special and has really good quality and everyone scrambles to get their hands on it i think that's why it's so popular. mulled aged roast beef with topping number slices. marinated pretty cheap when it's ready to serve nobody will turn up their nose at this meeting or. what might sound delicious to some is disgusting for others find out more about under usual delicacies on our you tube channel and join us on a visit to the disgusting food museum. and now it's time to find out what our 2
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german photographers were searching for in the forest in the beginning of the show was lutheran and tear it up bath travel all over europe to find their lost car motives they are proven to hit and not just what fans of old car. sneaking through the undergrowth at night looking for rusty cars. and 10 to a box the older and more derelicts the car the better. like this ford town or 17 am from the 1960 s. abandoned in the middle of a forest. doesn't strike in this and it's quite emotional the cars have personalities a voice a face and eyes and that's why i feel closer to them than to other objects somehow . and they're a bit like skeletons like you find in archaeology the remains of
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a car with. this is when it's right and at some points what this was like a 2nd skin for someone. cars in their final resting place the 2 photographers have even published a book with 110 photos of forgotten car racks. they found them in abandoned garages barns and backyards amongst other places. and territory got to know each other while studying photo design in the late eighty's. they are always hunting for new motifs for their lost cars projects together. chad or bart does photo stories around the world sometimes staging fast cult cars. to flow in takes photos for companies and experiments with artistic concepts. the last cars is a joint project which sometimes requires long trips. they keep the exact locations
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to themselves. we need to keep the locations a secret because otherwise the vultures will be circling the wrecks of the popular rare car the danger of being taken apart is very real bodies dripping. through. this. looking for car wrecks is often detective work on a site. like here in the i phone south of cologne hoover sees a tip from a friend that an old 4 town us disposed of sometime in the seventy's is supposedly located somewhere close. they have on a car know that there was no waste disposal here who would waste wasn't picked up the list up there is this village is dump site a few people used to dump their waste there you keep going down this road used to be a really big dump site there was a dump everything there is in cars bicycles anything. is missing today this would
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entail a hefty fine a sort of if you put it. in the twilight hours the 2 photographers enter the forest . and move and need the darkness for their photos. only then can they completely control the lighting using torches and remote controlled flashes. throughout is going to give you that there's a certain dramatic atmosphere about the situation which you want to support and at some point you realize that it's really beautiful to eliminate the interior of cars because they seem to come alive. is here to a bar to take 4 shots using time exposures. the camera automatically lays them on top of one another. known shines lights from different directions this analog technique is called light painting. it was as though i have to make sure to create
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shadows worst eliminating all of this in order for it to get properly outlined. so i can a book on. the process takes about 2 hours. the next day and take it or studio and. the finishing touches are made to the photo. just a little brightening is necessary. other facts were done on site. i've done all this can be worked on and we can create a reflective contemplate of mood and. light on what's a little bit apocalyptic this. rusty rock rediscovered and brought to life one last time before it's sent back to oblivion. it may not look like it but this is actually wait it's a shell from
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a culture of pro farming a company called made just where it takes waste products like this and transforms them into beautiful and sustainable design objects they can be used in all kinds of ways to decorate a ball room or a private jet or the interior of the looks great car for nature where it's not it's rare it's you which makes a luxury product but the work that goes into it we met the company's founder. nature square. around the world. found in nature squared 20 years ago. made from all kinds of materials.
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anything that's incredibly. magination. something that has. developed ideas from their london studio so far. to develop their own creation projects with other designers.
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made from feathers for the. surfaces are produced in the philippines where there's a long tradition of using organic materials for. because everything is handmade. what took was. people with existing crossed skills and developed to the level that they are at now which is a level that nobody else in the. whole. blunden design company seymour diamond is one of nature's squares clients they specialize in interior furnishing from a. company founder fiona diamond has been working with nature square for 15 years
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she likes their sustainable concept as well as the surfaces themselves especially because they're made from simple materials somebody will immediately think luxury is something that shines it has and sparkle it's something that shows some kind of well and then you've got more of the organic luxury which is really something that gives you the texture the depth of the finish maybe the last of the subtlety of. rather than something that is quite so obvious. today designers all over the world are working with sustainable natural materials. in germany. uses fish leather for her label. in switzerland designer tanya shanker uses apple leftovers for producing handbags. they're all interested in a new more sustainable concept of luxury.
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is not just the rarity of something but it is the skill the heritage and the fact that with natural materials you are getting a one. because of course you know you never repeats itself. using things that would otherwise be seen as waste an old idea which a growing number of designers are discovering for their sustainable creations. get has caused a sensation in the world of classical music the 11 year old violinist place difficult and demanding pieces and his memory is so good that he does not even need know it's let's find out more about this talented young man who's still finds time to enjoy his childhood. highly talented deeply concentrated tear gas is the subtlest at this got
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a concert at the bed and cathedral and is only 11 years old and. fantastic. i really liked it and it was like. i think i played good and i i am glad with me. that has interpretations range from delicacy and subtle to gripping new dynamics. the violin concerto by felix mendelssohn but tardy is a challenging task even for more experienced soloists conductor leo sped off he is impressed with the boys' talent. he plays with the fantastic virtue and technique and even his phrasing and musicality i want you to expect from a 35 year old not an 11 year old he's really
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a child prodigy. teargassed is often called a child prodigy but he doesn't seem to care what label people give him. during the final rehearsal just hours before the concert he's only interested in the acoustics of the bed and cathedral. little. perfect i played in many churches and this is good perfect because it is not too messy and it's not too clear so it's in the middle it's got. 6 6 to look at a place on an instrument appropriate for someone his age a 3 course his size 5 and made an 853. he spends 4 hours. day practicing and he started playing at the age of 3 and a half. and. he's already taken part
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in numerous most of working with top teachers to develop his talent. but his parents make sure that he was able to remain a child despite the high expectations placed on him. he goes his own way and we try to follow him and it's not about realizing. the state of the art it's about just seeing the options and. working together with him. off to the final rehearsal to heads off to enjoy some free time and burn off excess energy before the concert. for him music is so important because of its ability to bring him joy if there's a problem or something bad would happen music always does this it's a very happy and always find a happy thanksgiving and they did think so so i think it will be very hard with us . and that was evident interior gaps i gave his impressive side of performance at
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the cathedral. i. got our final reports today we're going to find out how what italian family has turned a tiny mountain village between the long and florence into a popular holiday destination their better goal of the food as a hotel is spread across the village of particle they don't know that it affects guests from all over the world many simply love villages in italy have been abandoned unemployment and the lack of infrastructure have forced people to move elsewhere but as you will see that does not have to be the case.
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located high in the mountains north of florence is portico dram manya the village has a small main street a few towers and a well preserved roman bridge. the nearest airport is 2 and a half hours away the tourists from all over the world still find their way to this remote village. most stay at the old vecchio can vent the family hotel that opened in 1904 in a former convent. to see how the this is what i was looking for in little village and i didn't want to take city and this office so many activities. and giovanni committee and their family take care of the guests in the hotels 9 rooms no longer suffice other guests are spread around town according to the alberto did fuso system a village hotel with a single reception desk. and probably quite a bit of the idea of the outback go to foo so as to rent out existing apartments
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and give the guests a taste of the area special quantities being that it was going to go ahead also helps to maintain the traditional craftsman's occupations and it comes across so much trying to communicate our love for our home region and village to the tourists and sat up until by is e n o r 2 to use the. that also means learning some italian at language courses and the otherwise empty rectory. many of the guests come especially for the courses and stay for at least a week. many visitors are keen to explore the area the tale committee offers truffle tours he's been hunting for truffles since he was 4 and knows the best spots using trained dogs they almost always find the region's typical black truffles. afterwards they have straight to the kitchen to learn some of the secrets of chef massimiliano come out these fine italian cuisine pasta dishes for example made a fresh cup alexi of wild herbs and great. truffles. do the cooking in the kitchen
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so you also can have the feeling post it in italian italian cooking class instead of going to do that in a dining room. many mountain villages like portico are struggling for their very survival. nearby grove iowa vecchio is one of italy's over 1000 ghost villages the last residents left in the 1960 s. now the houses are in ruins. to spare part of the same fate the residents have turned their village into a hotel. the gentle alberto different so tourism has brought life back into the village many once abandoned houses have been renovated now the community of 300 residents has to cafes a few shops and even a local library. but i open my shop here because of the hotel because it brings in a certain kind of tourists they have
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a certain sophistication to. tourism helps to preserve the houses in these little villages. sit in the hotel business everyone has to pitch in. with the papers and came as a tourist from denmark more than 10 years ago. love of material and stayed with my family more until we've got the whole world here in this little village that people come here from all over and that expands our horizons in a very positive way. with the local people and the guests who come here. to the legend to see it equally giving going to get equally good even though we. most weeks the committees host a party in the hotel garden many local people come and the tourists sing along chef massimiliano camilli is also a musician and his band gets people in the festive mood. not so different. from everyone all of the well everybody's so loved the head the
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family. make it so warm. and when the cameleon family hosts a party the whole village joins in. and that brings us to the end of today's show but before we go just a quick reminder that you could win this exclusive euro max watch all you have to do is enter our view us draw you can find all the information on how to take part on our website and his book so get your entries into us and good luck and so we meet again from myself and the entire team thanks for watching you again soon bye.
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the snow now is that is winter fun. is located over there it's the winter sports center of the al gore region. is on his way to the top coming down in the indian up because she has also come to this alpine winter wonderland to snow hike your bank
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account and explore some of the best the area has to offer check in. 30 minutes on d w. robots they're still in the development phase for the folks that's going to happen when they grow. on official intelligence is now spreading through our society ai experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly mall thomas weapons systems. paradise robot collapse. 55 minutes on d w. to curious. to me yourself network. max you tube channel. don't miss out. belonging to an official estimates more than 1200000
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venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. is for me it. is for you. as for hell. beethoven is for her. is for. beethoven is for us. is for playing
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beethoven 2020250th anniversary year long did you. play . live from birth lead it is day one of britain's future outside of the european union after night time celebrations among those who voted to leave the country finds on the morning after that the hardest part of bragg's that may be yet to come . also coming up more and more countries evacuate their nationals from china and that a global scramble.


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